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Best Crossbow Broadhead

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Broadheads for crossbows – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best hunting gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best broadhead for a crossbow.  After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the Rage Crossbow X 53000 is the best because they belong to an exclusive line of precision broadheads acknowledged for their superior accuracy, with revolutionary wound channels that deliver maximum damage on impact. Equipped with the Ferrule Attachment Technology, the broadheads in this 3-piece set guarantee spectacular aerodynamic flight with their large, razor-sharp, cutting-edge blades made of stainless steel. If the Rage Crossbow X 53000 is not available, you should consider the Rage Crossbow X 54000 as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Crossbow Broadheads (Reviews) in 2023


1. Rage Unisex’s 510306-SSI Crossbowx 2 Blade Broadhead


Inarguably one of the best Rage Crossbow X broadheads on the market, this product is a real steal. You get three broadheads in a single package so how’s that for a genuinely wise investment? Carrying precision-guaranteed designs, the broadheads in the set carry the legendary wound channels that have made the Rage brand popular among avid hunters.

The incredibly-designed hidden blades deploy to ensure a clean kill every time. The large, stainless steel blades are designed for corrosion-resistant performance through many seasons of hunting. The broadheads could easily bag you the dream catch you’ve been aiming for all season.

What makes the broadheads in the package undeniably superlative is the exclusive Ferrule Attachment Technology (F.A.T.), which guarantees swift and true aerodynamic flight. Massive as they are, the blades virtually slice through the air towards the prey to deliver devastating internal damage that will have you slinging the carcass home after a productive day in the woods.

Hunting can’t get any better than that, right?

The cutting diameter is more than two inches so the wound would be substantial and would cripple the prey beyond recovery, making it yours for the taking. The included free practice head works just as good as the actual broadhead and does the job of honing your shooting skills.


The 2-inch plus cutting diameter will create enough damage when hitting the target, making it easier to be captured.

The shock collar is made for proper blade retention.

The .035-inch blade is razor-sharp and is made from the finest quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and last a long time from your very first use.

The crossbow blade comes with a free practice head to practice your moves and achieve excellent shooting skills.

Among the benefits ensured by the design of this product is the fact that this broadhead flies like a field tip and is extremely lightweight to reach longer distances.


Some of the customers were not pleased with the way this product expands when shooting, especially at a short distance. The crossbow head doesn’t seem to open fast enough on distances shorter than five feet.

This crossbow blade is mainly intended for adults and due to the extremely sharp blade should not be mistaken for a toy.

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2. Rage Crossbow X 2 Blade Broadhead 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology


Another one of the famous Rage Crossbow X broadheads, the 54000 comprises three bolts that demonstrate how accuracy and advanced projectile technology can come together in one exquisite package.

Like other broadheads in the product line, this model carries the exceptional wound channels that have been credited to create an opening with no appearance of bleeding until you get to see the blood trail.  

Equipped with the Ferrule Alignment Technology (F.A.T.), each broadhead in the set boasts razor-sharp 0.35-inch stainless steel blades that guarantee resistance to corrosion for many seasons of use. The two-inch cutting diameter is sure to create a really large hole in the body of the target for humane kills without the ugly mess.

Bring the animal to submission and immediate takedown with each 125-grain broadhead. The included practice head is in the package as a giveaway. This means you have something to develop proper shooting skills without using the actual broadhead.

The blades are kept in place thanks to the improved Shock Collar Technology. The tough blades ensure quick entry and penetration into animal tissue to create amazing devastation, so the prey does not suffer unnecessarily. Use the broadheads in this package to establish yourself as a great hunter.


This crossbow head was made for high precision, determining total damage and wounding for the victims. This could be your ideal animal hunting accessory.

The product features the Ferrule Alignment Technology which is set to promote an aerodynamic flight with a massive leading edge blade.

The 0.35-inch blade is razor sharp and is crafted from the finest stainless steel and can expand to reach a 2-inch cutting diameter.

It also comes equipped with an improved Shock Collar Technology to provide proper blade retention.

Order this product and you will also receive a free practice head to become a shooting professional.


You may have to be experimented in the shooting field to ensure a positive experience with these crossbow heads. Some customers were not pleased with the product not leaving a proper blood trail on the victim or not even penetrating the animal’s body enough to injure it. It does take time and practice to become a good hunter.

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3. Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead


Maximum impact is the name of the game if you want to guarantee humane kills that won’t make the prey suffer unnecessarily. That is what the Carbon Express XT is designed to deliver, and more.

The broadheads in the 3-piece package are each outfitted with 6 serrated, cutting edges for smooth penetration into hard animal tissue. Pushed by the energy from the hunting bow, these broadheads deliver a fatal shot to the prey every time.

Bleeding may not be immediately visible, but you will know by the blood trail that you have made a solid hit. The wound is up to 250 percent larger than what traditional broadheads can make, so the animal suffers less and becomes easy to take down.

Providing maximum damage at impact, the broadheads bring the target to its knees to let you finish the job of cleaning and dressing the carcass for transport home.

Delivering remarkable field point accuracy, the broadheads provide a means for the bow to dig deep and create extensive internal damage. 100 percent speed testing is carried out on the broadheads to ensure greater precision as well as swift flight toward the target. You won’t need to guess if you’ve hit the animal because the blood trail will be there for sure.


The product comes in two available style choices – the 100 grain and the 125-grain options, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

It is crafted to produce maximum damage. The six cutting edges design produces a wound opening up to 250% bigger than regular traditional broadheads to injure the animal and help you put it down faster and easier.

The field point accuracy provides 100% spin testing to enhance precision and create full damage to the victim.

The materials used for crafting this crossbow broadhead include aluminum and superior quality steel blades.

The serrated blade design ensures high sharpness for a prolonged period of time.

The product works well with both carbon and aluminum crossbows.


Some of the buyers say that the blade is not accurate enough but this does depend on the user’s level of proficiency in shooting and handling crossbows. We suggest lots of practice before going into the wild and trying your hunting skills on living animals.

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4. Huntingdoor 3 Sharp Fixed Blade Broadheads 100 Grain Archery Hunting


Made for use with compound bows and crossbows, the Huntingdoor ships as a set of twelve broadheads with extremely-sharp fixed blades. What this means is that there are no weak points of easily lost components on each broadhead.

The included 100-grain broadheads are each 2.8 inches long and 1.035 inches wide to ensure reliable penetrating power. Expect nothing less than accuracy and strength from the heavy-duty three-blade design of each broadhead.

The remarkably sharp blades deliver piercing power and exceptional precision as they assuredly slice through the air swiftly toward the target. The blades carry an innovative swept wing design for less wind resistance and faster flight on a straight path.

The broadheads can be fitted into most types of arrows. They can even be fixed easily by the hunter. Take down prey easily and quickly. Every broadhead is great for standard insert for crossbow bolts and arrows used with compound bows.

Durable and sharp, each broadhead flies fast and true, making the product ideal for shooting and hunting. The broadheads are well-suited for many types of arrows. They offer accuracy and precision and are designed for the hunter who never leaves anything to chance when it comes to their gear.


You will receive 12 pieces in this set, with each featuring three very sharp fixed blade 100 grains broadheads.

The products measures 2.8 inches in length and 1.035 inches wide, long and wide enough to create a huge damage when hitting the target.

This is a heavy-duty three-blade design for increased strength and accuracy.

These broadheads are crafted from the finest materials to ensure a remarkable precision and piercing power, offering better chances in penetrating the victim’s skin and create full damage to your target.

The products are sharp, durable, fast, and suitable for both hunting and shooting in the woods or at fixed targets.


The products are not of the finest quality meaning you may find it difficult to shoot a large animal and create damage to it. Some customers have said these broadheads are not sharp and wide enough for shooting deer.

Other customers have complained about the products being poorly made and breaking or bending easily. However, if you are looking for a low-budget option, these are as good as it gets.

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5. G 5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Cut Broadheads


The G5 MONTEC enables novice hunters and those upgrading their gear to enjoy top quality in their projectiles without spending too much. This is an economical choice as it comes with three broadheads in one package.

Because each of the broadheads is made of 100 percent steel, you are assured of durability and long-term use. Every broadhead in the package carries a cut-on-contact design that ensures clean kills every time.

The target will not suffer long because of the revolutionary design of each broadhead. The diamond-cut sharpness of every piece in the set ensures worry-free shooting while delivering a humane aspect to every kill.

Each broadhead in the package features a revolutionary one-piece construction, so there are no weak points to worry about or any component suddenly coming loose at the inopportune moment. Every piece has also undergone 100 percent spin testing to ensure dependable performance.

Because the broadheads are made of stainless steel, they are resilient against corrosion and chipping even after many seasons of use. They also come with an easy-install design to ensure hunters do not have to waste time inserting them into the bolt shaft.

The blades are multi-tapered for reliable penetration capability. The edges are easy to sharpen for hassle-free maintenance.


Each of the broadheads is made from 100% durable real steel to provide maximum damage to your victims and penetrate even the thickest skins.

Thanks to the revolutionary design of each of these broadheads the killing will be as humane as possible, meaning your victims will not suffer for long.

These broadheads are suitable for beginner hunters and those who want to improve their crossbow shooting skills.

They are sold for a very affordable price so that you can purchase more until improving your shooting skills and become a true professional hunter.

Each set comes with three broadheads, enough to keep you practicing for long.


Since we are talking about low-budget options, do not expect these products to be of top quality. While most of the customers were pleased with the price-quality ratio, we do suggest opting for improved crossbow heads if you truly want to make a living out of hunting, or at least brag about putting down a mid-sized animal.

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Buying guide


The choice of broadheads is just as critical as the selection of a hunting weapon. There’s nothing more exasperating than having the season’s trophy deer in your sights and not being able to make a good enough shot to take it with you when you go home. Although good-quality broadheads are not a fallback when you have poor shooting form, they can still give you a distinct advantage.

The best crossbow broadheads for deer is the type that supports your hunting style

The categorization of broadheads is according to their physical configuration as well as the number of blades they are equipped with. You can choose between fixed blade and mechanical blade broadheads.

Those major classes come with additional variations or sub-types. Besides, the different broadhead designs are interconnected based on their other features including cut-on-contact blades, serrated blades and shock collars, just to name a few.

The preference of a hunter for a certain type of broadhead is pretty much influenced by the arrow speed, personal experience, and the target prey. Bowhunters who have slower shooting speeds due to bows with lower draw weights should opt for fixed-blade broadheads with 1.25-inch diameters or less for better penetration.

Another point worth considering if you have slower shooting speeds is to go for cut-on-contact broadheads, which deliver reduced resistance that, in turn, results in higher penetration level as well as the ultimate assurance of a quick, clean kill.

For the hunter who has higher draw weights and faster speeds, there are a greater number of options. With higher kinetic energy levels, there’s a distinct advantage of being able to use fixed-blade or mechanical broadheads with massive diameters.

Large broadheads are capable of producing easily-visible blood trails with proper levels of penetration. However, retrieval and reusability can be challenging. Hunters should just opt for larger blades when stalking turkeys and other smaller game that make penetration a nonexistent issue.


Look for the top-rated products in the best crossbow broadheads reviews that are of your preferred configuration

More blades on the broadhead mean heavier blood trails. This is promoted by the concept that broadheads with three or more blades have two of those edges cutting across the grain of muscle tissue so there is less incidence that the muscle fibers would eventually heal the cut when it runs with the grain, which leads to a lost blood trail.

Fixed-blade broadheads are of two kinds: one-piece and replaceable blade. One-piece broadheads have full blades with cutting edges extending from the point’s tip and then back to the blade’s rear section. One-piece fixed-blade broadheads can be bought in multi-blade versions from two to four blades in all.

Novice hunters who have not mastered the art of bow tuning yet ought to get one-piece fixed-blade broadheads with fewer and smaller blades. A poorly tuned bow the flight path will be compromised when the arrow is let off from the arrow rest. When the arrow is allowed to leave the arrow rest with a raised fletching end, it tends to ride on the wind instead of cutting through it, resulting in a downward trajectory. On the other hand, should the fletching end get dropped on arrow release, the arrow will be propelled by the wind and move upward.

Replaceable fixed-blade broadheads have removable cutting edges to enable sharpening or total replacement. In some models, even the pointy tips can be replaced.

Consider mechanical broadheads

Mechanical broadheads are equipped with blades that fold into the body for minimal drag and deflection on the flight path. Extending upon penetration, the configuration of the cutting blades gives this type of broadheads its name. What’s more, the smaller surface area of compact broadheads helps reduce the need to tune the bow because the effects of the wind and improperly-tuned bows are less than what higher-profile broadheads are vulnerable to.

Thanks to the growing popularity of compact broadheads, most manufacturers have come out with at least a single compact fixed-blade broadhead in their product lineups.

Specialty broadheads are also available. These include durable chisel tip models that can punch through tough hide prior to cutting. These types offer penetration at an optimal angle as well as unaltered trajectory. Cut-on-contact tips don’t provide punching through tough hide and instead provide slicing action. Maximum penetration is guaranteed while needing just a little energy. Low-poundage bows are best paired with arrows with cut-on-contact tips especially among traditional hunters.

An ingenious innovation, mechanical broadheads offer the huge advantage of flying in a manner that approximates that of a field point. Despite mechanical broadheads not being suitable for every application, they do fulfill a need so avid shooters utilize them with success season after season.

Mechanical blades carry no support for the trailing head. Extendable blades made of thicker metal have less flex on contact and can withstand more stress. You can choose between rear deploying and over-the-top mechanical blades.


The best crossbow bolts and broadheads offer the best weight and tunability for your needs

Next to determining the type and configuration you want in broadheads, you will need to decide on weight. Hunting experts recommend 100-grain for lightweight aluminum shafts and carbon. Heavy aluminum shafts should be fitted with 125-grain heads.

To offer genuine broadhead flight, you need proper setup and tuning of your bow. Before you start this process, you will have to make sure that your projectiles are perfectly straight with the broadheads installed correctly. To ensure proper head alignment, spin the arrows to check for wobble on either the shaft or head. If possible, use separate arrows for target practice and hunting.

Do practice with your new broadhead first to guarantee humane kills every time.




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