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Best Archery Release

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Archery releases – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you would really love to get a hold of the best archery release but can’t spare the time to go over the buying guide and product reviews our research team has prepared, this short paragraph should provide the information you need. In our own search for the best product for sale, we have looked at expert review sites for archery gear and actual owner feedback. Based on our research, consumers consider the Tru Fire Patriot their top choice because of how it is easier to put on compared to any V-style strap on the market. Designed to fit both the left and right hands, this piece of archery gear is an American-made product that ensures high-quality despite its economical and simple dual-caliper release design. Geared to deliver an extremely smooth trigger action, this archery release reduces the risk of injury to your fingers due to pinching after the bow snaps back to its original undrawn position. Should the Tru Fire Patriot be unavailable because of high consumer demand, you should definitely go for the second best option, the Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme.



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5 Best Archery Releases (Reviews) in 2023


1. Tru-Fire Patriot Adult Black Release


If you need a device that facilitates an easy and accurate release of the projectile, the Tru Fire Patriot answers that need. This archery release is equipped with a heat-treated and Teflon-coated trigger and jaws to guarantee years of durability and dependably consistent performance. The padded black nylon power strap makes the device comfortable on your wrist.

This tool provides a much easier way to be worn on your wrist compared to any V-style strap. It won’t pinch the nerve-endings on your wrist and neither will it abrade the skin there. It fits both the left and right hands so different archers can share the device with each other. This is an American-made product that ensures quality craftsmanship and excellent materials in its construction.

The unit is equipped with a coated trigger and jaws to deliver years of dependability. In spite of its superior quality, the device is priced affordably. The archery release provides a superbly smooth trigger action without adding to the vibration and noise during projectile activation. The jaws of the device easily close with just a push, for less effort and more target focus.

This model is equipped with an adjustable trigger travel to fit the projectile, draw weight, and the draw length. You won’t get stuck with a difficult trigger release as this one can be customized to your specific needs.

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2. Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme


Thanks to its ½-inch web connection system, the Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme is pretty easy to use. The web connection system provides an agile mechanism by which you can hold and let go the bowstring without hurting your fingers or face. Anchor the drawn string with the projectile confidently against your face without worrying about injury.

This device is equipped with infinite length adjustment possibilities to fit various users. It can be adjusted without the need for tools. To ensure dependable stability and a solid structure around the wrist, this device is equipped with a webbing that will not move or stretch. The webbing material is nylon, which is tough and resistant to sweat so that you won’t lose your grip.

This dual caliper release is an American-made product, so it is guaranteed to be durable, dependable, and made of high-grade materials. The jaws easily open with just a simple pulling back of the trigger. To close the jaws, just let the trigger off. The exclusive Evolution buckle strap enables easy and secure attachment.

The adjustable trigger travel enables you to enjoy a customized shooting control so you can use your bow and arrow optimally. The strap and head have an adjustable length as well to fit the needs of the user.

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3. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release


The Tru-Fire Hardcore offers a range of features that any avid archer will surely find useful. This archery release is the only wrist HDBF that has a pivoting head going either right or left a full 20 degrees, thus eliminating the torque at full draw. This device proves to be useful when you want to improve your shooting accuracy.

The archery release aligns the center shot automatically so you would not need to struggle to do it manually by yourself. The camo evolution buckle strap makes this the simplest yet most comfortable strap you can find. It enables you to customize the archery release to your exact size. This device simplifies finding the perfect fit for any archer.

The fully adjustable trigger travel also adds a more personalized functionality to the product. The distance between the head and strap can be adjusted simply by turning the head clockwise or counterclockwise. No complicated systems are integrated so you won’t need to worry about any procedures that can slow down your shooting.

This archery release provides over one inch of length adjustment that easily locks in place. The loops are designed not to slip off to support a stable shooting stance. The unit fits both the left and right hands to suit a variety of archers. This product is 100 percent made in the USA, ensuring you of quality craftsmanship and materials.

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4. Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release


The Scott Archery Shark is a double caliper release that simplifies the centering of the shot every time. It has an exceptionally compact design equipped with a wide roller-sear to produce the smoothest possible trigger pull. You can handle one shot after another without worrying about arm and hand fatigue from all the repeated drawing.

The four-position length adjustment enables you to find the perfect fit that supports your need for a perfect shooting form. The forward trigger simplifies operations. The compact, dual-jaw design suits any of the high-performance, short axle-to-axle bows of today. This tool helps ensure greater accuracy and consistency in shooting.

This device offers dependable performance through its green jaws and trigger. Because it is fully adjustable, the archery release enables you to find the exact fit that helps you aim and shoot with confidence every time. The Solid Swivel Connector comes with a patented 5-hole length adjustment that facilitates problem-free wearing.

Most importantly, the device comes with a forward-oriented knurled-trigger that optimizes the draw length so you can pull the string without experiencing any dragging that can ruin your shooting form. This archery release helps you refine your form and sharpen your shooting technique to a higher level.

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5. Cobra Bravo All Adjust Release


The Cobra Bravo 69521-P is a nifty device that enables you to achieve a proper form and technique when shooting your bow. It comes with a Realtree Xtra pattern that makes it a great addition to your collection of archery gear. It supplements a fine quality bow with its dependable functionality and superb design.

This device adjusts easily with its buckle strap design. The pull-back trigger simplifies the engagement of the tool. The release is mounted with a nylon strap that virtually eliminates any forces that might be placed unknowingly. You will immediately notice a distinct difference in the arrow placement on the target along with the tighter groups.

You can shoot better with this archery release. It promotes a good shooting stance and technique. It is a finely made product with superb craftsmanship. The stitches are nicely executed so there isn’t any point of weakness. The entire unit looks solidly put together and can deliver many seasons of use.

This tool is highly useful for aligning the center shot so that the arrow flies fast and true to the target. It provides a smooth drawing experience and will not interfere with your shooting technique. Instead, this device actually enhances your shooting form. All the components are of high quality for reliable functionality.

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Buying guide


To shoot a bow cleanly with your fingers, you will need plenty of practice. If you can’t invest a lot of hard work and dedication into developing your finger release technique, a mechanical release helps deliver a clean and accurate shot every time without the need for a lot of practice. How can you find the best bow release for hunting?


The best archery release for the money is of the type you can work with

It is best to go for an archery release type that suits your bow. You can select from a grip/ handheld model and a wrist strap model, which both come with their advantages and disadvantages.

A wrist strap archery release helps take the strain from your hand and evenly dissipates it through your wrist and arm, so you are comfortable at shooting even with higher poundage weapons. The bow becomes easier to draw. A wrist or caliper-style device is also easy to use during the hunt as it is kept within reach and will not have to be put down. You won’t need to worry about misplacing it either.

A handheld or grip archery release is more frequently associated with 3D tournaments than with actual hunting. It provides more control along with a more positive anchor and an overall finer trigger system.


The best archery releases are easy to use

When getting a handheld model, make sure it is equipped with a good length adjustment system. This is because different archers have various hand sizes, so there’s no single unit that fits all. You also wouldn’t want to strain to reach the trigger.

A number of archery releases are engineered with a hydraulic or automatic design. These types fire the bow automatically after a specific time has passed and after the string is drawn. You can find automatic release aids in both handheld and wrist styles. Novice archers and hunters do not really use this type of device.


Choose a product in the best archery release review that has awesome features

The actual string setup tends to limit the number of archery releases you can choose from. Some release devices are only designed for use on specific string styles so make doubly sure what you get is the perfect fit for the type of string you have. The string can have a fastener fashioned in a ‘D’ loop, metal-type, or metal nock.

A traditional metal nock is a standard configuration, and it may come with or without a rubber eliminator button under the arrow nock. A ‘D’ loop has a rope tied to the string to form the characteristic shape. A metal-type fastener can be a single or double ball system.

A machined aluminum construction is a nice complement to padded wrist straps, a smooth finish, and a quality trigger/sear mechanism to ensure hassle-free functionality.

Look into the actual release mechanism jaws of the device to ensure compatibility with the string style.

A standard release caliper generally works well on most kinds of setups. However, if a rope is what you use, get a release intended for use with a rope loop. You can find such types of configurations on the market.

A standard metal nock on a string will not limit your choices as most caliper releases are fine. You want the device to snap easily and quickly on a string. Any pulleys should not cause extreme string wear or retardation.

There are some metal nocking devices available that might not need a specialized release aid.

Another factor you might want to check out is the noise the archery release will generate. Some devices produce a clicking sound during operation. This noise can spook the target easily and cause it to flee before you can shoot. Stealth is always a primary consideration in an archery release so the least noise the device produces, the better it will be for you.




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