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Best Ghillie Suit for Turkey Hunting in 2024. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Ghillie Suits for Turkey Hunting Reviewed and Compared


If you’re looking to pick up a new outdoor activity, hunting could prove a great option. Apart from the actual thrill of hunting your prey, you’ll also have to build up your character by always thinking one step ahead of the prey and developing your patience. And trust us, you will require plenty of patience and the best ghillie suit for turkey hunting in 2024 for this activity. And if you don’t have the time to look for such a product yourself, we’ve got you covered. After conducting our own thorough research, we have concluded that a reliable ghillie is the one by North Mountain Gear Leafy. The costume is made of high-quality fabrics to keep you warm and protected throughout the day. The jacket comes with pockets and an attached hood, while the pants are easy to put on in just a matter of seconds. If this suit is not available for sale, a good alternative would be the North Mountain Gear Hybrid.



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3 Best Ghillie Suits for Turkey Hunting (Reviews) in 2024


Although listing all the ghillies designed for turkey hunting would be impossible, we did come up with a list of three items that we think meet the most important criteria. Here is everything you should know about these products.


1. SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit


The costume comes in two different sizes – Large and X-Large and is already designed with a loose fit so, unless you’re a bigger person, we suggest going for the Large size. The ghillie consists of a jacket and a pair of pants, each coming with the perfect camouflage print to ensure you easily blend in with the rest of the environment and not scare the turkeys away.

The jacket comes with a full front zip and two front pockets with high-quality zippers, large enough to store all your essentials, including phone, wallet, keys, and a little snack. The elastic cuffs and band around the waist ensure an adjustable yet snug fit to maintain the optimum body temperature and shelter you from harsh weather conditions or extreme sunlight. There is also an attached hood to complete your camouflage look.

The pants come with an elastic waist and ankles so you can easily put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds. The size Large measures approximately 34 inches around the waist, while the size XL measures approximately 44 inches around the waist. The costume can be worn over as many layers of clothes as you want.


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2. Yitaottg Hybrid Woodland Camouflage Ghillie Suit


This two-piece costume is available in two different colors to perfectly match the scenery of your hunting spot no matter the season. Therefore, the green ghillie works perfectly during the spring and summer time, while the brown one is mainly suitable for autumn or early spring. It is available in two sizes – M/L and XL/XXL so you’ll have plenty of room to move around and stretch your arms and legs whenever you’re tired of hunting for turkeys.

Thanks to the upgraded design, there will be no shedding, meaning your costume won’t leave a mess behind every time you use it. The ghillie is made of a unique combination of string and 3D fabrics and features a micro camouflage interior mesh to help you perfectly blend in with the rest of the environment.

The ghillie consists of a jacket and a pair of pants, each item made out of the same combination of fabrics to ensure maximum freedom of movement and comfort when wearing. The jacket features a full front button and an attached hood that will protect you from wind, rain, and harmful sun rays. The pants come with a loose fit so you’ll easily put them on and take them off.


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3. Ultra Light Camouflage Jacket Pants Leafy Ghillie Hunting Suit


This affordable and very lightweight ghillie is perfect for your daily turkey hunting games. It weighs just one pound meaning you can easily wear for the entire day without feeling tired or refraining your freedom of movement. It is made of a strong inner shell and features plenty of laser-cut leaves. It is also delivered in its own storage carry bag so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

The ghillie set consists of a separate jacket and a pair of pants, each made of the same materials and featuring the same camouflage print to help you easily blend in with the rest of the environment. The camo hunting jacket features a full front zipper and an attached hood to keep your head protected from wind and rain, as well as two large pockets to help you easily store all your essentials, including phone, keys, a small knife, and even a snack or two.

The set is available in three different sizes – Large, X-Large, and XX-Large, so make sure to pick the right size according to your height and weight.


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Whoever said hunting for turkeys can’t be fun certainly didn’t know about the power of a great ghillie. These items are not only perfect for stakeout missions but can also help you enjoy endless hours of fun hiding out with your friends in the woods. So, if you’re looking for the best turkey hunting ghillie suit, here are some of the most important features you need to consider


There are a few types of ghillies available, depending on the type of the activity you are about to perform. So which ghillie is the right one for you? If you plan on wearing it during airsoft or paintball playing sessions, you will require one that provides maximum mobility or freedom of movement.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to use the ghillie just for hunting purposes, you can opt for a rather close-fit cut that keeps you warmer. If you’re not entirely sure which product to choose, why not first go through some turkey hunting ghillie suits reviews? Most customers who order these products leave detailed feedbacks that might come in handy for you too.


Size and fit

The size and the overall fit of these products are also important as you’ll probably have to wear them for prolonged periods of time, especially if you’re out there hunting. Most of the ghillies feature a jacket and a pair of pants, each coming with the same camouflage print.

We suggest ordering the size that is the closest to the one you usually wear when it comes to jackets or outdoor equipment. These ghillies are mainly designed with a loose fit so they will allow extra room for a lightweight hunting jacket or an additional pair of pants underneath.

As for the main features of the jacket, we believe that pockets are mandatory. They allow you to store all your essentials, including a small sharp hunting knife or even a snack or two.


Other things to consider

The success of your turkey hunting game doesn’t only depend on the ghillie used. On the contrary, there should be a perfect harmony between the costume and the rest of your hunting gear – this is why we consider that it is mandatory to also come equipped with a pair of hunting boots for cold weather.

And, although you may not require a hunting face mask, wearing a full camouflage hunting face paint can help you better blend in with the environment and enhance your chances of catching turkeys, deer or any other animals.






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