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10 Best Fletching Jigs – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 29.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Fletching Jig + Reviews


Figuring out what the best fletching jig is might not be an easy task, given that it means doing a lot of research and you may not have the necessary time on your hands. That’s why it’s a good thing that you are here because we’ve decided to go through a lot of data on these products and bring you directly the answer you need in this paragraph. After carefully assessing the benefits offered by each of the top-rated products in this particular line, our conclusion is that the unit you should go for is MS JUMPPER’s Adjustable Fletching Jig. This model features a durable construction, as well as a user-friendly design, so learning how to use it will be a breeze. Furthermore, it includes a scale to guide you as you are fletching, and it’s compatible with arrows made of various materials, such as fiberglass or wood. If you cannot find this model, the alternative to keep in mind is Bohning’s 12962 Helix Tower Fletching Jig.



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10 Best Fletching Jigs (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the best arrow fletching jig might not be as easy as it seems at first, given that there are many different products out of which you can choose. The good news is that we’ve decided to help you out by selecting the top-rated units so that you can pick the one that works for your needs.



1. MS JUMPPER Adjustable Fletching Jig 


This unit is an adjustable fletching jig that you are surely going to enjoy using, given that it’s made of high-quality materials and it’s specially designed to meet the user’s needs. One of the first things you will notice is that it features a 5.40” height and that it features a scale which makes it convenient to use.

Furthermore, besides being an affordable fletching jig, this Ms Jumpper model is also a durable one, so you won’t have trouble using it for a long time. The improved magnet adjustment it features, as well as the large grip ensure easy use. If you decide to try this fletching jig out, then you’ll definitely be happy about the preset dial stops that ensure consistent fletching.

Sets of 3 or 4 fletch can be used, the first alternative at 120°, and the second at 90°. Given the construction it features and the affordable price, this is a product that shouldn’t miss from your gear.


Depending on your preferences, this fletching gear is available for gluing with either plastic vanes or real feathers, so you shouldn’t worry about this aspect.

The versatile construction makes this Ms Jumpper product compatible with arrows made of various materials, including carbon rod, wood, or fiberglass.

Another aspect worth noting is that this product works with vanes of pretty much any length, which means that you’ll have more options in terms of how you can use it.

The 3 or 4 fletching application is also a feature that makes this model very useful, given that you can adjust this based on your needs.


It might have small pieces of plastic flashing that need to be removed, but this can be easily done with a knife and some sandpaper.

There are no marks for the degree of offset, so you might want to do some yourself for future reference.

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2. Bohning 12962 Helix Tower Fletching Jig 


If you are looking for an arrow fletching jig that can help you get the job done in no time, then this Bohning unit is the one you want to take a look at. For those people who are not used to fletching on their own, the 12962 Helix Tower model works great because it’s easy to use, so the necessary time to get the hang of it won’t be an issue.

What you can do if you want to learn faster is simply watch some online tutorials and with this tool, you will be all set to start fletching on your own according to your preferences. Another aspect you will be happy about is that the process itself takes very little time. You can set up vanes in only 30-45 seconds.

Plus, you can replace a single damaged vane at a time, without having to remove the other two, which is something that makes the entire task a lot easier.


This unit comes with the necessary adaptors for various bolts and arrows, which makes it versatile and, of course, extremely useful.

If you want to start fletching on your own, you will also save money in the process, as this means you won’t have to pay extra to have this done by a professional.

The unit is stable as well, so there won’t be any issues as you are fletching arrows.

Given that you can replace only one vane without having to remove the other two, it’s a great way to save time that you can use for something else.


This unit is made of plastic, so you will need to handle it with care and make sure that you follow the recommendations in terms of using it.

The glue can stick to other elements when fletching, so be careful during the process to prevent this from happening.

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3. Bohning Pro Class Fletching Tool 1349 


This Bohning fletching jig is one that works very well, given the high-quality materials out of which it’s made and the fact that you will quickly learn how to handle it, even if you are still new to the entire process. Once you learn how to change between 3-fletch and 4-fletch operations you will see just how useful this tool is.

Furthermore, if you are into shooting traditional arrows and are looking for a good feather fletching jig then you’ll be happy to know that this one gets the job done and saves money in the process. You’ll see that replacing missing or torn fletchings is not going to be a problem either.

This Bohning unit comes with standard 3 or 4-fletch options, and it’s also very stable, so getting this done on your own is going to be an easy and smooth process.


What makes this Bohning unit great is the fact that it’s very easy to use, so you won’t have any difficulties getting the hang of using it to do your own fletching.

It ensures a great deal for the money, thanks to the benefits it offers, one of them being that you won’t have to spend extra to keep arrows in top shape.

Using such a unit can also be an excellent way to spend time on your little project on a rainy day.

This device is pre-set, so you won’t have trouble starting to use it right away, while the instructions are simple to understand as well.


Make sure that the clamp is kept clean and free of access glue residue so that you can continue using it for as long as possible.

You may have to look at some online tutorials to learn tips and tricks on various types of fletching, but this unit is highly versatile so this shouldn’t be an issue.

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4. Bitzenburger/Zenith Fletching Jig with Upgrade Kit 


One of the first things you should know about this versatile Bitzenburger/Zenith unit is that it’s a highly durable one, given that it features a construction only of metal parts, so you’ll be able to rely on it for a long time. While it might not necessarily be a cheap fletching jig, it’s certainly one that you can consider adding to your gear, given the functionalities it comes with.

First of all, the fletching jig features a die-cast alloy construction, so it was built for heavy use. Furthermore, this is a self-supporting tool, which means that the user won’t have any difficulties setting it up and starting to use it, even if he or she is less experienced in this matter.

The strong permanent magnet ensures a uniform and precise vanes and feather placement for excellent results. Plus, the self-centering cradle is suitable for any shaft you can find on the market, for extra usability and versatility.


Large dials are located on the magnet holder’s top and bottom so it’s easier for the user to adjust the angle of fletching in a matter of seconds.

Various feather spacing is available by simply adjusting the screw, and you can choose between 3-fletch at 120 degrees, 4-fletch at 75 and 105 degrees, and 4-fletch at 90 degrees.

You can further get another 2 options if you get the optional nock receivers.

This unit’s clamp stands at a 45 degrees angle, which means that the user has a clear view of the fletching at any given moment.


There are no X & H nock bushings included in the package, so if necessary these need to be purchased separately.

Even though this unit comes with an instruction sheet, you might still need to do a bit of online research to get extra tips and tricks on how to use it.

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5. Zhan Yi Fletching Kit Jig 


If you are looking through fletching jig reviews because what you need is a high-quality unit that can help you get the job done in a very short amount of time, then this Zhan Yi model is the answer to your quest. The device features a black and elegant design, and the base includes 2 holes that make it easy to install on a working table.

Furthermore, this is a durable unit made of sturdy plastic and stainless steel, which means that it’s also a cost-effective solution, given that you won’t have to spend money on a new one anytime soon. You will also reduce costs by fletching your arrows, so this adds to the savings as well, making this a unit that is worth the cost.

In terms of usability, you won’t have any problems given that the design is an upgraded one that features an adjustable gap that works with shafts of all sizes.


Besides being a versatile fletching jig, you can also rest assured that you’ll obtain very good results thanks to its precision.

You can choose the angle between 3-fletch at 120° and 4-fletch at 90°, depending on your needs, and you can also fix damaged fletchings without any difficulty.

You won’t have any trouble using this fletching jig for all kinds of materials, including aluminum, wood, carbon, and fiberglass.

The package includes everything you need to start fletching right away, namely clamps, attach tools and even a small screwdriver.


It might take a bit of time to understand how to use the device, given that the documentation provided by the manufacturer is not very clear, but you can use online tutorials if needed.

During the process, make sure that the vane doesn’t need to be reversed, as this can be a bit confusing.

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6. Bohning Tower Fletching Jig – Crossbow 


This Bohning crossbow bolt fletching jig is the right solution if you need to use a device that can fletch all three vanes at once. This means that you won’t waste time in this process, which is always a good idea, given that you can spend it outdoors instead. Another aspect that you might want to know is that this model is a highly durable one.

The materials used include sturdy high-quality plastic, so it’s not difficult to handle and you’ll be able to use it for a long time if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In terms of construction, you should be aware that this unit is made for shafts that feature a diameter of up to 0.350”.

This Bohning model can be used for a 3-degree helical or 2-degree right offset, and you can also use it to repair or replace fletching, which makes the task easier.


This fletching jig is very easy to use, so even if you are not experienced with using these devices, you won’t have any trouble getting the hang of it.

Given that it positions all three vanes at the same time, it ensures a much more accurate placement since you don’t need to rotate the shaft for each one.

The unit comes with multiple adapters so you can work with arrows of various sizes, which is a feature that renders it highly versatile.

If you decide to start fletching on your own using this Bohning device, then you will get excellent results while also reducing costs since you won’t have to get a professional to do this for you.


If the arrows you use are smaller than 0.350” in diameter, then you will need to purchase different adapters than those delivered with the fletching jig.

The instructions provided are not very clear, so some additional online research might be necessary.

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7. Grayling Fletching Jig 


In case you are looking for a fletching jig review that presents a device with which you can easily fletch new arrows but also repair damaged ones, then you’ve found it. In the next lines, you’re going to see what makes this Grayling unit such a good choice that you should seriously consider adding it to your gear.

First of all, this fletching jig is made of high-quality materials and it’s very durable, so if you decide to give it a try, you won’t have to spend money on a new unit anytime soon. Furthermore, the package comes with multiple accessories to start using it right away, including a universal hook shaft holder, a crossbow bolt receiver, a nock receiver, and a straight clamp.

Since it’s made of glass-filled nylon, this Grayling device can be easily cleaned and maintained with pretty much anything, so this is not going to be an issue either in the long run.


This unit is specially made to be precise, so you can rotate the shaft up to 15 degrees and the right or left off-set on the nock up to 3 degrees.

It comes with pretty much everything you need to start using it right away, so you won’t have to purchase accessories separately.

You will be able to use this fletching jig without any issues, given that it’s specially designed to be very user-friendly.

The jig is precise and it can also be easily stored, so you surely won’t be disappointed if you decide to give it a try.


The instruction manual is not very clear for someone who is not used to doing a fletching task, so you may have to look at some additional online tutorials.

If you are using arrows with a small diameter, you may be limited in how much of an offset you can do using the straight clamp.

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8. Zhan Yi Fletching Tool Jig 


One of the first things you are going to notice about this Zhan Yi model is the beautiful red color it comes in, but there are plenty of other benefits it offers that make it a very good addition to your gear. The jig is made of durable materials, including stainless steel and sturdy plastic, so you won’t have to worry about needing to replace it anytime soon.

The base features two holes that can be used to mount it on a working table, while the improved magnet attaching system means you are going to handle it without any trouble. Moreover, this device also features an adjustable gap that is suitable for arrows of different sizes, which makes it a versatile and handy fletching jig.

Since we’ve mentioned versatility, it’s important to note that this Zhan Yi model works with shafts made of various materials, including wood, aluminum, carbon, or fiberglass.


You can easily use this device to repair damaged fletchings, as well as to personalize arrow decoration according to your preferences.

The jig ensures right-wing helical and straight fletchings, and the angles can be set either to 4-fletch at 90° or 3-fletch at 120°.

The package includes the necessary attach tools and 2 clamps, so you will be able to use it right away.

This adjustable tool works well with all kinds of arrows and crossbow bolts, which is one of the things that make it a very good choice.


You may have to look for some online tutorials in order to quickly understand how the unit should be used for top results.

This unit is suitable for vanes or feathers that go up to 5 inches, so that’s good to keep in mind, in case the ones you want to use are longer.

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9. Bohning Blazer Helix Fletching Jig 


What makes this Bohning model stand apart from other similar units is the easy-to-use construction and the simple set-up ensured by its design. One of the things you should know about this fletching jig is that it can be used for vanes that go up to 2.25” inches.

You won’t have any difficulties making perfect 3-degree helical fletches with its help, and the shafts you can use are standard carbon ones. The angles created are 120 degrees apart, while the entire operation is an easy one. This is a right-helix model, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Another aspect worth knowing about this device is that it can do the fletching job in a short amount of time. Of course, it also depends on the user’s experience, but it takes at most a few minutes to fletch one arrow.


This Bohning unit is very easy to use, which makes it a great alternative even for those users who are giving fletching a try for the first time.

Since it’s not an expensive product, you can safely give it a try and see how it works for your needs.

There’s a very high chance that you won’t be disappointed by this fletching jig, and it’s also important to know that you can fix damaged or lost fletches as well.

Given its construction, this is a precise tool, so you will most likely be very happy with the results.


This unit works with standard carbon arrows, so you cannot use it for those made of other materials, which means it’s somewhat less versatile than some users might need.

This unit fletches vanes that go up to 2.25”, so if you need to use it for larger ones, you should contact the manufacturer to see if any adaptors could work for your particular needs.

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10. Fsskgx Fletching Jig Aluminum Adjustable 


The main material used for this fletching jig’s construction is aluminum, which means that it’s both a lightweight yet durable alternative, so you may want to take a closer look at what it offers. This material is also anti-rust, so this is not going to be a problem in the long run.

Given that you will be able to rely on this jig for quite some time, you save money by not needing to buy new ones often, as well as by fletching arrows on your own, without help from a professional. Thanks to the scale included in the design, you can easily use it to get the desired results, even if we’re talking about pasting feathers at the end of the arrow.

Besides the fact that you can fletch your arrows as you wish, you will also have fun doing this using Fsskgx’s device, which is always a good thing.


Thanks to its compact and lightweight construction, this unit is easy to carry and store, which means that you can take it with you if you need to.

It features a versatile design that is suitable for arrows made of a wide range of materials, including carbon rod, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

You can stick the feathers or vanes at various angles, so the arrows are going to be fletched according to your particular needs.

The elegant design makes this unit one that you are going to enjoy using, besides all the other benefits it offers.


This unit can only do right or left offset, the helical one not being an option, so that’s something to be aware of.

If you want to use it to fletch crossbow bolts that have a somewhat small diameter, then you should use some scotch tape to secure everything to the blade assembly.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


No matter if you are looking for something specific such as the best fletching jig for feathers, or if you are simply thinking about giving this activity a try in your free time, it’s important to understand how these units work in order to choose the one that suits your needs. In the next lines, we’re going to take a look at some key characteristics you should keep in mind.



Fletching types

There are several types of fletching jigs out of which you can choose, given that there are many differences in terms of style, spacing, and number of fletches. You should know that not all jigs are built to support any type of fletching by default, so getting specific adaptors and clamps might be necessary, especially if you want to make a switch between styles.

Straight fletchings are simple and the vanes are positioned straight and in-line with the arrow. This means that as the arrow flies, there is very little or no spin generated. Offset fletchings, on the other hand, do work toward increasing the arrow’s rotation during flight. The vanes, in this case, are applied at a very slight angle to the arrow’s line, and this can be either left or right.

There are also the helical vanes that you can take a look at, as these are usually applied at an offset and in a slightly twisted way. The result is that they look like a fan blade on a plane and the fletching can be either right helical or left helical. Of course, each of the two types spins the arrow either clockwise (left helical) or counter-clockwise (right helical).

Usually, a specific type of clamp or jig is required for helical vanes, so that’s good to keep in mind. Spin wings, on the other hand, are a type of curled vanes, given that they are designed to impart a high level of spin, especially compared to other types of fletches. Most of the time, these are not supported by many fletching jigs due to their design, so you’ll have to improvise with the clamp.


Spacing and materials

Arrows are usually fletched with either 3 or 4 vanes, but there are no specific rules here, so you can apply more, depending on how much stability you need. The most common configurations you are going to find are those of 3 fletches placed at 120 degrees, 4 fletches at 90 degrees, or 4 fletches with 2 placed at 75 degrees and the other two at 105 degrees.

Of course, jigs can be made of various types of materials, so it’s important to figure out how you are going to use the unit in order to go for the right alternative. Aluminum-made ones are basically built to last a lifetime and they are very easy to clean. Glue deposits are inevitable, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing the next jig.

Plastic ones need to be handled with more care and cleaned right away, as it’s pretty difficult to remove dried-on glue afterward without scratching the surface. If you do choose a plastic jig, then you’ll need to have some acetate around as well, as this can be used to quickly clean off surplus glue.

You also need to think about what type of arrows the jig can hold, as you should be able to use various types made of materials such as aluminum, wood, or carbon.



Frequently asked questions


Q: What is a Fletching Jig?

A fletching jig is not a very complex device, but it’s a very important one if you are serious about fletching your own arrows. The device is specially made to hold an arrow shaft stable and in place so that you can accurately glue vanes in the right configuration. You will use a predetermined one, so the guessing part should be taken out of the entire process.

However, it’s good to be aware that a fletching jig won’t do the work for you. All the unit does is make sure that the vanes are correctly spaced according to your preferences around the shaft and then hold them at the given offset or helical pattern in the most accurate way.

This allows the glue to dry, while you can rest assured that you will be able to use them without difficulties afterward.



Q: How do I use a Fletching Jig?

Even though it might not sound very simple, the process of using a fletching jig is actually not that difficult. The first thing you need to do is choose an arrow shaft and place it into the jig. Then you should align the vane clamp to the same arrow shaft and check that everything is ok.

Once this is done, you need to remove the vane clamp and then prime the vane, followed by placing it into the clamp. Once you’re done applying the glue, you need to place the clamp back and wait for several seconds for the glue to dry off a bit and set. When this is done, you can unclamp the vane and move onto the next one.

If this sounds somewhat difficult, you can always look up some online tutorials to see the entire process. However, you also need to try doing it on your own, as nothing compares to having a first-hand experience.


Q: What kind of feathers are used for fletching?

Normally feathers from birds such as turkey, goose, chicken, or other domestic fowls are used for fletching. There are some users that prefer feathers of wild birds, but if you are still new to this, then you can give it a try with the first alternatives. The important thing here is to avoid feathers that are too big, as these can result in too much aerodynamic drag.

However, feathers that are too small should be avoided as well, as they won’t produce enough spin for the arrow to remain stable during flight. You also want to choose feathers that come from the same wing, which means either right or left.

Each of these two choices curves in one direction which causes the arrow to spin one way or another. Therefore, you want all of them to go in the same direction, as otherwise, they will fight for two different directions, causing the arrow to fly poorly.




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