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Best 3 Blaze Orange Hunting Vests Compared in 2024

Last Updated: 29.02.24


Blaze Orange Hunting Vests – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Are you looking for the best blaze orange hunting vest, but with no luck whatsoever so far? For busy people with little time on their hands, we have just the perfect solution in this short paragraph. After looking at customer reviews, social media comments, and sales numbers, we discovered that the Primos Gunhunter’s Vest is the model that always gets on top of any selection. You will get plenty of room to store essentials such as a walkie-talkie, a pair of binoculars, and other accessories, due to the special design of this vest. The waterproof lining is ideal for inclement weather conditions, and it will keep you dry, regardless of the season. You will also get some nice accessories, such as a compass and a LED light. In case you cannot find this model anymore, we have the next almost perfect choice in line, the Browning Mens Safety.



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3 Best Blaze Orange Hunting Vests (Reviews) in 2024


Have you been searching for a good blaze orange hunting vest, with no chances of success? In the following selection, you will find the most popular models that are currently favored by consumers and experts alike.


1. Primos Gunhunter’s Vest


You will not find any blaze orange hunting vests reviews that don’t speak highly of the Gunhunter’s Vest from Primos and for all the right reasons. Besides the fact that it looks great, and you will feel very comfortable in it, it also comes with plenty of storage room for hunting accessories and other items you may want to keep close by.

You can use the interior pocket to keep your smartphone, or a walkie-talkie so that you can easily communicate with other members of your team. The model also comes with two extra pockets that are quite large, where you can keep the bulkier items that you need to have with you.

The waterproof lining is made of PVC and is designed to keep water at bay in the most inclement weather conditions. The hook and loop fastener is a nice touch, and it serves to know that it can be stored inside when you don’t use it.

As far as hunting camo clothing is concerned, you should get an orange blaze vest like this one if you go hunting for deer. This model has many excellent features to convince you that it is the right one for you. The hand warmer pockets will protect your hands from cold, while the large outside pockets can be used for storing your binoculars.


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2. Browning Safety Blaze Overlay Vest


It is imperative that your camouflage clothing is made from impermeable materials, and the Browning Mens Safety is made from 100% polyester oxford, a material that will not let water go through it, while still keeping your vest lightweight and easy to wear. The zipper closure makes taking the vest off, or putting it on, really easy and convenient

If you are shopping for a hunting jacket you can use when hunting deer, models in orange blaze colors will appear in your search. This vest is ideal to wear over a jacket, and it will not have you detected by your prey, as deer are known to be color-blind as far as this particular color is concerned.

Even more, wearing an orange blaze vest may be required during the hunting season. This vest will not only keep you hidden from the view of wildlife, but it will also make you visible for other fellow hunters, to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

You will love the large pockets where you can keep your extra shells. The back license loop is an additional extra that makes this vest an excellent choice for anyone looking to get ready for deer season.


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3. Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Blaze Vest


Another model that you will find in the reviews of blaze orange vests for hunting is the Gamehide Mountain Pass. Equipped with a front side zipper that allows you to put the vest on and take it off with great ease, this model is convenient for many reasons. The external pouch you will notice right away is ideal for keeping your shotgun shells somewhere you can find them.

Other storage options are readily available, as well. The vertical pockets located on the chest and the shell holders are a nice touch, and you will certainly make use of them right away. The fabric is resistant to wind, and you will feel comfortable while wearing this vest.

A pocket for your flashlight is provided, and you will also get two side pockets where you can keep your smartphone. A grommeted license holder tab completes the picture of this versatile camo vest.

Wearing a camo vest can keep you hidden from view, but if you want to make sure that no wildlife will be able to spot you, you should consider getting some hunting face paint, as well. Available in multiple sizes, this vest is the ideal choice for many hunters.


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Buying guide


There are plenty of orange blaze vests for sale, and only one is truly for you. We want to help you identify that model that can satisfy your need for staying concealed from prey’s eyes, while also offering some extra benefits

You will find all the most important aspects to bear in mind when you are shopping for such an item. The information offered by our concise buying guide will help you make an informed choice.

What protection is offered?

You wear an orange blaze vest to remain concealed from deer, as this animal cannot distinguish this particular color. But you also do this, because you need to be well protected. The high contrast color will signal other hunters of your presence, which means that this type of camo clothing offers more protection than you might think.

It doesn’t hurt to have a vest that is resistant to water. There is no way to tell with maximum accuracy what weather you will have to face, so it serves to be prepared. Also, you will need to get a model that is windproof, to keep you warm and cozy, regardless of the weather.


Storage options

As a hunter, you surely know how important it is to have all the extras and accessories you need close at hand. The ideal vest should come equipped with plenty of pockets and pouches, where you can store your additional shotgun shells, as well as other items.

Of course, you can always get a hunting backpack for all the large items, but for the small ones that you always need to have at hand, you need a few convenient pockets on your vest. You should get one that has a dedicated pocket for your smartphone.

Also, you will need to keep your binoculars close by. Some models even come with their own accessories such as a LED light or a compass. Bear in mind these small aspects, because they might just make your life easier when you are out, hunting in the woods.


A good fit

This may be an aspect that is easy to overlook, while you focus on other characteristics as described earlier. You need your vest to suit you perfectly, because only this way you will feel comfortable and the vest will achieve its purpose.

Whether you shop for hunting waders or other hunting clothing items, like this type of vest, you need to check the sizing chart, to see if they have yours. A vest is not likely to be adjustable, so getting the right size is a must.




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