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Best 5 Tripod Tree Stands Compared in 2024

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Tripod Tree Stands – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


When you shop around for the best tripod tree stand in 2024, you will notice that there are many choices, while you have little to no time on your hands. Fret not; we are here to help you by offering you the essential information you need for an informed decision. Our research reveals that the Ameristep 15 Feet is the model you should consider if you want a tree stand that has already been tried and tested by numerous buyers. The full ladder provides you with the most suitable means to get to your vantage point, without the need for specialized climbers. The swivel seat is very convenient because you can stand up for taking a better aim with maximum efficiency. The camo skirt included with your purchase is a nice touch. Should you no longer find the Ameristep 15 Feet in stock, we recommend the Millennium Treestands T100 as the next in line regarding performance and convenience.



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5 Best Tripod Tree Stands (Reviews) in 2024


With so many tree stands for sale, there is no wonder that the vast majority of buyers feel at a loss concerning what to choose. See the list of popular items we compiled and take your pick without fear that you might not choose the right thing.


1. Ameristep 15′ Ladder Stand Safety Harness Seat Cushion


If you are looking to purchase a tree stand for crossbow hunting, this model from Ameristep may be exactly what you have in mind. The tree stand can be installed at 15 feet above the ground, giving you an excellent vantage point for observing your prey.

The stand is made of steel, therefore durable and a sound investment for you as a hunter. You will notice that the attention to detail is superior in how this model is designed. The manufacturer is invested in providing their customers with excellent comfort while hunting.

The armrests will help you feel relaxed while you are waiting, and the shooting rail offers you the opportunity to stabilize your crossbow so you can aim with ease. The swivel seat will get out of the way, whenever you need to move, and you can use the full ladder to climb the stand.

To set apart various models available on the market, you always need to take a look at what extras the seller offers. In this case, the camo skirt included may just tip the balance in favor of the Ameristep model. You will be able to achieve the level of concealment necessary to avoid being seen by your prey.

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2. Millennium Treestands T-100 Tripod


For hunters who prefer an option that is easy to carry around, the Millennium Treestands T100 is a perfect pick. A tree stand made from aluminum, this particular model is lightweight, so, if you are the type of hunter who likes to move from one tree to another, you will surely appreciate this.

The company making the tree stand already invested thousands of hours of research in their products, and that shows in the overall design of this model. The customers who have bought this model agree with what the manufacturer states in the description and have so far taken advantage of the many benefits offered.

The comfort is outstanding for this model, and this is paramount for any hunter, regardless of their hunting style. In case you already have a stand, and you don’t want to part with it just yet, this run and gun model will surely be an excellent idea for a gift you can offer a hunting buddy.

The tree stand is built for durability, which means that you will feel that you have made a sound investment if you decide to go for it. Hunter-friendly and comfortable, it is a tripod model that will not disappoint you.

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3. Guide Gear 12′ Tripod Deer Stand


You may be surprised to see a tripod tree stand that offers as much as the Guide Gear Tripod Deer. This model provides you 360-degree visibility, and you don’t even have to attach it to a tree. You will get full vision all around you, so there will be no dead angles to worry about.

You can place the stand anywhere you want, next to a swamp, close to a cornfield, and even in an open area. Either way, your prey will not suspect anything and seeing that you are 12 feet above ground level, it will not be able to smell you either.

With such great versatility, you probably expect superior portability, as well. Again, you will not suffer any let-downs since the manufacturer has already thought about that, too. The stand folds easily, and you can set it up anywhere you want. Anywhere you want to go, you will be able to take this tripod stand along with you.

The model is made from steel, and the seat can rotate a full circle so you can supervise the surroundings without a glitch. The armrests are padded for comfort, and the seat has a layer of Flex-Core foam that will guarantee you will not feel fatigued after spending hours in it.

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4. Sniper Sentinel 13′ Swivel Tripod Deer Stand


The Sniper Sentinel gives you the perfect vantage point for hunting down your prey. The seat swivels around, and you will have no issue finding the ideal shooting spot. Blindsides are no longer an issue if you decide to purchase this particular model.

Tree stands that must be attached to trees are not an optimal choice if you go hunting in the wild, and you pick an area with young trees. The answer to this problem is to pick a stand like this one that lets you choose your spot without any such hindrances.

Shot placement has never been this easy. You will find the stand easy to fold and carry around, and overall you will get a reliable product that will serve you for years to come. The weight of the stand is 66 pounds, and as it is easy to fold up and place whenever you want without any issues, it is easy to see why this model is so popular.

Equipped with a spacious footrest and padded seat and armrests, the Sniper Sentinel is your perfect ally for hunting in the wild. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds so you will be accommodated along with your gear, too.

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5. Ameristep Universal 15″ Hunting With RealTree XtraTripod


When you go hunting, it is always a good idea to pick your gear based on how heavy it is. This model is an excellent choice, and you can count on it for many situations when you desire to have a vantage point from where you will be able to shoot your prey.

The stand will place you 15 feet above the ground so that no prey can see you or smell you. Of course, you may want to have lightweight hunting boots so you can quickly climb the stand, and for an overall comfortable experience, but, all in all, you will find it easy to use.

The nice roof cover provided with your purchase makes this tree stand an even better deal than others on the market. The roof cover has a camo pattern, thus increasing your concealment factor, and it will also protect you against rain.

Now you know that you can spend hours waiting for the game to appear as you will be hidden from view. The stand is comfortable and easy to use, two important aspects that you should never overlook when you pick this particular piece of gear.

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Buying guide


What does it take to purchase a good tripod tree stand? We are here to help you with all the necessary information so that you can quickly make an informed decision. With so many products readily available on the market, there is no wonder that people can find it challenging to pick a winning model. Here are some recommendations.

What makes tripod stands special?

If you are a seasoned hunter, you probably know the differences between various types of tree stands. You may know that each of them is suitable for different situations, and that is one thing that you always bear in mind when you go picking a hunting stand.

Still, you might not have been faced with all the situations possible, and that means that you may still want to learn a thing or two about this particular kind of stand. For instance, if you are invited to hunt somewhere in the Midwest, you may notice right away that the open areas in the prairies there are not exactly suitable for using a regular tree stand.

How do you get to a vantage point so that your prey cannot sense you? It is quite easy. You need a tripod model, something that you can just place on the ground, without the need to attach it to a tree or anything else that can serve for that.


Total weight and easy setup

A tripod hunting stand is exactly how the name indicates. It is a three-legged construction that will allow you to get on top of the area and observe your prey from there. While all this sounds fine, you may notice right away that some issues can cause some trouble for you.

For instance, your stand should be lightweight. Chances are that you will want to move around a bit while searching for the perfect trophy, and that means that you will have to haul the stand around. A good idea would be to get a model that is easy to fold up.

Keep in mind that you will have to set up the stand with each move. Again, the products that score high with consumers are those that offer easy setup features. It should not be rocket science to move around and take your tripod stand with you. An aluminum model is a better choice than one made of steel, although the latter is more durable.

If you need a tip on how to make such a stand offer better concealment, the best advice would be to place it next to a bush or a large rock. This way, your stand will begin to blend in with the environment, and the prey will not see it as something suspicious. Get some shooting glasses as you will have to hunt in open areas where the sunlight can be blinding.

A 360-degree swivel chair

Comfort is paramount for all the hunting stands you may like to try, but tripod models have a few features that you will love. Critically-acclaimed stands, for instance, have a 360-degree swivel chair. Why do hunters like this particular aspect so much?

Your vision range will increase. There will be no blind sides, no dead angles. No matter which way the game approaches, you will be able to take your aim and shoot. Everything becomes much more comfortable and more enjoyable when you have excellent equipment at your disposal.

Your unhindered field of view will help you become a better hunter. Seeing that you have already placed your stand in such a manner that you will not be easy to spot, you will just have to focus on aiming and shooting.


The extras you might not want to overlook

As manufacturers vie for your attention, they often throw in some nice extras, so it is good to know about them. For instance, most stands available in this configuration do not have an enclosure, but you may add a platform blind. If the seller includes such an extra with your purchase, that means that you got yourself a winner.

All the tripod tree stands reviews recommend a model that offers some cover against weather elements, too. That means that a roof cover is another extra you might like to have. The cover should have a camo pattern, to keep you concealed all the time.

Always get a good deal by purchasing a stand that offers all the basic features and something extra, if possible. This way, you will know that you are getting your money’s worth and even more.


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