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Best Sheep Hunting Backpack in 2024. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Sheep Hunting Backpacks Reviewed and Compared


If you are resolute on getting the best sheep hunting backpack, but you don’t have the time to go through all of our reviews of sheep hunting backpacks, you have come to the right place. After taking into account customer feedback and the quality and reliability of the products available, we have concluded that the model to get is the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse. This heavy-duty model has a capacity of 4,500 cubic inches, with an expandable 1,200-cubic inch section. The drop-down pocket and the front zippered wing pockets will allow you to secure your compound bow, gun, or any other gear of your choice. You also get a clip-style holster-compatible waist belt, an H2O pocket/port, and a blaze orange rain cover. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to find out first choice available for sale, you might want to consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Bag instead.



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3 Best Sheep Hunting Backpacks (Reviews) in 2024


Finding high-quality and cheap sheep hunting backpacks can seem daunting if you don’t have the tools to research the market. To help you in this regard, we have compiled a list with some of the choices that have garnered critical acclaim, and that stood out thanks to their affordability and reliability.



1. Alps OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Realtree MAX-1 XT


The modular design of the Traverse model allows it to hold your dependable longbows or your gun in the expandable pocket. It can also haul out large quantities of meat, decoy, or extra gear when switching to the “hauling mode”, which makes this model ideal for sheep hunting.

Similarly, the unit comes with a special pocket designed for carrying and protecting your high-performance hunting scope, GPS, or other equipment that might need increased protection. In addition to all these features, there are also two easy-access pockets on the waist belt, a large main compartment, one internal and side pocket, and two front wing pockets.

If you still find yourself needing extra space, there are side compression straps that you can use to attach even more gear. To help ensure that you will get to enjoy a comfortable experience even while carrying heavy loads, the Traverse has a top-of-the-line “H” frame design and a multi-layer foam waist belt with a PE outer layer.


Thanks to the adjustable torso range of 15-20 inches and the padded shoulder harness, the backpack allows for a customizable fit that will allow you to carry more weight on your back comfortably.

Hunters that boast a vast collection of gear will enjoy the organizational pocket inside of the main compartment that allows users to keep their equipment organized and in place.

The expandable section offers an additional 1,200 cubic inches, and it was designed specifically for packing out extra gear or meat.

What’s more, this model comes with a built-in orange rain cover that will keep your sensitive equipment protected even in harsh environments.


Some hunters were not completely satisfied with the durability of this model, claiming that if used on long hunting sessions, the inside of the backpack can get ripped, especially if carrying a heavy load.

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2. Alps OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag Only Briar


This pack bag is built to work only for the Commander Freighter frame, but customers have reported success in fitting it to other frames as well. It is made from a durable nylon Ripstop fabric that is capable of handling heavy use. You also get a rifle holder and a top loading spindrift collar.

The two side accessory hinged pockets are great for quick access to your smaller items. The main compartment is huge, and it can fit a wide range of hunting equipment, from your favorite hunting rain jacket to your trail camera, and more. In addition to that, you also get a front pocket and spotting scope pocket.

The total capacity of this option is of 5,250 cubic inches. Another feature we were glad to see present in this option is the H2O pocket that will allow you to store your hydration bladder so that you can be fully prepared for long days of hunting in the scorching sun.


This model has garnered high-praise from hunters thanks to its high capacity that allows users to store all of their essential items, gear, and meat once fitted to the Commander frame.

If you find that the available storage space is not enough for you, the unit comes with webbing loops for lashing gear or additional pouches.

The unit weighs 2 pounds when empty which makes it very lightweight, especially once considering the fact that it uses a very durable fabric.

Customers were very satisfied with the comfort offered by this option, claiming that even when hauling large quantities of meat, the frame and pack won’t feel cumbersome.


Operating the spring-like loops of the bolts to remove or add parts is very difficult in cold environments when you are wearing gloves or if your hands are cold.

The rifle butt pouch does not fit larger rifles properly.

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3. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack Storage RAX


The Killshot model has a total capacity of 3,324 cubic inches, and it is designed for serious hunters that enjoy multi-day hunts. It comes with a removable pouch that can be attached to the left or right side and that you can use to store your rifle. Similarly, you can also secure your bow to the backpack in multiple ways to ensure it is always within easy reach of your hands.

The interior is lined with an ultra-quiet and durable twill fabric that will guarantee the longevity of this option, as well as ensure that you will remain silent while traversing through the field. The spacious main compartment will enable you to hold a few nights worth of gear.

Similarly to the other models we’ve described above, this alternative too comes with lashing points for external storage, and it includes a 2-liter HydraPak water reservoir that is reversible for easy cleaning.


The Killshot comes with a padded front organizer compartment that features three internal pockets and a key clip. The compartment will allow you to organize your gear and to keep them in place.

The top twill-lined accessory pocket is perfect for storing your stylish hunting sunglasses, or electronic devices that need extra protection.

The three horizontal compression straps allow for the ultimate load stability while the high-density, breathable foam-padded back, and shoulder straps provide increased comfort.

What’s more, the backpack also features a mossy oak camouflage that will go well together with your other hunting garments.


When full to the brim, hunters have reported that the pack can be way too heavy to carry around all day.

Since the backpack is rather hefty, it is not recommended for tree stand bow hunters since the manufacturer did not equip it with a hand strap.

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Buying guide


Getting a good sheep hunting backpack nowadays can be a bit tricky since you get a wealth of different products that you will need to sift through until you find the one that meets your requirements. This can be a lengthy process, which is why we have decided to compile a buyer’s guide that will go through the key features you ought to focus on.


The first feature that you should consider when purchasing a sheep hunting backpack is the size. Just how large a hunting backpack do you need? While this might seem like a straightforward question at first, answering it may prove to be more difficult than you expected.

If you are an amateur hunter, having an idea of how much a pack will hold is difficult since you can’t simply measure it by eye. Backpack capacity is usually measured in liters or cubic inches, which makes it even more difficult to gauge just how much of your equipment will fit in a set number of cubic inches.

As a general rule of thumb, a 2,000-cubic inch model is meant for a one-day or overnight trip. If you wish to spend the weekend, a 3,000 cubic inches model will do, while for the multi-day or longer than a weekend trip, you should bump it up to at least 5,000 cubic inches.



When looking at the design of a backpack, there are two significant features to consider: the frame and the loading. Each has its pros and cons, but in the end, we found that it comes down to personal preference as to which design a customer must get.

For the frame, you have three options: frameless, internal, or external. Frameless backpacks are also known as daypacks and are designed for short trips and light loads. Internal and external frames are quite similar, and each one has its advantages. Internal frames are quieter, while the external types add flexibility to your setup.

The loading offers the biggest and most noticeable difference and will impact how you can use the pack. Top load packs resemble the traditional hiking packs with a zipper or flap covered opening. Panel loading, on the other hand, allows the user to open the entire front pocket, and often features smaller auxiliary pouches for easy access to your gear.



The fit of the backpack is not just about the comfort of the user, but also a matter of usability. When you’re carrying the backpack for the entire day, if you get a wrong fit and pass the point that can be tolerated, the unit becomes unusable. To make things even worse, a poor fitting pack can also result in injury.

We recommend getting an option that sits properly on your back, and that includes padded shoulder straps, as well as padding on the back. The good thing is that most models on the market nowadays offer a customizable fit.



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