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Best 10 Hunting Blind Bags Compared in 2024

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Hunting Blind Bags – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you’re looking for the best hunting blind bag in 2024 yet you have little time at your disposal, you might want to check our buying guide and reviews to learn more about the most appreciated products out for sale. After considering the feedback coming from customers who tried various models in this category, hunting blind bags reviews, and product specs, we have concluded that the Mossy Oak Grass Blades is the first option to consider. The bag features quality and durable fabrics that will protect its contents from getting damaged providing you with moisture protection. It also comes with multiple pockets so you can store all the things you need and it boasts a camouflage pattern that makes it suit various hunting settings. In case this product is sold out, you should consider the Delta Waterfowl Backpack as a reliable alternative in terms of quality, design, and durability.



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10 Best Hunting Blind Bags (Reviews) in 2024


Because finding and selecting the best hunting blind bag might prove to be quite a challenging task, we have compiled a list of some of the critically acclaimed products available on the market these days. The products showcased below have gathered the greatest appreciation from customers who tried them.


1. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern Ultimate Waterfowl 


It might seem of little importance but the bag you use while hunting actually counts a lot when it comes to your comfort and ease. Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories is committed to providing you with the quality and functionality you need to add to your hunting sessions. Hence its Shadow Grass Blades Pattern Ultimate Waterfowl Bag.

Designed to help you store many of the things you need to take with you when performing outdoor activities such as hunting, this bag uses durable fabrics cut in a practical design. The hard shell bottom ensures durability as well as moisture protection. Weather conditions during hunting vary, so this bag is ideal for making sure its contents stay dry.

This model features several pockets so you can take with you all those accessories and items you need. It is 11″ in height, 13.5″ in width and 10″ in depth, big enough to help you store multiple items yet small enough to make it comfortable. Its functional design is further enhanced by the adjustable padded strap, which makes it easy to carry. The camouflage pattern renders the bag perfect for various hunting settings and will match your hunting camo clothing.

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2. Alps OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag


If you feel more comfortable wearing a backpack when going for your outdoor hobbies, you might want to consider this backpack from Delta Waterfowl. Designed to meet hunting needs and to provide both functionality and comfort, this backpack is the perfect choice for a hunter who has lots of things to take to the blind.

The hard bottom construction allows the backpack to self-stand, which prevents it from falling. Plus, the bottom features an extra compartment for storage that adds to the spacious interior, several compartments, a water bottle pocket, a hard sunglass case, and choke tube holders.

Moreover, the backpack also comes with a drop down gun boot that will help you securely transport your shotgun. The product also includes a removable LED light you can use for early morning setups. Comfort is further improved by stow away game totes on the shoulder straps and a waist belt.

Durability is ensured by the first-rate fabrics and premium design elements used. The center aluminum piece will keep the backpack close to you while maintaining its form and structure while you’re wearing it. The backpack is 21.5″ height, 14″ in width, and 10″ in depth, ideal to store most of your gear.

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3. Alps OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag


Another option to consider when looking for a good hunting blind bag is the ALPS OutdoorZ Floating Blind Bag from Delta Waterfowl. This model was designed to keep your gear dry and safe while making sure your comfort is boosted, which makes it perfect to complete your hunting rain gear.

With this bag, you get to enjoy functionality, lots of storage space, and protection for your items. The main compartment features a waterproof sealed membrane and non-absorbing, closed cell foam is used to prevent water from reaching the contents you carry. The generous interior is divided so you can separate your gear.

The bag also comes with one front and two side pockets for extra storage. The product includes three choke tube sleeves and comfort is ensured by the padded carry handle and shoulder strap.

The camouflage pattern renders it perfect for many hunting settings and will match your bow hunting clothes. The bag measures 12″ W x 9″ D x 8″ H, which means it is not too big, not too small yet perfect to carry many of your hunting essentials without affecting your comfort. Its dimensions also make transporting convenient and easy.

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4. Alps OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag


You want comfort, durability, and functionality from your hunting blind bag and so does Delta Waterfowl. At least, that’s what the company had in mind when creating this Floating Deluxe Blind Bag. Designed to meet to storage needs of a hunter and various weather conditions, this bag will get you a deluxe experience while keeping you comfortable.

The main compartment features a waterproof sealed membrane that will make sure all of your items stay safe and dry when raining. The waterproof feature is further enhanced by the non-absorbing closed cell foam used to build this bag, which will make sure it won’t soak up any water.

Just like many of the products from Delta Waterfowl, this model boasts multiple pockets so you can store and divide your gear. The bag includes a removable LED light for early morning setups as well as a hard sunglasses case that will keep your sunglasses safe when you’re not wearing them.

You also get removable interior dividers for better organization and a clear valuables pocket where you can store your mobile devices or other such accessories. And because your comfort is of utmost importance, the bag comes with a deluxe hand warmer.

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5. Avery Outdoors Finisher Blind Bag Marsh Grass


Another product that is worth considering when looking for a cheap hunting blind bag is the Finisher Blind Bag from Avery Outdoors. The bag was designed with a hunter’s needs in mind, ranging from enough room to store all the necessary gear to comfort and easy transport. The item is thus ideal for a quick hunt or when in need to use a layout blind.

Since many hunting sessions call for a medium-sized bag, this model was designed to make it easy for you to carry all the hunting essentials you need while keeping the entire experience comfortable. The bag is 12″ in length, 8″ in width, and 9″ in depth, which means it is not too big, not too small, just right. The camouflage pattern will also help you remain unnoticed.

The bag features several pockets so you can separate your gear including 2 side pockets, an expandable front pocket, and a mesh calls pocket. The zippered pouch will make sure your valuables stay dry throughout your hunting session.

Transport is easy and convenient thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, metal hook closure, and padded carry handle. The quick-release buckles further enhance your comfort and ease of use.

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6. Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 


The third version of this critically-acclaimed product keeps getting better and better, and with the help of the latest UA Storm technology, your bag will be able to battle even the harshest environments. You can safely store sensitive equipment in it such as your reliable hunting GPS, knowing that the highly water-resistant finish will keep it safe.

The bottom and side panels see the use of tough and abrasion-resistant fabrics. This is a nifty addition since those are precisely the areas that see the heaviest use, as they continuously rub on the floor, ground, or get hit by branches. The front panel features a D-ring for you to attach additional pouches or smaller gear such as your hunting knife.

For additional comfort, the HeatGear shoulder strap is padded and adjustable, meaning that even when the bag is full, hunters will still be able to carry it confidently and comfortably.


One of the most significant advantages of this unit is its versatility. You can use it for a wide range of activities, and the addition of a large vented pocket makes it great for the gym as well.

With tens of colors to choose from, hunters of all backgrounds will find it extremely easy to get the model that resonates with them and their style the best.

When empty, the bag is extremely lightweight but feels very well made. The material used for the bag is effortless to clean even after long and tiring days in the field.

The large front zippered organization pocket will make it extremely easy for hunters to organize their many items in one place.


Hunters were unhappy with the fact that unlike older UA bags, this model does not feature rubber pads on the bottom, and this may end up reducing the product’s longevity.

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7. ScentLok Swat Travel Bag 


The 30-inch model is designed to accommodate any combination of gear that you might need to bring to the field. You can also rest assured knowing that your most valued equipment will be safe and sound inside. Thus, you can safely store your high-performance monocular for hunting or other sensitive gear in the bag.

ScentLok is also the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies available on the market, which is why this model too comes with superior scent control. The interior carbon absorber will neutralize scents. The absorbed scent will remain locked in by the scent flap, which will give you a better seal and more stealth in the field.

Thus, if you wish to beat the nose of big game, having gear that can keep you undetected by the prey is very important, and will definitely give you an edge over other hunters.


As we mentioned in our review, the superior scent control of this model makes it stand apart from the rest of the duffle bags available on the market, and it is undoubtedly a big advantage for hunters.

Because it uses durable materials, the bag will be capable of offering years of reliable performance. Similarly, it can also ensure that your gear will remain protected.

Apart from the large main compartment, you also get several interior mesh side pockets where you can store your smaller items for quick access.

The bottom of the bag features rubber pads so that you can slide it off the floor or ground without having to worry that the fabric will get damaged.


Customers have discovered that in order for the scent control to work, the carbon absorber will need to be replaced every season, which can end up becoming very costly.

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8. Explorer Tactical Duffle Bag 


The Explorer Tactical Duffle Bag is made with high-density 600D polyester fabric, and it features an Oxford Mossy Oak Brand Camouflage. As a plus, the unit is also water-resistant and opens wide for easy loading and unloading, allowing you to store electronics such as the latest outdoor hunting video camera.

This unit is mindfully designed with two rubber wheels for easy transportation, and two thick webbing adjustable shoulder straps with cast metal hooks which will ensure that even while carrying the bag full to the brim with equipment, the shoulder strap will be up to the task.

Thus, this option offers complete freedom of choice, and you can either use the two side handles for carrying it duffle style, or switch to the two wheels and the adjustable telescopic handle if you wish to roll the storage bag securely and efficiently since the wheels rotate to 360 degrees.


Customers were delighted with the size of this duffle bag, claiming that it is large enough to store all the essential hunting gear as well as a change of clothes and other smaller indispensable items.

This model also comes with a dual design, which allows users to get the benefit of both a duffle bag and a rolling bag, and you can switch between the two carrying modes very quickly.

The zipper closure has also received high praise, with hunters being particularly happy with the fact that it helps keep some of the odor from your gear or garments from escaping the bag and spooking the game.

Apart from the big U-shaped main compartment, you also get two long side zipper pockets that you can use to store the equipment you need to access quickly.


While it does not seem to be a widespread issue, we did find a few customers who reported that the product they received did not meet the dimensions that were advertised.

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9. Explorer Padded Gun Bag 


The Explorer model is a 22-inch rolling duffle bag made with high-quality 600D oxford fabric that is tear, mildew, fade, and water resistant. This will ensure that no matter the environment that you plan to traverse, the travel bag will be ready to face every obstacle and keep your sensitive hunting gear protected.

The secure zipper closure is another feature that gives this model an edge over the competition since it ensures that even if your pack is full, there is no chance of the items spilling over. The big U-shaped main compartment opening will allow you to store even larger items easily, such as your favorite camera tripods for hunting.

Finally, we mustn’t forget about one of the most exciting features of this model, namely the wheeled design that will allow you to carry this bag easily even when it is full of heavy equipment. The multi-directional spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering.


For hunters that like to spend a lot of time in the wild, the use of a weather resistant material will surely be appreciated.

You can store your pair of hunting boots or other hunting clothing inside the duffle bag since the material is mildew resistant.

When traveling light, you can use the two side-handles for carrying duffle style. The handles are reliably double-stitched to the bag, which adds sturdiness for everyday hunting trips.

At the bottom of the bag, the model is equipped with a high-quality plastic cushion board, which adds stability and helps it handle rugged terrain when used as a wheeled bag.


The lack of inside pockets had many hunters feel disappointed with this options since it does not allow users to organize their items smartly. Thus, when used for storing smaller items, this unit might not offer the best experience.

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10. NPUSA Mens Large 22″ 


The NPUSA model is made using 600D high-density polyester which makes it perfect for daily durable use. The interior features waterproof lining which provides increased protection from the water so that you can store all your gear without having to fear that they will get wet when the weather worsens.

The U-shaped opening of the main pocket will allow you to load even the larger items inside the bag with little hassle. Apart from the main compartment, you also get an addition of six pockets to play with. You get four on the front, two of which are zippered while the others come with a buckle strap. The last two pockets are on the side, and they are zippered as well.

Since we did mention the zippers, you should be glad to learn that they are built with durability in mind, and they won’t let water get through. The dimensions of the bag are 22 x 12 inches.


Customers were quick to praise the affordability of this model, as NPUSA has managed to offer a very low price point without sacrificing the reliability and features that hunters expect from their travel bags.

If you are not satisfied with the number of pockets this option has to offer, the unit comes with a MOLLE strap system on the sides that you can use to attach additional pouches or gear.

The bag comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that is padded if you find it more comfortable to carry the unit on your shoulder.

The main handle comes with a wrap-around Velcro strap which should provide a better grip so that it does not slide off your hand when the bag is full and heavy.


While inspecting the inside of the bag, a few buyers have reported that they found loose stitching throughout the bag, which might cause additional problems down the road.

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Buying guide


Although finding a good hunting blind bag might seem quite an easy task, reality might prove it otherwise. More often than not, little attention is paid to factors that are of great importance when it comes to the quality you get.

Since getting that one blind bag to meet your specific hunting needs might prove to be time-consuming and even challenging, we’ve underlined the main features to look for when in need of such a product, so you can save time and shop the product that caters to your needs.


The materials used

Whether you’re a beginner or already an advanced hunter, you probably know that things can get a bit messy when going for a hunt. Weather conditions can change or the setting itself might be muddy or humid.  That’s why the hunting gear you use must take into account this aspect. You want your gear to be safe and dry, so you need to look for products that feature waterproof fabrics.

Guide your blind bag shopping by this factor and you will easily eliminate bags that lack such a feature. Choose bags that have a waterproof design, so you can make sure its contents stay dry even when it’s raining.

Quality blind bags usually feature a waterproof sealed membrane at least for the main compartment and many of them are constructed with non-absorbing, closed cell foam to prevent the bag from soaking any water. A waterproof bag will help you protect your gear and prolong its life.


Storage capacity

Hunting requires various accessories and all sorts of items to make things go smoothly. This means enough room to store them. You might not always go for long hunting sessions yet your bag should be ready to help you with both quick and long hunts. Hence storage capacity is the second thing to keep in mind when going shopping.

It’s best to go for a medium-sized bag. This way, you’ll make sure it will fit your various needs. You need it to be big enough to store your hunting essentials. At the same time, you need it small enough to ensure your comfort is not affected and that you can easily transport it.

The most popular bags are 11″ in height, 13.5″ in width and 10″ in depth, which means most hunters feel comfortable with this size. Still, your needs decide what you to buy. A bigger backpack might prove to be a better choice in some cases.


Durability and ease of transport

Besides looking for waterproof materials or fabrics that offer moisture protection, you must also pay attention to how durable the product is. You most probably want a bag you can use for a long time. Durability is the keyword here. A hunter’s essentials might weight when put together. Therefore, the bag must provide you with strong enough materials to keep up with your gear.

Once you’ve checked that, make sure the bag you go for is also comfortable and easy to carry. Most of them include adjustable straps that will allow you to carry them the way you feel most comfortable as well as padded carry handles, which makes transport convenient.

In case a backpack suits your preferences best, then look for one that comes with padded shoulder pads and waist belts for ultimate comfort.


Design and accessories

Yes, design matters. Not in a fashionable way but rather in a practical way. Hunting involves all sorts of tools and items you need to take with you. From quality hunting gloves to resistant shooting glasses, clothes, and accessories, a hunter’s gear calls for a roomy bag and, preferably, many pockets so all those items can be divided as well as easy to access.

Opt for a multifunctional bag that features several pockets and you will be able to separate the products you need to take with you and keep everything in there organized.

For instance, the backpack we’ve showcased includes an extra compartment hidden in its hard bottom that makes it self-stand. Some bags come with removable dividers so you can keep your gear separated. A practical bag generally boasts multiple pockets and even accessories like a removable LED light you can use for early morning hunts.

You might want to go for a blind bag that comes with a drop down gun boot. This way you will transport your gun securely. A sunglasses case is also preferable for protecting your eyewear when not in use as well as a valuable pocket where you can store your mobile devices or other important things.



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