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10 Best Tree Stand Harnesses – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 04.02.23


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Tree Stand Harness + Reviews


Do you want the best tree stand harness, but you don’t know where to start? We are here to lend you a helping hand. In this short paragraph, you will learn about the model that has, so far, managed to tick all the boxes with hunters everywhere; our research team examined customer reports, sales figures, and other parameters to identify it. The Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand Harness is loved by buyers for several solid reasons. First of all, its design is straightforward, and you won’t have to deal with dangling straps or complicated buckles when using it. Also, it is lightweight, at only 2.5 pounds, which means that you will be able to move it around without any problems. Due to its versatile design, you will be able to use it all year round since you can put it over thick clothes just as fine. In case you can’t find this model anymore, we suggest opting for the Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Harness, as it’s an excellent second choice.



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10 Best Tree Stand Harnesses (Updated Reviews) in 2023



Your quest for a tree stand harness might be long and difficult, since you will find the options to be plentiful, yet also confusing. To make things easier for you, we decided to create a list containing the models that are right now in high demand and also critically acclaimed.



1. Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand Harness


A hunting tree stand harness must abide by specific requirements, and this model has all the needed features and characteristics to convince you. The manufacturer thought about making this harness even safer, and that is why you won’t notice any dangling straps and complicated buckles that could make attaching the harness a difficult process.

In terms of durability, this harness will again make a positive impression on any potential buyer. It is sturdy, and its 5-year warranty makes it clear why the manufacturer has great confidence in it. Several accessories are included, such as a primary tree strap, another for suspension relief, as well as instructions for using it safely.

Because it is lightweight, at 2.5 pounds, you will have no trouble with moving it from one tree to another as the need arises. You can also find a place for it in your backpack, and it won’t burden you.


By eliminating dangling straps and challenging to use buckles, the manufacturer created a harness that is extremely safe to use in any situation.

You will like the ease of putting it on, and you will not have any issues with wearing it over summer clothes or winter clothes, without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Because it only weighs 2.5 pounds, it doesn’t take a lot of room in your backpack, and it is also travel-friendly.

It comes with a 5-year warranty, which stands as a solid testimony for its outstanding durability.

You will get several accessories with your purchase, such as a primary tree strap, a suspension relief strap, as well as all the necessary instructions on how to use it.


While the streamlined design of this harness could be extremely convenient, if you want a carabiner or extra straps to attach the harness to a tree stand, you will have to pay extra.

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2. Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Harness


Many manufacturers vie for the attention of potential buyers by making their harnesses as light as they can be. However, there are cases when they succeed in surpassing the competition and come up with a truly ultra-light model, as is the case here. This model weighs only 2 pounds, and you will be hard-pressed to find one lighter on the market.

All the tree stand harness reviews including this model talk about the outstanding comfort provided. That happens because of several interesting choices the creator of this harness made during the designing process. For instance, the individual hexagons you see on the construction of the harness are all padded.

Also, unlike other harnesses that tend to be bulky, this one has a slim profile, and that helps with a proper fit without sacrificing your mobility. It is HSS patented, which means that you won’t have to deal with dangling straps.


Flexibility makes this particular harness an excellent option as it will fit snugly over your clothes without the need for complicated adjustments.

There is a shock-absorbing tether included, another feature that contributes to the excellent safety rating of this model.

While the model is packed with safety features, that doesn’t sacrifice mobility, and that shows in its streamlined design.

It weighs only 2 pounds, so it deserves to be called an ultra-light harness. What’s more important, it provides such convenience without decreasing its durability and the protection it provides.

You will notice that there are no weave-through buckles, and no dangling straps, characteristics of an HSS design that focuses on the elimination of confusing accessories.


Because it doesn’t come with loops, it can be difficult to remove and readjust before attaching it to the tree stand again; you will have to do all that before climbing.

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3. Summit Treestands Men’s Sport Safety Harness


A harness for your hunting tree stand needs to be functional, practical, safe, and comfortable. You will also need a tree stand harness strap to attach it securely, as well as other accessories. If your vision of the perfect harness includes all these aspects, then you should take a good look at the Summit Treestands Men’s Sport Safety Harness.

Because it can hold weights up to 300 pounds, it is a good recommendation for users with a larger body frame. For waist size, the largest size available can accommodate 46 inches, to give you an idea about the limits present on this model.

There are several other reasons why you should consider this model above others. For instance, there’s a high-performance tether included, and a climbing rope, while the padded shoulder straps contribute to the overall comfort of this model. The buckles come with a quick-lock mechanism, so they are secure and also easy to use.


If you are looking for a harness that can hold up to 300 pounds, you will find this one to be ideal for your needs, as that’s its weight limit.

For waist size, the model comes in 3 different sizes, the small being able to accommodate 25-inch to 28-inch waistlines, the medium, 28-inch to 35-in waistlines, and the large, 35-inch to 46-inch waistlines.

Excellent comfort makes this harness stand out from the crowd, with padded shoulder straps, and quick-lock buckles that are a breeze to use.

You will get, along with your tree stand harness, a high-performance tether, and a Lineman’s climbing rope, both excellent accessories.


Attaching the buckles can be a bit of a bummer, and overall, adjustments are cumbersome once you are already up in a tree.

It runs big, so you might want to consult the sizing chart and order a smaller size than usual.

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4. Muddy Magnum Pro Harness


People who are looking for a tree stand harness for big guys might want to take a close look at this particular model that has a weight rating of 300 pounds. It also comes with various features and characteristics that qualify it as an excellent choice for anyone interested in a good quality item.

Made from padded nylon, the harness itself is lightweight, and it won’t obstruct your moves. It comes with the necessary accessories, such as a tree strap, a Lineman’s belt, and a suspension relief strap. You don’t have to worry about sizing since this model is available in a universal that fits most people.

You will be pleased with the overall durability of this model, as well as its affordability. Also, you will be able to put it over both warm and thin clothes, so you will find it useful in all seasons.


With a weight rating of 300 pounds, you can expect this model to be capable of sustaining a lot of wear and tear even when used by a person with a larger frame.

It is made from nylon, which makes it very durable, and you will also be pleased that it is easy to wash and maintain.

Because it is padded, the harness is still very comfortable, and that will also be a plus when wearing it over thin clothes as you don’t want all the straps to cut into your skin.

This model comes in a universal size, so there will be no confusion regarding sizing; this size fits most people without a problem.


Adjusting the harness when you want to remove your vest or other pieces of clothes can be difficult.

A carabiner clip is not included with your purchase, which can be considered a bit annoying.

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5. TreeStand Wingman Emergency Descender System


When you are out in the woods, you certainly want to remain concealed, which means that you need all your clothes and equipment to keep you well camouflaged. It is a great thing that the manufacturer thought about making this emergency system perfect for hunting, as it doesn’t have any shiny or reflective surfaces.

What you must understand about this system is that it doesn’t come with a safety harness, and that must be purchased separately. However, if you already have a harness and you want an adapter for attaching the harness to a tree stand, you will find this model to be ideal.

You will be pleased with its practical aspects and durability. The system can be used over and over again, so your investment will be worth the money. Also, it has been thoroughly tested, and it behaves exemplarily in 30-foot falls, which says it all about its safety rating.


You will not have to purchase another adapter or descending system anytime soon, or ever, as the model resists for as long as its nylon strap and hardware remain in good working condition.

There are instructions included on how to adjust the system so that it can accommodate, in perfect safety, users of different body weights.

Your concealment factor remains high, as this system is painted black, and has no surfaces that could reflect light or draw the attention of your prey.

Its multiple uses are another great reason why this model is so popular; you can use it to climb in a tree, to hunt, and to descend from your tree stand, all in optimal conditions.


Setting it up appears to be challenging, and you will have to invest some time in it.

Make sure to protect the metal parts from rust, as they may catch it rather quickly if you don’t dry the harness after each use.

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6. Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness


From first glance, this harness will convince you that it is worth the money. It is sturdily built, and it is also a great time saver since it comes equipped with multiple features that are there to make your life easier. For instance, you will make great use of the utility pockets that can serve to keep all the items you need when you work, such as tools.

The HSS design eliminates the need for dangling straps that can be hazardous in various circumstances. With this harness, you will not have to come up and down all the time. This harness is convenient, and also offers superior comfort.

Another thing you will surely love about this model is that it comes with a slide pocket design. That means that you will be able to slide the pockets as you need, keeping them at the back when you don’t need them, and pushing them to the front when you want to use them.


For workers who need to cut trails, shooting lanes, or remove tree stands, this harness is an ideal model as it keeps them secure while they are hard at work.

The Lineman’s belt included is one of the excellent features you will find on this model, and you will discover that climbing and descending a tree is a breeze.

Because there are multiple rigid utility pockets available, you will not have to go up and down each time you need a tool.

Its HSS design eliminates all the worries related to dangling straps that could pose risks to the user’s safety.

A slide pocket design makes it ideal for workers who can just slide the pockets around so that they can make use of their tools.


The stitching on this model appears to be pretty basic, and the materials used don’t seem to be very rugged, so it is unsure how durable it can be in the long run.

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7. TREE SPIDER Speed Harness


This cheap tree stand harness will surprise you with its many advantageous features. First of all, it comes with a patented integration system that allows you to use this model with ScentBlocker jackets. That means that you will be to remain concealed to your prey, and not only visually.

Although it is inexpensive when compared to other models, it offers all the safety features the rest do. You will get a bungee tether capable of absorbing shocks and vertical climbing loops, which will convince you that you can use this harness in perfect safety.

Because of the Ario Mesh back and the X-Web fit, you will find that the harness will move along with your body so that you don’t end up entangled in it. You will also like that there is a chest strap with a buckle you can adjust for perfect comfort. Also, the straps over your shoulders and legs can be adjusted.


Light and comfortable, this harness proves that a bulky design is never what you need when you want to be up in your tree stand and down on the ground with zero headaches.

When you want to make adjustments to the straps over your shoulders and around your legs, you can just use a single point; its design is that simple.

All the buckles are made from machined aluminum, which is another reason why this harness remains so lightweight.

You can wear this harness over your clothes or underneath, as you prefer, and you will love the superior comfort it provides.

Included with your purchase, you will find a carabiner, a tree strap, a suspension relief strap, and a DVD with instructions on how to use it in perfect safety.


The tether connection is placed in the middle of the back, so working with it can be quite challenging until you find a comfortable position.

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8. Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite Safety Harness


If you intend to travel light when you go hunting, there is hardly a better choice than this sleek model. First of all, it is lightweight, and you won’t encounter any trouble when you want to adjust it over your clothes. Because there is little fabric used in making the harness, there is less scent to worry about, which means that this harness will help you remain concealed.

At the same time, you shouldn’t worry that the nylon design will become uncomfortable. All the straps are padded, and you will not experience any discomfort while wearing it. The design includes quick-release buckles, so you will like how easy it is to put the harness on and take it off.

Even more, the design allows proper ventilation so you won’t end up sweating and feeling uncomfortable. While it weighs only 2 pounds, it can hold a weight of 300 pounds, which is pretty impressive.


Created with all-season hunting in mind, this model offers you a lightweight design that can be worn over any clothes you have to wear.

Because it is stripped to its basics, the harness is easy to use, and you will have no issues when putting it on or taking it off.

You won’t sweat while wearing it because the construction of the harness provides proper ventilation, to make sure that your scent doesn’t scare your prey away.

With the help of the quick-release buckles, you will be able to experience the highest comfort possible when wearing this harness.

The tether included is of superior quality and highly durable.


The tree straps provided are not of the same quality as the rest, and they tend to slip.

Also, there are some concerns regarding the overall durability as some parts don’t seem to hold as well as the rest.

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9. X-Stand Hunting Tree Stand Safety Harness


Another affordable tree stand harness that makes it to your list, the X-Stand Hunting Tree Stand Safety Harness is ideal for anyone who wants to experience superior freedom of movement. While other harnesses on the market tend to be bulky and prevent you from moving freely, this model is an excellent example of how an item like this should behave.

First of all, its rigid design eliminates all the hassle with putting it on. Then, the flexible tether will let you climb and get down without any problems. All these aspects contribute to keeping the harness lightweight, so you might just end up not feeling that you are wearing one at all.

Some details make this harness an even better buy for you. For instance, it comes with a quick-attach carabiner clip, something that not all manufacturers included, and with quick-release leg buckles that let you put the harness on easily.


Many hunters can appreciate the rigid design of this harness that makes the entire process of getting in and out of it a real breeze.

You will enjoy superior freedom because of the flexible tether, which is also highly durable so that you can enjoy this product for a long time.

Unlike other models that don’t include a carabiner clip, this harness comes with one, and it is also a quick-attach model that makes it easy to use.

It is so lightweight that most times, you might not even be aware that you are wearing a harness, which says a lot about its comfort rating.

Another thing you will surely like about it is that it comes with quick-release leg buckles; these also make the process of putting the harness on and taking it off a walk in the park.


It’s a one-size-fits-all type of harness, so if you have a small frame, or, on the contrary, you are heavier than the average person, you might not find it very comfortable.

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10. Hunter Safety System Pro Series Harness Vest


When a simple harness is not enough, you surely want a tree stand harness vest that offers you great coverage and increased comfort. The Hunter Safety System Pro Series Harness Vest must be right up your alley, as it presents all the advantages of such an item.

The main worry about wearing a vest instead of a harness is that too much fabric means too much scent that can scare wild animals away. But, in this case, there’s nothing to worry about; because of the ElimiShield technology used, the vest remains scent-free for as long as you’re going to use it.

Also, you don’t have to worry about it being bulky. Made with mesh fabric, it is lightweight, and also allows excellent ventilation so that you don’t sweat while waiting in your tree stand for the prey to appear. Specific accessories, such as Lineman’s climbing belt, a tree strap, and a suspension relief strap, are included.


The HSS design makes this vest a safe choice, as you won’t have to deal with multiple straps that do nothing but get in the way and jeopardize you.

Your scent will not give you off to wild animals because the fabric benefits from a unique technology called ElimiShield that will ensure that your vest won’t absorb your smell.

Another thing you will surely love about this vest is that it comes with no fewer than 8 pockets that you can use to store everything you need while you hunt.

Compared to other harness vests on the market, this one is 40% lighter, which means that it’s comfortable and convenient.

Make use of the straps that can serve for attaching your binoculars, as well as other accessories you want to have quick access to.


Be aware that the leg straps cannot be adjusted, so you might find your legs sitting pretty loose inside the harness.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you go shopping for a tree stand harness, there are multiple aspects you must pay attention to. With so many models available, you might feel tempted to consider them all the same, and that’s a dangerous way of thinking. Instead, focus on several factors that we will present below.

Safety is paramount

Never neglect this aspect. Any tree stand harness review can tell you that this is the first thing to check when you compare different models and intend to purchase one. First of all, check the type of materials used. Harness should be made from nylon and other materials that will behave well under tension. Imagine yourself being suspended above the ground at a few good feet and what it would mean for you to fall from there.

Check the hardware available, if any, and always make sure that the model you picked has good stitching and that there are no signs of ripping or damage. That’s why a harness to use with a tree stand is not something you should ever purchase second-hand.

See if the model comes with a tree stand harness anchor, and if it’s not included, shop for one on your own. Nonetheless, make sure that all the accessories you get are of the highest quality available. Your safety is not something to overlook, and that’s why getting a proper harness is paramount.


Comfort features you should focus on

You may spend quite a lot of time suspended in the air and attached to a tree stand, which means that you must feel comfortable so that your hunting session is not brought to a halt. The harness you pick should be able to keep you feeling cozy for as long as you need.

For starters, it’s a good idea to pick a lightweight model. Also, it serves to have one with its structure, at least partially, made from mesh fabric. That will keep your body dry, and proper ventilation will not allow sweat to accumulate and begin to emit a scent that will alert wild animals of your proximity.

Pay attention to details. Are there too many straps you have to deal with? Opt for an HSS-patented design that eliminates the need for extra straps that can become a hazard under certain circumstances. Also, you should get a model that is good for your size. For instance, you should pick a women’s tree stand harness if you’re a female hunter.

Another aspect is the weight rating. For someone with a large frame, getting the right harness is paramount. A harness should fit over your clothes quickly while allowing you proper freedom of movement.

Other things that will make your life easier

While not all the harnesses out there offer all the accessories we will mention in this section, it is good to know about them so that you can make your choice knowing well what you’re paying for. For instance, it is pretty much mandatory for a harness to come with a Lineman’s belt, a strap to help you attach the harness to the tree stand, and a suspension relief strap.

A rugged tether is pretty much another necessity that you should check when picking a harness. Quick-release buckles are nice to have, as they will help you get in and off your harness with great ease.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you attach a harness to a tree?

To ensure that the harness you have will offer proper safety, there are specific steps you need to follow. Before attaching a harness to a tree, you must comply with other actions first. Make sure that you put on the harness the correct way and secure all the straps, buckles, and so on. Consult the instructions offered by the manufacturer to make sure that you performed all the steps correctly.

Once you have the harness on, you need to make the necessary preparations for the climbing belt. That should allow you freedom of movement and also have enough length left so that you can slide it around the tree. At this point, you should be familiar with all the parts of the harness and its accessories.

Secure the climbing belt around the tree and lock it in place, as suggested in the instructions offered with your purchase. While various models may differ a little in design, the way the climbing belt is used is pretty much set in stone.

Q: How often do tree stand harnesses need to be inspected?

Tree stand harnesses are not made to last a lifetime, no matter how sturdy they are. They are systems designed to keep you safe while you’re using a tree stand, but maybe you didn’t know that most accidents occur when climbing or descending.

Some accidents are caused by faulty harnesses, which is why it’s a great idea to inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear. First of all, as soon as you get your harness, you should check the stitching as well as the general construction for damage.

After each use, it would be a good idea to take a close look at the harness. Also, at the end of each hunting season, you shouldn’t overlook this step. Weather elements may take their toll on the integrity of the harness, which is why you must run this visual inspection when you get back from your hunting trips.


Q: How long are safety harnesses good for?

When you purchase a harness, you should always check the warranty. More models will last for 3-4 years, but some companies offer a 5-year warranty for their products. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just wait for the official expiration date to occur to toss your old harness and get a brand new one.

Experts recommend replacing a safety harness after a fall without fail, even if it’s still within its warranty period. During a fall, all the straps that make the harness have to absorb around 1,000 pounds or more of force, which means that their structure is damaged, or at least weakened.

Therefore, the harness is compromised, and there is no way of telling when it will give in and fail to protect you. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, after such an event, make sure to replace your harness with a new one. Only this way, you will continue to benefit from the proper protection.



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