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Best Hunting Bib

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Hunting bibs – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are in the market for the best hunting bib money can get you, but you don’t have the needed time to do the research on your own, we can help. After assessing what the specialists and previous buyers had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the Arctix Men’s Essential is the product that you should consider investing in. This choice is made of 100% polyester, and it features no less than 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation so that you are kept warm and comfortable in cold weather. The item also includes adjustable suspenders so that its users are provided with a perfect fit. Nonetheless, it should be said that 600 Denier Ballistic was used to reinforce the scuff, ankle and the hem guards of the bib for extra durability. If this model is unavailable, feel free to take a good look at the Walls Men’s Insulated as it has also received positive reviews from users.



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6 Best Hunting Bibs (Reviews) in 2024


We have not established ourselves as experts in hunting apparel but we do know that the following products described in the paragraphs below deserve your utmost consideration when shopping for a pair of hunting bib overalls.



1. Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls


This model is made of polyester, and it features 85-gram ThermaTech insulation so that you are kept warm at temperatures ranging from -4 to +95 F degrees. What is more, this choice is not at all bulky and, thus, your movements will not be hindered in any way.

To supply all its users with a comfortable fit, the item includes adjustable suspenders that have elasticized side gussets. The model is regarded as highly durable as it was constructed using 600 Denier Ballistic. The ankles, the hem guards and the scuff of the pants were also reinforced.

According to the seller, this item can hold up against daily wear and tear. Because it features boot zippers, you won’t find it at all challenging to put on and to take off your shoes. A convenient O-ring where you can place your keys or your gloves is also included in the design of the bib.


This option comes fitted with boot gaiters that have grippers so that any kind of moisture is kept out of your boots.

Because they have a relaxed fit, these pants are quite comfortable, even when worn for hours on end.

Even more so, the two hand warmer pockets that the item has are very practical. The bib is water and wind resistant.

It has been noted that this product is highly durable and, therefore, a good fit for those that enjoy hunting in the cold season.


There have been owners that claimed that the bibs that they received had defective zippers. Yet, the number of those that had to deal with this issue is limited.

One buyer pointed out that the product that he was shipped was not particularly durable, as one of the straps of the bib snapped after the first day of use. However, no other similar reports have been made.

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2. Walls Men’s Insulated Bib


Another model worthy of your attention is the Walls Men’s Insulated. This camouflaged overall has practical adjustable shoulder straps that have quick-release buckles as well as elastic inserts at the back. Consequently, you won’t find it difficult to move when wearing this bib.

The shell of the choice features 6 ounces of polyester insulation so that the hunter wearing it is supplied with sufficient warmth during the colder days. The incorporated polyester lining also helps retain your body heat so that you feel comfortable while wearing the model.

Two hand-warmer chest pockets have also been integrated into the design of the product. These pockets also have brushed lining. The two-way front zipper of the option and the ankle-to-thigh leg zippers are also highly appreciated by fellow hunters. As some buyers have remarked, this item fits as expected and is easy to put on and to take off.


This bib is highly comfortable, and it is large enough for one to wear regular clothes underneath it. Because of its insulation, the item is perfect for the cold hunting season.

Users have noted that the material used in making this bib is durable and likely to pass the test of time.

If you are searching for a product that is easy to put on and take off, this is the unit that you should consider purchasing.

Provided that you use the sizing chart made available by the seller, you will most likely end up with an item that fits just right.


One user claimed that the bib that he received shrunk after being washed for the first time. No other similar reports were made at the time we carried out our research.

Some owners were unhappy with the fit of the product. Still, a sizing chart is available for consultation.

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3. Berne Men’s Original Camouflage Insulated Bib


This insulated bib comes in a camouflage pattern that most users have spoken highly of. This alternative is made of various fibers and, according to the seller, it is machine washable. So, you won’t find it difficult to clean it in between uses.

To make yourself less visible to the game, this bib also has anti-reflective zippers and hardware. Plus, the water-repellent finish of the model is likely to keep you dry in case of bad weather. For extra convenience, this item features full-length leg zippers. This way, you will have no troubles when it comes to putting on your boots.

Because of the insulated high-back construction of the choice, you will be able to wear it no matter how low temperature gets. The inside storm flap that the bib has is another feature that makes it worthy of your consideration. What is more, the material used in making it is not at all noisy.


Given that this product comes in various sizes, chances are that you will find a measurement that suits you perfectly.

This unit is designed to be a tad large so that your movements will not be hindered. Consequently, you will be able to bend freely.

Numerous owners have noted that this choice has a sturdy construction. Because of this, hunters warmly recommend it.

This option has leg zippers that extend above the knee and plenty of practical pockets where you can store gear and other essentials.


One user claimed that the unit is too large in the crotch area and, as a result, he said that it is somewhat uncomfortable. No other complaints of this kind have been made.

Although the model was created to be used during the cold season, some buyers pointed out that this bib is not warm enough for when hunting in freezing temperatures or lower.

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4. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Silent Adrenaline Hunting Bibs


Another silent insulated bib that you should not overlook is this item sold by Guide Gear. As the seller notes, this model is warm and durable and, more importantly, silent, as it was manufactured using a blending of cotton and polyester. Also, the item comes fitted with numerous features that enhance your movements.

The fabric utilized in the manufacturing process is durable and water repellent so that you will be able to climb, crouch and twist effortlessly no matter the weather. The insulation integrated into the construction of the product is capable of keeping you warm.

What is more, this bib features double-reinforced knees and a gusseted crotch for ease of movement. The 13.5″ leg zippers that the product features make it easy for the user to put it on and to take it off, regardless of the kind of boots that he/she is wearing.


For extra comfort, this model comes provided with adjustable elastic shoulder straps that have buckles for a perfect fit, no matter your size.

An elastic waistband and numerous pockets are also incorporated into the design of the unit.

Numerous owners have pointed out that this bib is exceptionally silent. In fact, one hunter claims that the model is as quiet as regular clothes.

Because it is waterproof, while wearing this option, you don’t have to worry about having to deal with the consequences of hunting in rainy weather.


Although the product has received plenty of positive reviews, it has been remarked that, when compared to other similar counterparts, this bib is kind of expensive.

One owner said that the model that he received was a little snug. However, he was happy with the quality and overall performance of the choice. Also, most of the buyers were satisfied with the fit of the product.

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5. Rivers West Ambush Bib


If you enjoy using the gear sold by Rivers West, chances are that you will consider this product a great pick. The choice comes with zippered chest pockets that have been lined for extra warmth. You can use them whenever you want to get your hands heated.

The extra cargo pockets that the bib features come provided with oversized D-rings that are quite useful. The heavy-duty zipper that opens and closes the bib functions both ways, and it is thought to be quite durable by previous buyers.

If you decide to use the reversed buckle suspender belt that is also included in the deal, you can transform the bibs into pants. Boot zippers that have storm flies are also featured so that you can put on and take off your shoes easily.

Another feature that might catch your attention is the fact that the choice was constructed from a waterproof and yet breathable material.


This alternative is machine washable. However, because it is made of fleece, this product should not be bleached or tumble dried. No fabric softeners should be utilized when washing it.

Furthermore, this unit is soft and quiet, which is why so many hunters like and recommend it.  Even more so, the quality of the bib is recognized by all its buyers.

Because the seller has provided its interested customers with a sizing chart, selecting a model that suits you should not be difficult.

This bib is perfect when used as cold weather outerwear. The warm insulation and the sherpa-fleece lining add to its overall comfort. Additionally, this item is waterproof.


There have been users that claimed that this bib is rather expensive. Still, most of its owners are happy with the investment.

When compared to other similar products, it becomes clear that this model does not come fitted with numerous extra features.

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6. Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Scent Control Barrier Bib


The Under Armour Coldgear Men’s overalls carry some of the best clothing technology from Under Armor. These camo insulated bib overalls feature adjustable suspenders that enables you to fix the fit so you can wear the clothing comfortably and snugly for freedom of movement as you go about your hunting tasks.

The secure hand pockets allow you to slip your hands in them for warmth. Thanks to the integrated Storm Technology, the hunting bib is exceptionally resistant to water and the wind, so you stay dry and warm when hunting in uncooperative weather conditions. No need to bring more pieces of protective clothing than necessary.

The exclusive UA ColdGear Infrared Technology utilizes a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating that absorbs and retains the heat of the human body, so you stay warm and toasty when hunting in chilly weather. The proprietary UA Scent Control technology enables the material of the bib to trap and suppress odors, so the hunter stays almost undetectable by the prey, helping them plan their next action accordingly.

The bib overalls also have strategic insulated padding that provides protection from the unevenness of the terrain while ensuring warmth and comfort in the padded areas. The secure cargo pockets enable you to store essential hunting items conveniently within easy reach.


Designed to keep you warmer longer, this pair of bib overalls is engineered with the exclusive UA ColdGear Infrared Technology that employs a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating that absorbs and retains the heat of your body, so you stay warm and toasty even when hunting in very cold weather.

The bib overalls also incorporate the legendary UA Storm Technology that makes them extremely resistant to the wind and water to keep you dry even when the hunting trail becomes unfriendly as you pursue your prey.

The UA Scent Control Technology works to trap and suppress odors, so hunters remain nearly undetectable by the prey to allow them to devise their plan of option intelligently for a successful hunting adventure.

The adjustable suspenders enable you to obtain a nice, snug, and comfortable fit so you don’t end up with either a loose or tight pair of overalls that can only hinder your mobility.


Although the knees are reinforced to ensure extra durability, the material on them is not completely waterproof so the hunter should avoid kneeling on the wet ground.

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Buying guide


There was a period in human history where hunting served as a means of survival but in these modern times, most people now consider it a sport instead of being a necessity. It follows that the tools and apparel for the activity have undergone dramatic changes, either in technology or total functionality or both. What do you really need to look at when considering the different products highlighted in the best hunting bib reviews?

The best bib overalls for hunting deliver protection from the elements

The climate you are hunting in will pretty much determine the level of water resistance you need in your hunting bib. While some hunting bib overalls are simply water-resistant, there are others that are waterproof. Of course, the prey you are after as well as the hunting location dictates what you should get.

If you simply need clothes that are able to resist water penetration to some degree but not completely, water resistance should be enough. Water-repellent materials are not penetrated easily by water and they have the necessary surface coating or treatment for that purpose. Total imperviousness to water is in waterproof materials. While you may need to stay dry in order to keep warm during long hunts, the degree of water shielding will vary according to your needs.

Some products come with the Drytec water repellent treatment that protects you from the wetness when trudging in snow and rain but not particularly when you have to walk through swamps or sit in a puddle. On the other hand, Tricot is a material and not just an applied chemical like Drytec, and it is utilized in the bib shell to make the clothing waterproof.

Insulation is secondary to waterproof ability because when you are soaked, the insulation will not be of any use. Most synthetic materials lose their insulation abilities except for wool. Nonetheless, you will have to find the right Thinsulate rating in grams to suit your hunting location.

Insulation can be a tricky element as you won’t need too little or too much of it. There might be a need to dress in layers underneath the bib overalls, which will allow you to remove some clothing when needed. Removable hoods, liners, and gloves are helpful extras. A good-quality front zipper and adjustable suspenders can facilitate clothing removal aside from making it easy to get into and out of the bib overalls.

You can also opt for sheer, which is made from wool so it works in a similar manner as Thinsulate. Sheer features thin fibers that absorb the air molecules to seal out the cold air.


The best hunting bibs for cold weather should also be comfortable and durable

There can often be many hours of waiting and sitting still or just moving very slowly so as not to spook the prey when hunting. When you hunt in cold or chilly weather, there’s a real tendency for your body temperature to drop because of the sedentary activity. Layering is always sensible in these conditions. However, bib overalls should be able to trap body heat and absorb it so you stay warmer longer.

Natural fabrics are great for warm hunting clothes as they stay breathable while being able to retain body heat.

As with any other outdoor gear, hunting bib overalls need to be made of rugged or tough material. Weak seams are a sign of low-quality apparel, as they can lead to tears or holes that wear through. Check the seams and hems for any signs of weakness in the construction. There shouldn’t be any loose strings or stitches.

You hunt using deadly weapons so safety is of prime importance in any aspect of your gear. This is why a snug and comfortable fit is needed from your hunting bib overalls. A tight bib can limit your range of mobility just as a loose fit will. Your hunting weapon could get snagged in the loose clothing as well.

The best deer hunting bibs enable you to enjoy success through revolutionary fabric technology

While orange safety gear is required by many states, you can simply use a hunting vest to achieve that objective. Camouflage patterns or simply Camo is a type of material most often associated with hunting stands as opposed to blaze orange.

While camo hunting apparel frequently comes in browns and greens, you can find a variety of styles and colors that enable the easy blending with the hunting environment. You can find snow camouflage clothes that feature white instead of green tones. You can even get camo made with photo-realistic images of actual nature scenes such as snow, trees, and desert.

The animal you are after has super-sharp senses so any noise can cause it to shoot off in the distance, far away from your shooting range. Therefore, you don’t want the hunting bib fabric to generate rustling or crackling sounds with your every move. Tricot is recognized for its stealth qualities.

You also want a form of ankle closure for extra warmth on your legs. In addition, there should be enough pockets that enable the storage of items that need to be within easy reach at all times. Cargo pockets are capacious for this purpose. Zipped ones offer security for the stored items and deep ones also provide the same aside from being roomier.

Scent-blocking fabric technology is another innovation in hunting apparel. You can’t get anywhere close to your prey if it can detect your scent or natural body odor.



Unavailable products


Realtree X96110AX9


Made of 100 percent polyester, the Men’s Realtree X96110AX9 hunting bib offers versatility and ease of use thanks to its flexible material. This bib features a 6-ounce, 100-percent waterproof and breathable, polyester brushed tricot shell that seals out the water and moisture while still being comfortable on the body and against the skin to prevent chafing and irritation.

The bib has been seam-sealed to ensure that the moisture stays out so the fabric next to the skin stays dry and rash-free. The polyester material makes the bib machine-washable for stress-free care and maintenance. You won’t mind wearing this hunting bib for long periods, as it comes with a practical overall design to keep you covered feet up.

You can experience ultimate warmth, dryness, and performance with this insulated garment. It supports your extreme hunting activities with its diamond-quilted Thinsulate insulation that keeps the cold out and preserves your body heat so you are warm and toasty when hunting in unfriendly weather.

The lining is treated with the ingenious Scentrex scent control, which ensures that the target does not become aware of your presence via your human scent. The back waist comes with elastic inserts that enable you to move freely during the hunt. The hem of the back leg is outfitted with a scuff guard to ensure the durability of the pants section.


If you are looking for a nice and functional pair of duck hunting bibs, you should definitely consider this product with its 100 percent polyester-brushed tricot shell that offers 100 percent breathability and waterproof capability.

The bib has a seam-sealed construction along with a sixth-skin 8000mm/5000mm lamination to keep the water out when you have to go after your target through swamps and streams without getting wet all over.

The diamond-quilted Thinsulate insulation keeps you warm and comfortable when the weather is simply unforgiving and you have to walk the trail while staying unaffected by the elements.

To ensure that the prey doesn’t detect your presence, the bib overalls are treated with a cutting-edge Scentrex scent control system on the lining to mask your scent from the target.

To enable you to move freely, this hunting bib features elastic inserts at the back waist.


One customer who might not have ordered the right size noted that the hunting bib is a bit roomy and long.




Walls 93205AX9


The Walls Women’s 93205AX9 is a nice pair of bib overalls for the female hunter who values functionality and fashion in a single piece of hunting clothing. The lovely Realtree Camo pattern allows the lady hunter to remain undetected by the prey by blending into the surroundings easily. The female hunter will surely love the stylish plum accents that contribute to the overall look of the overalls.

Made out of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, these bib overalls are easy to maintain. You can place them in the machine for washing, so you won’t need to launder them laboriously by hand. The exquisite combination of cotton and polyester brushed twill delivers a comfortable feel against the skin to prevent chafing and irritation.

The shell is made durable and comfortable with its polyester-cotton material blend that keeps the water out so you can trudge through the hunting trail in unfriendly weather without worrying that you’ll get soaked through. The Drytec water-repellent finish seals the moisture out, so you stay dry while hunting.

The plum contrasting fabric inside the waistband enables you to put the bib overalls on easily and quickly and also provides good eye relief. The leg hems feature draw cords that enable you to tighten them around your hunting boots to keep out the elements on the trail.


These smart women’s hunting bib overalls offer the perfect fit to provide the modern female hunter a great, stylish option to traditional hunting apparel comprising pants and jackets.

The stylish plum accents provide eye relief while enhancing the look of the bib overalls, giving the clothing a great look that speaks of good taste.

These overalls provide a perfect blend of water-repellency and sensible functionality for the purpose they serve, enabling you to enjoy every outdoor adventure easily.

Made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester brushed twill, these bib overalls offer comfort and protection from the elements while guaranteeing easy maintenance and care with their machine-washable material.

The ingenious Drytec water-repellent finish keeps the water out while also wicking away the sweat so you stay dry and your skin stays free from irritation.


The waist section has no elastic of any kind to provide stretch so it is essential that the bib overalls be ordered in the proper size.



Frogg Toggs Pro Advantage


The Frogg Toggs Pro Advantage Bib overalls offer the ultimate in lightweight yet ultra-breathable protection. Made of the Classic 50 non-woven, polypropylene fabric, this pair of hunting overalls provides long-lasting, waterproof protection along with a dependable durability to withstand exposure to the elements.

The overalls feature a 20-inch, self-threading zipper that provides a closure system of the clothing while allowing you to get in and out of the overalls effortlessly over bulky clothes. This also makes a nice piece of raingear with the adjustable elastic suspenders equipped with quick-release buckles for problem-free alterations in the torso length and for easy on-and-off as well.

The legs also come with 12-inch rustproof zippers that allow you to wear the bib over your hunting boots. The ankle closures are also adjustable as well so you can find a secure fit around the ankles to keep you covered amply from the feet up. The hook-and-loop closures on them facilitate the adjustments.

The one-inch ankle band enables you to make the adjustments effortlessly. The one-inch waistband, on the other hand, has an adjustable locking shock cord so you can get a nice fit around your body while allowing your freedom of movement. The full-cut yet lightweight design enables you to compress the bib overalls for problem-free storage.


With its Realtree Xtra camo design, this pair of bib overalls makes a terrific choice as a hunting bib when you are after waterfowl or deer.

The bib overalls offer the ultimate protection while hunting thanks to the ultra-breathable material that is also amazingly lightweight for trouble-free wearing.

Made with the patented Classic 50 non-woven, polypropylene fabric, this pair of overalls provides long-lasting waterproof protection along with a dependable durability to withstand the elements of the outdoors.

The 20-inch self-threading front zipper prevents stickups, so it works smoothly and consistently while providing a means to get into and out of the overalls with ease, enabling you to take them off effortlessly without having to undo many buttons or snaps.

These adjustable elastic suspenders also feature quick-release buckles that enable easy in and out while the innovative 12-inch, rustproof leg zippers enable you to wear the overalls over your hunting boots.


The fabric is not designed to be noiseless so it is upon the hunter to move carefully and noiselessly to avoid detection by the prey.



Berne Snow Field GWB515-XTA


The Women’s Berne Snow Field GWB515-XTA is a pair of bib overalls designed for the female hunter who puts a premium on quality and performance in her every apparel, including the one she uses when hunting. These overalls feature a tough shell fabric of 100 percent heavyweight cotton that is warm and soft despite its recognized durability.

The exquisite Camo design supports your need for ultimate concealment, so you are neither heard nor seen by the prey, enabling you to plan your action more easily as you hunt. This pair of overalls offers the solution for complete concealment, exceptional comfort, and amazingly quiet stealth, so you stay undetected.

The midweight insulation quilted to polyester taffeta enables the bib overalls to go smoothly over layers of clothing. The water-repellent finish protects you from the elements, so you stay dry and warm when the weather is simply unfriendly. The adjustable elasticized straps provide a snug and comfy fit on the body.

The nylon leg zippers feature a snap closure to facilitate easy on-and-off. The two reinforced hip pockets enable you to keep small items inside for quick and easy access when needed. The left pocket even comes with a nylon zip closure to secure items for storage. The two deep front pockets provide storage options as well.


These camo bib overalls are suitable for the lady hunter who has a deep passion for outdoor functionality without sacrificing her femininity thanks to its smaller female fit.

With the fabric shell made out of 100 percent heavyweight cotton, this hunting bib in Realtree Xtra Camo design provides comfort when wearing.

The camo design enables the female hunter to make the most of every outdoor adventure by staying unseen and undetected by the target, as the design blends easily with the surroundings.

The cotton material is warm and soft yet surprisingly tough for use in the outdoors while having a water-repellent finish that keeps moisture from the surroundings out, so the wearer stays dry and warm while hunting.

The adjustable, elasticized straps provide a great fit over the shoulders and around the torso while the nylon leg zippers feature a convenient snap closure for effortless on-and-off.


Probably because this product is from a less popular manufacturer compared to the others in the lineup, consumers have yet to discover its numerous benefits as a piece of hunting apparel.




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