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Best Bow Sight

Last Updated: 29.02.24

Bow sights – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


It is not easy to find time to go through our detailed buying guide and product descriptions below so we designed this short paragraph to contain as much critical information as possible to help you find the best hunting bow sight on the market. After doing an intensive evaluation of the various expert review sites for hunting gear and comparing the reviews and ratings there with actual owner feedback, we have found what numerous consumers consider the number one choice, the Tabiger Archery Essential Accessory Combo. The set features a 3-pin bow sight made of 6061-T6 aluminum to ensure a lightweight design along with a dependable durability for lasting use. The level comes with two vertical bars along with markings for windage and elevation to assist you with accuracy and easy functionality. The efficient, compact design of the bow stabilizer guarantees a less tedious shooting experience while providing a reliable functionality to keep the bow balanced and sturdy when you shoot. Because of the high likelihood that the Tabiger Archery Essential Accessory Combo might go out of stock quickly, we do not hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Great Deals LLC 3 Pin.



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5 Best Bow Sights (Reviews) in 2024


We do not profess to be experts when it comes to hunting equipment but we do know what a good hunting bow sight should have. These products below are a good answer to the question, “What’s the best bow sight for hunting?”



1. Tabiger Archery Essential Accessory Combo


The Tabiger Archery Essential Accessory Combo comprises a host of items that can help you enjoy a day out hunting. The three-pin bow sight is made out of 6061-T6 aluminum, which provides a lightweight design while being resistant to corrosion. The diameter of the fiber optic is 0.029 inch and comes in green and red for the easy sighting of the target.

The level features two vertical bars to make it easy to view the target as well as to facilitate the leveling of your hunting weapon. There are markings for the windage and elevation to make it easy to aim and shoot your hunting weapon while compensating for those components. The bow stabilizer comes with an efficient, compact design to offer a good, balanced handling of your hunting weapon.

The stabilizer comes with an exclusive, molded vibration-reducing technology that enables you to aim with precision while lessening the shakiness that can only make you miss your sharp aim. The arrow rest provides a safe and secure means of storing your projectiles while keeping them within easy reach for convenience.

The arrow rest will not inhibit the free release of your arrows nor will it damage the fletchings on them. The accessories can be used by left and right-handed shooters.


This is a terrific accessory combo package that includes what you need for a successful bowhunting setup including the three-pin bow sight, a bow stabilizer, and an arrow rest so you can enjoy shooting with your bow.

The three-pin bow sight is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which provides a lightweight yet solid configuration while allowing its use in the demanding conditions of hunting.

The bow stabilizer comes with a compact yet efficient design at 3.5 inches of length and an easy-to-carry 4.6 ounces of weight to keep your weapon stable while shooting while helping reduce the vibration.

The arrow rest offers a safe and secure area where to stow your projectiles conveniently within easy reach. It comes with a windage and elevation adjustment that helps with aiming and shooting while reducing the incidences of damage and inhibition of the arrow fletchings.

The accessories are adaptable to both right and left-handed users.


The bow sight doesn’t come with a sight light and screws for mounting, according to one customer.

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2. Great Deals LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight Fiber Brass Pin Aluminum Machined


The Great Deals LLC 3 Pin is a revolutionary component that can help you aim your bowhunting weapon well to get terrific shooting results. The fiber optic has a diameter of 0.029 inch and features red and green colors to allow easy sighting in excellent lighting conditions. This tool enables you to sight your prey in the crosshairs without compromising your shooting and aiming accuracy.

The level has two vertical bars that facilitate the sighting of the target to enable you to take a better shot. This pin sight can be adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed shooters so there is no need to purchase two differently oriented devices when you share your rifle with a friend or a family member.

The sight comes with markings for windage and elevation so you can compensate for those variables when planning your shots. The bow sight comes with a 6061-T6 aluminum CNC-machined build that offers strength, a lightweight design and a good resistance to corrosion to prevent the early disintegration of the unit due to the exposure to the elements.

The bow sight is factory tested for shakiness to ensure a wobble-free attachment and functionality on your hunting weapon.


Made with 6061-T6 aluminum, this bow sight offers the durability of its material against corrosion while maintaining a lightweight design so as not to weigh down your weapon unnecessarily.

The fiber optic has a practical diameter of 0.029 inch and is in red and green for an easy sighting of the prey between the crosshairs to ensure successful shooting.

This bow sight works for both right-handed and left-handed hunters who want to get a good sighting of their prey without having to overcome their shooting orientation.

The three-pin sight comes with the essential markings for windage and elevation so you can offset those elements when aiming and then plan your shooting strategy accordingly.

The bow sight has undergone shake testing at the factory and has passed the examination to ensure that you sighting is stable and your bow stays secure with a good balance to eliminate vibrations.


One customer noted that the sight is not extremely bright in low light so it is best used with good lighting conditions for an optimal functionality.

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3. IQ Bowsights 7-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology


The Field Logic IQ enables you to overcome your usual issues on sighting accurately. Everyone knows how the littlest torque on your bow or the anchor point can cause your shots to be off by over 10 inches at 40 yards, regardless whether you only torqued as little as one-quarter of your shot.

This bow sight improves your shooting range and confidence simply by centering the dot on the Retina Lock to execute the perfect shot. The bow sight is equipped with micro-adjust knobs to facilitate the elevation and windage alterations to suit the demands of the shooting setting, thereby reducing the guesswork.

The Stack tight pins provide a secure, centered attachment of the bow sight so you wouldn’t need any special tools except a handy Allen wrench to facilitate the setup and installation of the sight on your hunting bow. The built-in sight level assists with the balanced installation of the sight so you are confident that it is attached properly.

The tool-free locking knobs provide a convenient, easy locking of the sight once you have locked the prey in the crosshairs. The Retina Lock™ instant feedback Technology helps you control your consistency, form, and muscle memory for every shot.


Enabling you to fix some common problems encountered when aiming your weapon, this bow sight allows you to overcome the issues that affect how you torque your bow or your anchor point.

This bow accessory allows you to set your shots so they are not off even by just a few inches at several yards, greatly improving your shooting accuracy.

This bow sight supports the need to increase your shooting range and confidence so you can overcome any huge mistakes on form and aiming technique for a better shooting experience.

The revolutionary Retina Lock Technology, with the retina lock mounted directly to the side of your bow, eliminates the need to change your shooting style by making it easy to sight in your weapon for the ultimate shooting enjoyment.

The sight comes with micro-adjust knobs for the elevation and windage so you can perform strategic adjustments to suit your shooting needs.


The IQ Retina Lock makes sighting easy but it entails a learning curve that the novice user has to overcome.

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4. Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight


The Apex Gear Covert AG2311B is an exceptional device to add to your bowhunting arsenal to ensure accuracy in your aiming and shooting. It comes with an aperture housing that also includes horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments to give you a straightforward sighting of your prey when shooting with a hunting bow that can be prone to vibration or shakiness.

The micro-adjustable elevation and windage enable you to facilitate any alterations on those elements so you can ensure complete precision when sighting your prey. The shooter’s ring features a glow-in-the-dark configuration so you can align the scope housing to peep easily towards the target while eliminating the guesswork.

The yardage tape is characterized by its rear-facing configuration to make it easy to see through the sight. The shooting tool comes with a precision-machined aluminum construction that ensures a lightweight design without succumbing to corrosion with exposure to the elements. This device effectively overcomes the unforeseen changes in lighting by enabling you to change the pin color from red to yellow and to green in just seconds.

Get single-handed adjustment to obtain your preferred yardage so you can plan every shot easily. This hunting bow accessory helps improve your shooting accuracy by allowing the easy sighting of your prey so you can calibrate your bow to shoot straight and true to the target.


This bow sight comes with an innovative Versa-Pin that enables you to change the color of the pin on demand, helping you sight the prey in the proper pin color that ensures a better aiming.

With the vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments, you can center your shot for that awesome marksmanship that can take down the target with better aiming.

You can get micro-adjustability for the windage and elevation, which will allow you to make even the tiniest alterations to ensure precise aiming and shooting.

Thanks to the glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring, you can easily align the scope housing so you can peep into it quite easily for the shot of a lifetime.

The rear-facing yardage tape lets you easily see the target without worrying about the accuracy of every shot.


Although this tool’s large, essential parts are made of high-quality materials, the small elements may not be of the same quality, according to one customer.

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5. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight


The Trophy Ridge Pursuit utilizes great sighting technology to enable you to obtain the best performance from a quality bow sight. It is equipped with a high-performance vertical pin that facilitates the making of extra-precise adjustments to help bring the target into focus from many yards away so you can design a good plan of action to take it down.

This bow sight features Delrin bushings that deliver a seamless, quiet movement by ensuring no contact between metal components, which helps keep you hidden from the target. In order for the device to be used in a variety of lighting conditions, it enables to adjust the brightness thanks to the integrated Rheostat light.

The glow indicator pins enable the use of low and changing lights to ensure a consistent accuracy. The ultra-bright 0.019-inch medium, vertical fiber optic pin delivers the ultimate visibility with more-than-adequate illumination so you can really home in on the target regardless of the lighting situation.

This device facilitates limitless shooting due to its adjustable vertical indicator pin that facilitates the dialing in of the exact yardage to accommodate a variety of environmental conditions in a silent and smooth manner. This tool is available in two shooting orientations so you can select between left and right-handed configurations to suit your shooting style.


This bow hunting pin sight is equipped with a high-performance vertical pin that allows you to make adjustments with ultra-precision every time, preventing the torquing of your weapon that could make you go off several inches for a set distance.

The Delrin bushings guarantee a smooth, quiet movement by preventing any contact between metal to metal so you stay undetected by the target.

The sight comes with an adjustable brightness so you can use it in any visibility condition thanks to the integrated Rheostat light.

The glow indicator pins enable you to maintain accuracy via the low and changing light so the sight adjusts to any changes in the lighting conditions you are shooting in.

This device provides ultimate visibility using the extremely bright 0.019-inch medium, vertical fiber optic pin.


Mounting the sight can entail some minor jerry-rigging for optimal attachment to your hunting bow for good functionality from the hunting tool.

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Buying guide


Above anything else, the sport of archery is highly dependent on accuracy. Intuitive shooting may work plenty of times for seasoned archers, but not all the time, which is where a good bow sight comes in handy. That said, how do you find an excellent product among those featured in the best bow sight reviews?

The bow sight can be any one of several types

There is a variety of bow sights on the market. Whether you are looking at the best bow sight under 150 or one in another price range, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A fixed-pin sight offers a consistently reliable and effortless functionality. This type employs a number of different pins set to different distance intervals. You can find a 3 pin slider bow sight set for 20, 30, and 40 yards, with adjustments facilitated for the elevation, wind, and distance.

After the pins are set, they can be tightened and can be left fixed till you finish hunting for the day, so there won’t be any need to make any readjustments, which makes this kind of bow sight common in hunting scenarios. You just have to select the pin set to accommodate the shot distance and the sight will automatically compensate for any alterations in the trajectory of the arrow.

A lot will depend, however, on your capacity for estimating distances.

On the other hand, some fixed-pin sights can use a single pin for setup at a fixed distance. You simply adjust the shot up or down for distance based on experience. This setup proves to be effective with fast bows.

There’s a need for good estimation skills and practice when using a fixed-pin sight, but it does provide the simplest setup and use compared to any other type, coupled with versatility and accuracy.

A moveable-pin sight utilizes a single pin adjusted for the distance before every shot. At the rear of this kind or sight is an adjustable pointer, with white tape marked with intervals of five or ten meters. Sighting takes just seconds, with the sight housing adjusted up or down to compensate for distance with the pin as a reference point.

One moveable pin enables easy aiming for any distance using a single pin in the field of view, with adjustments made for accuracy at any range. You can offset these advantages by the time it takes for sight adjustments before making the shot. Lots of bowhunters have proven moveable sights to enable successful aiming.

That said, the extra time it takes in seconds to adjust a moveable sight might spook the game, so it is more often used for tournament and target shooting compared to hunting.

For remarkable accuracy, competition sights are an option. This kind of sight can be utilized with scope points, pins, and even laser lights. You can also adjust this type for windage and elevation, and a larger size model can be affixed away from the bow. That said, this kind of tool is not intended for hunting use and also fetches a higher price compared to others.

A pendulum sight is a type of bow sight geared to compensate for the elevation during downward shooting, so it is quite popular for those who hunt in tree stands (talking about stands, here you can find a comparison of bow stands). A pendulum sight comes a single pin mounted on a hinged pendulum swing for downward directional shooting.

The special bow sight extension swings upward to compensate, which can spell the difference between a correctly positioned and a lousy shot. However, a pendulum sight only works for downward shooting.


Using and adjusting a bow sight should be done easily

Although your choice of a bow sight pretty much depends on the budget, you will also have to ensure that its use and adjustment is simple and easy to avoid worrying about missing a winning shot.

Bow sights are just one of the pieces of archery gear that have benefited from advancements in technology, foremost of which is has to do with the design. You can find light pins for low-light situations for shooting, as well as bubble levels for ascertaining the straightness of the bow. There are still hunters that go for the most basic design though, to ensure simplicity and dependability.

Fiber optics are one of such bow sight accessories. They are technically light-transmitting plastic or glass cables that, when used as pins in bow sights, gather light from the environment and channel it through the opening at the end of the sight. This results in the small tips of fiber optic pins glowing brightly to make them easy to see in bad lighting situations during the late evening or early morning.

Compound bow hunters derive a greater level of accuracy when their bow is held completely straight compared to recurve bow shooters who use purposely-tilted bows. Sights with a built-in bubble level help you line up the bow straight, with the bubble level filled with antifreeze or alcohol to prevent freezing in chilly weather.

Sight lights are battery-operated components that facilitate the viewing of pins in sight even in dark outdoor conditions. Using sight lights for hunting in the dawn or dusk can be dangerous so check with local ordinances and laws prior to the activity.

A gang adjustment enables the group adjustment of the pins in sight instead of just a single pin at a time when compensating for wind and elevation. Go for one that needs no screws or wrench to facilitate the pin adjustment and instead uses micro-adjustment knobs.

The bow sight should be compatible with most bow sight mounts, in addition to having other features

The type and the features of the bow sight will pretty much influence your choice, but there are a few other elements to think about. A machined aluminum construction offers resilience against corrosion while being lightweight. A plastic bow sight might not be as strong and sturdy as something made of machined aluminum in spite of its relatively lower price.

Some sights incorporate both types of materials and have a moderate cost to fit most budgets.

Universal sights are preferred by a lot of bowhunters and target archers. As they let you shoot with either your right or left hand. When choosing a bow sight with crosshairs, make sure you are comfortable with its orientation whether for left or right handed use. Left-handed shooters should go for a universal or a left-handed sight.




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