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Best Lightweight Hunting Boots

Last Updated: 29.02.24

Lightweight hunting boots – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Do you want the best lightweight hunting boots, but you’re too pressed for time to find the right model? We are here to help you with a quick recommendation that will be laid out in this short paragraph. According to customers’ opinions and social media activity, as well as sales figures, the Irish Setter 880 Elk Tracker is the model you should be spending money on. These boots excel regarding comfort, as the Gore-Tex membrane is used for ensuring that water is kept out of your footwear, while your feet still keep breathing. The Thinsulate layer is thick enough to offer good protection against the cold, but not heavy enough to make wearing these boots a hassle. You will surely appreciate the cork midsole that adds to the comfort factor. In case you can no longer find the Irish Setter Men’s 880 Elk Tracker, you should consider the Danner Pronghorn All-Leather 400G-M, which is almost just as good.



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3 Best Lightweight Hunting Boots (Reviews) in 2024


You don’t get any better than the critically acclaimed models for sale right now if you’re thinking about buying a new pair of hunting boots. All the following models are made with a hunter’s needs in mind, and regardless of which one you pick, you will suffer no disappointment.



1. Irish Setter Men’s 880 Elk Tracker Waterproof 200 Gram


The Irish Setter Men’s 880 Elk Tracker is the embodiment of everything you may be looking for in a pair of lightweight hunting boots. The leather construction is sturdy, but it does not make the boots unnecessarily heavy like other models on the market. Leather is preferred for this kind of footwear because it is durable and can take a lot of wear and tear.

The boots come equipped with 200-gram Thinsulate insulation, to make sure that cold will not get through. You can rest assured that you will be able to hunt in bad weather and experience no problems while you are wearing these boots. It is important to mention that the Gore-Tex lining contributes to the moisture-wicking properties of this type of footwear.

Comfort is paramount while you’re spending hours in the cold, hunting your prey. That is why this manufacturer seems to have thought of everything. The EVA footbed is extremely comfortable, and the memory foam construction will take the shape of your foot.

And, after a long day of hunting, you don’t have to worry that you will find a cesspool of bacteria growing in your boots. The ScentBan technology used to eliminate bad odor and the bacteria causing it is another great plus of this particular model.


Cold weather will not be able to go through your boots, as the 200-gram Thinsulate construction will not allow it to affect you.

Moisture-wicking properties can make or break a pair of hunting boots, and it is good to know that the Gore-Tex interior of these boots does its job well.

The footbed of these boots is made with EVA foam, so you can expect extraordinary comfort when you wear them, and particularly when you have to spend a lot of time on your feet.

It is important to mention that the manufacturer uses the ScentBan technology to prevent the development of smelling bacteria inside your boots.

Overall, the boots are very durable, and you will be able to count on them in bad weather.


Some buyers report that the boots feel a bit too tight if you order your regular size; to solve this situation, ordering a half a number larger size is the right option.

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2. Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8 Inch 400G Hunting Boot


Another pair of good lightweight hunting boots you should jot down on your list is the Danner Men’s Pronghorn All-Leather 400G-M. The overall look and feel of these boots will convince you that they are worth a try, and you will not be disappointed with their performance.

The boots are made with a leather upper that combines the properties of this type of rugged material with the water resistance characteristic to nylon. The combination of materials makes this model stand out from the crowd and keeps it more lightweight than others, as well. The 1000 Denier nylon is waterproof, yet it does not add weight to the boots.

On the inside, this model is something to write home about, too. The Gore-Tex lining is made to ensure that the boots remain waterproof, while still keeping a breathable environment for your feet. The insulation construction is particular to this kind of boots.

The toes and heels are designed to resist abrasion and make the boots more rugged than other similar models on the market. All the hardware used is also made to provide excellent performance, and you can rest assured that nothing in these boots will need replacement anytime soon.


A combination of nylon and leather, the upper part of these boots will not let water get through, and will also benefit from extra durability.

Despite their somewhat bulky appearance, these boots are quite lightweight, so you will be able to enjoy extra comfort while wearing them.

Your feet will not have to suffer from soaking into their own sweat, as the Gore-Tex lining will take care of wicking the moisture.

A unique design is used for the toes and the heels to limit abrasion and ensure enhanced durability for the boots.

The boots are insulated adequately so that you can enjoy hunting in bad weather for as long as you like.


A few buyers report that the boots feel wider than what they might appear like, which means that you will have to pull the laces tighter.

Finding a good fit may require a bit of research on the topic since people are saying that a smaller size would have worked better for them.

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3. LaCrosse Men’s Quick Shot 8 Realtree XT Green Hunting Boot


These suede leather boots are an excellent choice if you need a new pair, and you’re looking for something that is both durable and lightweight. The lace-to-toe system ensures that you will be able to tightly tie your boots, so they do not accidentally slip or become too loose. This is mainly something hunters need to bear in mind if they want to experience their hunting in safety.

You can choose from different Thinsulate levels, depending on the balance you need to strike between the total weight of the boots and the degree of insulation you can get. The Scent Dry lining is an excellent plus since you will not get smelly boots by the end of the day, and you’ll not have to care about bacteria either.

The suede upper is entirely waterproof and doubled in performance by the 900 Denier nylon used to reinforce it. You will find plenty of hunting boots reviews that will tell you that this kind of combination will make your footwear lightweight, yet durable and resistant to bad weather.

The EVA footbed is made to provide extra comfort, but, if you like your boots to feel a bit looser, you can remove them. The rubber soles offer excellent stability, so you can stalk your prey without any fear that you will lose balance.


There is no risk for these boots to become too loose and slip from your feet, as the lace system provided ensures that you can make them fit snugly on your feet.

You will love that the boots are available in different Thinsulate configurations, as this way you will be able to pick the right compromise between boot weight and insulation level.

Equipped with an EVA footbed for maximum comfort, this model is guaranteed to keep your feet well protected and cozy all the time.

Buyers say that traction is excellent and these boots offer proper stability, due to the rubber soles they use.

The boots are waterproof, and they allow you to hunt in any weather you want, without the fear of catching a cold due to improper footwear.


As expected, these boots are plenty stiff at first, and they need quite a lot of breaking in, so they might not be a good choice for everyone.

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Buying guide


If you are on the lookout for hunting boots and you prefer them to be lightweight and comfortable, while keeping the price down, you will want to hear our basic pointers about getting an excellent pair. For a combination of performance and pricing, you need to know when it’s the right time to make compromises and when you should put value above all else.

Lightweight, but with a rugged construction

There is a common belief that the heavier your hunting boots are, the better. However, wearing such cumbersome footwear can have unwanted effects on your stamina and overall comfort. No matter how much of a seasoned hunter you may be, dragging your boots around won’t make you happy.

Luckily there are alternatives to the heavy boots you usually see in specialized stores. Such boots are both lightweight, and they are rugged enough to deal with the most adverse conditions. Their overall construction uses special technologies that keep the total weight of each boot to a minimum. This is the kind of model you should go for.


The choice of materials

Leather and rubber are used in combination for ensuring that your boots are sturdy enough to take on real-life hunting conditions. However, they can also add a lot of weight, which means that further combinations are desirable. For instance, manufacturers use nylon to make their boots more waterproof and also keep them lightweight.

Suede leather is preferred, too. It is more malleable, which means that you will be more comfortable wearing such shoes. The type of insulation employed by the manufacturer can influence how much weight the boots have, as well. Some manufacturers offer you the possibility to choose from various insulation levels, for this reason.


Nobody likes smelly boots

One aspect that you more than certain don’t want to overlook is some odor control for your hunting boots. There are plenty of manufacturers that use scent-free technologies with the sole purpose of ensuring that bacteria will not be harbored inside your boots.

The special lining used is designed to wick moisture, but also to keep odor-producing bacteria at bay. At the end of the day, when you get rid of the boots, and you just want to relax, you will not have to throw them somewhere far away from your tent so that you can sleep.


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