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Best Hunting Tree Stand

Last Updated: 04.02.23

Hunting tree stands – Buying guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you want to find the best hunting gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best hunting tree stand. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the Guide Gear Basic is the best as it’s easy to install and uninstall and features a user-friendly design. Given that it has been outfitted with padded armrests and a padded seat, this unit enables you to follow and aim your targets both comfortably and conveniently. In addition to all of this, it’s worth noting that this model is made of stainless steel which contributes to its overall durability. If the Guide Gear Basic is unavailable, you should consider the Summit Treestands Viper SD as it is a top-notch alternative if you’re searching for a climbing tree stand.



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8 Best Hunting Tree Stands (Reviews) in 2023


Best ladder tree stand


A ladder tree stand derives its name from its innovative construction that attaches to trees combined with a platform at the very top. Ladder stands attach to various types of trees, so they are quite versatile in that respect. You won’t need to be too picky on the trees to hunt in. The platform can be large enough to accommodate more than a single person, such as a hunter and a child, a videographer or another hunter.

Getting up to the platform and climbing down are easy thanks to the provided ladder component.

With the easy climbing and easy joint use of a ladder tree stand, it can come with a distinct disadvantage: its bulk and weight. If you have to walk a long way to your hunting site, a ladder stand may not be the best option.

Ladder stands also tend to be extra noisy when being set up and climbed. Some models are equipped with a seat while others have none so you may have to purchase one separately. Ladder stands are usable for many types of trees Set up can require two to three people working together, so some hunters simply leave their ladder stands in place for extended periods of time.



1. Ameristep Two Man Ladder Stand


This 15-feet ladder is everything you need to stay fully undercover when going into the woods hunting. Whether you’re hunting large animals or birds, the ladder can be easily installed on any type of tree so it will provide you easy and comfortable access.

The camo print will easily fit with the rest of the surrounding areas so it will help you stay 100% undercover. In addition, the strong iron and steel construction is able to support up to 500 pounds in weight, so it is perfect for two huntsmen.

Most customers who purchased the item praised the sturdy construction and the treat stand that is completely silent to climb that will help you get in and out of the tree anytime you want, without scaring your potential game.

However, even though the construction is sturdy, the sitting bench is not so wide and may not be able to provide maximum comfort for larger people.

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2. Guide Gear Basic Ladder Tree Stand


The Guide Gear Basic offers optimal functionality as a ladder stand with its basic design and uncomplicated structure.

Incorporating all you need for a successful hunt and none that you don’t, this ladder stand is streamlined with a padded seat and armrests for comfortable seating and reduced arm fatigue because the armrests provide a good perch for your weapon.

This model boasts a sturdy steel construction to ensure durability and safety even when used from a lofty post in the trees. The 12.5 by 17.25-inch platform offers just enough room to rest your feet on and provides easy climbing into the seat.

The three-section construction of the ladder enables easy setup, takedown and portability.

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Best climbing tree stand


A climbing tree stand comprises two primary parts: a seat and a footrest. This type of stand attaches to a tree from the ground and the hunter uses the stand itself to facilitate the ascent up the trunk of the tree.

Ascent is done by moving one part of the stand while keeping one’s weight on the other section of the stand. The climbing component serves as the fulcrum upon which you rest your weight while doing the climb.

Some of the most comfortable tree stands are of the climbing design, which also offers an easy set up as a distinct advantage. That being said, climbing tree stands can’t be accommodated on just any tree.

They can’t attach to trees with extremely large trunks or that have low and small branches, or that have crooked trunks that can’t support a tree stand and the hunter’s entire weight. Climbing tree stands are perfect for hunters who are physically fit to carry their own weight as they shimmy up a tree with the platform and climbing element.



3. Summit Treestands Rapid Climb Stirrups


Designed to keep the hunter concealed while sitting comfortably up in a tree, the Summit Treestands Viper SD is a closed-front aluminum stand that ensures you are safe and secure while hunting at an elevated vantage point.

Equipped with the best camo for treestand hunting, this model comes with a realistic Mossy Oak design on the suspended foam-padded seat with backrest, which blends well with wooded surroundings to let you maintain that factor of stealth that is critical to hunting.

Capable of holding up to 300 pounds, this climbing tree stand has a broad 20-inch by 26.5-inch platform on which you can stand and sit easily and comfortably.

To ensure your safety, this model includes a full-body Fall Arrest Harness System (FAS) as well as all needed hardware for a stable setup.

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Best hang-on tree stand


A hang-on or lock-on tree stand is a versatile type of hunting gear that attaches to many types of trees. It can be used on trees with large trunks as well as those that have multiple limbs. A lock-on stand also operates noiselessly so it offers the best stand for up-close hunting of targets. This type secures tightly to a tree, which makes it extremely quiet.

In addition, it offers reduced shifting or moving while supporting a hunter’s full weight, making it ideal for hunting noise-sensitive deer. This type of tree stand is superbly lightweight, with products averaging at 20 pounds, which facilitates portability.

However, it must be noted that the less weight a lock-on or hang-on tree stand has, the more minimalist its design so you may have a comparatively small seat with little to no padding.

The platform may just be of enough size to accommodate your booted feet and not much else. Should you elect to just leave the hang-on stand in place through the hunting season, make sure it comes with a cushioned seat and a padded backrest.



4. Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand


Designed to be 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, the Millennium Treestands M100U-SL provides easy transportability with its easy fold-flat design that makes it suitable for backpacking. This tree stand comes with a compact design that lets you fold the seat up against the tree so you can shoot while standing.

This tree stand comes with a patented exclusive contoured, tight sling seat called comfortMAX, which allows you to hunt in comfort all day.

This tree stand boasts an all-aluminum construction supplemented with a durable powder coat finish to ensure protection from corrosion for dependable performance through many hunting seasons.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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Best tripod tree stand


A tripod tree stand enables you to have a high vantage point for observing your prey or surveying the terrain for targets even when there aren’t any trees around. This type of tree stand offers a portable and lightweight solution where the hunting site does not have that many trees, or the trees around the area do not have thick enough diameters.

Easy to erect anywhere, even in the middle of an expansive field, a tripod tree stand gives you an elevated yet stable perch in which to do animal observation and viewing. However, this type will leave the hunter fully exposed to the elements. You may want to check out models with some form of extra cover to prevent premature discovery by the hunted animal.

Good quality tripod tree stands allow you to take a full 360-degree view of your hunting environment, with a seat that allows comfortable surveying. Take note of the unit’s construction so you can be sure every component is solidly built, strong and durable to take your full weight even from a lofty position in the observation tower.



5. Steel Tripod Stand for Shooting


This 15-foot steel tripod tree stand offers dependable durability thanks to its strong construction. You can easily observe the target in the full-surround shooting rail that also lets you rest your weapon while taking note of the surrounding terrain from the elevated platform of the observation tower.

There’s always plenty of room to make standing shots thanks to the way the foot platform provides sufficient room to move around in.

Offering 360 degrees of rotation, the seat provides a full surveillance of the shooting field from a high reach. The cushioned seat is supplemented with a padded backrest for optimum comfort.

Going up the ladder is easy so you can be up in a towering height on the platform in little time.

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For crossbow hunting


6. Lone Wolf Treestands Alpha


This hang-on tree stand is suitable for your next hunting game. It will help you perfectly blend in with nature and provide the perfect camouflage for your hunting experience. It is suitable for almost all types of trees, between 4 and 22 inches in diameter and it also accepts an E-Z hang hook accessory.

What we like about this stand is that it comes with a very roomy platform, allowing you to stand comfortably during long stalking days. It is also lightweight, weighing less than 14 pounds, which makes it portable and easy to carry with you anytime you go hunting.

However, thanks to its sturdy and durable construction, it is able to support up to 300 pounds, so you can rest assured you will be safe at all times. Moreover, it also features an offset bracket that will allow you to level the chair to perfectly fit crooked trees as well.

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7. Tree Stands Climber Climbing Hunting Deer Bow


Providing an elevated and open platform on which to do field surveys and target observation while hunting, the Tree Stand Climber provides a better vantage point compared to a ground blind or just hunting while on the ground.

Doubtlessly the best tree stand for crossbow hunting, this model uses a cable or chain to connect to a tree and attach to the desired height.

Sections of ladders or steps called climbing sticks are used to climb into the tree stand platform.

Enjoy optimal strength and durability thanks to the tough powder-coated finish and remarkable Steel Tough construction, both working together to resist the material-destructive effects of the elements.

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For bow hunting


8. Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand


Engineered to be the best bow hunting climbing tree stand, the River’s Edge RE636 carries an innovative V-shaped design that enables two hunters to climb onto the platform and hunt together.

The unique design also positions both hunters tight against the tree so they can have maximum concealment and have greater success in the activity.

The tree stand comes with exclusive Tear Tuff mesh seats that are comfortable, durable and silent so both hunters are assured of dependable performance even during a full day of hunting.

This ladder stand is tall enough at 19 feet 9 inches to help you avoid getting fatigued after climbing onto the platform and down from it after the hunt.

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What tree stand accessories do I need?


A tree stand provides a solid vantage point in which you can observe the surroundings for your target to show up. However, you can still make the most of every tree stand hunting experience by buying accessories for the stand separately. For climbing treestands, you can get climbing steps or climbing sticks to facilitate access to the platform of a fixed tree stand.

A harness should ideally be of the 6-point tether system so you simply don’t end up upside down when you lose your grip while climbing or descending. A skirt keeps your treestand platform hidden so you can really hunt while concealed. Seat pads and a protective roof make it possible for you to hunt all day in comfort. A pop-up umbrella for tree stand use offers a nice roof system that is also easy and quick to install, so you can bear the hot sun when waiting for 10 to 20 hours for that prized buck to show up.

A bow hanger and holder keeps your bow and other hunting essentials within reach while safely organized.

You want this item to be to your preferred angle and height so you won’t have to move too much to reach your weapon and the other items stored. With a single smooth movement, you can take your bow, draw an arrow and release with a precise aim because everything is easy to reach.

To secure your bow or rifle on the tree stand bench, you may want to invest in a tree pod or bench rest for your weapon. This can be fitted onto the platform of the tree stand to support the weapon’s entire weight.

Look for models with quiet arms outfitted with multiple bearings for stable and smooth movement when tracking a moving target. Other accessories worth investing in include a treestand lock, an extendable tree saw, utility straps, wall insulation, ghillie covers and more.




How to choose the best hunting tree stand


A tree stand facilitates easy ascending to a higher elevation to sight the target and preserve the element of stealth that is extra-critical in a sport or hobby like hunting. Because you are can observe the area inobtrusively from a high position in the trees, your prey cannot easily detect your presence so you can aim your weapon and wait for the perfect time to shoot your hunting bow or firearm. Now, what distinguishes a good quality tree stand from less stellar products in this category?


Choose a suitable tree stand for your needs

Ladder tree stands combine a basic tree stand, which is an elevated platform, and a ladder attached to it. The ladder makes ascent and descent simple and easy, enabling you to get into position quickly. That said, ladder tree stands carry plenty of weight and can be noisy to set up and climb.

The most widely used type of tree stand is the climbing type, which also boasts superior mobility as well as a variety of options. Comparatively lightweight, climbing tree stands come with a wide variety of features to ensure comfortable seating. Quiet and light, climbing tree stands are also easy to set up and are less expensive compared to other types.

Hang-on treestands, otherwise known as lock-on treestands, work by attaching a chain or strap to the tree trunk. They need to be used with some type of climbing aid or device to get into them. The climbing aid may be in the form of temporary rungs, climbing sticks or steps.

This type is typically extremely light and is a great option for hunters who’d rather not be burdened with too much equipment to carry. Hang-on treestands are provided with adequate seating features.

When there are no trees in the hunting site, a tripod tree stand makes a great option. Tripod treestands offer a lightweight and stable means to stay in an elevated perch anywhere you’re hunting. However, a tripod tree stand does leave you in a very open position even if it is at an elevation. You may want to look for models that come with some type of additional cover.

The box tree stand looks like a camping tent and can be fixed to a tree and left there for extended periods of time, or even from one hunting season to another. A lightweight cloth material is used in some models, which have the cover fabric stretched over the frame.

On the other hand, some box tree stands come with a hard shell made of either wood or plastic.


Make sure the tree stand provides more than enough features for safety in use

To climb and perch at an elevated post in a tree already poses plenty of risks and with one little miscalculation, can even prove to be fatal as well. Check into the track record of the manufacturer in its products to ensure you’re not buying something that could cause loss of life and limb. The construction should be of premium quality materials. There should be no squeaky and brittle components or weak points.

The tree stand platform should not be overly narrow and ideally should allow you to move around in relative safety. The supplied safety belt or harness should ideally be a three- or four-point type, which is often referred to as a Fall Arrest System (FAS).

Adjusting your weight completely, a FAS goes around the legs as well as the arms of the user and still enables free mobility along with a more secure and safer feel that translates to a consistently comfortable hunting experience.

Armrests and a safety harness go hand in hand to ensure safe use of a tree stand. The tree stand should be built to accommodate your full weight, so make sure to look into the unit’s maximum weight capacity. The climbing apparatus should be made of top quality materials and boast quality craftsmanship.


The tree stand should also offer comfort and convenience

The tree stand will invariably require carrying to the spot where you intend to set it up. Therefore, its weight will be a serious consideration as well. An extremely heavy or bulky model is not ideal but this should not signify compromised performance and stability for the user.

The unit should ensure easy climbing. Some models come with a variety of positioning options so you can achieve a stable perch even up in the most odd-looking trees. A flip-up seat design provides more room to aim your weapon while standing, with the seat up and out of the way

Some climbing models ensure comfortable all-day seating with a contoured foam seat pad. They even fold down to a very small package for easy carrying to and from the site.

Others come with a single-piece cast aluminum platform for strength and durability as well as optimum support both for bow and gun hunting. Check out models with a bow or rifle holder, stabilizing and bungee straps and a realistic camo design as well as a 6-point fall arrest system.

Some models come with hang-it-all belts and shelves that secure tightly to the stand or the tree itself to provide enough room in which to hang your other hunting essentials while providing easy access. With a branch bracket or cover system that attaches to the stand or the tree, you can strategically place branches and limbs around you and the stand when there’s no natural cover available to make up for that deficiency in concealment.



Is a tree stand safe?


Providing an elevated vantage point from which to observe the target while being concealed at an elevated height, a tree stand is one of the most popular pieces of equipment that today’s modern hunter just can’t do without. If you are to succeed in any hunting endeavor, you should definitely invest in a good quality hunting tree stand. For those serious about hunting, now is the time to put their money on a premium quality and well-crafted tree stand.

In its most fundamental, a tree stand is a simple platform mounted against a tree. It can come with or without a ladder depending on its type or design.

Some brands come with climbing sticks or steps that enable access to the tree stand platform. The tree stand may be built to allow the user to kneel, sit or stand in the unit, and again, this depends on the design of the unit.

To provide value for money, some hunting tree stands come with armrests and backrests, a seat and a variety of other accessories.

The good thing that competition in tree stands has created is the fact that many manufacturers try to outdo one another in the accessories component of their products. There are some brands that offer cushioned backrests and seats.

In keeping with their promise of a lightweight design in tree stands, some manufacturers elect to provide the simplest designs in their seats, such as mesh ones or barebones metal ones. Whatever the case, it is upon the hunter to decide which gets greater priority for them between comfort and uncomplicated functionality.

Some hunters who believe they have serious do-it-yourself skills choose to construct their own tree stands.

However, it is to be remembered that for a tree stand to truly deliver as it promises, it has to be both safe and well-constructed, in addition to offering a genuine vantage point for the avid hunter. In other words, you might be able to save a few dollars by creating your own tree stand, but how sure are you that what you have created will be safe even for you?

To bridge the gap between functionality and price, tree stand manufacturers have formed their own alliance called the Treestand Manufacturers Association or TMA. Those who become members of this organization are obliged to adhere to strict standards in creating their products. They have to ensure that what they offer to consumers are safe, easy to use and made of top quality materials for dependability in performance.

The burden of proof on strength and durability is both upon the manufacturer as much as the end user. While tree stand manufacturers profess that they subject their products to rigid testing and evaluation, the end user has to ensure that such claims are true by checking for inferior components and materials in tree stands.

There should be no creaky, noisy parts that will startle the target. Ideally, tree stands should boast lightweight yet strong diecast construction, with no sharp edges or corners that could cause injury.

Check out models that provide a Fall Arrest Harness System (FAS) that keeps you tethered safely to a tree while you climb into the tree stand, in the case of climbing units. Ladders and other elements in tripod and ladder stands should be strong. Ascertain the maximum weight capacity of the unit to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Make sure you buy only from reputable online sellers and manufacturers.



Why should I use a tree stand?


Inarguably a popular piece of hunting equipment, a tree stand is basically a platform that attaches to a tree and either equipped or not with a set of steps or a ladder to gain access to. The tree stand should enable you to sit, kneel or stand in it, depending on its design of course. Some tree stand models are even equipped with armrests, cushions as well as a variety of accessories that ensure optimal functionality plus comfort.

Despite the variety of tree stands for sale on the market, some hunters still prefer to create their own. However, this can present certain risks as there are aspects of a properly constructed tree stand that can easily escape the attention of even the most earnest do-it-yourselfer/hunter. Furthermore, good quality tree stands undergo testing for safety by the manufacturers to ensure they get high ratings in reviews, and this is something that a homemade tree stand may not come with.

Commercial tree stands may not be perfect as they are, but they do need to be built in accordance with specific professional standards for such products, with the most top rated models being stellar in this respect. Safety is therefore an element that you can derive from a tree stand.

A tree stand provides a high ground to survey and observe the target at an elevation, keeping the hunter undetected to ensure the stealth factor that is critical for every hunt. It ensures that the target does not pick up on your scent that easily. You can move about in a tree stand with a large enough platform, albeit carefully, without the target getting alerted to your presence so you can take aim with precision and fire when ready.

This is unlike being on the ground where you can only aim at the animal once it comes into your field of vision or the range of your sighting device. In a tree stand, you have the advantage of height and longer sight as well as farther shooting to aid you in bagging that trophy catch.

A tree stand also enables you to shoot at a full 360 degrees from your vantage point or all the way around the tree because you see more and farther away as well. When shooting from the ground, you won’t be able to know the direction the target animal runs to but in a tree stand, you can tell in which direction it escapes to. The best hunting tree stands used to be designed for bow hunting but today, plenty of tree stands are available to suit a variety of hunting styles.

Painter’s seat or climbing tree stands are portable, comfortable, lightweight and very easy to set up and take down, giving the hunter a dependable piece of gear to use for every hunting season. Climbing treestands, on the other hand, provide a means to get up a tree so you virtually get two products in one. Climbing tree stands or painter’s seat type or ladder-type stands are perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable using belts or steps in climbing up and down a tree, while painter’s seat or lock-on types are great for hunters who need to travel a long way to the hunting site.

A climbing tree stand is a great choice for those who want to feel safe even if they fall asleep in a tree stand after spending 10 to 20 hours up in the trees, thanks to the included safety harness. Ladder stands and fixed stands are best for use in hunting areas with little to no hunting pressure or where there are relatively few hunters. For areas where there’s plenty of hunting pressure, climbing tree stands are suitable. Ladder stands are great when you are hunting with someone else or have a child or videographer in tow.




Most popular brands


Guide Gear

Guide Gear offers outdoor adventure seekers different lines of products perfect for any endeavor. This brand covers everything from insulated trapper hats to insulated hunting coveralls, silk crew tops for men and women, camo boxer briefs, folding fish/game cleaning table, hang-on treestands and tripod deer stands and more.

The brand seeks to provide products that speak of superior quality and craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

Every Guide Gear product is backed by dependable performance, matchless value and long-lasting quality for individuals who value their freedom to choose as much as they value their freedom to enjoy their outdoorsy lifestyle. This is the brand for budget-friendly gear that does not compromise on performance.



Providing a genuine option to the hunter for any hunting situation, Ameristep belongs to an elite group of leading manufacturers of top outdoor products that have enjoyed top-notch reputation through the years. Backed by over two decades in the hunting equipment industry, the brand produces quality treestands, accessories and ground blinds.

This manufacturer guarantees that every product that rolls out of its assembly line boasts great effort for superior craftsmanship. There’s always something new and exciting to watch for in every Ameristep product, as every item offers ease of use, superb durability and safety for the user. Every product also offers the features, comfort and advantages that hunters expect from their gear.



A well-established manufacturer of concealed hunting gear, Summit Treestands manufactures products for hunters developed by true-blue hunters. The brand produces adaptable tripod stands and versatile climbing stands, all built to exacting standards and ensured to last for many hunting seasons.

The company has been an innovator in the field, creating products that feature remarkable technology that advanced hunters seek in their gear.

Every product has undergone testing to ensure optimal performance and user safety. A proud member of the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA), this brand is an undisputed leader in tree stand technology that includes Summit Lokt, which offers a more secure system through much lower stresses on the welds in their products, along with Dead Metal Sound Deadening, Quickdraw Cable Retention and Rapid Climb Stirrups.



» Check the information from past years

Are you concerned that you might not find the best bow hunting climbing tree stand in 2023 since you’re too busy to compare various models on the market? We offer here, in this paragraph, the data necessary for making an educated choice. We looked at customer feedback, expert opinions, and social media activity, and we identified the Rivers Edge 2 Man as the most popular model of the moment. As a bowhunter, what you need is perfect concealment and this is exactly what this tree stand provides, due to its special design. The maximum height is almost 20 feet, which means that you will comfortably sit above ground level, so that the prey cannot sense you or see you. There are two mesh seats available, so you can sit together with your best buddy, while hunting. Is the Rivers Edge 2 Man out of stock? Here is what we suggest — get the Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II, as it is almost just as good.



5 Best Bow Hunting Climbing Tree Stands (Reviews) in 2023


A bow hunting climbing tree stand offers many important advantages, but it can be challenging to find the perfect one. We are here to help you narrow down your choice, by presenting you with a shortlist of buyers’ favorite models.


1. Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand


When you go hunting in the woods, you most probably want to be silent and, of course, deadly. It is essential that you pick the right climbing stand and that it is as noise-free as possible. The Rivers Edge 2 Man should come as one of your first choices because it ticks all the boxes. It is quiet and offers you the possibility to observe your prey from a vantage point.

One of the first things you may notice about this model is its V shape. This will allow the people using it to sit very tight against the tree so that not even the most precautious prey can spot them. The model is intended to be used by two hunters at the same time, so it is a fun choice for those who love hunting together with their pals.

The mesh seats are durable and offer good comfort. They will flip up when needed, so you and your hunting partner can take full advantage of the platform available.

The height of the stand is almost 20 feet. This means that you will be high above the ground so that the prey cannot smell you from afar.




2. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand


If you are looking for a versatile model that will help you keep your eye on the prey but without getting notice, you will find the Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II an excellent option. Gun hunting, as well as bow hunting, can be performed with ease, once you have such an ally by your side.

Climbing stands are not particularly famous for offering a lot of room when standing up, but this model proves that it is possible to enjoy excellent concealment, while still having plenty of space to stand up for aiming and shooting.

You are probably wondering how comfortable this climbing stand is. Let’s start by saying that the seat pad is made from contoured foam, which means that you will be able to sit on it for hours without experiencing the usual discomfort.

The platform is made of cast aluminum, which means that, while it is roomy, it doesn’t increase the weight load. Don’t let yourself fooled by the lightweight design. It can hold people weighing up to 350 pounds, so it is an excellent choice for big fellows, too. The fall arrest system is approved by TMA, for your peace of mind.




3. Summit Treestands 81117 Razor SD Climbing Treestand


You might have already heard your friends recommending a Summit treestand as it is an excellent choice, regardless of your level of expertise. This convenient and easy to set up model should be on anyone’s list due to the full range of benefits it offers.

The nice looking camo pattern will keep you hidden when you don’t want your prey to sense you are near. The climbing bar can be folded, for maximum convenience. The seat is padded with a generous layer of foam to allow you to spend hours seated without feeling any discomfort.

The seat comes with integrated backrest to increase the level of comfort. While it is lightweight since it weighs only 21 pounds, it is capable of supporting 300 pounds without a problem. The large platform size allows you to stand up, take aim, and shoot without a glitch.

The open front design lets you use this stand for bow hunting with maximum efficiency. You will get a complete set when you purchase this particular model. The 4-point safety harness will keep you away from harm, while the stirrups and all the straps and ropes will help you to set up the stand quickly.




4. Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder


You will be able to enjoy your hunting trip in the most comfortable manner possible, as the seat on this tree stand is padded with Comfort-Max foam that ensures you will not feel fatigued after hours of waiting for the game to appear. The configuration of this particular stand helps you remain concealed, just as much as your hunting camo clothing can aid you to stay hidden from view.

The steel construction is very durable, and the powder coat finish adds more resistance to rust and corrosion. You will not have to worry about the stability of the stand, as the ladder has a double rail construction.

The shooting rail is padded, as well, for increased comfort. The armrests, and the footrest also help you feel as comfortable as possible during hunting. As far as safety features are concerned, there is a safe link line and the tree brace comes with a stabilizing strap, so you can quickly secure the stand.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, and the platform is very stable. When you need to get on your feet and shoot, the seat folds up, and you will not have your movements hindered in any way.




5. Summit Treestands Surround Seat Mossy Oak Camo


This model is quite a nice change from the regular models you can find on the market for the simple fact that it comes equipped with more useful features than the rest. For instance, the sides are padded, which means that you will find this seat comfortable to use in inclement weather, as you are well protected against cold and wind.

The extra pockets with Velcro closures are a nice touch, too; they allow you to keep a few necessary items at hand, without any problem. The quick-release buckle system lets you get in and out with maximum efficiency. This is a seat, not an entire stand, but the good news is that you can attach it to numerous ladder stands.

It is also compatible with most climbing tree stands, and an excellent addition to your comfort. The mossy oak camo pattern will help you blend in with the environment so that no prey can spot you.

Together with the bow hunting clothes that provide extra concealment, you will be as good as invisible to deer and other wild animals. For all the extra comfort this seat offers, it is worth giving it a try.




Buying guide


If you want a bow stand to assist you in honing your skills as a hunter, there are quite a few choices available. The climbing type seems to be quite popular among bow hunters and for all the right reasons. It is easy to pack, it is more lightweight than other types, and it fits like a glove with many hunting styles. Here are some essential features to bear in mind.


Maximum weight limit

The best climbing tree stand for bow hunting should be able to accommodate both your weight and the weight of all the gear you have with you. This is something to bear in mind if you plan on bringing a lot of extra hunting items with you.

You will find plenty of tree stands that can handle 300 pounds with ease, and some go even beyond the call of duty and can support up to 350-400 pounds, which will give you plenty of room to use all the gear you need.


Comfort features

Whether you like it or not, you will have to sit for hours until the game will come near your spot. That means that you should get a tree stand with a comfortable seat, or, otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy your hunting trip as much as you would like.

For instance, your seat should have a layer of good padding, ideal for hours of sitting strapped to your tree stand. In case your stand has a shooting rail, it would be a good idea to have one that is padded, as well, so that you can rest your arms on it.

Armrests and a footrest would complete the picture of a comfortable tree stand. If you read the bow hunting climbing tree stands reviews that are written by users and experts alike, you will notice that all of them speak of comfort as one of the paramount features that you should not overlook in such a device designed for hunting.


Safety first

You may not know it, but there are plenty of injuries occurring each year, due to accidents related to tree stands. Hunters who do not care about wearing a safety harness can fall and hurt themselves, and it is essential to have a stand that is already equipped with some safety features.

The Treestand Manufacturer’s Association is in charge of issuing standards on safety for such hunting devices. If you notice that some models available for sale are advertised as being TMA-rated, that means that they comply with the safety standards recommended by this association.

When you go shopping for a tree stand, make sure that its construction is durable and that its platform ensures solid stability. Once you are caught in the thrill of the hunt, you may not be able to pay attention to small details, like a slightly wobbly platform, and that can lead to unexpected accidents.

Buyers and experts alike recommend models that have a good solid platform, with foldable seats, so that you can stand up without a problem and take your aim at the prey. Check to see if the necessary straps for securing your stand to a tree are delivered with your purchase. This is the quickest way to tell apart better models from the rest.


Overall durability and portability

While a climbing tree stand is usually more lightweight than other types available, there is still a competition between manufacturers to make models that are more lightweight, hence easier to carry around.

This aspect, however, should not mean that the durability of the stand should be sacrificed for the sake of making it more portable. That may put manufacturers in a bit of a puzzle, but the best brands have already found solutions in choosing materials that are lightweight, yet durable, such as aluminum.

In case you purchase a model made from welded steel, make sure that the entire construction is coated with special powder so that it can resist rust and corrosion. Bear in mind that you might have to take your tree stand out in nasty weather conditions, which means that both the metallic structure and the seat should be able to withstand some wear and tear.

Don’t forget that your tree stand should be portable. You should go for a model that can be folded flat and carried along with the rest of your hunting gear. Most manufacturers will offer information on such aspects, so you will be able to compare various items and see which ones are the most desirable.



If you’ve come here looking to find the best Summit Treestand in 2023, but you don’t have the time to go through our Summit Treestands reviews, the following short paragraph contains all the information you need. After doing some proper research where we looked at dozens of consumer reports, surveys, and other resources, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Summit Treestands Viper SD. This option stands out due to the solid mix of safety, durability, comfort, and convenience. It features a closed-front aluminum climbing stand that is durable and lightweight as the total weight of this model is of only 20 lbs. The suspended foam-padded seat with backrest will keep you comfortable while the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage will help you blend with the environment. If the Summit Treestands Viper SD is not available, we recommend you consider the Summit Treestands OpenShot SD.



3 Best Summit Treestands (Reviews) in 2023


If after doing part of your research you are still unable to find a good stand from Summit Treestands for sale, perhaps you ought to take a quick look at our selection below. These models were carefully selected due to the quality, affordability, and durability that they offer.


1. Summit Treestands Rapid Climb Stirrups


The Summit Treestands Viper SD is a great stand that gives you everything you need to make the most out of your purchase. It includes climbing stirrups, a quick-draw cable system, the body harness, and backpack straps. With all these free and essential accessories, you will be ready to go and shoot that elusive deer.

The construction is also made from durable and lightweight aluminum. When you consider the fact that you are meant to carry this on your back, weight is important which is why this model weighs only 20 lbs. You won’t have to worry that carrying this unit together with your gun or large bow case will be too much for you.

Another worthy feature that the Viper SD offers is the “dead metal” foam. This material is designed specifically to eliminate the metal on metal sounds that other models can suffer from. This will ensure that when you’re standing up in the air, the nearby animals will have no idea that you are there.

You can also stop worrying about uncomfortable stands as this alternative features a padded chair and arms that are so cozy that you will end up spending hours without feeling the time passing by.





2. Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Climbing Treestand


If comfort is on your mind, you can’t make a better decision than going with the OpenShot SD. This awesome option offers lots of room and a no-nonsense design that will allow you to move freely in whichever direction you wish. This will enable you to reach any angle so that your awesome longbow never misses its target.

To ensure that you have no troubles utilizing and setting this nifty unit up, the manufacturer also includes both written instructions and a DVD. The DVD contains the most important safety measures and a step by step instructional guide so that you can learn more about the many features that this unit provides.

The engineers at Summit Treestands have developed a way to reduce the metal-to-metal sound that is often associated with aluminum tubing. The technology they have created is called DeadMetal, and it eliminates any sound by filling the critical parts of the stand with a custom-engineered expanding foam.

Summit’s QuickDraw cable retention system is the fastest and quietest cable attachment available on the market. It makes setting the stand up easier than ever. You will not have to fumble with knobs, nuts, pins or any other small pieces. You can also use the space under the chair to store your new hunting backpack or any other gear.





3. Summit Dual Pro Ladder Stand


Get ready to experience hunting in a new and exciting way as this premium alternative will allow you and a friend to have the best time of your lives. It features a durable 150-denier fabric with a water-repellent polyurethane backing. This means that even when facing rain or snow, the Dual Pro alternative will be up to the task.

This option also features a removable gun rest and enough room to store essential gear such as your trusty trail camera, GPS or binoculars. The camo design provides enhanced concealment by rendering all movements undetectable to any game that is within range. It can be attached to a tree quickly, and it is easy to access due to the zippered front door.

The Rapid Climb stirrups are engineered to give you extra comfort, and they can be adjusted to fit all types of fishing boots. They will keep the boot attached securely to the platform, and they will also make it easier for you to climb quickly and reach your desired height.

In term of design, this option uses high-quality aluminum with precision welds for absolute rigidity and maximum strength. The aluminum construction will also make it easier for you to transport this option.





Buying guide


Finding the best tree stand in this day and age can be much more difficult than anyone could have anticipated. While the wide variety of options available may seem like an awesome thing at first, things get a bit discouraging once you realize just how difficult settling for just one product can be

Proper research can take you a long way since knowing which feature to focus on will allow you to identify the products that are really worth your time. Because we understand that this is a difficult process, we have gone and created a buyer’s guide just for you. Take a look below if you want more info on how to pick the perfect product for your needs.


Weight capacity

When picking a tree stand, especially one that is built to accommodate two persons, you have to pay close attention to what the manufacturer has to say about the weight capacity of its product. Hunters come in different shapes and sizes and most manufacturers are able to accommodate these needs.

A stand should typically have a capacity of 300 lbs at the minimum, and that is for the one person alternatives. Thankfully, most stands that are available on the market these days manage to meet these minimum criteria, but you should nonetheless keep an eye out on the weight capacity that your model offers.


Durability and weather resistance

Most options available nowadays are built from either steel or aluminum. Both of these options are great choices since they are sturdy and durable, but aluminum is considered as the better pick. The reason for this is because aluminum offers a better resistance to wet weather and when you’re out hunting it is impossible to avoid some rain from time to time.

To add to that, aluminum alternatives are also typically lighter which is a great thing since when you’re carrying a heavy load, every pound that can be cut matters



When purchasing your first tree stand, you should look for one that is easy to transport and that can be assembled quickly. When you’re hunting and the prey is nearby, the last thing you want is to mess around with overly-complicated gear. A great purchase should not take more than two or three minutes to assemble or to put away when you are done.

Similarly, you don’t want a stand that weighs more than 20 to 25 lbs. If you choose something that is heavier than that, you will either have to leave other gear behind or be ready for your back to hurt real bad.

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