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Best Quiver

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Quivers – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


We understand you can’t go through the buying guide and product reviews we have prepared for the best quiver on the market but this short paragraph should be enough for your needs. We looked at numerous expert review sites for hunting gear and compared the top-rated products there with what consumers say in actual owner feedback. Based on consumer preference, the OMP 10107 is the best because of its revolutionary and unique design that keeps your arrows from falling out when you move. It comes with a Quick-connect clip that enables easy attachment to your belt. Engineered to live up to its name, this quiver keeps your arrows readily accessible while shooting and while eliminating the constant dumping out of the arrows when you extract them. This quiver accommodates arrows regardless of their length or the archer’s size. If supplies of the OMP 10107 run out of stock, you could go for the second best option, the Hikingworld 21″.



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5 Best Quivers (Reviews) in 2024


1. October Mountain Products No Spill Tube Quiver


The OMP 10107 offers a superb functionality to appease any discriminating archer. It comes with a revolutionary No-Spill design that ensures the arrows stored in the quiver do not fall out when the user moves about to extract an arrow. This quiver has been engineered to live up to its name as a spill-proof arrow holder.

Aside from its unique design, this impressive quiver comes with a reversible right and left-handed functionality. It keeps your arrows by your side and keeps them readily accessible so you can watch your prey and still be able to reach up and over to get an arrow. The stored projectiles will not keep falling out of the quiver because of its No-spill design.

This quiver accommodates any arrow regardless of the length. Furthermore, it is easy to use by any archer of any size. The red-and-black color combination looks neat and stylish and goes well with your hunting apparel. This quiver is easy to put on and take off thanks to its strap complemented with a handy quick connect belt clip.

This quiver attaches easily to your belt and goes around your shoulder and back to be carried easily in the field or a treestand, or on the trail or shooting range. You will love how it handles your arrows and keeps them together for easy reach when needed.

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2. Hikingworld 3 Point Harness Fixation Micro Fiber Quiver


The Hikingworld 21″ is a well-designed quiver that has all the high-end features of an expensive piece of equipment minus the heavy price tag. This quiver is designed both for right and left-handed shooters who want nothing less than the best in their hunting gear. It is an ambidextrous quiver that avid archery enthusiasts will surely love.

The three-point harness fixation system enables you to easily put the quiver on without worrying that it would fall off your side. The harness connects to your body in three points for a secure and slip-free attachment. Made of high-grade microfiber and synthetic leather, this quiver guarantees durability thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship.

This is a waterproof arrow case that enables use in the most demanding weather conditions so you can enjoy your shooting and hunting activity while keeping your gear protected and within easy reach. This unit fits both right and left-handed users for dependable versatility. This model accommodates from 3 to 5mm-thick arrows.

This quiver accommodates arrows ranging between 25 and 30 inches long, so it is highly flexible. You can store up to two dozen arrows in this quiver while ensuring adequately easy extraction. It offers a nice way of keeping your arrows organized and bundled together well every time.

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3. Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver


The Easton Flipside 69917-P is an award-winning quiver that is capable of keeping your arrows nicely and neatly organized while being within easy reach. The reversible hook-and-loop pocket enables ambidextrous use so both right and left-handed archers can make use of it optimally. This is a nice-looking quiver that combines functionality and style in one product.

You will love the integrated accessory attachment grommet that accommodates an archery accessory of your choosing. The quiver also comes with a belt clip attachment to enable easy connection and anchoring to your belt and to keep your arrows right by your side. The bow square slot provides an extra functionality to accommodate a bow square for measuring.

This quiver comes with a nifty three-tube design that keeps your arrows organized and within easy reach every time. Because the quiver stays attached to your side, there’s no need to rummage in your backpack to get an arrow when the target comes within view. All you have to do is extract an arrow from the any of the tubes for easy and quick aiming and shooting.

You’ll love the black color with orange accents that make the quiver a smart-looking piece of archery gear. This quiver provides just the right level of protection to your arrows without making them difficult to remove from the case.

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4. Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver


The Allen Youth 7038 quiver provides a great means of keeping your arrows nicely organized for effortless extraction when needed. This is a youth-sized arrow quiver that is ideal for use by younger and novice archers. It is small enough to enable easy attachment but not too small to handle your arrows properly.

This quiver protects your arrows from damage to ensure optimal functionality. It provides enough capacity to handle your arrows with ease. It comes with a nice and practical sling style that anchors the quiver against your back to enable you to carry your arrows within easy reach every time. The sling style allows you to wear the quiver across your back.

The adjustable strap enables the adjustment of the quiver to suit the body size of the archer. It prevents the arrows from bouncing around every time you move. You won’t need to worry that the arrows will be hard to take from the quiver because the unit has a large enough opening to accommodate up to 14 arrows for transport and storage.

The heavy-duty neoprene sling is designed for hunters who do not let the elements get in the way of a good hunting adventure. The rugged spandex binding on the sling is made durable for lasting use and tested to 300 pounds for reliable toughness.

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5. Xtacer Back Arrow Canvas Quiver Hunting


The XTACER quiver provides an effective means to carry your arrows during the hunt while keeping them within easy reach. It offers enough room to accommodate 31-inch arrows. This quiver is a foldable model for effortless storage. You’ll love its ultra-light design that doesn’t add to the weight of the stored arrows.

The quiver is waterproof so it can be used in the most difficult weather conditions and certainly can withstand the exposure to the elements in the wild. The lovely camo pattern supports the need to stay hidden from the prey during the hunt. The quiver stays flat on the back and brings the arrows within easy reach over one shoulder.

The handy buckles and belt enable you to get an easy fit around the body. The quiver makes it easy to carry your arrows on the backside of your body. The case is made of durable material but is superbly easy to carry. The strap makes it easy to adjust the quiver to fit your body. You will love the simple design of this product that ensures optimal functionality.

This quiver is constructed of double Oxford cloth supplemented with PE board to provide just the right level of rigidity without being overly stiff. The large zipper on the front pocket provides easy opening and closing.

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Buying guide


An arrow quiver is necessary whether you are hunting or competing in archery. Transporting your bolts, arrows, or darts will be much easier and safer if they are placed in a quiver. How do you know you have the best archery quiver and not merely a glorified shoulder-slung case?

The best arrow quiver is of the type you prefer to use

A belt or side quiver can simply be a pocket-type arrow case. This type is geared to fit into your back pocket. A field quiver orients the arrow to the back, in contrast to a target quiver that faces forward. Archers who’d rather not reach up to pull an arrow out from a back quiver generally go for a belt quiver.

When moving through the brush, a belt arrow quiver for hunting tends to become cumbersome as time passes. A belt quiver can also be called a hip or side quiver. Some belt quivers feature leg straps that hold the quiver close to the body. Others can be used ambidextrously or on either the left or the right side to accommodate left and right-handed archers.

A back quiver can be similarly ambidextrous as well. A back quiver straps on in a diagonal manner across your chest. This provides greater stability. A majority of back quivers lets you extricate an arrow by reaching up and pulling one out of the top. Some back quivers utilize different mechanisms that enable the downward detachment and pulling of arrows.

This effectively prevents big arm movements that might spook the target animal. A classic example is the cat quiver, which wears just like a regular backpack. A back quiver is often constructed of standard leather.

A metal stand stuck to the ground to hold arrows is called a ground quiver. A circular loop holds the arrows while the quiver features a hook/s to hold the bow. Typically a tournament piece of archery gear, this kind of quiver doesn’t require you to carry your arrows around with you all the time. Some ground quivers can be as basic as a plastic tube supported on a square base.

A bow quiver keeps the arrows on the bow itself. A bow quiver can be permanently mounted to or detachable from the bow. Hunters who want convenience and speed in a quiver choose a bow quiver because of how easy the arrow extraction is as well as the shot setup.

It is not a good idea for a beginner to use an attached bow quiver due to how the component adds weight to the weapon, which could negatively influence the aim. If you do choose a detachable quiver, make sure it slips off smoothly from the mount with a simple lever movement or any similar mechanism.

Make sure the bow quiver is suitable for the bow so if you have a crossbow, you should pair it with the best crossbow quiver. You can choose between single-piece and two-piece quivers. The quiver should come with a secure attachment system to reduce the vibration and noise, which is important in ensuring an element of stealth when hunting.


The best quiver for hunting is made of quality materials

A wide range of materials is used to make quivers. A factory-constructed quiver is typically made of foam and nylon webbing, which are lightweight yet durable materials. However, traditional archers generally prefer premium-quality leather quivers, which are sewn by hand and custom-designed. Simple, classic designs come with metal buckles and leather.

Suede quivers have feathers and fringe for embellishment. A lot of archers choose to create their DIY quivers using fur, bamboo, or bark.

Look at a product in the best quiver reviews that offers a dependable performance and features

First and foremost, the quiver should protect your arrows during transport while guaranteeing your safety from the bolts themselves. A good quiver protects the broadhead from dirt that tends to ruin the sharp tip. That said, it should still provide safety for you. Make sure the quiver features an extra welt sewn along the seam in a leather quiver.

This should be at the point where the tips of the arrows come in contact with the quiver.

Regardless what type of quiver you get, make sure the arrow extraction will be smooth and easy. If possible, extracting an arrow should not take big arm movements that can startle the animal. A number of side and back quivers come with an opening on the side to enable a downward arrow removal, which is better when hunting.

Look for silent quivers with a secure hold for every arrow in the case. Noise dampeners reduce the vibration and noise.

If you intend to hunt in any weather, you might want the quiver to have a lid. Water tends to damage the arrow fletchings so if you hunt in a location with high precipitation rates or frequent rainfall then a lidded quiver should be your first choice.

Pockets and room for other gear should be considered as well. In the absence of pockets, make sure the quiver will not hamper the use of your backpack or fanny pack. A camouflage material makes a great choice in the field. You want the pattern on the quiver material to match your other hunting gear.

The capacity of the quiver is also a factor to consider. Around three to ten arrows are what most quivers are capable of handling. Find out if the quiver is made for left or right-handed users or is ambidextrous. A swivel belt loop allows ambidextrous wearing. You should also check out what arrow size the quiver accommodates.

Are there pockets where you can keep other hunting and archery essentials? You want adjustability in the quiver to allow you to carry varying sizes of bolts from darts to full-sized arrows. The thickness of the arrow is also vital for compatibility.




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