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Best 3 Ghillie Suits for Bowhunting Compared in 2023

Last Updated: 04.02.23


Ghillie Suits for Bowhunting – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


Are you shopping for the best ghillie suit for bowhunting in 2023, but you don’t have enough time to read all the information listed below? Find what you need in this short paragraph that compiles all the right information for an excellent decision. According to our research, the model you should look for is the North Mountain Gear Super Natural. Hunters can rest assured that this ghillie suit will take a lot of wear and tear without anything to complain about, as it is made from durable materials. You can wear this suit in inclement weather, as the hood drawstrings, as well as the elastic cuffs will help you keep the heat inside. The entire ghillie suit weighs only one pound, so you will not feel like your movements are hindered in any way. In case the North Mountain Gear Super Natural is no longer available, we suggest the North Mountain Gear Camo Hunting, as an excellent second alternative.



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3 Best Ghillie Suits for Bowhunting (Reviews) in 2023


There are plenty of ghillie suits for sale on the market, but you still may feel hard pressed to choose the right one. We want to offer an alternative to all this headache and present you the most popular models that have already proved themselves in the eyes of users.


1. North Mountain Super Natural Camouflage Hunting Suit


All the bow hunting ghillie suit reviews can point the North Mountain Gear Super Natural as a must-have for hunters, due to its outstanding qualities. The overall design is what makes it stand out, as it is made to break the human silhouette while stalking your prey. For sure you will be able to hide in the woods, while wildlife doesn’t suspect a thing.

Even in the roughest weather conditions, this ghillie suit will prove its worth. The materials used are durable and made to withstand tough environmental conditions, so you can rest assured that you will not throw your money out the window.

You will get everything, a jacket, a pair of hunting pants, and a hood that will conceal your head. Another thing that must be said about this model is that it comes equipped with two convenient front pockets that are zippered to ensure the safety of the contents you want to carry inside.

You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit, because this ghillie suit is available in various sizes, and it also has a forgiving fit. The cuffs and waist are elastic, and the hood comes with drawstrings to help you maintain body heat inside.


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2. North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit


The North Mountain Gear Camo Hunting is the type of hunting clothing that you will not want to ever leave home without. The special 3D design imitates the natural environment where wildlife lives, which means that you can walk around, without drawing attention to yourself.

If you are hunting in cold weather, it doesn’t hurt to get some hunting socks to keep you warm, but, for the means of concealment, consider investing in a ghillie suit like this one. Made from polyester, it is easy to wash, and also it allows your body to breathe easily.

Male and female hunters alike will find it a great choice, as it offers a forgiving fit, and you don’t have to struggle to find a suit to your liking. The hooded jacket provides you with total concealment, and it is also convenient.

Any good ghillie suit for bowhunting should come with a pair of pants that are convenient to wear. In this case, the pants have both an elastic waist and a drawstring, so that you don’t have to worry about not finding the right fit. The mid-weight shell of the jacket makes sure that you will be able to wear this in all weather conditions.


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3. North Mountain Gear Hybrid Woodland Camouflage Ghillie Suit


You might be surprised by how lightweight this ghillie suit is. Designed to weigh only half the weight of a full-fledged ghillie suit, this model offers you a more than fair share of advantages. First of all, it is made from durable materials, and the 3D leaves look exactly like the real thing, for maximum concealment power.

There is no shedding to worry about, and you can be sure that your money is well spent. The jacket comes with a full front button design, and the cuffs are elastic, while the hood comes with a drawstring. When the weather gets nasty, all you will have to do will be just to pull the drawstring more, so that you remain well protected inside.

The slits on the sides of the pants allow you to reach your pockets with ease. The pants also have elastic ankles and waist for an easy fit. You will get this model in two colors: green and brown, which you can pick depending on the season when you most like to go hunting.

You can use this ghillie suit for a broad range of activities, from bow hunting to paintball matches. Anyone who wears this model can hide in the woods and no one will know where they are. For the element of surprise, there is no better choice.


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Buying guide


If you are on the lookout for the best bowhunting ghillie suit, there are several aspects you need to bear in mind. A ghillie suit must have certain qualities, if you want to be able to conceal yourself from prey, and maximize your chances of success as a hunter.

We are compiling here all the most interesting and helpful features you should look for in a ghillie suit so that you never make a bad purchasing decision again.

Concealment factor and durability

You cannot have a good quality ghillie suit without a proper concealment factor. The model you are going to wear must have the right camouflage pattern for the type of woodlands or environment you intend to hunt in

One thing that hunters appreciate in a ghillie suit is that they can even hide their bow arrows from view, as the pattern of the suit breaks the outline of the human silhouette, making it impossible for the possible prey to detect you.

Don’t forget that durability is essential, and you cannot have a good ghillie suit if it is not made from high-quality materials. Search for models from the best manufacturers available so that you don’t throw money out the window


A forgiving fit and total weight

Armed with a bow case, and wearing your ghillie suit, you should be ready for action. But let’s not forget that you should first pick a suit that is a good fit. Also, you don’t want a model that weighs a lot, because that will slow you down.

The best performance ghillie suits available are those that offer a forgiving fit. While they are available in different sizes, they are usually large enough and easy to adjust. Also, you should search for ghillie suits that don’t weigh more than one pound


Comfort above all

When you go shopping for this type of hunting clothing, comfort should always be on your mind. It doesn’t matter if you use recurve bows or compound bows, you should be comfortable enough in your ghillie suit to move around with ease.

A ghillie suit with convenient pockets for keeping your valuables is ideal. Also, you need a jacket with a hood for a maximum concealment factor. Elastic cuffs and ankles serve for keeping the body heat inside, for maximum comfort. Breathable materials are a must, too, because you surely don’t want to end up sweating too much.






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