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Best Hunting Range Finder

Last Updated: 29.02.24

Hunting range finders  – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Can’t stay enough for a look at our carefully prepared buying guide and product descriptions? This short paragraph should still help you in your search for the best hunting rangefinder. We have conducted thorough research on this type of product by looking at reviews and ratings in expert review sites for hunting gear and then comparing what was there with actual owner feedback. After all the in-depth work, we have been able to prove that the Leupold RX-1200i Stevens is a genuine consumer favorite because of how it takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting. This device employs the exclusive Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) algorithm that ensures genuinely fast ranging in just under one second without compromising on accuracy to 1/10 of a yard no matter what the background textures or colors might be. You’ll love the proprietary True Ballistic Range technology that can be configured to match the ballistics of your rifle. The device enables you to get the range to the target shown as a holdover point, while helping compensate for wind utilizing automatic hold value calculations. Because of the high likelihood that the Leupold RX-1200i Stevens would be out of stock because of high demand, you should definitely get the second best option, the Uineye Laser.



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14 Best Hunting Range Finders (Reviews) in 2024


1. Leupold 170639 TBR/W with DNA Laser Rangefinder Mossy Oak


The Leupold RX-1200i Stevens boasts the proprietary True Ballistic Range technology that allows it to be matched with the ballistics of your hunting weapon to enable you to obtain the range to the target shown as a holdover point. The target can also be used as a Minute of Angle (MOA) adjustment reference or as the equivalent horizontal distance.

This tool eliminates the guesswork from long-range shooting because of its integrated Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) algorithm that delivers fast ranging in less than a second while being accurate to 1/10 of a yard. To make things even sweeter, the rangefinder does this no matter what type of texture or color the background is.

This tool also allows wind compensation via the automatic calculation of the hold values engineered to be used with the brand’s ballistic reticles. Moreover, it uses an Organic LED (OLED) that projects the ranging and system information onto the optical path. By reflecting that critical information in such a manner, the device justifies the absence of the typical LCD display films that merely hamper effective light transmission and also lower the image brightness.

Equipped with a convenient quick-set menu, the rangefinder makes it easy to employ its operation modes, rangefinding functionality, and display options in the field. When the unit is employed as a standard 6×22 monocular, it renders the OLED unused to prevent the component from interfering with the views, which no traditional display film can match.


Equipped with the advanced OLED technology, this rangefinder displays the measured distance into the light path of the optical system to eliminate the need for an LCD display for more light transmission and less bulk.

This device is the best hunting rangefinder for the money thanks to how it makes operation modes, rangefinding, and display options quick and easy to do on the menu.

This rangefinder is also equipped with True Ballistic Range (TBR) technology that can be matched to the ballistics of your firearm to give you the range to the target shown as a holdover point.

This specialized tool delivers windage values for a fixed 10 mph wind and also enables you to compensate based on the speed and direction of the wind.

The one-handed controls make the device easy to use in the field.


This model has to be set up against something stable such as a tripod to enable the easy fixing of the target.

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2. Batuy B01B1P4IVY


This rangefinder is made more powerful while keeping to the thrust for a compact tool for use in the field, which seasoned hunters prefer owing to how easy small instruments can be to carry when trekking through the hunting trail. This implement offers the accuracy and effective distance measurement that any type of hunter needs for an enjoyable hunting adventure every time.

This optical instrument is constructed of high-quality materials to ensure its use for many hunting seasons. It provides ranging capability for up to 1600 yards, coupled with speedy measurements that are accurate to 0.33 yard. If you have to do big game hunting or other similar applications where accurate long-range measurements are requisite, this handy device should be your only choice.

This rangefinder offers a level of performance that is far beyond what similar products in the same category can give you. It is equipped with multiple measurement modes, which allow you to enjoy customized functionality every time. To further bolster its usefulness, this model also performs measurements of horizontal distance, angle, and height.

The Scan mode provides continuous ranging of multiple and moving targets. The device delivers 8X magnification to allow you to see the target with more detail and clarity. This device boasts ultra-clear, multilayered optics that deliver easy reading while enabling fast switching between measurement units from yards to meters.


Undoubtedly the best laser rangefinder for hunting, this is a more powerful model that also comes in a compact package for a specialized fusion of functionality and portability to make it highly functional in the field.

Perfect for those who want accuracy and effective distance measurements, this model is highly useful for novice and seasoned hunters.

This unit is made with premium-quality materials to support functionality for many hunting seasons to come.

This is a handy device to have when doing big game hunting or any application where accurate long-range measurements spell the difference between success and failure.

The unit features multiple measurement modes so you can enjoy customized functionality every time.


There will be a need to mount the unit on a tripod to prevent its measurements from going off, which can happen when you hold the device in your hand and there’s shakiness.

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3. Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder


The Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X is a conveniently handheld measurement device that both golfers and hunters can truly appreciate for its dependable functionality. This model is engineered to deliver target ranging at up to 600 yards away. This means you can measure the distance between you and the target so you can better prepare your shooting setup.

The device is equipped with Angle Intelligence (AI) Technology, which enables it to calculate the actual distance to the target by compensating for the angle of incline/ decline between you and the prey. This contributes to the complete accuracy of every measured distance so you won’t have to do the unreliable guesswork.

This best rangefinder for the money is equipped with a user-friendly interface that comes with single-button operations right on top of the housing. Simply press and hold the activation button for a short moment to engage the Scan mode and you can already range a moving target in real time. This capability also enables you to scan the visual scene to find the distance to any objects proximate to the target.

The ergonomic design of this rangefinder works really well with the water-resistant housing and rubberized finger rests to support the need for a user-friendly measuring optical tool that is indispensable for hunting.


This device is conveniently handheld to enable quick and easy use when you need to have a good sighting of the terrain ahead.

Because the device offers distance ranging and measurements, it enables you to rig your equipment out for a productive day of hunting.

This model delivers target ranging up to 600 yards away so you have a pretty good idea what lies ahead in your hunting setup.

The proprietary Angle Intelligence (AI) Technology allows the device to give you the real distance to the target with compensation for the angle of incline/decline between the hunter and their target.

The user-friendly interface is further enhanced by the one-handed operability of the unit, with the function button located on top of the housing.


This model is not exactly cut out for optimal use during poor lighting situations although it has been proven to deliver an exceptional performance in full light and even for animals moving about.

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4. Bushnell 202408 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder


This model blows your mind among the products featured in many Bushnell rangefinder reviews because of its surprisingly lightweight design. Weighing in at less than 10 ounces, the unit will not weigh your backpack down nor will it be a load to carry in your hand when you have to survey the hunting landscape.

This Bushnell hunting rangefinder is lightweight but it is not cheap by any means at all. It is an impressive piece of equipment you would gladly carry with you during every hunting trip. This device is not flimsy or cheap-looking at all. In fact, it is quite sturdy and durable despite its amazingly lightweight design.

The Realtree Xtra camo pattern assures the buyer that this device means business. Compact and easily pocketed when not in use, it is designed to go really well with the hunting surroundings and a variety of animal habitats in the woods. The housing looks and feels rugged and ready for any outdoor application with its solid build and fantastic design.

The device runs in wet conditions because it is geared to be rainproof. This should not be misconstrued as a signal to place it under water, though. The vertical operational configuration facilitates one-handed operation.


With its amazingly lightweight design, this tool is really easy to bring along on your hunting trips when you have to follow your prey through the woods.

The rangefinder is made using premium-quality materials that ensure it is not a cheapie that only deserves to be thrown into the garbage.

The device comes with an innovative Realtree Xtra camo pattern that supports the need for stealth in any device used during hunting.

The high-quality optics on the device deliver the level of magnification that many consumers love for the demanding application it is designed for.

This is a rainproof model with one-handed operation thanks to its vertical configuration that enables you to push the buttons while holding it in just a single hand.


At least two buyers believe this product would be even better if it came with a lanyard for hanging on the neck to enable easy access during the trek through the trail.

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5. TecTecTec ProWild


No need to worry that you’ll have to guess the distance because the TecTecTec ProWild delivers speedy measurements using advanced speed, scan, and hunt technology along with an awesome +/- 1-yard accuracy. It comes with a through-the-lens display of critical information that includes the battery and distance meter, which effectively eliminates the need for an LCD display that only adds bulk to the device.

The device also comes with a continuous measurement mode so you would not need to set up again and again for consistency. It boasts ultra-clear, high-quality, multilayered optics that enable the easy reading of critical information through the lens display. This is an eye-safe Class 1 laser rangefinder that can go the distance with you considering how lightweight it is.

This model ships with its own carrying case and lanyard, both of which facilitate easy carrying and portability. It comes as a complete rangefinder package to allow an effortless setup. You get a free CR2 battery to keep the unit powered up. The microfiber cleaning cloth helps you keep the sensitive optical components free of dust and moisture.

Even without the cleaning cloth, the device is designed to be water and dust-resistant as it is. The durable body is ideal for the demanding conditions of hunting.


This is a premium product that can measure distances up to 540 yards and boasts amazing range finding technology that includes a continuous scan mode, a durable, water-resistant housing, and advanced speed technology.

The Speed Scan and Hunt technology deliver speedy measurements while guaranteeing a +/- 1-yard accuracy for precision on the go.

Enjoy the revolutionary through-the-lens, easy-read display of the distance and battery meter along with a continuous measurement mode delivered for convenient measurements via top-rated, ultra-clear, multi-layered optics.

The included lanyard and case complete the entire package along with a host of other add-ons such as the free CR2 battery, microfiber cleaning cloth, and quick start guide.

This is a portable and lightweight Class A device made perfect for the demanding hunting conditions with its durable body made impermeable to water and dust.


Reading the measurements during poor lighting conditions or during the night can be quite a challenge because the letters are displayed as black characters on the screen.

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6. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder Laser


For hunters that are tired of cheap rangefinders that don’t provide good quality, performance, and durability, the TecTecTec ProWild is a great product that comes with all the features previously mentioned at an affordable price point. It is capable of measuring up to 540 yards and features a continuous scan mode, advanced speed technology, and a durable body.

When measuring distances, the unit is very accurate, and it has a margin of error of only +/- 1 yard. The lens display is equally impressive since it features premium, multilayered, and ultra-clear optics with a very easy-to-read, through-the-lens display. The display is bright so that you can read the distance even in extremely sunny conditions.

To add to that, the unit is also incredibly lightweight and portable, and you won’t have to store it in your new crossbow case since the manufacturer includes a case and lanyard with your purchase, free of charge.


One of the features we were very pleased to see present in this model is the durable and water-resistant body which should allow hunters of any skill to use the rangefinder in a wide array of environments and weather conditions.

The unit is quite lightweight and portable, not much larger than your trusty hunting GPS, which means it won’t take too much space in your backpack.

Together with your purchase, you will also get a quick setup guide, a carrying pouch, a strap, a free CR2 battery, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide.

The display features large digits, which should make it very easy for you to read the data when you are in the thick of the action.


Customers have reported that if you use the device in cold environments for too long, the LCD can start failing, with only half of the digits showing.

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7. Halo XR700-8 Hunting Scopes Range Finders


The XR700-8 is part of the new XR Series from Halo which is a re-imagined evolution of its previous series of rangefinders, with a new modern look that feels at home in your favorite hunting backpack and comfortable in your hand. The maximum reflective range of the device is of 700 yards, and the scan mode allows you to range multiple targets at once.

Scanning multiple targets is achieved with just one click of a button, which makes this unit perfect for hunters that don’t want to be troubled by complicated controls and unintuitive interfaces. What’s more, you can also select between meters and yards, so that even hunters that prefer the metric system may use the device.

The unit features a weather-resistant housing and an adjustable eyepiece for easy focus. The body of the device is not only durable but also easy to use thanks to the non-slip grip.


The unit features a weather-resistant housing which allows the rangefinder to handle a wide variety of weather conditions so that you can rest assured knowing that your new purchase will always have your back.

You can scan multiple targets at once and at different yardages. This is a great feature that can save you a whole lot of time so that you can instead focus on the game and at striking the killing blow.

Apart from the rangefinder itself, the packaging includes a CR2 battery, a carrying lanyard so that you won’t have to worry that you will lose or drop the unit, and a lens cloth to keep the optics in mint condition.

Buyers were also satisfied with the ergonomic design of the unit which is very comfortable to hold. The non-slip grip will ensure that even if the device or your hands are wet, you will always get a secure grip.


One customer complained that the battery of the camera drained too fast, dying on the second day of hunting.

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8. Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scopes Range Finders


The Halo XL600-8 is a very economical, yet high-performance unit that is packed with features designed to make the life of a hunter that much easier. It comes with a range of 600 yards which is measured with high accuracy since the manufacturer has managed to narrow down the +/- accuracy to just a single yard.

To add to that, the versatile magnification of 6x allows for a clearer and brighter view along with fast target acquisition while out in the field. The XL600-8 operates in a dual mode. The Standard Mode allows for a single precise distance reading, while the Scan Mode enables hunters to range multiple targets in quick order, without having to reactivate the laser for each target.

The Angle Intelligence technology can detect and compensate for the degree of a slope that a hunter is facing, regardless of the mode that you are using at that moment.


The internal LCD can be read with great ease even in sunny environments, or when wearing your pair of hunting sunglasses. The digits are bright and use a very clean font.

The unit has a robust, water-resistant housing which allows the unit to handle even the harshest weather conditions while providing accurate readings no matter the terrain.

The rangefinder runs on a single CR2 lithium-ion battery which should provide adequate battery life for hours of continuous use. The battery is included with the rangefinder.

For hunters that prefer the metric system, the Halo XL600-8 allows users to switch between both meters and yards, depending on their needs or those of their companions.

The unit comes with a price tag that won’t break the bank, and this is even more impressive once you consider the unbeatable combination of performance and value the Halo XL600-8 offers.


While this model offers decent performance, the slightly higher price compared to the competition might not be reflected in the features included, which aren’t above average.

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9. Vortex Ranger 1800 Laser Distance Meter


Ranging your target at long distances is paramount for your success, especially when you have to deal with prey that should not be aware of your presence. Also, when your hunting adventures take you to areas with difficult terrain, you need a good ally by your side. The Vortex Optics Ranger is a perfect solution to calculating distances and increasing your shot accuracy.

All the reviews of long-distance hunting rangefinders agree that this model stands out in every way. First of all, distances of up to 1,800 yards are not a match for it. Hunters and shooters of all kinds will be able to calculate the distance and aim accordingly.

What you will surely love about this product is that it is easy to use. It comes equipped with an illuminated display, and the menu is intuitive. The fully multi-coated optics offer superior light transmission, and the image you will see through it will be clear and bright.

Furthermore, the unit is waterproof and fog proof, so you will be able to use it in all weather conditions without any extra precautions. The rubber armor encasing the unit is textured to provide a safe grip even when your hands are wet.

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10. Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-R Laser


Leica is a company well known for making excellent optics based equipment, and this model is not an exception. Besides superior image quality, this long distance rangefinder offers the users several advantages that give them the upper hand when they’re hunting. The 7x magnification is superior to many other models on the market, while the broad field of view will let you scan your surroundings with ease.

The system evaluating the distance and range is extremely fast. Once you set your eyes on the target, it takes only 0.3 seconds for the unit to provide you with a reading. Details can be important when you’re out in the woods hunting, and it’s a great thing that this manufacturer thought of everything.

For instance, the LED display comes with automatic adjustment for brightness, to provide you with the means to spot your prey, but without having to deal with your own eyes trying to adjust to the brightness of the screen and then back to the natural brightness of the surroundings.

This model is even better than a hunting binocular with rangefinder because it is compact and you can use just one hand to look through it. It must also be mentioned that it is both waterproof and fog proof, and ready to take on any weather.

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11. Vortex Optics Ranger


There are several things to bear in mind when you are looking for a hunting range finder. The Vortex Optics Ranger checks all the boxes, starting with image quality and ending with some excellent additions such as superior fog proof performance. We will show you right away why this model is so popular among hunters.

One of the most interesting features that we need to talk about is the way the rangefinder compensates the distance for giving you a clear idea on how to land precise shots. Few models on the market can provide the type of performance this model is capable of delivering. The advanced LOS mode is a must-have for any hunter who wants to increase his or her precision.

The overall construction of this rangefinder will impress you, as well. It is built with durability in mind and the rubber armor encasing the delicate mechanism and lenses inside will prevent accidents and also protect the unit.

Even if you depend on a trail camera to track down your prey, you still need to be accurate when you take your aim. This rangefinder, equipped with high-quality optics, will provide you with the means to do so.

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12. Bushnell 202442 The Truth


Another company known for the optics it produces is Bushnell. The unit reviewed here provides you with the ideal means to land a clear shot, and it can be indispensable for hunters. The HD clarity offered by the lenses is just one of the many valuable features of this particular model.

To start from the top, this models is a good hunting rangefinder for angle compensation. Using the ARC technology, it is your reliable companion when you want to identify what pin to use when dealing with distances between 7 and 199 yards. The model works on distances up to 850 yards, so, as you can see, you have enough leeway when choosing your target.

The model is operated with the touch of a button, so it is straightforward and easy to use. The magnification provided is 4x, enough to bring everything closer and easy to spot. For hunters, such features are paramount, and this Bushnell model provides as promised.

One aspect we should talk about is the ClearShot laser technology. With pinpoint accuracy, your rangefinder will point you to your target, and you won’t have to worry about various obstacles between you and your prey.

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13. Bushnell Scout DX


A rangefinder is a more complicated hunting accessory than a bow sight, but, in the end, it serves the same purpose: to help you get a clear shot on the mark. The specialists at Bushnell know this well, and that is why they created this model. Offering 6x magnification, which is more than what you can see in other models on the market, the Bushnell Scout DX is superior to many.

Compensating angle and distance, the unit will provide you with accurate information on taking shots so that you can be precise and accurate. Acquiring the target is performed with the help of an ESP Turboprocessor, while the ARC technology will offer you the right estimates, by taking terrain angle into consideration.

One great thing about this model is that it can be used for both bows and rifles, which means that you don’t have to buy two separate products to help you acquire your target, in case you like to use different weapons. The rubber armor covering the casing is sturdy and prevents accidents, as it provides an excellent grip.

You will appreciate the fact that the unit is compact and you can even carry it around in your pocket. It is also built with durability in mind, as well as consumer’s satisfaction.

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14. Simmons 801600T


This device is easy to operate as it can provide you with an accurate distance reading of your target in a matter of seconds. Plus, because it comes with a 4x magnification ratio, you will also be able to keep track of your prey. The 3.14x20mm vertical rangefinder can determine the position of the game from 10 to 600 yards.

Because it was made using high-quality glass, it can hold the focus at long ranges. Its compact design makes it effortless to carry around. Additionally, because it has a vertical construction, you won’t find it challenging to hold it in the palm of your hand.

Its waterproof housing makes it suitable to be used no matter the weather, as its optics are not affected by drizzles. To operate it, you just have to press one button. As a plus, this option comes fitted with a 9-volt battery. Still, the necessary battery is not included in the package.


This model comes in a protective case that is waterproof. Consequently, the device can be used regardless of the meteorological conditions.

Because it has a compact design, this unit is easy to transport and practical to have around during hunting expeditions.

The 4x magnification and the quality optics of the rangefinder make it a great purchase for hunters.

The Tilt intelligence option that it uses makes it easy to operate even by novices.


There have been buyers that said that this model is a little too basic to meet the needs of seasoned hunters. Even more so, they argued that it only performs well when used in open areas. The fact that it doesn’t range over 600 yards is another issue for some owners.

Because of the type of battery that it uses, this choice is a tad heavier than other counterparts. Still, those that tried it so far were happy with its long-term performance.

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Buying guide


A hunting rangefinder doesn’t simply plop itself on your lap, you have to literally find it. Making distance measurements can be a real drag, and even more so if you do things manually. Fortunately, hunting rangefinders take the pain away in angle and distance measurements but what do you really want to consider in such a hunting device?

Choose a device in the best hunting range finder reviews that comes with a decent maximum range and magnification

The maximum effective range of the device is an all-important consideration. Long-range shooting requires a rangefinder that really works well beyond 1,000 yards. Even archery shooters should pick a device with a high maximum range. Most models today come with a maximum range of 1,000 yards or greater.

That said, bear in mind that the maximum range is only practical and accurate when the conditions are perfect in all aspects. Most rangefinder manufacturers design their products with a maximum range calculated on a substantially reflective surface under ideal weather conditions. If you consider what you are likely to face in the wild, that is far from being a reality, isn’t it?

With typical hunting conditions and when going after deer-sized animals, you can probably assure yourself that the stated maximum range on the package will be good to approximately 75 percent. However, this does not discount the fact that there are well-made rangefinders that can live up to their maximum range compared to the ones that aren’t top-of-the-line.

The bottom line: if you have the budget for a high-quality rangefinder that can deliver, by all means, go and get it! If you already own the best hunting firearm or bow, you might as well pair it up with a good sighting device that will ensure you do not waste time and money on missed shots and inaccurate distance gauging. Go with the best you can afford and you will really enjoy hunting.

It is easy to make out targets and detail in them if the magnification is about 7X or 8X. Magnification is inversely proportional to stability, thus a device with a higher magnification will be hard to keep stable.


Make sure to go over the many range finder hunting reviews to find the best of the lot in terms of functionality and performance

Another crucial element in any hunting rangefinder is the angle compensation. This is for the simple reason that you do not always find the prey on the same plane as yourself. You might be settled nicely in your treestand and hardly will you ever find your prey at the same elevation unless deer evolved into winged creatures to escape hunters.

Most shots will naturally be taken at an angle, which has a huge influence on the projectile drop. When shooting either up or down a hill, the arrow or bullet will have to be adjusted so as not to drop excessively and just be rendered inutile. It can be quite a conundrum why you need to aim lower than usual whether shooting from up or down angles.

You might have gotten wind of the mathematical equation that lets you know the exact amount of drop to expect but it will take a new article to expound on completely. Suffice it to say at this point that the algorithm is aptly provided in a good-quality rangefinder so you will not need a pen and paper, a calculator, and the exact mathematical formula drummed into your head for all eternity.

Just get yourself a premium-quality rangefinder and you are good to go.

A good rangefinder should be easy to use

Size is another vital element in a hunting rangefinder. If you have to carry around extra gear including a tripod and carrying case for your unit, it defeats the purpose of simplicity and convenience. A pocket rangefinder fits in your pocket or can be carried around your neck with a lanyard.

The device should also offer single-handed operation, with the controls mounted conveniently for easy pressing with your finger. Typically, the tiniest arm movement sets the measurements off somewhat. Your prey is also finicky so making big arm movements will be unimaginably disadvantageous.

Even an inexpensive rangefinder should be ergonomically designed for effortless handling. It should not be too small either since the buttons would be hard to fumble for with large, fat fingers. On the other hand, an overly large device will just weigh you down. The device should offer comfortable handling. For an archer, a vertical design is best but for a rifle hunter, a horizontal orientation would be practical.

You also want the information color, clarity, and screen to be hunting-friendly. Most top-rated devices use OLED technology, with the crucial information projected on the LED light path, which eliminates the need for a bulky LCD screen on the device. You don’t want the display to hamper your line of sight.

You also want the device to be as simple to operate as possible. You shouldn’t suffer too much downtime trying to figure out how to use a rangefinder.


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