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Best 3 Upland Hunting Jackets Compared in 2024

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Upland Hunting Jackets – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


When looking for a new upland hunting jacket, you need to pay attention to many details, which can prove an exhausting task. So, if you don’t have the necessary time or mood to search for such an item on your own, we’re here to help you out. After conducting our own thorough research and going through countless online product reviews, we have come to the conclusion that a reliable upland jacket is the Browning Pheasants Forever. The item is made of superior quality cotton and polyester, features four front pockets – two on the chest area and two for the hands – and comes with a large blood-proof front that’s easy to clean and to look after. If this particular product is not available for purchase right away, you can consider the Beretta Upland Light as a viable alternative in terms of price, comfort, and utility.



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3 Best Upland Hunting Jackets (Reviews) in 2024


Although the perfect upland hunting coat may not exist, there are plenty of products that provide close-to-perfection quality and feature everything necessary for an unforgettable hunting experience. Showcased below you’ll find a list of three items that might be suitable for you.


1. Browning Pheasants Forever Jacket


This coat comes in two different color combinations and is available in four sizes. We strongly suggest you check the sizing guide offered by the manufacturer prior to your purchase to ensure the right fit for your own body type. Nevertheless, over 70% of the customers who ordered the jacket claimed it fits true to size, so you can buy your regular measure.

The product features everything necessary to ensure an unforgettable hunting experience. It’s made of superior quality cotton canvas that will absorb extra sweat and moisture, keeping your body dry and cool the entire day. The 100% polyester coat adds durability so you can rest assured you’ll be wearing the same jacket many years from now on.

One of the most important features of this jacket is the large blood-proof front that allows you to easily clean it after each use. The product is enhanced with four large pockets in the front that provide enough storage room for all your essentials, including a brand new foldable hunting hat. In addition, the attached D-rings will help you store your favorite dog training accessories.


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2. Beretta Mens Upland Light Jacket


The jacket is available in three standard sizes – Medium, Large, and X-Large, so keep an eye on the manufacturer’s sizing guide to make sure you purchase the right item for your own body type. The bright orange design of the panels ensures maximum visibility and will help you stay protected while out in the field

The jacket is extremely lightweight and was specifically made to offer maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. This way, you can move your arms and shoulders in order to find the best hunting position and increase your chances to catch your prey. We also liked that the item is 100% waterproof, meaning it will keep you dry and protected no matter the weather conditions.

Some other features include a mesh lining for added comfort and breathability, and a slim fit design to keep your body warm and better protected against rain and wind. In addition, the jacket features two large front pockets to safely store all your important belongings and keep them in one place while hunting. The matching buttons are a great touch to the overall design and when you combine the jacket with the perfect new hunting pants, you’ll create an elegant outfit.


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3. Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Upland Jacket


If you’re looking for a reliable product that will keep you protected during harsh weather conditions, this Orvis coat could prove the right choice. It’s made of strong and durable materials that are windproof and waterproof, ensuring maximum protection year-round. The item is available in two different colors and four sizes, so make sure to choose the right fit for you.

The breathable two-layer technology allows your skin to properly breathe and absorb excessive sweat that might cause bad odors and discomfort in the long term. Thus, you can rest assured the jacket will keep you dry and warm all day long so you can enjoy the most out of your hunting game. According to numerous customers who purchased this item, it’s lightweight yet tear-resistant, meaning it was built to provide you increased freedom of movement.

Moreover, all the jacket’s accessories are of superior quality. All the zippers are waterproof so they won’t rust in time and help you easily put on and take off the item. The two front large pockets are perfect to keep all your essentials safe and easy to reach when you’re out on the field.


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Buying guide


Finding the best upland hunting jacket in 2024 could seem difficult, especially with so many products available for sale. We hope that our following comprehensive buying guide will help you choose the right item according to your needs so you can enjoy a rewarding hunting game.

Size and fit

If you’re looking for a good upland hunting jacket, you should start by choosing the right fit for your own body shape. We strongly recommend you to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide prior to your purchase so you can see exactly which size is the right one for your needs.

As for the fit, it really depends on you. Most of these jackets come with a loose fit so you can easily wear additional bow hunting clothes underneath, especially during the cold season. However, you can also opt for a slim-fit design that is more figure-flattering and will offer you an elegant look.

We don’t suggest you consider the price as a deciding factor as a cheap upland hunting jacket might not offer you all the features you need. Nevertheless, if you have doubts about a certain product or you’re eager to see what other customers have to say, you should check some online upland hunting jackets reviews.


Safety features

Secondly, your jacket should be able to keep you safe and protected. Opt for bold and contrasting colors to make sure you’re easily detected from a reasonable distance so you won’t risk getting hurt by other hunters and their weapons.

Your jacket should also be waterproof and windproof. Keep in mind that most hunting games will take place during the cold season, so it’s important that you stay protected from harsh weather conditions, including heavy rains and storms.

Consider opting for an additional pair of hunting gloves and an insulated pair of hunting boots to complete your protective gear.



Lastly, think about the design of your jacket. Does it have all necessary accessories to become a trustworthy partner in your future hunting trips?

Pockets are extremely important to store all your essentials and additional hunting accessories within a reachable distance. You should opt for jackets with large front pockets and durable zippers that will help you keep all your belongings safe.

Also, a hoodie could prove useful as it will keep your head protected from the wind and rain.




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