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Best 3 Bow Hunting Backpacks Compared in 2024

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Bow Hunting Backpacks – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are set on acquiring the best bow hunting backpack for the money, but you are running short on time, and you cannot do the needed research on the topic, we can help. After evaluating the market by analyzing what current owners and the experts had to say on the matter, we have concluded that the Badlands Superday Camouflage is the model that you should consider getting. This option comes provided with all the storage room that you might need while enjoying a day of hunting as it has plenty of pockets. You can use it to carry a rifle, a pistol, and a bow and it can hold a 2-liter water bladder. The molded foam suspension that it features was ergonomically designed to match the contour of the hunter’s body. The model also includes plenty of lifters for you to transport your equipment efficiently. If this item is unavailable, you might want to consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix.



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3 Best Bow Hunting Backpacks (Reviews) in 2024


Because we know just how complicated finding top rated bow hunting backpacks can be, we have chosen to help you out by creating a list of options that are worthy of your attention.



1. Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack


If you are a novice searching for a backpack that you can use for a day of hunting, be sure to add the Badlands Superday Camouflage to your list. This product comes supplied with a number of features that you are likely to find practical. For instance, it includes a boot where you can place your bow, and it is packed with numerous pockets. Consequently, you can keep all your gear neatly organized.

What is more, this model can hold a 2-liter water bladder, and it features molded foam suspension that was ergonomically created to match the outline of your body. Lifters have also been added to the design so that you can transport all your gear easily.

This backpack was made to pass the test of time. In fact, it was manufactured from KXO-32, a type of fabric that is quiet, sturdy, and waterproof. It has a total weight of 3 lbs.


This unit includes a sizable main compartment that has a total volume of 1440 cubic inches. Even more so, the entire backpack has a capacity of 1950 cubic inches.

To help you stay organized, this model comes fitted with no less than seven pockets, including a special boot for your bow.

Because the choice was made of KXO-32, this unit is quiet and sturdy, and it can help you transport your gear comfortably.

The foam suspension that it features adds to the overall convenience and appeal of the pack.


Although the manufacturer argues that this backpack is waterproof, one owner said that it does not perform well in rain storms.

The side pockets of the model are considered hard to access by some of its previous buyers, especially when one is in a hurry. There have been customers that did not regard this as an issue with it.

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2. Alps Outdoorz Matrix Hunting Pack


If you are in need of an option that can supply you with numerous storage options, be sure to consider this alternative distributed by ALPS OutdoorZ. This model comes fitted with a padded waist belt and shoulder strap for increased comfort. Additionally, because it has an adjustable sternum strap, it can be modified to suit your particular needs.

The choice weighs 4 lbs. and it has a total capacity of 2700 cubic inches. Therefore, it can definitely fit all the gear that you have to carry with you on your next hunting adventure. To help make you less visible to the game, the item features a Realtree Edge camouflage pattern.

According to the seller, the innovative design of the backpack, allows its user to easily carry a crossbow or a compound bow with little to no effort. The wind pockets that the unit incorporates can secure the weapon when hauling.


A quiver holder is situated on each side of the pack. Additionally, keep in mind that this option features a hydration pocket and a port.

To keep you shielded in case of bad weather, this item also comes with a blaze orange rain cover that you are likely to appreciate.

The internal compartment of the unit features an extra organizational pocket that you can use whenever you have to store your gear for the day.

Plus, the padded waist belt included in its design has two pockets that can accommodate clip-style holsters.


One seasoned hunter pointed out that this backpack is not necessarily durable, especially when used regularly. However, most of its current users claim that they are happy with its performance and recommend it.

Another customer claimed that he was not shipped the padded waist belt and the rain cover. Not many similar cases have been reported so far.

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3. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack 56.2-Liter Storage


If you consider yourself a serious hunter, the Timber Hawk Killshot might be the model for you. This multi-day pack has a 56.2-liter capacity, and it can be used to carry a bow or a tripod in numerous ways.

Even more so, this item includes an ultra-quiet twill lining that is known for its durability and a pull-out rain cover that can come in handy in case you find yourself having to deal with a change in weather. A two-liter water bladder is also included in the deal.

To make it easy to transport, the manufacturer has also designed it to include an adjustable shoulder strap that can fit numerous torso sizes. Also, buyers will receive a deluxe padded waist belt. The main compartment of the model is sizable enough to hold enough gear for a hunting trip that is going to take several days. A lifetime warranty policy covers this product.


This choice measures 12.5 x 22 x 12 inches, it has a total storage volume of 3429 cubic inches, and it weighs 7.6 pounds.

The model has been described as roomy and comfortable to carry throughout the day. This backpack is very quiet when compared to other alternatives.

Furthermore, the item is durable as it has been made of polyester brushed tricot and PVC for the backing.

To help keep you hydrated during your adventure, the option also comes fitted with a two-liter hydration bladder that has an insulated hose.


Although it has received numerous positive reviews, a handful of seasoned hunters have noted that this backpack is rather heavy. As a consequence, it might be challenging to carry around.

There has been an owner that asserted that this item is not suitable for tree stand bow hunters as it does not come fitted with a hand strap that one can use.

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Buying guide


Finding hunting backpacks with bow holder is not as easy as one might expect it to be. Because we are well aware of the challenges that one might have to face while shopping in this line of products, we have prepared a list of aspects that are worthy of your attention.

Bow attachment system and hydration bladder

One of the first aspects that you should check out if you want to end up with a good bow hunting backpack is whether or not it features a special bow attachment system.  This feature is convenient as it allows you to have your hands free at all times. Additionally, this way, you can know for sure that your gear is kept safe and that it won’t get accidentally damaged during transportation.

Because it is crucial that you avoid getting dehydrated, it is vital that you select a model that features a hydration bladder. A cheap bow hunting backpack that does not include such a bladder might not be suitable, especially if you intend to use it while hunting for the entire day.



A bow hunting backpack with quiver that is durable has to be made of high-quality, sturdy materials. In an attempt to cater to the needs of their customers, most sellers are constructing their models by using fabrics such as Aramid or Hypalon, that are known for their wear and tear resistance.

According to bow hunting backpack reviews, the choice that you select should be constructed out of a durable material that is also waterproof. This way, in case you have to deal with bad weather, your gear won’t end up soaked.


Carrying space and weight

If you are the kind of hunter that comes prepared to face any kind of scenario, chances are that you will need a backpack that is sizable enough to store a lot of gear. Therefore, it is advisable that you invest in a compound bow hunting backpack with a lot of pockets where you can keep all of your belongings well organized. However, if you are a light packer, a smaller, more portable unit might be better fitting.

The weight of the option that you decide to get is also worthy of your attention. Larger models are generally heavier than those units that have fewer pockets. For the best way to see whether or not the model that you like is suitable for you, we advise in favor of going online and reading what previous buyers had to say on the matter.



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