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Best 3 Turkey Hunting Vests Compared in 2023

Last Updated: 04.02.23


Turkey Hunting Vests – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are determined to buy the best turkey hunting vest out there, but you do not have the time to read what the specialists had to say about this topic, this paragraph contains all the info that you might need. After reading plenty of reviews, we have determined that the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF is the product that you should consider investing in. This item comes supplied with a removable frame that allows you to sit anywhere without getting dirty. Moreover, the unit also features special water bottle pockets, shell loops and easy-to-detach shoulder straps. As a plus, the product comes in various camouflage patterns that you can choose from in accordance with your needs. If this item is out of stock, go ahead and take a good look at the Knight & Hale KHT0068 as this is a product that you might also like.



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3 Best Turkey Hunting Vests (Reviews) in 2023


If you are in the market for the best vest for turkey hunting, but you have little experience when it comes to shopping in this line of products, we recommend that you read what we had to say about these following products. According to reviews, these items are both reliable and feature-packed.


1. Alps OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest Standard


If you are interested in a high-quality hunting jacket for the money, you should definitely check out this model designed by ALPS OutdoorZ. This product is highly appreciated by its current users, particularly because it features a built-in sit-anywhere kickstand frame that has a padded foldaway seat included. Because of it, you will be able to enjoy those long days of hunting without feeling tired all the time!

Furthermore, the model includes numerous pockets. As a result, you should not have issues when it comes to finding a place where to keep your phone and your other belongings. Moreover, the item includes what the manufacturer calls a smartphone sleeve. This feature allows one to use his/her phone while it is still in the pack. This way, your phone will be fully protected against dirt and debris.

Additionally, the model also comes equipped with practical shell loops, detachable shoulder straps, and two water bottle pockets. As expected, the unit can be purchased in different camo patterns. Hence, by wearing this model, your chances of catching something will be significantly increased.

Overall, the product has received positive reviews from previous purchasers. The vest is highly appreciated mainly because of the built-in stand.


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2. Knight & Hale KHT0068 Run N’ Gun 300-Mossy Oak Turkey Vest


Another product that is likely to catch your attention is the Knight& Hale KHT0068. This model stands out because it incorporates a 10-point adjustment system. This system is particularly liked because it is said to provide the user of the vest with a personalized fit, no matter the type of one’s body.

Besides, this vest is said to fit close in the mid-section area. Consequently, the model eliminates the looseness and the bagginess that most have to deal with when investing in a product of this type. Also, the model is very lightweight as it only weighs 1.5 pounds.

As a plus, this product comes with an incorporated six-layer cushion seat that is easy to use and very much comfortable. The model features many pockets where you can keep your ammunition, a portable hunting flashlight as well as your personal belongings. Also, the built-in backpack is compatible with a water bladder. What is more, some of the already mentioned pockets are waterproof.

According to current users of the unit, this vest is worthy of one’s attention. The product has received excellent reviews, and it is considered a safe investment. However, you should know that some were unhappy with the size of the pockets included in its design.


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3. Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest Mossy Oak


If you are on a budget, but you still want to buy a vest that has been vetted by previous purchasers, take a good look at the Primos Gobbler Turkey. This item has special shoulder pads that can reduce the recoil that you are prone to feel due to heavy turkey loads.

Moreover, the pockets of the product were designed in such a way so that you will have no trouble finding your belongings when out hunting. In fact, the device even features special compartments and pockets where you can hold your ammo.

On top of that, if you happen to feel tired while out hunting, you should know that this model also includes a detachable cushion that has an easy to operate mounting system The model is said to be waterproof, which is a reason why many buyers regard it as a great investment. Besides, the unit is made from durable materials that are likely to stand the test of time.

Many of the users of the vest are happy with what they got. Moreover, the item is highly comfortable and easy to wear while hunting. Still, some users pointed out that the model might not fit as expected as the product runs a bit large.


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Buying guide


If you are looking for hunting vests for sale, but you don’t know how to decide what models are worthy of your time, we can help. To make this task effortless for you, we have composed a list of features that you should pay attention to when shopping in this line of products.

Consider the weight and the utility of the product

Similarly to when purchasing a ghillie suit for deer hunting, it is important that, before one decides what product he/she wants to buy, he/she considers the weight of the vest. According to reviews of turkey hunting vests, before one places any orders, one should take the time to analyze the weight of the product.

From this point of view, it is crucial that one selects an item that weighs less than three pounds. This aspect is key because hunting turkeys implies moving a lot and spending a long period of time outdoors. Because of this, a model that is too heavy can prove uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

Likewise, previous buyers also recommend that you select a product that makes it easy to keep your supplies close at hand. In other words, it might best if you select a unit that comes with plenty of pockets that are well organized. This way, you won’t have to waste a lot of time figuring out a place where you can keep your ammo and other accessories.


Fit and size

Furthermore, a good turkey hunting vest should provide you with a good fit, and it should not hinder your movements in any way. Just like when buying a pair of hunting pants, a good idea to verify if a model fits as expected is to go online and see what previous buyers had to say about this aspect.

Also, you should pay extra attention to the size of the product that you have selected. To be extra sure that the model that you like fits you, you should look for a sizing chart made available by the seller. By doing so, you won’t risk ending up with an item that is way too large or way too tight.


Final considerations

No matter if you intend to buy a cheap turkey hunting vest or a more expensive product, it is advisable that you pay attention to the special features that a model comes equipped with. As you probably know, a highly liked accessory that some vests come with is a padded seat.

However, you should only purchase units that have a special mounting system that keeps the seat secured to the vest at all times. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Also, if you are a fan of hunting, it might be a good idea also to read this article on how to select an Ameristep hunting blind.





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