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Best Armguard

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Armguards – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’d rather not go through the buying advice and product reviews provided by our research team, read and to get just the exact information you need on the best armguard for sale. Based on consumer preference and reviews and ratings, the Allen Company Mesh is the best because of how it is specially designed to fit smaller or younger archers. If you are introducing your child to the sport, this armguard provides just the right fit and level of protection you and your trainee will truly appreciate. This device protects the user’s arm from getting injured by the bowstring. It comes equipped with an adjustable strap to deliver a genuinely comfortable fit. You can adjust the two straps with just one hand, so even your child can attach this to their arm with proper guidance so all you have to do is check that it is securely attached. The green armguard with a black mesh is the perfect color for outdoor use. In the event that the Allen Company 42014-Parent is unavailable due to high demand, you can get the Tarantula A03600CM as a great second option.



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5 Best Armguards (Reviews) in 2024


1. Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard, Medium


The Allen Company Mesh is specially intended for use by smaller and younger shooters. It is designed to protect the forearm from injury caused by the slapping of the bowstring during projectile release. You won’t have to worry about feeling the sting when the string hits your arm because this armguard ensures your arm is amply covered in breathable and protective mesh.

To ensure a cool feeling on the arm, this armguard has a mesh construction. This allows the free flow of air around your arm so even when the going gets tough, your arm won’t feel uncomfortable. The adjustable strap enables you to obtain a customized fit. This device goes around the arm quickly and easily.

The two straps adjust easily with one hand so you can still hold your weapon in the other hand where the arm carries the armguard. This is a green armguard with a black mesh, which goes nicely with the rest of your archery gear. The ergonomic shape of this armguard keeps it from moving around on your arm, so it stays securely in place.

The device is equipped with soft and wide elastic straps that prevent pinching on the arm. The buckles are easy to clip and unclip so you can fix the armguard with just one hand.

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2. Sportsman’s Outdoor Products Tarantula Sleeve Wrap Armguard


Designed to be 8 inches long, the Sportsman’s Outdoor Products Tarantula A03600CM covers the arm in protective, padded fabric, so the string won’t sting when it slaps back against the arm during arrow release. This device comes with enough thickness to absorb the vibration and impact of the bowstring against the arm to prevent injury.

The device comes with three elastic straps and buckles to deliver a secure and strong attachment on the arm. The armguard is solidly constructed to ensure a consistent protection around your arm. The tough material will not crack or tear even when it gets struck by the bowstring repeatedly.

The string simply taps against the armguard during projectile release, thus preventing direct contact with the skin of your arm. This armguard also keeps your clothing away from the bowstring, so it will not interfere with your shooting form and technique. The device attaches easily and quickly to the arm.

This armguard comes with a nice camouflage design that supports the objective for an outdoor-oriented piece of equipment. The holes evenly distribute air to enable easy flow, so your arm won’t feel warm even with extended periods of use. This device protects your arm while ensuring comfort.

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3. AF Traditional Cow Leather Arm Restraint Protector Guard


The AF traditional armguard is an ingenious way of keeping the arm shielded against the repeated slapping of the bowstring against your arm during arrow release. When your arm is left unprotected, it could really sting when the bow string slaps against it. Thanks to this innovative device, your arm is amply protected from possible injury and pain.

This armguard is made of cow leather, which provides a resilient and tough surface onto which the string just taps so the enclosed arm doesn’t suffer. It covers the arm securely all around and features a lovely lace-up system for easy attachment and removal. The armguard follows the length of your arm with its tapering design to accommodate the shape of the arm.

The leather material is 3 mm thick to provide enough thickness to absorb the vibration of the bowstring as it slaps against the covered arm. The armguard is 18 cm long and 20cm wide to provide enough dimensions to cover the arm and enclose it in a tough protective material. The brown color makes the device a great addition to your archery gear collection.

This device is finely crafted with quality material to ensure lasting durability and functionality. It ensures the absorption of plenty of pressure and is not prone to scratches. Your arm will stay unharmed even when you have to practice shooting for an extended time.

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4. DAS Leben Protective Arm Sleeves Guard Bracer


The DAS Leben is a cut-proof armguard made with steel wire to keep the arm adequately protected from cuts and sting when the bow string slaps against it during projectile release. The armband sleeve design provides a long arm shield extending to just below the elbow line so as not to hamper the free flexion of the arm without compromising protection.

This armguard is made of stainless steel wire, polyester, and highly elastic chemical fiber that all work together to ensure the encased arm stays injury-free and unhurt. This may just look like a cut-off long sock but it is a scratch-proof and cut-proof device that can absorb the vibration and pressure from a tightly strung bow string that has just let a projectile loose.

This tool is soft and washable just like any normal brace but don’t let its normal-looking configuration fool you because it can shield your arm from slashes and cuts by reducing the potential harm from sharp items such as glass, stone, a triangular scraper, a knife, or a bowstring. It has flexibility along its 40 x 11 cm body, so one size fits most people.

Because of its stainless steel wire construction, this device carries a high density so users may feel it to be tight. However, the tightness assures you of its dependable performance during tough applications.

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5. Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard


The Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories MO-AG4 is a 10-inch full arm guard that keeps the arm from getting injured when the bow string slaps against the skin during arrow release. This simple device allows you to draw and release without worrying the pressure will hurt or sting your arm suddenly. Its ten-inch length covers your arm adequately.

The armguard comes with a lovely mossy oak break-up design that looks nice with your other archery and hunting gear. It attaches to the arm via straps and buckles for easy and quick attachment every time. You can use just one hand to put the straps and buckles on and ensure a tight and secure fit on the arm.

The device also provides adjustability through the clasps so you can obtain a snug and slip-free fit. The device has four straps that go into every buckle. It has the ability to cover the sensitive skin of the arm so even when the string vibrates or slaps against the arm, there won’t be scratches or cuts on the skin.

This arm guard looks and feels right on your arm. It provides a good fit for anyone. If you want an affordable arm protection during hunting and shooting practice, this device provides the best solution.

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Buying guide


An armguard, otherwise known as a bracer, covers the arm to protect it from the sting of the bowstring when it releases the projectile and hits the arm. The bowstring sting can be quite painful especially when you have to shoot repeatedly. Just what do the top-rated products in the best armguard reviews have that the inferior ones don’t?

The best bow arm guard carries a simple, easy-to-wear design

While some armguards cover just the forearm, a number of products cover both the forearm and the upper arm. Basically, it is the forearm that more frequently experiences the sting from the bowstring since it is the part closest to the string as it goes back to its undrawn position. However, this does not mean that the upper arm is immune to being struck by the string.

On the contrary, it might be the upper arm that will get the initial slap that can carry greater pressure. That is why that part of the arm also deserves some level of protection, and this is where extra-long or two-segment armguards are great at. They protect not just the forearm but the upper arm as well.

Look for armguards that attach with buckles and straps. Some products are equipped with elastic strings and adjustable locks. Others have a Velcro closure while there are some products that feature a lace-up closure system. Some have buttons or clips for arm attachment. Many are designed to be easily slipped into the arm like a standard footless sock.

This may be a simple and easy design to use, but if the material is thick and tough, that may be easier said than done. Make sure to choose a product that slips on easily since you wouldn’t want to waste too much time putting your protective gear on instead of focusing on your shooting technique and form.

Some units have a mesh design. Regardless of the design, the best bowhunting arm guard should offer support and not diminish your proficiency as an archer.


The best armguard for bow hunting is made of fine quality material

Aside from protecting your arm from the sudden bowstring slapping after arrow release, the armguard also functions to bind clothing and keep it from interfering with the shot. You spend hours perfecting your shooting form and technique and any loose clothing getting in the way of a shot can be exasperating.

The armguard prevents this by binding your clothing to keep it well out of the way of your bow and arrow. With this action, the armguard prevents you from assuming an improper shooting stance to offset the effect of your loose clothing. This only means one thing: the armguard should be made of premium-quality material.

The materials used in armguards include the following: nylon; plastic; fabric; suede leather; synthetic leather; leather. You can choose from various styles that are universally-sized for use by either men or women. Armguards also come in various colors such as brown, green, and camouflage patterns, which are great for hunters.

The best archery arm guard comes with some great features

To ensure your comfort when you have to wear the armguard for an indeterminate amount of time, you need to look at the various features of the product. Some armguards have a vented design that allows the breathability around your arm so even if you need to be hunting or shooting for hours, your arm won’t feel uncomfortable.

The best arm guard for bow use should be adjustable and lightweight. The closure and attachment system influences this aspect. Make sure you choose an armguard that attaches easily to your arm without the need for assistance.

The product should be durable and tough if it is to withstand the pressure from the string. It should be lightweight because carrying the bow alone can be taxing on your arms. Check for threads and seams that look like they are haphazardly sewn and coming apart.




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