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Best Monocular for Hunting

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Hunting monoculars – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


You probably have been through a lot of product reviews to find the best monocular for hunting before getting to our site. We have designed this short paragraph to give you the information you seek in a concise manner. To determine for ourselves which product is the best in this category, we looked through dozens of product reviews and ratings for hunting gear and then compared those with actual user feedback. Based on consumer ratings and reviews, the Vortex Optics SOL-3608-RT is the best because of its ultra-compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to bring along during hunting trips. This palm-sized instrument fits easily in your pocket, but it provides a superb optical performance and a generous eye relief, both of which can only be expected from a pair of binoculars. This monocular provides clear and bright views anywhere and delivers precise target range approximation features for a consistently sharp reticle image every time. It might be difficult to get a hold of the Vortex Optics SOL-3608-RT because of its extreme popularity, but we don’t hesitate to recommend what is also considered by consumers as a great second option, the Authentic ROXANT Grip.



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5 Best Monoculars for Hunting (Reviews) in 2024


1. Vortex Optics Solo R/T Tactical Monocular with MRAD


The Vortex Optics SOL-3608-RT is engineered as an ultra-compact and lightweight sighting instrument that provides easy and convenient viewing of faraway objects minus the bulk of a pair of binoculars. The handy configuration makes the small device easy to carry in your jacket pocket for problem-free transport and access on the go.

This model provides heavy-duty functionality thanks to its waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof design. Despite its palm-sized structure, this monocular comes with top-quality features to challenge more expensive products. It comes with a generous eye relief coupled with an exceptional optical performance.

The fully multi-coated lenses raise the levels of light transmission, thanks in part to their multiple anti-reflective coatings on all the air-to-glass surfaces. You can enjoy precise target range estimation thanks to the Milliradian (MRAD)-based subtension that also comes with a secondary rapid-ranging system with silhouettes.


The generous eye relief and optical performance of this instrument are parallel to what you can get from a pair of binoculars.

This device provides bright and clear views plus precise target range estimation for an easy hunting experience.

The fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission for brilliant views at all distances.


Obtaining image stabilization will be more challenging with this monocular compared to the faster functionality of binoculars.

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2. Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View 


The Authentic ROXANT Grip is the brand’s top-of-the-line monocular that offers a wide view of the field ahead so you can easily sight your prey. Designed with a genuine 6 x 30 viewing, this monocular is able to deliver bright and clear views of faraway targets while keeping you undetected and hidden.

You can easily plan your hunting activity thanks to how this instrument enables you to obtain a good sight of the prey so you can prepare your weapon and perform target range estimation easily. This device facilitates distant viewing using its high-end, all-glass optics, starting from the top notch FMC Superior BAK4 Green Film Prism to its Fully Multi Coated All Glass Lens.

The slip-proof comfort molded grip enables you to hold the monocular steadily in your hand and prevent shakiness for optimal viewing. The retractable eyecup enables the use of the device with or without eyeglasses.


Compact yet durable, this instrument is very easy to use and take with you in the field.

The all-glass, high-end optics and fully multi-coated lens make this monocular a great hunting accessory.

The items in the package include a cleaning cloth, a carry pouch with a belt loop and a neck strap, which all ensure easy maintenance, transport, and storage plus value for money.


The absence of a dust cap is offset by the carrying case and cleaning cloth that facilitate maintenance and device care/storage.

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3. Barska NVX100 3x Night Vision Monocular with Built in Camera


Offering a field of view of 328/100, the Barska BQ12388 allows you to see distant targets easily so you can keep to the objective of stealth in hunting. This model is designed with some high-end features that make it more than just a viewing instrument in the field when you go hunting. It is solidly made with quality features to enhance your hunting experience.

You’ll surely love the capability of this monocular to display videos and images on TV so you can relive your hunting trip and be able to know what went wrong when you couldn’t bag the trophy catch, or why the hunting technique you used in the field worked to get you that prized buck. This model easily transfers files to your computer for effortless retrieval and review.

The 3-watt infrared LED, IR wavelength and lighting system luminance enable you to see things better in the dark for surveillance of the target and observation when you are studying the animal’s nocturnal habits. This instrument delivers up to 3X magnification in the dark.


This model is able to display videos and images on TV for the convenient reliving of your hunting adventure.

This instrument also transfers files to your computer for archiving and recording or review.

It enables you to see clearly with up to 3X magnification for easy viewing in the dark.


One user commented on the digital zoom being quite grainy. However, this model does what it is designed to do: give you a good visual of the target from far away.

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4. Best Compact Monocular for Spy, Day and Night Use


The Monoscope is a fantastic compact monocular that is suitable for both day and night use. It is a great spy scope for viewing distant objects. The pocket-sized instrument offers high-powered vision with its state-of-the-art optical features that enable you to see the target while staying undetected at a distance. It’s a versatile device that can take you through a lot of outdoor activities.

This instrument is great for archery, hunting, birdwatching, climbing, hiking, and camping. It comes with a Tactical 10×25 monocular zoom function that allows you to see bright and clear images to help you make the most of every outdoor adventure. This is a solidly made instrument that delivers exceptional functionality.

Lightweight yet durable, this device is easy to hold steady with just a single hand so that you can keep your other hand on your weapon. The optics are premium-quality glass to ensure remarkable light transmission plus brightness for clear and crisp images.


This instrument has a camo design that makes it perfect for the outdoors.

It is a compact yet durable device that enables effortless carrying and problem-free functionality.

The high-quality glass optics provide superb light transmission for brilliant, clear, and crisp images.


This instrument has not gotten enough reviews to present a drawback just yet.

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5. Headphone Adapter, to 3.5mm Headphones Earphone Jack 


Perfect for distant surveillance or night watching, the Bestguarder WG50 is a high-quality monocular that delivers 6X magnification to enable you to have a clearer view of distant targets. The 1-5x digital zoom enables you to get closer to the target visually but not physically so you can maintain that factor of discreteness or stealth for observing the prey.

This monocular is even great for taking photos and videos that can be viewed on your computer or television for a review of your outdoor adventure. The date and time can be stamped on the video or photo for the effortless filing of recordings. The camera and camcorder functions enable you to review your outdoor activity and know how to be better at what you do.

The integrated infrared illuminator provides up to 1150 feet or 350 meters of viewing distance so you can survey the field to find your target and plan your activity accordingly. The rugged, water-resilient housing enables use in the most demanding situations. This instrument delivers excellent optical clarity plus high-performance night vision.


This device is engineered for night viewing, observation, and surveillance for remarkable versatility.

The camera and camcorder functions enable you to keep a record of your outdoor adventures for viewing and review at home on a TV or computer.

Get up to 1150 feet or 350 meters of viewing distance thanks to the built-in infrared illuminator.


This model doesn’t ship with a micro-SD card so if you wish to make the most of the camcorder function, you have to buy one.

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Buying guide


A monocular makes a great alternative to a heftier and bulkier pair of binoculars. As this type of device is just half the size, it is easier to carry than binoculars thanks to its portable, lightweight, and compact structure. How can you tell you have the best product on the market?

The best monocular for hunting offers good magnifying power

The power or magnification tells you how far or how detailed the images you see on the monocular will be. You can choose from 4x to 25X magnification, depending on the price of the monocular. The higher the power, the costlier the device.

The magnification specifications include two numbers; thus, you’ll find a 10×25 monocular to offer 10x magnification, the first number being the value for power. Low magnification monoculars ranging between 4X and 8X power can deliver a small image zoom, although the field of vision can be quite large.

A 4X to 8x monocular is suitable for surveying an entire landscape instead of just a single target. This type is perfect for children.

A monocular with an 8X to 9X magnification offers a slightly higher power but is still classified as quite low. The field of vision is also large, but you can get a higher level of clarity and brightness, perfect for landscape viewing and children.

Monoculars with a magnification level of 10X to 14X are mid-range models that offer a good compromise for their diminished field of vision. These devices are ideal for all-around use and beginners.

A monocular with a magnification of 15X to 19X offers high magnification and ensures a clear image as long as you hold it with a steady, non-shaky hand. High-magnification monoculars in the 20X to the 25X range have a low field of view and are ideal for specific object viewing.


The best monocular for deer hunting has a good-size lens diameter

As mentioned earlier, the optical specifications of a monocular are expressed using two numbers, such as 10×25. The first number denotes the power or magnification while the second refers to the diameter of the lens. Your intended application determines the right lens size for your needs.

A large lens diameter supports the need for viewing in poor lighting conditions because there is greater light transmission to the device. If you intend to use the monocular in sunny, daytime situations, a smaller lens should suffice. A lens with more than 35mm diameter is suited for extremely dark viewing conditions.

Bear in mind that larger lenses carry greater bulk and weight so if a lightweight, portable, and compact design are what you want, going for a large lens monocular may not be the path you should take. Wider lenses do offer a larger field of view along with a brighter and better image. Compact monoculars that easily fit in the pocket are available in the 8×25 and 10X25 range.

If you intend to spend much of the day stalking your prey, it is best to get the best night vision monocular for hunting with good-quality lens coating

A night vision monocular works best for use in complete darkness or at night. This type of instrument features an integrated infrared illuminator that facilitates the night vision functionality. Night vision monoculars typically have lower magnification to deliver reduced fuzziness and better images.

Night vision units are available in a variety of magnifications and sizes to suit every budget.

Coated lenses have one or more lenses with a thin, anti-reflective coating, typically of magnesium fluoride. On the other hand, fully coated lenses have both sides of their objective lens system or ocular lens system coated with at least a single layer of anti-reflective coating, along with the long side of their prism.

There are multiple layers of coatings on one or more lens surfaces of multi-coated lenses. Plenty of the best optics features only a single coating on the external lens surface. The principle behind this configuration is based on the theory that just one coating is tougher and stronger, with the light reflected from the external surface having no effect on the image contrast.

A fully multi-coated lens system has a number of coatings on all surfaces of the lens. Fully multi-coated optics are present in high-end monoculars.



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