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Best Recurve Bow

Last Updated: 16.06.24

Recurve bows – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best hunting gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best recurve bow.  After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite is the best because it offers all three elements that any bow archer would appreciate: affordability; a lightweight takedown design; curb appeal.  This is a seriously upgraded version that offers the accuracy and dependability in performance everyone expects from a Jaguar bow. This best recurve bow on the market is a definite redefinition of the takedown recurve bow with its flexible 29 to 55 draw weights and 7-inch brace height. Superbly lightweight at 2.6 pounds, this weapon is solidly built to deliver on target. If the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite 1002151-P is not available, you should consider the SAS Courage as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Recurve Bows (Reviews) in 2024


1. Martin Archery Jaguar Elite 50


Inspired by the already terrific design of its predecessor, the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite 1002151-P takes things even further by improving the earlier configuration with a lighter weight and a sleek styling. This makes the upgraded weapon easier to hold.

The takedown design allows you to replace the limbs so the weapon can grow as you do. This bow comes with one of the most value-laden recurve bow kits for sale, as it ships with a bow stringer, string, brass inserts for the installation of a Berger button and/or stabilizer. The design is pretty straightforward and set up of accessories is made easy because of the brass inserts.

The 7-inch brace height is just right for ensuring adequate accuracy, while the power depends a lot on the selected draw weight. The limbs can be replaced separately from the riser to give you a customized weapon for use as you develop your shooting skills.


The limbs are resistant to twisting thanks to their wood reinforcement with laminated fiberglass.

The lightweight riser is made sturdy because of its magnesium and aluminum build.

With its sleek and comfortable-to-hold design, this recurve bow ensures accuracy and reliable performance.


The arrow rest tends to wear ahead of time.

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2. SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow


From one of the most popular recurve bow companies comes the SAS Courage, a remarkable takedown recurve bow available in draw weights of 40# to 55#, in increments of 5#. The draw weights for this recurve bow are suitable for target practice and can even provide adequate power to take down wild turkey or deer.

The larger draw weights may even be used to target slightly bigger species such as elk. Experienced shooters can even split an arrow a number of times from 20 yards away with instinctive shooting. Designed for the novice hunter, this model is a lightweight tool that is solidly constructed for durability.

The limbs are not prone to twisting. The bow’s takedown design makes it easy to ensure that the limbs are consistently in good shape. The affordable price of this bow makes it the perfect choice for beginners while being strong enough for target practice or hunting.


This recurve bow is simple and inexpensive, perfect for the novice user.

The easy takedown design enables quick replacement of the primary components.

The limbs are solidly constructed of maple and Makore wood laminations and reinforced with high strength fiberglass. The riser is made of Makore, Bintangor and Chuglam hardwoods with elegant lamination.


There are no bushings installed for accessories but the bow can be brought to a professional archery shop to accommodate the need for them.

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3. Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit Take Down Recurve Bow


Solidly constructed to ensure resistance to twisting, the SAS Spirit assembles in minutes. This takedown recurve bow carries a simple design that is effortless to take apart as well. It is available in a range of draw weights from 26# to 36#. The bow shoots quite straight despite the fact that there’s not much stamina behind the shot.

Generating enough power to accommodate target shooting applications, this bow offers a fair level of accuracy. It is quite forgiving of poor shooting form and technique so beginners will surely love using it before they transition to more powerful and pricier weapons. The bow’s low draw weight provides it the quiet element that is useful for targeting rabbit or squirrel.

This recurve bow comes pre-drilled and also includes the needed bushings for the installation of accessories such as a plunger, sight or stabilizer. Durably constructed, this model is made of premium quality wood laminations for a beautiful appearance.


This product comes with a unique and beautifully carved design and is available in weights varying from 18 pounds to 34 pounds, depending on your preferences and uses for this recurve bow.

It features a strong fiberglass limb which won’t break and the product is made of maple laminations.

The total length of the product is 62-inches, thus we recommend the shooter not being taller than 5.7 feet.

The product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a hustle-free return policy should you not be convinced of its quality.


The bow is mainly intended for children and newbie use because the overall construction is not too sturdy. We suggest buying this product only for backyard fun or short visits into the woods, more like a training bow.

This bow is suitable only for right-handed people, so be careful before purchasing it.

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4. Samick Sage


The Samick Sage comes with a premium-quality riser that makes it truly elegant on a cinematic level. The extremely simple yet amazingly effective design comes with a well-polished finish. This is an exceptionally reliable bow. It makes the perfect choice for beginner archers.

The fact that it comes with no ‘superfluous’ components that would only present complications is a wonderful asset for this weapon. The riser has been drilled, enabling you to choose whether to shoot it as is or install an arrow rest first. You can even attach a solid recurve bow sight to the riser if you prefer.

Other accessories you can put into the bow include a stabilizer and an arrow quiver, which can be attached in just minutes.

The riser is constructed of hard maple and olive Dymondwood, and this guarantees durability for lasting use. The limbs are resilient and durable as well. These components are made of hard maple and are protected from twisting. The fiberglass lamination provides the exact element of resistance to bending.

The long limbs never become an issue thanks to the bow’s takedown configuration, which answers the need for versatility so you can personalize the bow to your preference. It also offers portability, as the bow easily packs into luggage for travel. Most importantly, the bow provides stability as the three separate pieces come together smoothly with enough heft for sturdiness.


It is 62 inches long and includes a B-50 bow string and an arrow rest for added comfort.

The limbs are made from hard maple and high-quality black fiberglass for a prolonged use without breaking.

It features a single tapered knob and a metal limb pocket. You can purchase additional limbs if you want to increase or decrease the weight of this product.

The recommended max draw length is 29 inches.

The product is available for both hand orientations, right and left.

This is a perfect beginner’s bow for all those who have just begun learning the secrets of archery and want a soft and easy to handle bow to train before going into the wilds.


This bow doesn’t come with a stringer so you will have to buy one separately.

You have to assemble the pieces yourself. When doing so, some customers realized the limbs did not properly fit.

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5. Barnett Sportflight Recurve Archery Set


From an industry leader in crossbow design and manufacture comes the Barnett Sportflight 1073. This awesome product comes as an entire set, so you have everything you need right out of the package.

Great for aspiring archers and those who’ve just started in the sport, this model ships with the Sportflight bow, two arrows plus a protective finger tab, so you can get up and go the moment the package arrives.

With its 25-pound draw weight, the bow offers versatility for those who want a weapon that can grow with them as they advance in shooting skills and capability. The 24- to 28-inch draw weight also supports the objective for versatility in a recurve bow. The ambidextrous riser ensures comfortable use by both left- and right-handed bow shooters.

The reinforced grip comes with a soft-touch texture for enjoyable handling even during extended periods. As an added bonus, the bow is also equipped with an adjustable pin sight for a more effortless viewing of the target.

This model comes with a special big-bow feel, which makes junior archers really excited about the sport so they can be inspired to aim for a really big bow as they develop their shooting skills through the years.

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Buying guide


Skills development in archery doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With proper training and the right tools, you can become a good target shooter and a hunter using a recurve bow. These are the recurve bow basics that need to be considered when purchasing your weapon.

Sizing a recurve bow begins with your draw weight

The draw weight denotes the amount of pull or force you need to exert to have the bow at full draw in a proper manner. Basically, it is your body weight and age that determine your draw weight. As a novice archer develops more strength, the standard body weight assignments on a recurve bow size chart can be disregarded.

Hunting for game requires at least a 40-pound draw weight to enable safe distance shooting with effective shots every time. Should your recommended range go beyond this, just go for a smaller weight and work your way from there.

Generally, kids lighter than 100 pounds should take up a draw weight between 10 and 15 pounds. Men of average weight should choose 40 to 55 pounds draw weight while adult females with small to medium builds should opt for 25 to 35 pounds. Males with larger builds should go for draw weights from 40 to 60 pounds.

Recurve bow sizing charts are designed for those who’ve never shot a bow in their life.


Whether buying a recurve bow or compound bow, remember that draw length is essential as well

Regardless of the bow you shoot, draw length is also a vital element to look at. Using the draw length, you will know what size the bow should be and the type of arrows you should use. The draw length is more important when shopping for a compound bow, which is geared with a set draw length.

Trying to fit into your bow is not a good idea, as it has a negative impact on your comfort and accuracy and can even present a risk of injury. The best way to measure up in draw length is to ask for professional help because you will have to use good form for accurate measurements.

Your draw length can seem shorter than actual due to poor alignment, using a D-loop on the bowstring, and keeping a high shoulder position. When you have your draw length professionally measured, those can be checked to ensure precision and to get the best weapon suitable for your needs.

The way you hold your body while at the full draw stance can alter your draw length, which can even be by a number of inches. Beginner archers who have not had the opportunity to be coached about good form will find it difficult to get a measurement by themselves.

It is important that the tops of the shoulders and the bow arm be in a straight line. Without the drawing elbow behind the head, the archer may not be in proper alignment. When someone looks at you from above, they should see that you are in good bone alignment.

One or both the shoulders should not pop up like in a shrugging position. The shoulders should be tucked firmly in a natural, low position. This is more vital with the bow shoulder.

Using a D-loop on the bowstring to hook onto for the release can have a slightly shortening effect on the draw length.

On the other hand, your draw length can appear longer than it is if you anchor the point or the string too far back. The ideal anchor point should be kept to the front of your chin or midway along your jaw. The neck and head should not be strained backward but kept relaxed to ensure the head is directly over the center of the body.

Long release aids can also make the draw length longer than actual.

Make sure to stand up straight and avoid standing so tall with your back arched or slouching. Keep the wrist of your drawing hand relaxed and flexible and not arched or strained. Do not use the muscles on your back near the scapula. Do not move the entire shoulder toward the spine.

When getting professionally measured for your bow, you can even get some valuable recurve bow shooting tips so you can cultivate good form and technique and prevent forming bad shooting habits.

Choose a weapon with a simple and easy recurve bow assembly

You can choose between a takedown recurve bow or a standard design recurve bow. A unibody or one-piece recurve bow does not present any points of weakness on any connection points. However, a takedown recurve bow, with its two limbs separable independently from the riser, is easier to carry along or transport.

The fact that you can detach the limbs from the riser also means more hassle-free storage. The weapon will easily fit into a carry bag. The weapon also provides more effortless serviceability because it will only be the damaged or broken components that should be removed if they require repair or fixing. You won’t need to send the entire bow out.

Takedown bows are also suitable for beginners because of the way they enable adjustment of your draw weight, which is influenced by the construction and stiffness of the limbs. All you need to do to upgrade is to get a fresh set of bow limbs having the draw weight you are upgrading to as a replacement for the existing ones on the bow.

Check out products that come with a set of accessories to enjoy value for money. These items include a bow stringer, arrows, targets and nocking points. Although those items do not necessarily ship with the recurve bow, it always pays to make an additional investment in them to ensure optimal bow shooting experience every time.




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