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Best Archery Target

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Archery targets – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best hunting gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best archery target.  After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the Morrell Bone Collector 131 is the best because of how it can handle up to 400-fps projectiles with ease, staying in one piece so you can have a ball with friends and family shooting it. This archery target makes a great field-point target with its 4 shooting sides comprising a 9-ball game, 6 bullseyes, a dart board and the full color midsection of a deer. This extended-life target comes with an innovative Nucleus Center to ensure maximum life through rain and sun. If the Morrell Bone Collector 131 is not available, you should consider The Block Classic as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Archery Targets (Reviews) in 2023


1. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target


The Morrell Bone Collector 131 is expertly designed to provide a great field-point target. Those practicing on their shooting skills will appreciate this product because of its innovative design that enables the selection of a side they find most suitable for their purpose.

One side comes with a 9-ball game, with numbered balls the archer can practice on to see how well they can shoot randomly. The 6-bullseye side lets you shoot at 6 different targets to see how well you can control your bow for that winning shot.

The dartboard allows you to shoot closer and closer to a central point to test your accuracy and that of your bow. The side with a full-color midsection of a deer lets you practice as if an actual target stands afar so you can practice humane shooting skills.

Able to stop up to 400 feet-per-second of shooting power, this archery target is made brutally tough to withstand all that potential energy while also being able to survive through conditions of rain and sunshine without coming apart.

To enable effortless carrying and transport, this innovative archery target is built with an EZ-TOTE Carry Handle. Designed as a good-quality archery target, this model weighs a hefty 32 pounds to ensure stability during use.


The Morrell Bone Collector 131 comes with four shooting sides, offering maximum versatility to shooters when they want to practice their aim.

The shooting sides have different patterns, to offer diverse challenges, so you will find it a useful tool for improving your shooting skills.

The maximum shooting power that the archery target can absorb is 400 fps, which is quite a lot seeing that most archers do not use such powerful bows.

You should not worry that the target might be challenging to move around; the unique tote handle supplied with your purchase will help you with that.

Resistant to rain and sun, it is a reliable archery target that you will grow to love.


The staples used to keep the bottom in place do not seem to be of the same quality as the rest of the archery target, as some reviewers point out.

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2. Block Classic Archery Target Stops Arrows with Friction


Available in two sizes, The Block Classic makes a great target for shooting practice. This product is made of layered foam, which ensures easy embedding of arrows, so shooting offers consistent results and easy assessment of form.

The target also allows effortless removal of arrows, so your projectiles are taken care of. This eliminates the need to replace projectiles frequently. You won’t need to break projectiles just to get them out of the target.

This target is designed for use with broadheads, whether fixed or mechanical. You can practice using these projectiles that deliver low-energy impact and the ability to take down your target with intelligent, optimal shot placement.

This archery target is also great with field points, which can be matched to big-game broadheads that you intend to utilize in the hunting field. When you practice with weight-matched field points, you learn to reduce bow sight adjustments prior to hunting.

This model comes in 18″; x 18″; x 14″ and 20: 20″; x 20″; x 14″ sizes, helping you select which dimensions you feel best matches your needs. The open layered technology used in the manufacture of this target ensures strength and stability to withstand the power of arrows shooting quickly through the air.


The layered foam construction will allow you to shoot anything you want at this archery target, be it broadheads or field points.

You will appreciate how easy it is to release arrows from the structure of the target that will allow the heads to come out without a glitch and without suffering extreme damage.

The bright white target points printed on black canvas are easy to see, and they will allow you to increase the accuracy of your shots with maximum efficiency.

The handle on top of the target allows you to move around the target quickly, and it will also let you carry it along on your trips.

There are three sizes available so that you can purchase the one that is best suited to your preferences.


Some reviewers report that shooting at this target with broadheads will make it wear off much quicker than when using field points.

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3. Block GenZ

Expertly designed for use by young archers, the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ delivers the needed stopping power to your projectiles during target practice. It helps you hone your shooting skills as well as your accuracy.

This archery target is suitable for use with bows having 40 pounds of draw weight or less. It comes with the strength and toughness needed for this type of gear, enabling you to shoot at it without falling apart.

Helping you assess your shooting skills and the ability of your bow to propel projectiles to the intended target, this product also assists you at evaluating your shooting accuracy along with that of your weapon.

The high-contrast design ensures you can easily see the target and the aspect you are shooting at, so you can get a good view even from far away. It makes a suitable target for those just starting out on bowhunting.

This target uses an open layered technology to provide a solid build to stop projectiles safely and effectively. It also enables effortless removal of arrows and ensures extended product life for many seasons of use.

Regardless of the type of arrow you are using, this archery target withstands the stress of repeated embedding of arrows. The white-on-black aiming points provide good visibility even from afar.


This model is built with the needs of a young archer in mind, and it caters specifically to people who are using bows that have a draw power of maximum 40 pounds.

The layered construction will provide enough stopping power for your arrows so that you can start to evaluate your ability to drive projectiles to the target.

The design allows you to see the white circles on the black canvas with ease and take your aim without any trouble.

The model is designed for portability, so it is lightweight and also comes with a handle attached that you can use to carry it around.


Some reviewers speak about the fact that this archery target is too small.

It is also mentioned that you may end up shooting through if you’re using a compound bow, instead of or a recurve bow.

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4. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target


The Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme field point target is one of the best investments you can ever make to ensure a remarkably tremendous advancement in your shooting skills. This field point bag target stops projectiles shot through compound arrows without any issues. It carries a multi-layered design that supports long-term use.

The exclusive Internal Frame System technology in this archery target ensures that it maintains its shape and integrity through many target practice sessions. The bag target comes with hanging grommets to allow easy suspension on a pole or any mechanism of your choice for problem-free functionality. To facilitate effortless transport, the bag target also features an EZ Tote carry handle.

The bag’s 23 by 25 by 12-inch dimensions provide a broad and stable surface on which you can shoot field points to hone your archery skills so you can become a better shooter. This is a tough yet affordable target with a patented bright yellow outer surface with red aiming points for easy visibility of arrow groupings. This product will virtually take thousands of shots in its lifetime.

This USA-made bag target provides superb field point stopping power to enable you to optimize every practice session. No shot is wasted thanks to the internal frame system technology that enables you to make the most of every inch of the target.


If you are looking for a target that can withstand the heavy action of compound bows, this one should be for you.

Releasing the arrows from it is a breeze, and you don’t have to worry that prolonged usage will wear it down too much.

The archery target is easy to move around since it comes equipped with a handle and grommets.

The beautiful pattern design is visible and lets you increase your accuracy by hitting the same spot over and over again.

The target is durable, and you can rest assured that it is a sound investment and will serve you for a long time.


According to some reviewers, it is not always easy to remove the arrows, and some may prove more difficult to remove than others.

There also seems to be a slight smell that will become more powerful after you shoot a few arrows in it.

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5. Archery 5 & 3 Spot Vegas Targets by Longbow


The Longbow Vegas Targets provide a means to develop your shooting and archery skills with their Bulls-eye pattern. Every five-spot target in this 50-pack unit delivers precise positioning of bulls-eyes so you can shoot without worries. Each heavy paper target offers easy visibility so you can optimize every target practice session.

Each paper target is manufactured while adhering to the strict 40 and 80 cm archery standards in the industry. Each of the color ring edges is printed to the exact specifications of 2 cm and 4 cm from one ring edge to the other. You save a lot on paper targets with this product. The targets are quite versatile as they can be used for a variety of archery and gun applications.

The pack contains 40 cm targets printed on heavy-duty, tough seven-point archery paper. The targets are designed to limit the size of the hole during arrow penetration to make them last long. You won’t need to worry about running out of targets to practice with, because the Vegas Targets are available in packs ranging from 8, 20, 50, to 200-piece sets.

Perfect for beginners just starting to explore the excitement of archery as a sport, this product is an affordable means to sharpen your skills in bow shooting before deciding to invest in high-end equipment.


If you want to train like a professional, it is a much easier way now than never if you pick these targets that are designed to official standards.

The targets are made from heavy-duty archery paper, and that means that each shot will make a minimum of damage so that you can re-use the targets for a while.

You can buy these in packs of different sizes, going from 5 pieces per pack to 200 pieces per pack, for the most avid practitioners of the sport.

One thing you will surely like about these targets is that you can use them for both gun and archery practice.


Some buyers argue that the archery paper used could have been thicker, but they agree, at the same time, that for the cost, this kind of thing is to be expected.

Slight damage to the edges was reported by another buyer.

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Buying guide


Thanks to the evolution of archery from being a hunting skill to a sport, archery targets have established their own market today. For any archery enthusiast, an archery target helps improve shooting skills. These are what you need to really look at in this kind of equipment.

A good archery target for beginners comes in a suitable form for the user

The most basic design of archery targets is the bag type. A bag target is great for repetitive shooting in early summer practice sessions. Archery bags are able to hold together quite well. They have a large shooting surface to make way for shooting mistakes during the summer or spring.

However, there’s one thing you will have to remember about archery bags: they are primarily intended for use with field points. A bag target will most likely capture a broadhead and retain it. Broadheads have a real tendency to stay buried in an archery bag.

Attempting to retrieve a well-embedded broadhead from an archery bag may damage the outer covering that contains the inner fill material. It is always best to avoid using broadheads on an archery bag to prevent having to purchase a replacement bag.

Bag targets have a poor performance against the elements. They can’t be left in the rain, as they tend to soak wetness in and lose their form much quicker. That said, there are manufacturers of archery bags that ensure their products are resilient against the elements compared to their predecessors.

Bag targets are suitable for use on an indoor range while leaving them hung in place. A hanging archery bag ensures you won’t have to haul it around and set it up every time you have to do target practice. Bag targets can be used with any compound bow configuration as long as you utilize field points.

A foam layer block target is designed for prime archery practice. A step up from archery bags, a foam layer block target is typically portable and lightweight. It offers easy removal of embedded arrows especially those shot from a light bow. A foam-layer target is commonly affordable as well.

A foam layer archery target captures the arrow between layers of foam, employing friction to stop momentum rather than energy or force. Broadheads are best used with this type of target. However, using field points can prolong the life of a foam-layer target.

A heavy-draw weight bow has the tendency to propel arrows very deep into a foam-layer archery target before the friction kicks in. This may make arrow removal quite a challenge. You may also have to be careful about your shooting angle.

Why? Foam-layer targets work by pinching the projectile between layers of foam, so you will want to avoid shooting across or through layers. You can achieve that by fixing the block with the layers in a vertical instead of horizontal configuration. This allows the arrow to slide between the layers without a lot of difficulty.

Foam-layer targets are best used for outdoor practice sessions for easy and quick setup for shooting at ground level or from a treestand. Field points can prolong the life of this type of target. Do take note of the product’s performance with heavy bows and arrow removal.

A 3D practice target prepares you for real-life hunting situations. 3D targets can be bought in a variety of species configurations, whether alive or even extinct. They provide fun shooting too. Plenty of them come with a range of overlay options such as diagrams of an animal’s vitals on the outside so you can aim and shoot precisely.

Logically, the foam core of a 3D target will wear out because of repeated shooting. That said, a lot of 3D targets feature replaceable midsections so you can use the overall target for a long time. Field points are best used on 3D targets since a broadhead can easily get misplaced inside the foam core.


Good archery targets for broadheads and field points are suitable for the weapon that will be used

Because different shooters have their own favorite weapons, their choice of target should conform to that factor. Whether the shooter uses their bare hands to propel a projectile, or utilizes a firearm or crossbow, the target should offer enough stopping power for the application.

Different shooting weapons demonstrate a different type of impact on the target, and this has direct influence over the lifetime of the product.

If you intend to use heavy bows or firearms, bear in mind that such tools have high energy behind their projectiles. This means that your target should be built to withstand all that force or energy. For light shooting, a foam target should suffice.

The best crossbow target review gives good ratings to products that offer dependable performance

Consider the environment in which the archery target is to be used. Some targets are meant for indoor use alone so any type of material should be fine for the manufacture of this type of target.

Archery targets for outdoor use should be made of corrosion-resilient material including foam or canvas. Bag targets are made of synthetic fiber fill, but make sure it stops arrows easily while enabling effortless arrow removal.

An important element you need to look into is self-healing capacity of the archery target. This is especially important when looking at archery targets for crossbows. Some archery targets heal quickly even with high impact but others don’t.

The seams of the archery target should be solidly made. You wouldn’t want the product to fall apart too easily or have its fill getting disgorged at inopportune times because of poor seamwork. Look into reviews on various products for this aspect.

Good-quality targets are made to withstand the elements, enabling you to use them rain or shine. You should also check out how much energy, in feet-per-second, the target can stop at maximum. Most top-quality targets are heavy enough to take all the energy from a fast-flying projectile released at 400 fps.




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