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Best Hunting Pants

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Pants for hunting – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


We know you’re too busy to read our comprehensive buying guide and product descriptions below but we prepared this short paragraph to provide the essential information for a quick read. We consulted numerous expert review sites for hunting to gather as much information as possible on the best hunting pants for the money and compared what is there with actual user feedback. All that product comparison has thankfully led us to what customers consider a top-selling choice, the Sitka Gear Men’s Ascent. This amazing pair of pants comes with a layered design that provides top-notch breathability and freedom of mobility so you can focus on the hunt and not on your clothes. The pants are made of polyester that gives them a durable, water-repellent finish that is great for mid-season hunts. To allow a wide range of motion, the pants are fully-gusseted in addition to being brushed for a silent fabric performance. Should the Sitka Gear Men’s Ascent  quickly disappear from your buyer’s radar because of its immense popularity, we recommend getting the King’s Camo KCB102-DS-R-L, which is the second best option.



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10 Best Hunting Pants (Reviews) in 2024


1. SITKA Gear Men’s Ascent Hiking Pant


The Sitka Gear Men’s Ascent  hunting pants offer a lot in the way of terrific hunting features. The pants enable you to enjoy a wide range of motion thanks to the fully-gusseted construction that works nicely coupled with the articulated knees so you can move naturally with unhampered freedom. You can kneel on the ground to search for signs of your prey or in your treestand to survey the ground below.

The pants carry a layered design that delivers maximum breathability so as not to constrict your respiration and your movement. These pants are made of polyester that provides a durable, water-resistant finish. Moisture simply beads off the pants and does not soak through, so you stay dry and comfy even when the tension rises as you track your prey.

These hunting pants also come with a brushed finish to provide the element of silence that is critical for any hunting activity. You won’t spook your prey because the fabric of the pants will not emit any rustling noises every time you move. The pants support the crucial need for stealth and the element of surprise during any hunting activity.

You’ll definitely appreciate the roll-up pant leg system that enables the pants to remain dry when you have to cross streams or small patches of shallow water on the hunting trail.


Offering the hunter optimal breathability, these camouflage hiking and hunting pants also provide superior mobility, which is great for hunters always on the move.

These fully gusseted pants ensure your comfort while giving you the opportunity to move freely while the brushed finish offers an element of silence that is essential for stealth.

The pant leg is geared with a smart roll-up and snap-closure system to enable you to ford streams in pursuit of your target or just to raise the legs up for some measure of coolness on the lower limbs.

If you’re looking for hunting pants with knee pads, these are better because they come with articulated knees, which enable you to kneel down comfortably to survey the ground for footprints and any signs that your prey is nearby.

The exclusive Optifade Concealment System is a Gore exclusive that uses science to make you undetected in the surroundings you hunt in.


According to one buyer, the pant legs are a bit too long, but this could simply be a case of improper size choice.

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2. King’s Camo Cotton Six Pocket Hunting Pants


These six-pocket hunting pants offer a great piece of apparel for your active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Flexible and versatile enough to replace your favorite blue denim, these pants come with a lovable camo pattern that supports the critical factor of stealth that all serious hunters need in their earnest pursuit of their target.

The pants feature six cargo pockets that can be used to carry your essential items for hunting so you won’t need to bring a lot of bags or equipment cases that can only weigh you down. The comfortable cotton poly blend material provides a nice look while ensuring a dependable functionality for the outdoor activity of your choice.

The 7-ounce brushed twill material enhances the looks of these pants. The belt loops and the elastic waistband work together to provide a snug yet comfortable fit. You won’t have to worry about an awkward fit or the pants hanging loose with your every movement. The adjustable waistband helps you get a quality fit.

The reinforced seat makes it easy to squat to the ground or make big leg motions without worrying about the crotch section falling apart embarrassingly while you are on the trail, so these are suitable as rabbit hunting pants. The reinforced seat also frees you from worrying about possible fabric damage if you encounter something abrasive on the seat area of the pants.


Geared with six convenient cargo pockets, these pants allow you to maximize the strength of your lower body by carrying a lot of hunting essentials easily and within immediate reach so you can be ready for any eventuality while hunting.

The comfortable cotton poly blend material makes the pants look as good as they perform in the wilderness, with their camo pattern that blends into the surroundings effortlessly.

Made with quality 7-ounce brushed twill, the pants offer easy breathability and a wide range of motion, so they won’t get ripped even if you move every which way while pursuing your prey.

The belt loops with an elastic waistband enable you to use your favorite belt so you can obtain a great fit from this piece of clothing.

The reinforced seat helps you stay worry-free about getting snagged on something or the pants suddenly developing a hole due to abrasive surfaces you might accidentally sit on.


The sizing system is a bit tricky to use based on one customer’s experience, as there is quite some guesswork involved.

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3. Yukon Gear Lightweight 6-Pocket Pants


The Yukon Gear pants come with a lovely Mossy Oak Infinity pattern that makes them suitable for an exciting hunting adventure. This pair is made to match the surroundings you will likely be hunting in so you can stay hidden from your prey and be able to plan your hunting strategy undetected for a successful outing.

The pants are equipped with six pockets that enable you to carry your hunting necessities conveniently. The pants reduce the need to have more carry cases than necessary in which to store small hunting items for easy reach when needed. The two slash pockets enable you to store items that need to be easy to access at all times while the four cargo ones are useful for more valuable items or additional ones that might easily fall to the ground if not securely stored.

Made of a lightweight, 7-ounce CVC brushed twill, the pants provide comfortable wearability so you can pursue your prey while keeping a cool feeling. The stretch, ripstop fabric ensures mobility, toughness against tears, as well as genuine comfort just like the best wool hunting pants but without the heavy design when they get wet.

To ensure an adjustable fit and great comfort, the pants have an adjustable waist provided by the waist strap. This is in addition to the pull tabs at the ankles that also provide an adjustable fit.


Carrying an innovative Mossy Oak Infinity pattern, these hunting pants have six functional pockets that hold your small hunting essentials that should be kept handy and within easy reach while in the field, eliminating the need for carrying cases.

The 7-ounce CVC brushed twill material provides durability balanced with comfort to enable you to stay cool, dry, and protected from the elements while indulging in any outdoor adventure.

This is the kind of lifestyle apparel that can be worn every day for work or play, as it makes a proud statement that you are proud to be a hunter.

Made of 100 percent cotton, these hunting pants wick away perspiration, so they do not get soaked with sweat during the hunt, ensuring all-day comfort and wearability.

The waist is made adjustable via the innovative waist strap while the ankle openings are outfitted with pull tabs on them to provide an adjustable fit as well.


The pants should be ordered only after the buyer has ascertained the right size to get so as to prevent any issues on the apparel being too large.

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4. Under Armour Mens The Terry Vest


The Under Armour Men’s Storm comes with a fuller cut that gives it a loose fit, which is primarily designed to give utmost mobility during the outdoor activity. You can run after elusive prey or make big leg movements when surveying the field while wearing these pants. The windproof construction of the pants provides protection from the elements, so you stay nice and comfy.

The pants also feature the exclusive UA Storm technology that repels water without compromising on breathability. You might be caught in the rain during your outdoor adventure, but the pants keep you dry and not soaked during unfriendly weather. To ensure you stay warm when it’s all chilly, the pants are able to absorb and trap the heat of your own body thanks to the soft, thermo-conductive inner coating infused with the patented ColdGear® Infrared technology.

These hunting pants also carry the revolutionary UA Scent Control technology that supports the need for stealth, so you are kept hidden from your prey, which enables you to plan your strategy better. The scent control system works better and also lasts longer than similar systems so you can hunt for longer periods.

The durable, triple-layer softshell material is designed with a superior stretch and a quiet outer layer that actively prevents the fabric from rustling so you can hunt quietly and without alerting the prey to your presence.


These UA hunting pants come with a fuller cut that hangs loosely on your body to ensure easy wearability as well as more than enough comfort even during long days of hunting.

The lined hunting pants are engineered with the proprietary UA Scent Control technology that answers the need to stay undetected by the prey and is designed to work better and last longer compared to other similar scent-control systems.

The windproof construction of the pants helps you stay protected from the elements and also keeps the pants from making rustling or flapping noises that could alert the animals to your presence.

The revolutionary ColdGear® Infrared technology employs a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating that absorbs and traps your own body heat, so you stay warm even during cold weather.

Readily the best waterproof hunting pants, this pair is also equipped with the UA Storm technology that repels water without compromising breathability while remaining soft and flexible for exceptional mobility.


Choosing the perfect size can be quite tricky as, according to one customer, the brand only makes pants in tall sizes for only a select few categories aside from these pants having a loose fit on the waist.

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5. Frogg Toggs Men’s Pro Action Pant


The Frogg Toggs Men’s Pro Action pants come with an easy fit and are made with an elastic waistband with a drawstring and a barrel pull for easy adjustment to the right size. The full-cut hook-and-loop ankle closure on the 1-inch ankle band provides an easy and comfortable fit around the ankles in order to protect that part of the body from moisture on the grass as well as other elements such as poisonous plants on the trail that might irritate the skin or cause injury upon contact.

The adjustable locking shock cord on the waistband delivers a nice, loose fit so you can breathe easily and not feel constricted around the waist. The expanded, 4-inch back rise provides extra protection from ripping and tears without hurting the crotch area of the wearer during extended periods out in the wilderness.

Made of 100 percent non-woven polypropylene, the pants are waterproof yet ultra-lightweight for problem-free wearability. These nice and roomy pants provide a lot of freedom of movement, so you pursue or track your prey easily without worrying that your mobility will be hampered. When used within their design parameters, the pants should last a long time.

These pants are able to totally keep the rain off your body, so your legs won’t get wet during nasty weather.


Definitely a great pair of hunting rain pants, this product features an elastic waistband with a drawstring and barrel-pull to enable easy on and off and to facilitate a good fit every time.

The full-cut hook-and-loop ankle closure comes with a tension adjustment that delivers a secure fit around the legs as the lightweight design allows the pants to compress, which enables easy storage.

The full-cut, bomber-style pants enable easy movement during the outdoor activity, so you can enjoy a freedom of mobility to observe and pursue the prey.

Just like all Frogg Togg suits, this pair of pants comes with mold polymer zippers along with polymer snaps to enable use in rain and saltwater conditions because the components are not prone to rust.

The expanded 4-inch back rise provides added protection from ripping and tearing in case you make big leg movements in pursuit of the prey or when positioning the body to take a vantage point.


Some buyers have noted that these pants have plenty of room around the legs and the material is not quite so breathable, which is still fine in cool, damp weather but may not be so in warm weather.

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6. Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite Field Pant


The Gamehide model is made from woven poly fabric that is extremely lightweight and that can still retain the durability and toughness that customers expect from their purchase. The elastic section in the waist will ensure that you get a great fit, and when you’re out hunting for hours, this is a feature that will make a lot of difference.

The articulated knees and the full sized belt loops will give you more freedom to move and reach every angle with your swift compound bow. They will also make traversing rugged terrain much more manageable as you will find yourself not getting tired as quickly as you did with other alternatives.

The front slash pocket and the utility pocket on the right will give you ample room to store all your essential gear. The dual rear pockets also include a zip closure on the left side. What’s more, the internal drawcord cuff allows for a custom fit over your comfortable hunting boots.

These pants are best suited for warm and humid weather conditions as they are incredibly breathable and will prevent your body from overheating. They are also designed to keep ticks and other bugs off of you so that you can enjoy a pleasant day of hunting, without having to worry about pests.

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7. Coleman Mens Adult Lightweight Hunting Pant


This model from Coleman is another affordable alternative that customers love for how it manages to offer great quality and features for a price that is more than fair. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off in the field, a thing that matters more than you think. It will allow you to save time and enjoy yourself more while you’re at it.

They slide on and off quite easily with the zipper and button. They fit just like a comfortable pair of sweatpants and when you’re trying to find the perfect angle for the killing blow, feeling comfy in your apparel can give you an edge and ensure that your bullet or arrow will hit your target with exact precision.

To add to that, they are also warm, ideal to use if you want to hunt in the morning when the temperatures can get low. Once the weather warms up, the breathability of the materials used will kick in and prevent you from overheating. Sweat will not accumulate and you’ll end up feeling cool and comfortable.

As a plus, the camo design will help you blend with your environment so that you can stalk your prey without it knowing you’re there.

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8. Sitka Gear Gradient Pant


Comfort and mobility are the key features that this model seeks to offer the user. You get an articulated patterning fit with a fully gusseted crotch which in turn will provide you with a maximum range of motion. Since this is a lightweight model, you will not have to worry about bulky pants that are a pain to move around in.

The built-in belt will allow you to customize the fit under layers. Depending on the weather outside, you might have more layers of clothing on you, and with the built-in belt, you’ll be able to get a personalized fitting so that your pants are safely secured. The comfort that this unit provides will enable you to hunt for hours.

The foot stirrups will prevent the pants from riding up when slipping into waders or in your favorite hunting boots for cold weather. You also get a durable water repellent finish that can resist light precipitation, and that will prevent the fabric from wetting out.

The customers that have tried this unit were pleased with their purchase, and they found that it works incredibly well for duck hunting in particular and they can also keep the wearer very warm.

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9. Scent Shield Drencher Insulated Pant


The Drencher model is an affordable alternative for hunters that want a quality garment that comes with plenty of features without going over-budget. It comes with 100% RainBlocker protection that will keep you dry if you ever encounter heavy rain while hunting. This membrane seals out moisture completely while allowing perspiration vapors to pass through.

The breathability of this option will guarantee that it can handle any weather and terrain. If you’re looking for quality hunting pants for cold weather that can also handle warmer and more humid conditions, this is a great pick. The elasticized waistband uses snap fly closure technology and belt loops to make sure your pants stay securely fit.

The double reinforced seat and knees will add much-needed protection to the areas of your body that need it the most and that are most likely to encounter obstacles. What’s more, the soft-brushed outer shell will remain soft and quiet even in the coldest weather.

Another thing that is worth noting about this model is the amount of comfort that it gives the wearer even after hours of physical activity. Customers that have tried it for over 10 hours on the ice mentioned that they never felt cold for one second.

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10. Sitka Gear Blizzard Bib Pant Optifade Open Country 


The Blizzard variant is the warmest model that Sitka Gear has to offer and even if it might first appear quite pricey, for hunters that want to achieve the best possible performance and comfort, it’s hard to find a more appropriate purchase. What’s more, apart from its quality insulation against the cold, this is also a great pair of waterproof hunting pants.

It uses a hybrid GORE-TEX membrane and PrimaLoft fibers. It is among the world’s first models to use water-repellent hybrid insulation. The insulation is concealed with a highly durable polyester face fabric. The reinforced seat will add extra protection for when you are riding and hunkering down in harsh conditions.

For hunters that like to have their very own portable tackle box without having to worry about clunky metal boxes, this unit comes with plenty of pockets that can be used to store equipment and gear.

The ¾ side zips allow the wearer to vent the pants when the weather starts to warm up. Adjusting the insulation of the pants is easy and effortless allowing you to adapt as conditions change. As a plus, these pants are also incredibly lightweight once you consider just how much protection they offer.

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Buying guide


A more basic area where technology has succeeded at changing the world of hunting is clothing, and this includes hunting pants. A lot of the benefits that can be derived from a good pair of hunting pants have to do primarily with the design or construction of the pants and the materials they are made of. So as not to get ahead, these are the aspects to look at when buying hunting pants:

Look for the high-rated products in the best hunting pants reviews that are made of quality fabrics or materials

The introduction of more new, specialty hunting clothing stems from the fact that there have been plenty of new and improved synthetic material that manufacturers are able to work with. Such new materials have proven to feature tremendous benefits that naturally-sourced ones lack. There is now a wide array of waterproof fabrics, breathable materials, and thin, ultra-warm lining or insulation in a lot of hunting pants.

It is to be expected that not all these types of materials are versatile enough to be used in a variety of weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential to ascertain exactly when and where the hunting pants will be used since you will find that the best hunting pants for hot weather can’t be used for cold weather hunting.

Good-quality, cold weather hunting pants are often lined for insulation. The outer shell is waterproof or water-resistant at best, which makes water or moisture simply roll off or bead on the material and not soak through. The material should still be soft and lightweight nevertheless and should not sacrifice breathability and comfort.


The best pants for hunting are those that are suitable for the weather and the hunting environment

Warm-weather pants are lightweight and highly breathable. They are made of thinner fabric but steer clear of flimsy material in warm-weather pants. Ripstop material is best. If you are going to be on your feet and walking in the field all day, you will want your pants not to weigh you down or constrict your breathing in any way.

The material for cold-weather pants should be able to absorb and retain body heat so you can focus on the hunting action plan and less on how to keep warm and preserve heat. They are especially nice when you are doing sedentary activities such as sitting in a tree stand to wait for the prey for most of the day.

It is always good advice to have separate pairs of pants for both types of weather. If the choice limits you to just one, simply consider the most frequent conditions you will most likely be hunting in as well as the critical factors that matter more to you, such as comfort, warmth, durability, water-resistance, and others.

A good pair of hunting pants for sale​ offers durability along with other essential elements

Remember that the hunting conditions on a mountain or in a swamp are different than those in the desert. The challenges you face hunting in warm conditions will be different when hunting in cold temperatures. It is essential to select a pair of pants that is suitable for the kinds of challenges you are most likely to encounter.

You want your hunting pants to be constructed to withstand the elements of wear and tear that you will be exposed to out in the field. In this area, synthetic fabrics perform better compared to natural materials as well as denim jeans and everyday pants. Denim and everyday pants do not have the essential components that make them greatly resistant to rips and tears from getting snagged or caught in protruding branches.

Look for pants with a reinforced seat or crotch for worry-free mobility. An adjustable waistband is great since you won’t need to use a belt or worry about being constricted in the belly area. Some pants even feature an adjustable ankle closure while others have a snap system to enable you to roll up the ankle cuffs when crossing a stream.

You want reinforced stitching, a rugged and robust design, solid construction, or padded knees that enable you to kneel on the ground. Some pants have articulated knees for added mobility. Fully-gusseted pants allow freedom of mobility as well. Oftentimes, pants from reputable manufacturers cost more, but you are actually paying for better quality and not just the brand name.

A camouflage design is great for hunting. So are scent control and a silent-fabric design to keep you undetected. In order to carry more items on the go, you’ll also want more pockets that are extra roomy, so you won’t need to have a lot of carrying cases with you.

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