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Top Alps Hunting Packs Reviewed in 2024

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Best Alps Hunting Packs. Comparison & Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best Alps hunting pack, but you don’t know what to choose and you neither have several minutes to read the results of our research? In that case, we have you covered. Everything you need to know is in this short paragraph. The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is the model that most people praise, and even sales figures and experts’ opinions indicate the same thing. Created for heavy loads, and also from heavy duty materials, this backpack will keep you prepared for any situations, and you will be able to go through the harshest conditions with it. The wing pockets are there to secure your weapon in place and also provide it with the much-needed protection against weather elements and not only. Another thing you will surely like about this backpack is that it has a modular design that allows you to haul more gear with you. In case you cannot find this product anymore, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is the second model created by this company that we highly recommend.



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3 Best Alps Hunting Packs (Reviews) in 2024


Many people search for good Alps hunting packs since the company making these models is renowned for high-quality products and dedication to providing customers with the highest quality possible. The thing is its line-up of backpacks is quite generous, so picking one may seem daunting. Here are the models we think are the top of the line, after researching and comparing them thoroughly.



1. Alps OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Realtree Edge


The manufacturer making this model is well known for the high-quality products it designs, and the OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is no exception. Praised by the Alps hunting pack reviews written by buyers and critics alike, it has everything you need in a backpack that you can take with you during a trip to the great outdoors.

The main compartment expands to allow you to carry heavy weights, and the H-frame ensures that you will not have to deal with an unbalanced backpack that concentrates all the weight toward the bottom. A pocket specially made for carrying your hunting weapon ensures that you won’t have to worry about your gear.

One of the roomiest backpacks on the market, it has a capacity of 4,500 cubic inches. Seeing that it can be expanded with the help of the lashing straps, this model will allow you to haul your gear without a problem.


For bowhunters and not only, this backpack is an excellent choice, as it allows you to secure your hunting weapon in place without a glitch.

Even more, you will get an extra pocket for carrying a spotting scope, and a holder for a tripod, as well as two pockets on the waist belt.

Besides proper compartmentalization, the model also has a large capacity, of 4,500 cubic inches in total, which is quite a lot, comparing this with other backpacks on the market.

A hydration port adds value to this backpack from Alps and allows you to carry the necessary water reservoir with you on trips.

Should bad weather become a problem, use the supplied rain cover to protect your gear and all the valuables you carry with you.


If you intend to stuff the backpack with large loads, be aware that the frame is a bit on the smaller side, so that might not be easy to do.

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2. Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Realtree Edge


This backpack allows you to keep all your necessary gear easy to access. A drop-down pocket is specifically designed to help you carry a rifle or a bow, and that way your hunting weapon is secured in place, eliminating any worries you might have about it.

There are also some extras that you will find handy, such as quiver holders, as well as a hydration port for your water bottle. Small details like having a drink at hand to keep well hydrated can make or break the choice of a backpack, so pay attention to what is offered when you compare different models.

With a capacity of 2,700 cubic inches and a camouflage pattern that will keep you well concealed while walking in the woods, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is ideal for anyone who loves outdoor adventures and wants to have a reliable backpack for daily needs.


Equipped with a drop-down pocket for holding a rifle or a bow, this backpack is ideal for hunters, regardless of what weapon they prefer.

A D-ring clip makes it easy for you to hang your backpack from a tree, away from any wild animals.

On each side, you will find a quiver holder, which is a great extra for a bowhunter who wants to have everything needed at his or her fingertips.

The waist belt is padded for extra comfort, and it also comes with two pockets, as well as the possibility to attach clip-style holsters for extra storage space.

A rain cover is included, and it will come in handy when you need to protect your gear in rainy weather; the cover comes in blaze orange.


One buyer noticed that if you stuff the belt pockets with a lot of gear, your arms will rub against the full pockets while you walk, which can be a bit inconvenient.

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3. Alps Outdoorz Matrix Hunting Pack


If there is one thing anyone needs in a backpack, that would be a plethora of storage possibilities, such as pockets, compartments, and ports for various stuff. The ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix offers you the possibility to keep everything well organized while you focus on planning your trip.

You will love the fact that this model seems to be made for someone who enjoys bowhunting more than everything. Whether you want to carry your crossbow or your compound bow with you, you will see that you can do that with ease. Actually, any type of hunting weapon can be accommodated by the particular setup of this model.

Inside the main compartment, you will find an organizational pocket where you can keep all your valuables. Having some extras is always a good thing, and, in this case, the hydration pocket, and the rain cover in blaze orange will keep everything dry in bad weather.


For any hunter, regardless of whether a rifle, a compound bow, or a crossbow is the weapon of choice, this backpack will prove convenient and accommodating.

All the extra storage options, like the two pockets located on the waist belt and the inside pocket in the main compartment, increase the value of this model.

The sternum strap can be adjusted to ensure comfort, and you will notice that all the belts and straps are well padded for your maximum comfort.

An element of design that will also please you is the presence of two lashing straps that can extend to provide you with the possibility to carry heavier loads.

Should you encounter inclement weather, the rain cover will keep the contents of the backpack well protected from humidity.


There are some mentions from users that the straps don’t seem to hold heavy loads too well, and that they show some signs of wear and tear.

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Buying guide


Alps is a company well known for the high-quality backpacks it makes, and that is why we thought about providing you with information on how to pick a model from its line-up to ensure that you are getting what you need. The following recommendations will give you an idea about what you can find in an excellent and even cheap Alps hunting pack.

Options for carrying hunting weapons

As we are talking about hunting backpacks, we need to focus on what features this manufacturer provides on the models it sells. A special pocket or compartment that holds your weapon is always necessary, and you will discover that there are quite many models from Alps that offer the ability to carry such an item in perfect conditions.

Usually, the main feature that concerns you is a drop-down pocket that can hold a crossbow, a compound bow, or a rifle. If there are wing pockets that secure the weapon in place, that’s even better. Also, see whether the models for sale also come with quiver holders, and the ability to accommodate clip-style holsters on the belt. Such extra details will take you a long way when you want to purchase the right model.


Overall comfort matters

Let’s not forget that you need a backpack that you can carry with you for hours while walking through the woods. That means that the model you purchase should have some comfort-oriented features. For instance, the presence of a frame that distributes the weight evenly is a great plus.

Also, if all the belts and straps are padded, you will not experience the usual discomfort and chafing that can occur while you are carrying heavy loads.


Extras you might need

There are always things that are not quickly covered by all the backpacks available on the market. Those made by Alps usually go the extra mile, and you will find many that come equipped with more functionalities to make your trips easier and more enjoyable. For instance, you will find models from Alps that have a hydration port for water reservoirs.

Also, many come with a rain cover that protects your gear in bad weather. Extra pockets, ports, and compartments always come in handy, and it serves to have enough storage space for all your needs.




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