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Best Crossbow Target

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Crossbow targets – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you simply can’t be stuck in research trying to find the best crossbow targets for sale on the market, we have designed this short paragraph to make things easier for you. We have analyzed the feedback for different products from seasoned and novice archers and have found what customers consider the best product as of this writing, the Field Logic Hurricane H60410. This bag target offers effortless carrying to and from the target practice site. It features high-visibility aiming points that are designed for use with high-speed bows and crossbows. To ensure a longer target life, this product has off-center deer vitals. The heavy-duty handle facilitates hassle-free carrying and transport of the target. Strong enough to stop field points and arrows, this bag target helps you fine-tune your shooting technique and develop a proper shooting form. As there is a huge likelihood that the Field Logic Hurricane H60410 would be out of stock because of its immense popularity with customers, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Morrell Yellow Jacket 140-1.



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6 Best Crossbow Targets (Reviews) in 2024


1. Field Logic Hurricane Crossbow Archery Bag Target H60410


The Field Logic Hurricane H60410 enables you to practice your shooting skills, fine-tune your archery technique, and develop proper shooting form. This product carries an innovative bag target design that provides easy and efficient deployment, carrying, and transport so you can practice your archery skills safely and effectively.

This bag target features highly visible aiming points so you won’t miss them from a distance. The aiming points can be seen easily so you can shoot your arrow at the exact spot you want. This product is designed specifically for shooting with high-speed bows and crossbows. The core is made tough and durable to stop projectiles shot from those kinds of hunting and archery weapons.

The bag target comes with a heavy-duty handle that facilitates effortless transport. It also comes with illustrations of deer vitals located off-center to ensure a longer target life. This bag target provides easy carrying and setup to the location of your choice, as it can easily be positioned on the ground or if you want it higher, be placed on a tall enough boulder for a raised platform.

This bag target can take shot after shot and helps you correct errors on your crossbow. The arrows come out without the need for you to pull really hard. This is a quality bag target that will not fail you in your objective to become a better shooter and a more accurate bowhunter.


Thanks to its design and the materials featured, you will be able to use the bag to practice your archery skills safely and effectively.

It features highly-visible aiming points so you can shoot your arrow at the exact spot. Plus, you don’t have to pull hard to make the arrows come out.

The product was specifically designed for shooting with high-speed bows and crossbows. It comes with a tough and durable core.

Easy transportation is ensured by the heavy-duty handle it comes with. The target will enable you to easily position it on the ground or place it on a raised platform.

Durability is another benefit you get to enjoy as the bag can take shot after shot without getting damaged too soon. This way, you’ll be able to correct errors on your crossbow.


Some customers might still find it a bit hard to retrieve the arrow.

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2. Morrell Jacket Crossbow Discharge Field Point Archery Bag 


The Morrell Yellow Jacket 140-1 is a remarkable addition to your collection of archery equipment. It helps you practice your shooting skills so you can pinpoint errors, both in your technique and the weapon you use. This bag target simplifies your objective of becoming a more accurate, better shooter.

The bag target is made with a special kind of filling that enables the easy removal of embedded arrows. This is a small and compact bag target that makes it easy to carry and transport to your practice site. It allows you to place it on the ground or an elevated platform, such as a flat-top boulder so you can practice your shooting skills in the open.

This bag target also enables you to discharge your crossbow at the end of the day. It provides a highly-visible surface on which you can practice your shooting skills so you can recognize any errors in your technique or form before you head out to the hunting site. This is an easily portable bag target for the novice and seasoned archer.

This product features an EZ tote carrying handle that facilitates convenient transport anywhere. It is designed to be 100 percent waterproof so you can continue practicing your archery skills even when the weather turns unfriendly or the ground is not solid.


Designed to help you become a better and more accurate shooter, this bag is made to last and help you practice your shooting skills effectively.

To make your practice easy, though, the bag is filled with a special material that will help you retrieve the arrows without pulling hard.

The bag is small and compact, which makes storage and transportation easy. Furthermore, the EZ tote carrying handle will make it easier for you to take it from one place to another.

Thanks to its dimensions, you can use it either on the ground or an elevated platform if you want to practice your skills in the open. The 100% waterproof design will enable you to practice even when the weather is not on the pleasant side.

It is ideal for both beginners and advanced archers.


Some customers say the bag is better for adult archers with stronger arrows.

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3. Morrell 1003674-SSI Bone Collector Double Duty Target


The Morrell 131 Bone Collector is a four-sided crossbow target that supports the need for an archer to develop their shooting skills to become better in the field. This cube-shaped target stops a 400-fps projectile shot from a powerful crossbow or high-speed bow. The four aiming sides allow you to choose your preferred aspect every time.

It is a field point target with the full-color midsection of a deer on one side, which has the vitals in full color for easy identification. The side with 6 bullseyes enables you to check your arrow groupings so you can learn precision shooting well. The 9-ball game on one side allows you to practice how well you can shoot from any angle or side.

The dart board lets you get closer and closer to a specific central point when shooting. This field point target is built with a tough and durable Nucleus Center to ensure enough stopping power and solidity to maintain the product shape and stay in one piece despite repeated shooting of field points.

The E-Z Tote carry handle makes the 32-pound target easy to carry and transport. This product offers the best means for novice and seasoned hunters to continuously hone their shooting prowess when not in the field.


Featuring a cube-shaped design, this bag gives archers much more versatility and flexibility when it comes to practicing their skills.

Developed to stop a 400-fps projectile shot from a powerful crossbow or high-speed bow, this product provides four aiming sides so you can choose the right one for you anytime.

Every side comes with a different design so you can practice different skills. The one with the 6 bull’s eyes will help you learn precision shooting whereas the side with a full-color midsection of a deer will help you easily identify the vital organs.

The product measures 19.5 x 19.2 x 19.2 inches and comes with an E-Z Tote carry handle for easy transportation and storage.

It is ideal for beginners and skilled hunters alike.


Several customers say that removing the arrows takes a bit of effort and that certain types of arrows have even remained stuck inside.

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4. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target 


The Field Logic CB16 B56500 provides an innovative means of practicing your shooting skills without using paper targets alone. This is a solidly manufactured crossbow target made for the discriminating hunter who believes nothing beats a strong and durable crossbow target that stops arrows flying at fast speeds.

This crossbow target offers four-sided shooting with its different aiming sides. The surface has one side with circles and stars which you can target to monitor how well you have disciplined your shooting arm to be precise at aiming and releasing the projectile. One side comes with the outline of a deer and deer vitals that enable you to practice proper shot placement.

This crossbow target comes with a special high-density core designed specifically to stop high-velocity crossbow projectiles. There’s always plenty of space on the target to check how accurate your crossbow is. The target is a must-have for bow hunters who want to ensure consistency in their shooting capability during the off-season.

This crossbow target comes with high-contrast, white-on-black graphics and dots that are made easier to see at long distances. The target can be positioned at realistic animal distances in the field so the hunter can prepare their weapon and aim precisely to have their bolt fly fast and true to the target every time.


Offering four aiming sides, this crossbow target is ideal for practicing your skills and getting better at shooting successfully.

Thanks to the side featuring stars and circles, you will get to practice your precision as far as aiming and releasing the projectile are concerned. You will also get to practice proper shot placement due to the side with deer vitals.

The high-contrast, white-on-black graphics and dots will make it easier for you to see at long distances. You can thus place the target at realistic animal distances in the field so you can aim precisely every time.

The high-density core was designed to stop high-velocity crossbow projectiles. The open-layered design will stop the arrow with friction and not force, which further means that you will be able to remove the arrows with ease.


We have found several reviews saying that it might not be that easy to remove the arrows.

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5. Delta Mckenzie Archery Crossbow Target 


The Delta McKenzie 70668 is designed for use with crossbows. This crossbow block target is geared to stop the projectile shot from a powerful 400 or higher fps crossbow. It is intended to stop field points, which provide a similar power as actual arrows without the extra-sharp tips. This target measures 12 by 12 by 12 inches all around its cube-shaped profile.

This bright-orange bag is very easy to target in an open field. The orange color provides effortless visibility even when the target is placed a distance away. This target for crossbow shooting makes it easy to dismantle a crossbow bolt. Extremely portable, durable, and amazingly lightweight, this product is also usable with compound crossbows.

The target has a handle at the top to enable easy carrying and placement. The target points painted on the sides are easy to see and this enables you to get comfortable aiming at a distance. The black-on-orange design provides a good aiming background.

The surface of each side is resistant to fraying so you can remove arrows without worrying that the inner filling would come apart. The cube-shaped target provides multiple sides to use so there is even wearing on all aspects of the cube.


Ideal for crossbow practice, this target features materials and a design that will help you advance your skills for an extended amount of time and do so with ease.

The unit promises to stop the projectile shot from a powerful 400 or higher fps crossbow. Thanks to its bright-orange and cube-shaped profile, the bag is easy to target in an open field and even when placed a distance away.

Furthermore, the target points painted on the sides are highly-visible. This means that you can practice your skills as far as aiming at a distance is concerned.

The bag is lightweight and features a handle at the top to enable easy transportation and storage.

Due to the multiple sides you can use, you can rest assured that the target will serve you for quite some time.


The item measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches, which might prove to be too small for some users.

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6. Morrell Supreme Range Archery Target 


If you opt for this archery target from Morrell, you will be impressed with how well it holds even after you shoot hundreds of hours. Built to withstand a lot of action, it is a durable item that anyone who wants to try his or her hand at archery in the backyard should have.

You will be happy to learn that the bag is 100% weatherproof, which means that you don’t have to move it around when the weather gets bad. That also says a lot about its durability, and you will feel hard-pressed to find another model on the market that can take a beating as much as this one.

It is proudly made in the US and abides by high standards of quality and performance. While it’s made for field points, it delivers the same great experience if you use target points. The robust material will let the arrows go through its outer layer but will stop them from piercing through.


The durable construction of this archery target will endure through years of use as it is made to withstand hundreds of shots without showing any signs of wear and tear.

You can leave it outside since its weatherproof design makes it capable of handling all sorts of conditions, while you won’t notice any damage.

Because it is heavy and dense, it will stop your arrows, and they will go through the outer layer, but without letting them pierce it from one side to another.

While it works great with field points, it is a good match for target points, as well, and you will find it an excellent option for honing your archery skills.


You may notice that the field points are a bit difficult to get out of the bag, but rest assured that the target will suffer no visible damage for a long time, no matter how often you shoot at it.

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Buying guide


Buying a crossbow target is nearly as critical as choosing your first crossbow for target shooting. It’s a make-or-break purchase. With so many targets for crossbows on the market, it can become a real test of your ability to spot the best among the mediocre products. What are the aspects to consider in this type of gear? (we have more -> read our fresh posts on hunting blinds, recurve bows & compound models)


Choose a top-rated product in the best crossbow target reviews that is your preferred type

It can be quite challenging to select the proper type of target suitable for the kind of weapon and projectiles you own. Each type of target is geared to be used with a specific kind of weapon setup.

A bag target is the basic and most common type of bow target. People who own compound bows are most likely to have done target practice using a bag target. A bag target has a large surface area that is suitable for novice archers.

A bag target withstands repeated use and is able to resist breaking apart regardless of the number of hits it gets. Bag targets are filled with a synthetic material. They can effectively stop a bolt and are typically designed with material that allows the embedded projectile to be removed easily. While hay bales can damage the arrow fletching, a bag target doesn’t.

That said, bag targets can only take field points as broadhead tips tend to get stuck and might even rip the outer material, which ruins the target. The porous material used in bag targets is not exactly designed to allow outdoor use. Look for bag targets that are light and easy to carry. Any bow setup can be used as long as only field points are employed.

A foam block target is easily transportable, quite durable, and suitable for light bow use. Foam block targets come with a layered foam that employs friction to stop arrows. This helps the tips from breaking. However, broadheads can get stuck and damage the target. Be careful with using heavy draw weight bows as they may be too powerful to use with foam block targets.

The foam can prevent the embedded arrow from being extricated. The angle of shooting should also be checked as it can reduce the target life. Position the foam block in a manner that places the foam layers vertically to ensure the arrows slide in between and not across them. Foam block targets are great for outdoor use thanks to their portable, lightweight configuration.

Foam block targets can be set up in seconds either indoors or outdoors but it is crucial to look at the draw weight along with other potential issues that can cause problems on arrow removal.

A 3D practice target is perfect for those who want to get ready to begin hunting with a compound bow. You can get 3D foam targets in any animal likeness you can think of, including extinct species. A 3D target provides a fun and effective means for both novice and seasoned archers to prepare for the hunting season.

Some 3D targets have clearly marked vital organs on the aiming surface to make it easier to know what to target out in the field. This also provides a pretty good idea of what shooting form to use. It also provides a clearer understanding of the point system used in shooting tournaments. The foam in a 3D target tends to wear out in the center with time.

Field tips are recommended since broadheads can get stuck easily. To optimize the use of 3D targets, set them in a realistic hunting setting. Look for lightweight models for easy transport around the practice site.


The best archery targets are tough and durable

You wouldn’t want to have to replace a hunting target periodically. You can make the wear levels consistent by using different sides of the target for practice shooting and not just one side. High-end products come with premium quality core technology that enables easy removal of bolts without the filling getting damaged or breaking apart.

You want the cover material to be resilient against fraying. The embedded projectiles should come out easily without the filling getting shredded. Look for block targets that have an open layered core, which lets the arrow slide through the layers to preserve target life.

Sometimes, all it takes is the proper placement of the target in a way that has the layers lying vertically so the projectile does not cut across the grain but slides between the layers easily, which also promotes effortless retrieval.

The best crossbow target for broadheads or for any other projectile should be easy to setup

You wouldn’t want to take a very long time to set up the target at the practice site. Fortunately, bag and block targets only need to be set down on the ground or on a platform and then you can start your target shooting practice.

The material of the cover should be waterproof so you can practice in less cooperative weather. The graphics on the target should be easily visible even from a distance. You want a lightweight target for effortless transport.


Can your target withstand the heat?

To understand what kind of target you should get, you need to understand your crossbow first. When you look at its description, you will notice the FPS abbreviation, which stands for feet per second. That’s basically how fast the crossbow can propel arrows when you shoot it. Because it is well known that crossbows are powerful, especially when compared to traditional bows, the crossbow targets used for practice should be equally tough.

That means that you should get a model that is capable of resisting the speed and power of the bolts propelled by your crossbow. In other words, it should match the feet per second value so that it doesn’t become damaged too quickly. You must be already aware that some targets can only sustain field points as broadheads can be tough to deal with.

The average FPS for most crossbows is about 350 FPS, but there are models that can propel bolts at superior speeds of up to 450 FPS. And, to have an idea about how fast that is, it’s enough to take a look at compound bows that can reach 370 FPS only they are exceptionally fast.

Your target should be capable of withstanding this type of force. Even field points that go through a target at such incredible speeds can become damaged after using it several times. It would be a bad investment to get a target that needs replacing only after a little while.

Check to see if the crossbow targets on display can withstand high FPS values. Then, it is a wise idea to see if they can deal with more than field points. That should give you a correct idea of their durability. For instance, bag targets are reasonably good but don’t expect them to resist the shredding force and speed of broadheads.


Can the arrows and bolts be retrieved with ease?

The idea of practice is to shoot your bolts and arrows and then remove them from your target so that you can get repeat usage out of them. That is why arrow removal capabilities are pretty essential for choosing the right model. Just imagine how it would feel to struggle with removing the field points you shot for long minutes.

That is where bag targets excel. Their arrow removal rate is high, and that’s why many people prefer them, despite other shortcomings. Forget about foam targets, though, if it’s really important for you that you can easily remove all the arrows or bolts. Because the foam construction is dense, taking your bolts out can be a pain. However, as it’s always the case, you should focus on the crossbow targets that satisfy your entire set of requirements.

You should get a model that you can use for your practice shots over and over again, without too much hassle. You will notice that the top of the line models available are made from materials that will allow you to remove the arrows or field points with great ease. In the end, even if you pay a little more, you will be satisfied with the money you’ll save in the long run.


Is the crossbow target you chose weatherproof?

If you are the type who likes to spend a lot of time practicing your archery skills, you might want to do so in any weather, and that means that you should focus on crossbow targets that are weatherproof. Also, if it’s a big target, you might not want to haul it in and out of the house each time you want to practice. Of course, you should take with a pinch of salt any advertisement praising targets as being completely weatherproof.

Even if you practice with compound bows, you will notice that any target wears off, eventually. However, you should get a model that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. A surface that doesn’t let water get in quickly is one of those features you should look for. Bag targets are pretty good because they’re portable and cheap, and they may serve you for a while.

Does your archery target come with grommets?

Here is another aspect to consider when you select your target. Some models come with grommets installed at the top so that you can put a rope through them and hang your target from a branch, for instance. Such things can come in handy when you want to vary your practice a little bit.

While you can shoot field points at targets that lie on the ground, it would be much more challenging to place your target up high and try to aim. That is why grommets, while they may seem like a little thing, can come in handy for ambitious archers who want to get better.


Does your target have multiple aiming points?

If you intend to use a target for a long time, there is a solution. You should just aim at different spots so that the target doesn’t wear off in the same spot. Even compound bows, although not as powerful as crossbows, can ruin a target if used multiple times like this.

For this reason, one good idea would be to get a target that is already painted with multiple aiming points. This way, you will make sure that you will hit the target in different spots, and it won’t wear off quickly, forcing you to purchase another to replace it.



Unavailable products


Block Invasion 4-Sided Archery Target


The Field Logic Block Invasion 51002-Parent features an open-layered design that stops broadheads, mechanicals, and field tips. It offers 4-sided shooting to deliver maximum target life. You can ensure even shooting on all sides so no single side gets used more often than all the others to provide even wearing on all aspects.

This crossbow target provides easy visual on any of its four sides. The scopes painted on each side are composed of three vivid colors including black, white, and red to enable effortless seeing from a distance. This crossbow target provides a great way to sharpen your shooting skills so you can get better accuracy and sharper shooting when hunting.

This crossbow target features a resilient shooting surface that can take in various kinds of projectiles without the inner filling getting damaged or falling apart. When you pull an arrow from the target point, it will come loose quite easily. The fabric of the target surface is designed to close up and not grow a hole when struck with a projectile.

This target has polypropylene-wrapped sides to accommodate field points. This is a revolutionary yet superbly simple product that helps you become a better hunter by practicing great shooting form and technique to bag the catch of the season.


Boasting an open-layered design that stops broadheads, mechanicals, and field tips, this target is worth considering if you want to advance your skills.

With 4 shooting sides, the unit will help you practice your skills for an extended amount of time as you can use the sides alternatively in order to prolong its use.

The scopes painted on the sides of the target are highly-visible so you can easily aim at a distance and sharpen your shooting skills.

Thanks to the resilient shooting surface, you can use various kinds of projectiles without damaging the inner filling or breaking it. Removing the projectile requires little effort.

The item measures 16″ X 16″ X 13.5″ and comes with a handle so you can easily carry it from one place to another.


At least one buyer who tried this product says the bolt got stuck in the target.




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