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Best Ghillie Suit for Deer Hunting in 2023. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Top Ghillie Suits for Deer Hunting Reviewed and Compared


If you are determined to buy the best ghillie suit for deer hunting you can get, but you don’t have the time to do the research, this short paragraph can clue you in. After doing the research on your behalf, we have concluded that the Red Rock Outdoor Suit is the product that you should consider investing in. The model is made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and it is said to be somewhat breathable and lightweight. Furthermore, the unit is made up of five pieces that make it easy for one to put it on. Besides, the included gun wrap has a drawstring that allows the user to conceal his/her gun with little to no effort. If the item is unavailable, feel free to take a good look at the North Mountain Gear Suit, as it is a reliable unit that you might also want to consider.



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3 Best Ghillie Suits for Deer Hunting (Reviews) in 2023


If you are looking for the best ghillie suit for deer hunting in 2023, but you are not sure what models to check out, we recommend that you read this following list of products as it contains info on a couple of items that have received excellent reviews from both previous buyers and the specialists.



1. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit


The first thing that you might want to know about the product developed by Red Rock Outdoor is the fact that, initially, it was created to be worn by the military and/or snipers. Hence, this model is highly reliable and effective, as it can help you hide in plain sight.

On top of that, the model stands out because it is breathable and, overall comfortable to wear. The item has a polyester and spandex construction and, because of this, it is not difficult to wear it while hunting deer. Besides, the model comes in various colors and patterns so that you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

In order to completely cater to the requirements of the users, the product comes shipped with elastic jacket cuffs, a pair of hunting pants that have a drawstring, a snap closing jacket and an adjustable chin strap hood. Therefore, the model can be adjusted to fit your body’s shape fully.

The model is made out of five parts: a jacket, a pair of pants, a gun wrap, a hood, and a stuff sack that has an easy-to-maneuver carry strap. As a plus, the hood featured in the design of the product can adequately cover the head and the neck of the user for complete camouflage.


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2. North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit Camo Hunting


Another product that you might want to consider is the suit produced by North Mountain. Differently from a regular camo jacket for hunting, this item is worthy of your attention as it can help you blend in any environment. In fact, this 3D suit is highly appreciated for its ability to keep its user hidden at all times. Hence, one’s chances of shooting deer will be significantly increased.

As a plus, the model is quite fitting and overall very comfortable. The product is made from a breathable material, and it delivers a very much quiet and fleece-like performance. Also, this unisex ghillie features double stitched, full cut leaves that can conceal your presence effortlessly.

Moreover, this suit includes a jacket that incorporates a practical hood and that has a full front zipper closure. Also, the model has two front pockets where you can store different items. The already mentioned jacket also comes fitted with elastic cuffs and waist so that it can accommodate your size.

Furthermore, the model might also interest you as it is weatherproofed. In other words, the unit can be utilized on both hot days as well as in cold weather conditions.


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3. Hybrid Woodland YITAOTTG Camouflage Ghillie Suit


If you are in the market for a product that can stand the test of time, the North Mountain Hybrid Woodland might be just the item that you need. This model has an upgraded design that guarantees almost zero shedding.

To make the item even more durable, the manufacturer has constructed it by using a combination of 3-D fabrics and string. As a result, this product can effectively break up the human outline. Hence, the game won’t be alerted by your presence, and you’ll have a better chance at catching something. Also, the unit is fitted with a standard micro camo interior mesh that you are deemed to find useful.

The jacket included in the design of the item is a full front button model, and it also features elastic cuffs and a drawstring. Moreover, the drawstring incorporated in the construction of the jacket can be used to adjust the fit of the hood. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that this model was made in such a way so that it is able to withstand the tough weather conditions that most hunters have to deal with. Last but not least, the item has received great reviews from previous buyers.


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Buying guide


If you are determined to purchase a good deer hunting ghillie suit, but you don’t know much about the topic, we recommend that you read this buying guide as it contains info that you might find useful.

Consider comfort

According to deer hunting ghillie suits reviews, one of the most important features that you should not ignore is the comfort of the unit. In fact, the product that you end up purchasing should enable you to move freely in it

This feature is essential to have in mind as, just like in the case of a hunting vest, one should not feel a level of discomfort due to the ill construction of the model. Besides, one should also not ignore the materials that were used to make the unit.


Concealment and weight

If you are on a budget, before you select the first model that you find for sale, it is advisable that you analyze the type of pattern that the item has. Therefore, just like when purchasing an Ameristep hunting blind, it is best that you select a product that fits in the type of environment that you intend to hunt in.

Additionally, you should make sure that the product that you have opted for can also conceal your weapon. This way, you can be sure that the game won’t be able to see you. Also, it might be a good idea to purchase an item that comes provided with a stuff bag that is also made from camouflage

What is more, the weight of the product should also be something that you have in mind. Thus, it is best that you get a model that is not too heavy, as it might prove difficult to wear and/or carry from one hunting location to another.


Additional features

Lastly, no matter if you buy a cheap ghillie suit for deer hunting or a rather expensive model, you should also make sure that the purchased product is versatile. From this point of view, it might be practical to know that some manufacturers create units that can also be utilized when playing airsoft or paintball. Therefore, if you are a fan of these sports, you might be interested in investing in such a product.

If you follow these recommendations, we are confident that you’ll end up with a good product. Also, if you are passionate about hunting, you should also take a good look at this article on how to pick a hunting flashlight.




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