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Best Bow Arrow

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Bow arrows  – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


We know few people ever have the time to read our in-depth buying guide and product descriptions so we designed this paragraph to deliver the exact information consumers need in a concise manner. We went through an intensive evaluation of ratings and reviews for products featured in expert review sites for bowhunting gear and found a top choice among those for sale, the Carbon Express Maxima. Fletched with Blazer Vanes, these arrows provide a fiery style that will make you proud to be a bowhunter because of the way the projectiles fly true to the target. The vanes slice the air, taking away wind resistance for a speedy flight, and hopefully, a clean kill. Made out of hi-tech carbon material, the arrows offer dynamic spine management in a novel way, enabling more consistent shooting and better flight. The Carbon Express Maxima might end up being out of stock because it’s so popular, but there’s still the second best option, the AC Archery Spine 500.



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5 Best Bow Arrows (Reviews) in 2024


1. Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows 


You will surely love being a bowhunter with the Carbon Express Maxima 50753-P, which is a set of 6 nifty arrows that will easily become your favorite projectiles. These arrows for hunting are equipped with fletching of Blazer Vanes that allow you to shoot the target with remarkable accuracy.

Each arrow in the pack offers a controlled flex in flight, reducing the unwanted vibration during release for fast and true delivery on target. This is the proprietary Dynamic Spine in action, with the arrows having stiffer ends for minimal flexion, ensuring a consistently straight body until the target is reached.

The Red Zone in the center of each arrow contributes to the effective arrow flex as well, for an exceptional broadhead accuracy from the hunting weapon. This set of arrows lets you experience a wholly different level of performance from your entire hunting setup.

Because the oscillation is reduced, you can shoot more consistently. The arrows come with the exclusive Launchpad Precision Nocks and inserts for ready use right out of the package. Shoot with unfailing accuracy and in consistent arrow groups every time. Enjoy being the hotshot of the hunting season with these special arrows designed for shooting with precision.


This is a six-arrow package that allows the bowhunter to get genuine value for the money as it includes Launchpad Precision Nocks and inserts.

Each arrow in the set comes with a patented high-tech carbon construction made with dynamic spine management that boasts a new way of making broadheads achieve better flight.

With the stiffer front end, the arrow flex gets repositioned to the exclusive Red Zone of the projectile, which also reduces the oscillation for truly consistent shooting.

Thanks to the revolutionary Red Zone in each bolt, the arrow flex is effectively managed in flight by a specific section of the shaft to prevent an erratic flight.

For the tuning of 40 to 92-pound bows, all you really need are two spines because of the efficient management of the dynamic spine.


Some customers have received red and yellow vanes instead of red and white ones, which may be considered a common packaging mistake.

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2. Obert Archery Carbon Arrows Spine 500


If you are looking for decent arrows for target practice, the search ends with the AC Archery Spine 500. With 12 arrows in the package, you have all the projectiles you need for some serious target shooting. These arrows help you develop shooting accuracy, with a consistent spine for a fast and straight flight every time.

Thanks to the solid construction, these projectiles can be used over and over. The straight spine propels each arrow, slicing through the air without getting impeded by wind resistance to reach the target faster and on the right spot. You can improve your shooting accuracy during practice shooting with the arrows in the package.

You can also choose to use the arrows for shooting via a recurve or compound bow. Each one holds together really well and will not come apart like low-quality products. The screw tips make each unit easy to remove from the target and also effortless to put back together for another round of shooting. The 5-inch turkey feather fletching aids in propelling the arrows through the air for a fast flight.

The 31-inch length of the arrows is just right for use with your hunting bow. They fit easily into a quiver for easy transport.


This product ships as a full set of 12 arrows, allowing you to spend the day in the field or in target practice without running out of projectiles quickly.

The spine of each arrow comes with a consistently straight form to help ensure shooting accuracy as well as a fast flight toward the target.

These arrows are versatile enough for use both in hunting and target practice, as well as with recurve or compound bows.

Each projectile can be used over and over thanks to the tough construction and quality materials, with screw tips that enable the easy removal from the target.

Fletched with 5-inch turkey feathers, every arrow in the package slices the air neatly, pushing for a speedy flight toward a live or inanimate target.


Some users have experienced minor issues on the fletching of the arrows getting separated, which can simply be handled with a bit of glue.

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3. Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows 6pk


A product of the team-up between arrow manufacturer Easton and market leader Excalibur, the Excalibur Diablo 22DV18-6 offers good shooting accuracy and consistency from your entire hunting rig. A perfect partner for the Matrix lineup of Excalibur crossbows, this 6-arrow pack lets you enjoy every minute of shooting and hunting with your crossbow.

With every 18-inch long arrow comes a 2-inch vane that pushes the projectile towards the target, with straight and true flight and faster propulsion. The arrows come with a straight spine to deliver scorching speeds that befit Excalibur Matrix crossbows.

The heavier front insert raises the weight to the front-of-center to bring an exceptional shooting accuracy. The flat-back insert eliminates the need for nocks, delivering a direct and more reliable contact with the bow string for less effortful control.

You can choose to fit the arrows with mechanical as well as fixed broadheads, based on your personal needs and preference. Aside from being versatile, each arrow helps you develop your shooting accuracy.

The fletchings can turn wrinkled with use but they are easy to get back into shape. Most users consider the projectiles remarkably deadly when used with the right shooting technique and skills.


Enjoy greater accuracy from your entire hunting rig with the arrows in this package, which are expertly designed with the team-up between two respected companies, Easton and Excalibur.

Designed for use with the Matrix Series of crossbows from Excalibur, each Carbon Arrow is 18 inches long and comes equipped with 2-inch vanes, for a fast and true flight to the target.

The heavier front insert gives a higher front-of-center weight to enable easy shooting as well as a higher degree of accuracy.

The flat-back insert eliminates the need for nocks to provide a more direct and reliable contact with the bow string to enable the archer to have complete control of the hunting weapon.

Thanks to the two-inch vanes, you have the support needed for a speedy and straight flight of the projectile to the target, with no erratic path due to wind resistance.


According to one customer, care must be taken when using a T-puller with the arrows to avoid dislodging the female thread end out of the carbon bolt body.

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4. Antsir Fiberglass Archery Target Practice Arrows


Shipped to you as a pack of 12 arrows, the ANTSIR offers good value for the cash you shell out. The projectiles each measure 28 inches, which is just the right size for beginners and women and children. It can help less able shooters work on their accuracy and precision to develop the proper form and technique.

The adjustable nocks on each unit simplify use with both compound and recurve bows. The fletching comprises 2 yellow vanes and 1 white vane that aid in the straight propulsion through the air to cut down wind resistance so the projectile exhibits speed and unhampered flight. The bolts in the set are suitable for draw weights under 40 pounds, whether a compound, long, or recurve bow.

The colored plastic fletching pushes the projectiles to stay true to the flight path, preventing them from straying from it and falling short of the target. These are solidly made pieces with aluminum tips that can withstand the punishment of hitting targets repeatedly without adding to the overall weight of each bolt.

The nocks can be adjusted to the bow. They are not fixed by glue so you are assured of high quality. Each piece in the set has a fiberglass body, which is lightweight yet balanced and durable for dependable performance and functionality.


This is a set of 12 arrows, suitable for women, children, and novice archers who seek to develop the proper shooting form and technique.

The bolts each have a colored plastic fletching that keeps them straight on the flight path so they can fly fast and true to the target.

Solidly made, each piece features aluminum tips that do not add to the weight while making the bolts easy to remove from the target.

Each unit has adjustable nocks to fit the weapon you prefer, whether a recurve, compound, or longbow.

Boasting lasting durability, the projectiles have a dynamic 700 to 800 spine with just 30 grams of weight each, providing effortless control when used with your favorite archery tool.


While the bolts in the set are ideal for archery target practice, they are not made for use in actual hunting, based on the satisfied reviews from most buyers of the product.

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5. Posch Archery Fiberglass Target Arrows


You can easily tell the Posch Sports Archery 12-arrow set is a great choice for beginners looking to hone their shooting skills. Each bolt comes with a lightweight construction that enables an easy control of the hunting rig. Safe enough for novice shooters, the bolts allow beginners to have some serious fun when doing target practice to develop the proper form for accuracy.

The tough shaft is made to withstand the punishment of repeated shooting. It can take the pressure and rough treatment that archers who are just exploring their capabilities are likely to subject their equipment to. The shafts are virtually indestructible so they stay resilient and in one piece for the learner to eventually develop great shooting skills.

Each projectile is outfitted with a tight fletching affixed as tightly as possible to it. This element is geared not to separate from its attachment even when pulled deliberately. Every bolt also enables a quick nock fix using a new nock plus a drop of glue to make it good as new.

Users will love how the bolts are designed to be bow-friendly. They fit most bows on the market with a pound rating of about 30 or less. You can use them for takedown bows, recurve bows, and compound bows.

The fiberglass body offers a lightweight yet strong build that allows lasting use.


The fiberglass body of each bolt in the 12-piece set ensures a lasting durability while keeping a lightweight construction.

Each projectile is equipped with a tight fletching that is designed not to come off the attachment too easily even when it is deliberately pulled.

Safe enough for beginner archers, the bolts let you have fun with some serious target practice while being easy to care for and store.

Should the nocks come off with time, all you will need for repair is some glue and a new nock to make the item good as new.

The arrows are extremely bow-friendly since they fit most archery weapons with a poundage of around 30 or lower, whether takedown, recurve, or compound style.


What is likely the first part to ever need repair in these arrows is the nock, but handling that can be easily done with a new one plus some glue.

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Buying guide


First off, you do not pair a high-performance bow with a lousy set of arrows. That would be the biggest mistake you would ever commit on your way to becoming a perfect archery hunter. With that out of the way, just what do the top-rated products in the best bow arrow reviews have that the low performers don’t?

A good bow projectile comes with a well-made spine

What is actually referred to as the spine or spine deflection is the bolt size. This is undoubtedly the critical element when selecting the perfect arrow for your needs. Basically, it is the measure of the stiffness of the unit.

The reaction of the projectile when an exact 880-gram weight is suspended from its center, with the supported points at an exact distance of 28 inches, is referred to as the static spine. You calculate this by counting the number of inches the bolt flexes multiplied by a factor of 1,000. Thus, a 500 arrow flexes 0.50 times. Stiffer arrows demonstrate a lower deflection.

The dynamic spine is a measure of the reaction of the bolt when it gets released from the bow, particularly the degree of its bend. There are numerous factors to be taken into consideration when measuring the Dynamic Spine so most manufacturers simply specify the static spine.
Dynamic spine measures how an arrow reacts when shot from a bow, specifically how much it bends.

To prevent an erratic flight, make sure to match the bow’s weight and the arrow’s length with what is specified in the sizing chart.


Consider the materials that have been used in the construction of the projectile

Aluminum and carbon are the two most common materials used by arrow makers. Aluminum offers a strong build integrity, flexibility, resistance to humidity and weather, remarkable straightness, and affordability. Aluminum products seem to be made straighter and stronger as time goes by.

Carbon is lightweight and has the advantage of being molded with an extremely small diameter. This is aside from reliability, speed, and durability. However, the material tends to split easily. Carbon bolts are also difficult to tune. The good news is, carbon shafts have undergone considerable changes such as getting woven or wrapped for greater strength and less tendency to split on impact.

Many of the best arrows for longbow, the best compound bow arrows, and the best arrows for recurve bow hunting are made of carbon.

Less common are shafts made of aluminum/carbon hybrids, and wood.

Fletching matters more than you think

While the best bowfishing arrow does not really need to be equipped with fletching, for bowhunting activities on land, it is essential. This is the familiar component of parabolic wings on the back of the bolt that keeps it from straying away from the straight path during its flight toward the target.

The fletching is necessary for the stability of the unit in flight. It cuts the wind resistance by slicing through the air to push the arrow fast and straight toward a smooth path and to the target to make a clean shot.

The stability and lightness of feather fletchings, which are the oldest type, make them a popular choice in certain circles. Traditional archers prefer them over others. Most modern archers go for vanes though, because of their durability and waterproof quality. Typically, you can find 4-inch vanes but 2-inch Blazer vanes are also common.

In terms of speed, vanes are slower than feathers in flight, as they exhibit a greater drag. You can optimize the flight characteristics of feathers when shooting large, surface area broadheads. Moreover, when hitting an obstruction on release, such as a riser shelf or a rest prong, there is greater forgiveness in feathers compared to vanes.

Plastic vanes cause the bolt to get slightly off course but feathers simply collapse and go through the obstructive element. Durability is not a given in feathers though, and they are also a bit noisier in flight. Wet conditions also affect them.

Plastic vanes are resistant to moisture, crumpling, and bending. They can effectively stabilize different types of bolts. They are available in a wide range of styles and lengths for a variety of needs, from long hunting bows to small targets. Slightly heavier, they do not offer the same level of wind resistance as feathers.

Today’s vanes offer a good blend of extra-strong material and precision angles to provide stability for large, fixed-blade broadheads.



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