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Best 3 Hunting Knife Sharpeners Compared in 2023

Last Updated: 04.02.23


Hunting Knife Sharpeners – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


Finding the best hunting knife sharpener in 2023 can be a tough call this year, with so many attractive models to choose from. If you’re not confident that you can pick the right tool to keep all your blades sharpened, then you can rely on our help. We have scoured the market in search of some of the most appreciated models, compared specs and features, and only picked the sharpeners that offered the most bang for the buck. Out of the many machines we’ve looked at, the Work Sharp Precision stood out from the rest. This machine comes with a simple design, three interchangeable sharpening guides for the right angle, as well as abrasive belts with varying grain sizes so you can keep knives and other tools sharp. If you find that this product is no longer available, you might want to consider the Smith’s Diamond Edge as well.



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3 Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners (Reviews) in 2023


It’s not a far-fetched assumption that getting the best product would require studying at least several dozen reviews of hunting knife sharpeners. The good news is that you don’t have to do that, as we’ve prepared a list with the top models on the market today so you can enjoy a great buy for the right price.


1. Work Sharp WSKTS-I The New Way to Sharpen


This Work Sharp model is a precision sharpener that can help you keep all your knives and tools in top shape. This unit enables you to sharpen blades like a true professional. You can effortlessly sharpen worn blades or modify the edge of your new hunting tactical knife to customize it for particular uses.

This machine has a powerful motor that can quickly sharpen any blade, whether it is a straight blade, re-curved blade, etc. The interchangeable sharpening guides ensure the perfect angle for each type of knife so that you get a sharp edge with a minimal material loss. You can switch the guide and change the angle to 40, 50, or 65 degrees.

With the included abrasive belts, you can create the perfect edge in a smooth sharpening process. You get a total of six flexible belts with three different grit sizes, from P80 coarse to P220 medium to 6000 extra fine so you can gradually sharpen the edge of your knives. Each belt is ½-inches wide and 12-inches long so you get a lot of contact area for a variety of blades.

This product also comes with an instructional DVD, so you learn how to properly sharpen your blades from the start


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2. Smith’s 50386 Diamond Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener


The Diamond Edge is a compact sharpener that works best with short-bladed tools such as a rugged hunting pocket knife. This electric sharpener comes with three sharpening slots which help it sharpen a large number of blade types with different grinds and bevels.

You get to sharpen straight blades in two stages, by using the diamond-coated coarse and ceramic fine sharpening wheels to gradually create a razor-sharp edge and enjoy a superb cutting performance from all your knives. With the blade guides, you can make sure that you’re holding the blade at the correct angle so you can properly sharpen it on both sides.

There is also a serrated blade slot which allows you to manually sharpen hunting knives, military tactical knives, and other blades with a serrated edge. This machine is equipped with anti-slip feet which prevent movement so you can sharpen your tools in great comfort and stability.

This device features an innovative system that won’t de-temper the blades. You can use it to repair old and dull knives or maintain new ones in great shape. This machine has a compact body so you can easily store it between uses.


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3. Chef’sChoice M42E EdgeCraft Diamond Hone Knife Shapener


If you’re looking for a good sharpener that can restore the edge on a wide range of knives, then you should consider the EdgeCraft Diamond Hone. This machine is versatile and can sharpen hunting knives, kitchen knives, tactical knives, and many other bladed tools. Thanks to its ingenious design, you can sharpen straight blades as well as serrated blades with ease.

This product comes with two high-grade sharpening wheels. You get a coarse sharpening wheel to start working on the blade edge until it is fairly sharp. There’s also a fine sharpening wheel that can make the difference between a sharp and a razor-sharp blade

The flexible angle guides ensure that you keep the blade at the right angle for a proper sharpening procedure. The spring system gives you some flexibility and allows you to improve your sharpening technique in time. Both sharpening wheels have abrasive diamond-coated surfaces that last a long time and help you sharpen a large number of knives.

With this device, you can easily keep your amazing folding blade hunting knife super-sharp at all times. You can also breathe some life back into old kitchen knives and save money that you’d spend on a new set.


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Buying guide


If you’re trying to figure out how to properly choose the best knife sharpener for hunters, then this short guide should help you out. Here, you can read valuable info regarding the main features of a good sharpening machine, as well as a few other aspects you might want to consider before buying your first sharpening tool.

Abrasive belt or grinding wheel?

When searching for a good sharpener for hunting knives, you might want to think about whether you want a device that sharpens with the help of an abrasive belt or a grinding wheel. With abrasive belts, you get more flexibility in how you sharpen your knives.

These types of machines still have blade angle guides, but you can adjust your technique and have more space for maneuvering. You can also change the blade angle and choose settings which might range from 20 or 30 degrees up to 65 degrees so that you can sharpen a quality skinning knife as well as a large butcher’s knife.

On the other hand, compact sharpening machines that have grinding wheels might be less flexible when it comes to sharpening angles. On the upside, sharpening wheels last for a longer period of time than belts. While you’d probably need to change a belt every few months or so, a high-grade sharpening wheel could last for years, depending on how often you use it.



The size of the sharpening device influences which sort of knives you can sharpen. While you might just want a product that can keep your amazing outdoor hunting knife in top shape, perhaps you’d also like to be able to sharpen other types of blades.

Some compact sharpeners, especially of the grinding wheel type, are only suited to sharpening small blades. Not all small sharpening tools are limited to thin blades, as some models have a blade selection knob that allows you to switch to a different mode which adjusts the blade angle guides and enables you to sharpen larger and thicker blades.



You might also want to have versatility in mind when comparing sharpeners for sale. The compact type are great for precision work, since you can use them on a bench to sharpen a variety of knives and other tools.

In case you value flexibility over precision, then you should probably pick a sharpener that can be handheld. That way, you can easily move the device by hand to sharpen all sorts of bladed tools such as axes or lawn mower blades





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