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Best Hunting Face Mask

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Hunting face masks – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re going on a hunting trip and you don’t have much time to plan ahead, you certainly need to be equipped with the best gear so that you don’t have to face unfortunate mishappenings on the way. If you’re not really in the mood to do the proper research, you can rely on our buying guide, since we’ve read many hunting face mask reviews to put all this information together. In order to find the best hunting face mask, you need to abide by our rules. According to our findings, the first product you should consider is the Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories 044975 Face Mask, due to its useful features. First of all, the full spandex structure will offer you maximum concealment. The material used is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear this accessory all day long. It can also be worn under the cap if you’re uncomfortable with having larger areas of your face covered. Should this item be unavailable, we recommend you check out the North Mountain Gear Ultra Light instead.  



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3 Best Hunting Face Masks (Reviews) in 2023


In order to help you get some perspective, we’ve picked our favorites from the choices available for sale and showcased them below.  



1. Mossy Oak Full Spandex Face Mask


This item from Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories would make a fine choice for many hunting enthusiasts, due to its specific characteristics. First of all, the material used contributes to the quality of the final outcome. Made of spandex, this alternative offers a tight fit, that perfectly adjusts to your shape.

Despite being reasonably tight, this model is also very comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and very breathable so that your skin gets the ventilation it needs. This way you can wear your camouflage for the entire day without any side effects, and you’ll be able to enjoy the hunt without worrying about such details.  

Featuring a flexible cap, this spandex model can be worn multiple ways, depending on how you feel the most comfortable. For example, if you’re not into wearing a full cover, you can go with wearing it under the cap, and thus leave areas of your face open for more comfort and better ventilation.

Designed to be a go-to product for people with busy schedules that try to minimize their time spent planning and packing, the Mossy Oak Face Mask can be almost immediately folded up tightly and will require next to no storage space at all.


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2. North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Hunting Camouflage


If you’re looking for a camouflage for hunting that you can also use in a warm environment then you really should give this product from North Mountain Gear some thought. Made of a mesh netting that’s ventilated enough to allow your skin to breathe through it, this model can be worn even in hotter climates without causing discomfort.

In order to improve concealment, a leaf pattern was added to the design, which already featured the typical neutral colors. This way, you will be able to blend in with the environment and approach your prey without being spotted.

The material used also contains elastic fibers, which results in a more adjustable design, that can fit many sizes and will perfectly follow your own shape. Aside from making sure that the product has a good fitting, these fibers will also make it more comfortable, so that you’ll be able to wear it all day long.

One more thing that this design has included that also contributes to the usability of the item is the position of the eyehole opening. It flawlessly conforms with many different face shapes and thus manages to offer unobstructed vision regardless of the customer’s size.


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3. Oak Leaf Leaves Mossy Tree Camo Camoflauge


This is certainly a good hunting face mask for those of you who prefer comfort and ease of movement to the detriment of accuracy. If you’re uncomfortable with having to cover your head, then this choice from Zanheadgear comes up with a reasonable solution.

It comes in one size and fits most shapes and forms because it can be adjusted using the velcro strap attached to the back of the model. This item only consists of a facial mask, not a full head cover, and is thus easier and faster to put on and more comfortable to wear.

In order to be able to properly breathe through it, special holes are provided in the area around the nose and the mouth. The eyehole opening is adjusted in order to offer maximum visibility while showing a minimum amount of skin so that your disguise is maintained.

Depending on the environment of your current trip, you can choose to wear this product on either side, since both of them can be used as a camouflage. One has the typical pattern consisting of neutral colors while the other is completely black. Piped edges are added in order to give it a more polished look.


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Buying guide


Everyone knows how tricky it can be to find the design you’re looking for in this crowded market where it seems that having too many possible choices is actually worse than having none.

Luckily for you, in order to help you find the best face mask for hunting, we’ve put together a few rules to outline the most important aspects you need to be taking into consideration when shopping for this type of hunting gear.

If you follow our tips, you’ll be sure to pick a product that offers great quality for its price and that will certainly meet your requirements.

Comfort comes first

If it’s not physically possible to try on a model before buying it, we recommend you to at least try to make sure that you’re comfortable wearing it by reading customer reviews or relying on past experiences in relation to its characteristics.

A hunting mask should be comfortable enough to wear all day long if you don’t want it to interfere with your course of action. In order to achieve this, you should look for products that include elastic fibers in their material, since they will provide the best, most comfortable fit. An item also has to be light enough so that it doesn’t add up with your other gear and slow you down.



In order to be able to enjoy a hunting trip, you need to make sure your skin is feeling comfortable enough while covered in camouflage. Pick a material that will work well in the climate of the environment you plan to go hunting in.

Also, make sure that special holes exist in the areas around the nose and mouth to let you breathe properly. If you know you’re not comfortable wearing a full cover, it might be a good idea to buy a model that can also be worn under the cap so that it allows you to breathe freely.



The entire purpose of wearing a mask is to blend in with your surrounding, approach the target without being noticed and make the final move when you’re within shooting distance. To do all this you need to make sure you won’t be spotted.

Pick the pattern of the cloth according to the season and the climate of the area you usually hunt in. If you want to take it a little further, you can look for materials that also cover odors, but if you’re an amateur hunter, then a good old fashioned military pattern will work just fine.


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