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Best Heated Gloves for Hunting

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Heated gloves for hunting – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are interested in the best hunting heated gloves for the money, but you do not have the time to do the research on the topic, we’ve got you covered. After assessing the market by reading what previous buyers had to say about certain products, and after taking into account the experts’ opinions, we have concluded that the Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens is the option that you should think about purchasing. These gloves can supply you with long-lasting hand protection because they feature heated warmers. As a plus, you can use your electronic devices while wearing these mittens, as they are compatible with touch-sensitive technology. The model can be used for numerous events and outdoor activities and it is said to be quite comfortable. If this choice is out of stock, be sure to consider the Savior Heated Gloves as they have also received positive reviews from fellow users.



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3 Best Heated Gloves for Hunting (Reviews) in 2023



While we can’t make the right decision for you, we can at least point you in the right direction. You’ll find some of the most critically acclaimed products in this line showcased below. If you have the time and if you haven’t made your final call just yet, take the time to read the following reviews.



1. Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens


These mittens are made specifically to be used with HotHands warmers, and we had to note that so as to give you the correct information. They are convenient, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off, which means that they are highly usable. Keep in mind that you will have to remove the part that covers your fingers to better maneuver your weapon.

The model is outfitted with a TruGrip leather palm and it comes with integrated pockets that you can use to hold your HotHands warmers in place. There’s also a 3M Thinsulate layer of insulation included, and that’s definitely capable of keeping your hands warm even in inclement weather.

What’s rather nice about these heated mittens is that you aren’t limited with regard to how you can use them. You can take your dog for a walk in the park, engage in some serious snowboarding, or go out hunting for a big buck — and all of this as you wear these fleece mittens. You can even wear them when you go to a game when it’s cold outside.

Some owners have improved their mittens through the use of DIY ideas – they applied Velcro dots on them to prevent them from opening when doing work like snow shoveling.

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2. Savior Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery


The Savior model is a little more technologically advanced compared to some of the other gloves in this line, and that’s because it relies on the use of a Lithium Ion battery to provide you with the warmth you need on particularly chilly days. The product is available in several sizes, so it speaks to the needs of a wider array of users compared to others.

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know that the construction of these gloves render them so effective that you will feel the heat created by the batteries in as little as thirty seconds. As such, you won’t have to deal with the cold for too long before you start being comfortable.

The gloves are accompanied by a pair of 2200 Lithium Polymer battery packs whose runtime is estimated at four hours. That should be more than enough for someone who isn’t interested in spending a whole day out hunting. It’s also worth noting that you might not need to turn them on when you’re walking and generally engaging in physical exercise, because you’ll find it harder to feel the cold in your fingertips or palms.

This unit has acquired quite a good deal of critical acclaim, and you’ll notice that some people even use the gloves for their daily commute if they live in cold regions of the United States.

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3. Turtle Fur Lectra Electric Battery Heated Gloves


If you want something simple and easy to use, maybe the Lectra choice is a safe bet. On the one hand, the color will allow you to use the gloves whenever you’re running errands on a daily basis as no one will know that you primarily use the product for hunting. On the other, this exact detail might be a drawback if you hunting during the day and not at night.

The neat thing about this product is that it’s powered by a D-cell battery, with the help of which it can provide warmth for as many as six to eight hours. So, in terms of performance and efficiency, you really have nothing to worry about if you decide to go for this choice.

If you start feeling that your hands are too warm, all you have to do is shut them off, and you’ll be able to feel comfortable for a decent amount of time. The versatility of the Lectra Electric can’t be denied given that thanks to its user-friendly design, the product can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as skiing, ice fishing, and any sporting events. Apparently, it works great for hunting.

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Buying guide


Getting the best heated gloves can be a real challenge nowadays, what with the many alternatives available for sale out there. If you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, we suggest taking the time to read our comprehensive buyer’s guide. It’s packed with useful info you should pay attention to so as to ensure that your chosen gloves offer more than enough value.

Size and length

Finding the right fit can be a nuisance, but there’s one thing you can do to avoid all sorts of headaches. Measure out the circumference of your hand and the length of your fingers. Then match these dimensions to those provided in the size chart made available by the manufacturing brand.

In case you’re still having trouble telling whether the gloves run small or large, it might be a good idea to read as many hunting gloves reviews as possible. It’s safe to say that a displeased customer will let you know whatever went wrong with the heated gloves and whether they fit right or not.



The way that the glove was made also matters, as well as the material used in its development. It goes without saying that what you are looking for is a pair that can keep your palm and fingers warm, but that doesn’t mean that your hands should get sweaty. In fact, if your hands are clammy, maybe you won’t be able to feel comfortable enough to focus on your hunting. Your moisture-laden fingers might be the reason you can’t pull the trigger properly.

While the fabric that the gloves are made of on the whole matters less, a breathable lining matters more. Make sure to look for this specific feature if you want to keep feeling at ease all throughout your hunting experience.


Batteries and design

While for some hunters, a camo design might matters less especially if they do their hunting at night, for others it might be a rather important feature.

As for the batteries, it is recommended that you choose a model that works with standard ones, be they AA or AAA ones. You could also select a model that’s equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. The point we’re trying to make is that, should you choose a product that works with standard batteries, there wouldn’t be anything stopping you from keeping a spare pair in one of your pockets.

Also, the best cold weather hunting gloves in this line should be able to keep your hands warm for a minimum of two hours on a charge. You can find out all you need to know about this detail by going through some consumer reports.



Unavailable products


QILOVE Electric Battery Rechargeable


This affordable pair of heated gloves is made from reliable materials and has been found to withstand the test of time. It is a convenient alternative mostly because it uses AA batteries, so you will be able to keep your hands warm at all times provided that you take a spare pair with you everywhere you’re hunting.

The model will keep your fingers and palm feeling cozy and comfortable since it can heat its inner surface up to 95 to 113 degrees F. Having been equipped with a warm and soft lining, these gloves can allow your skin to feel at ease. At the time of this writing, there were no complaints with regard to whether or not these gloves make hunters’ hands clammy.

As per usual, some of the dislikes expressed by some owners are related to the sizing. Some buyers say that getting a medium pair is a bad idea given that the dimensions are plain wrong. However, taking the time to check the size chart can prevent any mishap in this sense.

All in all, the QILOVE alternative seems to be well-made and convenient. You can even use rechargeable AA batteries with these gloves if you want. Keep in mind that this product does not have a camo design.



Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens


If you are in search of a model that can supply you with the necessary protection during the cold days of winter, this might be just the unit that you need. What makes these mittens stand out is that they come provided with integrated pockets where you can introduce the pair of HotHands warmers that is also included in the price.

Even more so, all interested buyers should know that the warmers were made from natural materials, including iron powder, wood fiber, and activated charcoal so that your hands are kept warm when the temperatures drop. Additionally, these mittens are considered safe and long-lasting.

Another aspect that you should remember is that these gloves are odorless and that they are ready to use right out of the box. As the seller points out, this choice has been approved by the TSA. Due to their versatile design, you can use them when hunting, fishing, but also on a day-to-day basis.

At the time we did the research, this item had received positive reviews from former buyers. Most of them have appreciated that these gloves are comfortable and pretty warm. Also, fellow hunters consider them a good purchase and they recommend them.



Flambeau Synthetic F200-CL


If what you’re looking for is a pair of gloves that can allow you to blend in the natural environment where your targets live and breathe, perhaps the Flambeau choice might make a perfect option.

This model is designed with the needs of hunters in mind, which means that it comes with a quality insulation and a synthetic palm equipped with a non-slick grip. These features will enable you to use your gun or bow conveniently.

Besides, it’s worth adding that the F200-CL is waterproof, which is not something that can be said about all heated gloves. Nothing’s more uncomfortable than having snow seep through the seams of your glove.

Another aspect that sets this model aside from the rest is that it comes with two temperature settings, one for high and the other for low. You don’t see this feature in too many products of this kind. Also, the battery that the Flambeau alternative is outfitted with is Lithium-Ion and is capable of providing enough heat for as many as four hours.

The battery is rechargeable. So, on the one hand, this product is less convenient as it doesn’t work with standard batteries, but on the other, the 4-hour runtime is more than decent.



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