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10 Best Carbon Arrows – Reviews & Analysis 

Last Updated: 04.02.23


Top Carbon Arrows – Guide & Comparison


Finding the best carbon arrows for the money is not a task without its difficulties. To assist you in making an informed decision, we took it upon ourselves to browse through some of the available choices on your behalf. As a result of our analysis, we have determined that the Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched 6-pack is the option you should consider getting. This model can deliver bone-crushing penetration because of the heavyweight grain construction of the arrows. It was built for hunters who want a set of arrows that can ensure ultimate penetration and great accuracy. The composite material that was used to make these arrows is highly durable on impact. This is the reason why you can use the six included arrows time and time again. If this choice is unavailable at the time you are doing your research, take a look at the Summit Archery Products Victory Buck Buster.



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10 Best Carbon Arrows (Updated Reviews) in 2023



We’ve been in your position and we already know that looking for carbon hunting arrows is by no means an easy task. If you don’t have the time to go through all of the available models that you can find online, take a look at the items that we have selected for you, as they have received great reviews!



1. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched 6-pack 


This set includes six 20-inch arrows that you can use when hunting. They are made of high-quality carbon and they can be used on both compound bows and crossbows. Because of their heavyweight construction, these arrows allow for heavy penetration and they are quite accurate. Besides, this feature ensures that the arrows can be used repeatedly.

The manufacturer argues that this product was designed to be utilized by those hunters who want arrows that can get the job done when tracking large game. The choice comes fletched with 4-inch vanes. Each arrow measures 20 inches and it has a 0.348″ diameter. You should also keep in mind that this seller also distributes the 22-inch version of this product.

On top of that, because there are 6 arrows in the deal, one pack should be enough for a novice hunter going on his/her first hunting experience.


Because of the outstanding design that this choice features, it will surely pass the test of time and it will provide users with great results.

Each model has a spine consistency at straight of +/- 0 0.004”. The set includes six arrows that you can use with ease.

The material used to make them is very durable and, as a result, you won’t have to repurchase the set often. The deal includes six free universal flat nooks.

Furthermore, these arrows come fletched with 4″ vanes. They are 442 grains and they have a 0.348″ diameter in total.


As it happens with all products of this kind, after a long time of use, the arrows will start to break or show signs of wear. This is not a factor that minimizes their sturdiness.

This option does not feature aluminum shafts. However, it is very much sturdy and the tips that it includes are easy to screw in.

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2. Summit Archery Products Victory Buck Buster 


If you are a novice, this alternative sold by Summit Archery Products is just the right option for you. The model has a 400 spine and it is made of carbon, a material highly acclaimed for its durability.

One feature that makes this item so practical is the fact that it comes fitted with orange and white fletching. As a result, you will have no issue finding your arrow in case of a missed shot. If you want to, you can opt to have the arrows cut and the inserts already installed. This way, you can test them out right out of the box.

If you like to take care of your bows by yourself, the choice is also available at full length and without the inserts pre-installed. Yet, beginners should select the first option. This set feature no less than a dozen arrows that can be used by novices, as well as by seasoned hunters.


The shafts that these arrows feature are made of carbon, a sturdy material that won’t break easily. Besides, they can be reused.

It should be said that this product is smartly designed so that they deliver great results during the hunting season. They can be used by novices and seasoned hunters alike.

The arrows are 0.245 in diameter and the seller argues that they take a standard 5/16 point. Each model measures 26 inches.

The fletching is made of quality materials. Because of the bright colors that were used to paint it, you will be able to find them easily.


If you happen to be on a very strict budget, this alternative might not be suitable for you. If this is the case, check out the other similar products.

This option might be better suited for archery than hunting. Yet, it provides great results no matter what purpose you decide to use them for.

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3. SinoArt 32″ Carbon Arrows 


The shaft of this alternative is also made of high-quality carbon. As a result, these arrows are light and small in diameter. Because of the combination of a light shaft and a weighted point, the model performs very well in long range and it has great accuracy. The set also includes target points that you can use when practicing, as well as aluminum inserts.

The fletches that the model features are 2 inches in size and they are colored in orange and white for increased visibility. Consequently, you won’t risk losing your arrows while out hunting. On top of that, all the included arrows were checked for consistency so that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Each set comes provided with no less than 12 arrows that measure 32-inch and weigh 351 grains each. You can use them while hunting, or when practicing on the 3D course.


This option is perfect for seasoned hunters as well as novices because they shoot straight and they don’t break as easily as other similar counterparts.

Because they were made of carbon, these arrows are small in diameter and they behave well in long-range shootings.

The model is fletched with blazer vanes that are 2 inches in length and they are colored in orange and white.

Before the item is shipped, each arrow is thoroughly tested for consistency and straightness. Hence, you won’t risk getting one that does not perform as expected.


In rare cases, instead of receiving 12 arrows, there is a chance that you will get 11. This rarely happens and, thus, this should not discourage you from investing in the set.

The product is not necessarily cheap, as there are more affordable options on the market. Yet, it is well built and durable and it has received great reviews.

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4. Zhan Yi Archery Carbon 350 Spine 


This model is manufactured from carbon, it has a 350 spine and it features an inner diameter of 0.246 inches. The fletching that it includes is made of TPU vanes and it measures 4 inches in total. The fletching is colored in white and black, and, consequently, they make the arrows look very easy on the eye. So, if you believe that an arrow has to be both efficient and well-designed, this is just the right option for you.

On top of that, this set of 12 arrows also comes provided with a couple of extra accessories that you are prone to find useful. For instance, if you decide to invest in it, you will receive stainless steel screw-in tips and rotated insert knocks that you can remove if you want to.

This choice is preferred by many experienced hunters because of its light weight and performance.


This option has a total draw weight of 45/75lbs and it has a lightweight construction that adds to its appeal and practicality.

Plus, it comes equipped with 4″ full-length TPU vanes that are colored in black and white. The arrows are made of good quality and, thus sturdy.

Another feature that recommends this product is its accuracy and the fact that it is very simple to use, even by a complete beginner.

When shipped, the item includes stainless steel screw-in tips as well as rotated insert knocks that can be removed if you decide to do so.


When compared to other arrows, these ones are not as stiff. This is not necessarily an issue that should discourage you from checking them out.

In rare cases, the tips that come fitted on these models are not that well glued and, thus, they might fall off when you retrieve them from the target.

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5. Excalibur Firebolt Carbon 22CAV-6 


This set of six 20-inch carbon arrows is made of durable, series 22 carbon, and they were specifically designed so that they provide the users with optimum accuracy and speed. According to the manufacturer, the set delivers high performance with recurve crossbows provided that the buyer uses broadheads.

Size-wise, these arrows measure 20 inches and they come with graphite bolts and with 4-inch vanes. Just like other arrows made and distributed by Excalibur, these do not have to be utilized with nooks to get the expected results.

In fact, the arrows can be used right out of the box as they come equipped with the necessary flat ends. Given all the features that this product includes, it is very much accurate. Besides, the arrows are also sturdy and lightweight.

This pack includes six arrows that you can use in the next hunting season. Because they are sturdy, you won’t have to repurchase them often.


This set of six 20-inch arrows is very fast and accurate and it is made of high-quality carbon. So, they pass the test of time.

To get the best accuracy possible, it is highly recommended that you use broadheads. The product is quite versatile and simple to use.

What is more, these arrows do not have to be used with nooks. Therefore, you can use them right out of the box.

These models are perfect to use with recurve crossbows. They also come with practical, 4-inch vanes. The color of the vanes cannot be selected.


The insert that the model features are likely to come out after extended use. If this happens, you have to glue them back on.

Because this set is a tad pricier than other similar ones, some interested customers might not have the needed budget to invest in it. However, this is a highly-reviewed product that is worth a try.

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6. Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ 


If you want to buy a set of arrows that are lightweight and fast, be sure to add this choice on your shortlist. As the manufacturer points out, these arrows were created in such a way so that they flex in flight. When combined with the broadheads, this flexing is increased so that you get the performance that you need.

This Red Zone option has an innovative outer layer construction and the bow itself is manufactured 100% out of carbon for high-quality spine consistency and strength.

Even more so, the bulldog nock collar that each arrow comes fitted with is an exclusive feature that other products do not deliver. This collar is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and it ensures that the arrow won’t break on impact.

The choice is as straight as it could get as it was thoroughly tested. In fact, the manufacturer argues that it was laser sorted to 1/10,000 of an inch.


This product has a patented outer layer construction that adds to its durability. It also features a special nook collar that is made of aluminum.

Because of the nook collar that each arrow includes, they won’t break easily on impact. This is a feature that not many other products come fitted with.

The outer part of the choice was made of a carbon weave that delivers spine strength and high durability.

Each arrow has a very stiff construction and remarkable spine consistency. Therefore, they are prone to provide hunters with great results.


Due to some packaging mishap, if you order the 250 pack of spines you will receive the 250. However, you should know that this is rarely the case.

This highly-reviewed set of arrows does not come cheap. So, if you do not want to spend some extra dollars on a product of this kind you have to look for an alternative.

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7. Linkboy Archery Pure Fluorescent Green 


This set includes six arrows that have a +/- .003″ straightness and an internal diameter of 6.2 mm. The model is available in numerous sizes. For instance, you can pick between a shaft length of 30 or 32 inches. The spine is available in 300, 340, 400, 500 or 600.

The tip of the arrows weighs 75 gr. However, all interested buyers should know that they can also invest in tips that are 100 to 120 grains. What is more, the arrow vanes measure 5 inches and they were made of turkey feathers. Similarly, if you want to, you can opt for 4 or 3-inch feathers instead.

The shaft that the arrows include is made of seamless carbon, which is the reason why it is so durable. This set also comes provided with aluminum inserts and with internal nooks included. A target point is also provided in the price.


These arrows are 6.2mm in diameter, they are very straight and they were manufactured out of high-quality materials so that they won’t break easily.

Because you can order this product in different sizes, you will surely find a set that suits your preferences perfectly.

The model is shipped alongside a target point and aluminum inserts. Plus, internal nooks are included so that you won’t have to make an additional purchase.

If you want to, you can ask the seller to cut the shaft of the arrow to fit your preferences. The arrow vanes are made of turkey feathers.


Due to issues during transportation, the package that contains the arrows might arrive a bit damaged. This has nothing to do with the efficiency of the product.

This set is not necessarily cheap. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product of this sort, look for a more affordable alternative.

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8. Carbon Express Adreniline CX 


If you are the type of hunter who likes hunting with straight arrows that are easy to control, the Carbon Express Adreniline CX might be just the product for you. The shaft of all arrows produced and distributed by this manufacturer are thoroughly tested and checked for straightness so that you won’t be disappointed by their performance.

Another feature that you might like at this alternative is the fact that its finish is high-polish. Consequently, you will be able to draw them quietly and to remove them from the target with ease. This feature is particularly handy for beginners who have little to no experience when it comes to using bows.

The vanes that were used to make this item are minimalistic in design and they provide the arrow itself with greater accuracy, as well as with a high arrow velocity. Each arrow measures 31 inches.  There are six arrows in the deal.


This alternative has a special polish finish that allows the hunter to remove the arrow quietly so that the prey won’t get scared and run away.

On top of that, the model includes precision nooks that provide you with better control over the direction of the arrow.

Each set is made up of six arrows that you can use, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned hunter. The arrows measure 31 inches.

The straightness of the shaft itself is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer before the models are distributed to the hunters who have decided to invest in the product.


Even though this set is available in numerous color options, the buyer cannot select the color that he/she likes. So, if you order two sets, they might come in different colors.

Some of the buyers who don’t have a lot of money to spare might find this product somewhat overpriced.

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9. Carbon Express Gameslayer Fletched 


All hunters interested in a set of arrows that are affordable, should definitely consider this budget-friendly alternative. It comes fitted with speed vanes that measure 2 inches and with inserts that are pre-installed. The reason why this model is so durable is the fact that it was manufactured from carbon.

Design-wise, the arrows are 30 inches in size and the fletches are colored in white and orange. As a result, you will have no difficulties finding them in case you miss your original target. This set contains three arrows that you can use while hunting. They are 350 in size.

The seller argues that the choice can deliver 360-degree spine consistency and that they are very accurate. They can be used by all hunters, no matter their level of experience. If you are a beginner, it might be a good idea to buy two sets in case you lose some of them.


These arrows are 30 inches in length and they come provided with 2-inch vanes that make them faster than many of the other alternatives.

Given that the shafts of the arrows are made of carbon, you can rest assured that they can last for a long time as they won’t break on impact.

The vanes are colored in white and orange and, consequently, you won’t risk losing them while hunting.

This set is made up of three arrows that have a 360-degree spine consistency. They are quite accurate and perfect to use by novices and experienced hunters.


Because the set only contains three arrows, there is a risk that you will lose some of them. So, it might be a good idea to order two sets.

If you don’t like having your arrows pre-cut, this is not the product for you. Still, you can find other choices that fit your needs online.

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10. Carbon Express Speed Freak 55/70 


This set of six arrows was manufactured out of carbon and it is, consequently, quite durable on impact. This is an important feature as it means that you won’t risk having them break when hitting a target.

Moreover, the arrows are 30 inches in length and they suit 55 to 70 lbs. bows. They were specifically created to deliver results and they have a high velocity. The arrows have a flat trajectory, and thus, they are highly accurate.

The vanes that they include can increase the speed of the product. Tunable nocks that can help you make more accurate shots have also been fitted in the design of this alternative. All the arrows included in the deal have a +0.0035″ straightness and they can be used by all hunters. They offer precision, as well as shooting accuracy and, thus, they can make a great present for a hobbyist hunter.


The set includes six, 30-inch arrows made of carbon that are compatible with all 55 to 70 lb bows. It has a great consistency and accuracy.

Because the arrows are fitted with high-quality tunable nocks, you will be supplied with increased precision.

The model was specifically created to be used by those hunters who value speed. It has a flat trajectory and a straightness of +0.0035″.

Besides, the compact vanes that are included in the deal have great velocity and they are colored in bright colors so that you can locate the arrows easily.


The price of the pack might discourage some hunters from purchasing it. Still, the arrows are fast and accurate and they are suitable for all kinds of hunters.

The buyer cannot select the size of the arrows, So, if you want to buy arrows of different sizes, this is not the best choice for you.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


As a novice hunter, one of the most difficult things you have to do is to browse the market in search of the best carbon hunting arrows. The main problem that one runs into while doing so, is the fact that there are a myriad of options to choose from. To help, here is a list of features that are essential to look for in carbon arrows.




If you took a glance at any carbon arrows review out there, you’ve probably noticed that there are numerous materials that are used to make these products, from wood to steel, fiberglass, and carbon.

However, numerous specialists have pointed out that nothing beats a good carbon fiber arrow. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, carbon is a material that is highly durable and, thus the arrows made using it won’t break on impact.

On top of that, carbon force arrows have a high rate of penetration. As a result, you won’t risk injuring an animal and not actually kill it. Plus, these models do not bend and they are very simple to recover after you hit your target.

These options are also quite popular because they have a versatile design. Hence, you can use them for numerous purposes, including hunting, target shooting and practicing.



To select the best carbon arrows for hunting, you have to start by looking at the weight of the models you like best. As you probably intuit, the weight of the arrow is correlated with the poundage of your bow. Therefore, lighter arrows are generally used with light bows, and heavier bows require heavy carbon arrows.

In general, hunters tend to prefer using heavier arrows because they can retain more kinetic energy and, consequently, can penetrate the target easier. Still, it should be mentioned that heavier models tend to be slower.


Tips and tricks for novices

If you are not an experienced hunter who knows what works and what does not work for him/her, it is advisable that you invest in cheap carbon arrows at first. This way, you can practice shooting until you get used to it and you won’t have to break the bank before you actually start getting good at bow hunting.

Moreover, you should know that the vanes that the arrows come with are not meant to be glued straight onto the arrow. This technique is called helical configuration and it is used in an attempt to make the model better stabilized so that hunters hit their targets.

If you look through the reviews of carbon express arrows, you will soon notice that some of the available choices come as shaft only. In the case of these units, the hunter is the one that has to add the nock, the point, and the vanes onto the arrow.

Therefore, you will have to decide whether or not you want to purchase an arrow that is pre-installed or not. If you are a novice, it is best that you select a pack that does not require any type of installment.

Also, when it comes to the vanes that the arrows feature, for outdoor hunting, it is advisable that you get carbon fiber arrows that are fitted with vanes that are made of plastic, and not feathers. The vanes made of feathers are suitable for indoor use. When they get wet, feathered vanes weigh the arrow down and, thus, they mess with its flight.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What size carbon arrows do I need?

As a hunter, you probably know that traditional carbon arrows are measured differently than models made of other materials. Most carbon options are given a three-digit number that can tell the hunter how much a 28-inch spine arrow bends when a 2-pound force is pulling on its midpoint.

For example, a 400-carbon arrow will bend 0.400 inches, while a 300 model will bend 0.300 inches. To put it in simple terms, the lower the number, the more likely it is that the arrow will fit a bow that has a rather heavy draw weight.

When it comes to the length of the arrow, this all depends on your size. If you are a novice, you can go online to find numerous step-by-step guides that can help you determine what kind of arrow you have to use. If you have no idea how to measure this by yourself, you can also ask for help from a bow and arrow shop assistant.



Q: Do longer arrows fly better?

It all depends on what you mean by better. As seasoned hunters know very well, a shorter carbon arrow will usually fly faster than a longer, heavier one. However, lighter models are known for having a reduced force when it comes to penetrating the target.

On top of that, the performance provided by the arrow depends greatly on the type of setup that you are using.  Therefore, provided that you have the right kind of bow and arrows, you won’t notice any difference.

On average, longer models are more flexible than shorter ones. Yet, a model that is too long might be rather impractical to carry around. Similarly, if you are using an arrow that is too short, you risk injuring yourself by shooting it into your hand. For an arrow to fly safely, it has to extend past the position of the riser on the bow that you are using.


Q: What is the difference between carbon and aluminum arrows?

Aluminum arrows were created in the 20th century by James Easton. They are known for their durability, yet they have a major drawback, they bend fairly easy, and this can be quite an issue. The biggest advantage of aluminum arrows is the fact that they are cheaper and, thus, better suited for beginners.

Carbon options are made using the latest technology. By comparison, models made of carbon are sturdier, less likely to bend and they allow for better penetration.

Moreover, options made of carbon are faster, while aluminum ones tend to be slower because they are thicker and bulkier. Furthermore, carbon arrows tend to get quite pricey, depending on the features that include. However, given their popularity among seasoned hunters, there are plenty of affordable carbon arrows that you can find online.

Another aspect that should not be neglected is the fact that carbon arrows may crack after extended use, while those made of aluminum do not.




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