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10 Best Whisker Biscuits – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Whisker Biscuits – Guide & Comparison


If you want to find the best whisker biscuit the market has to offer but are short on time for comprehensive research, we would like to let you know that we have already done this to help you out. We have examined numerous products in this line. After carefully analyzing the value offered by the top-rated models, our research team has concluded that the model you should consider is the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Medium that comes with an abundance of benefits. The first thing you’ll notice is how convenient and easy it is to use. It does not matter if you are right or left-handed, as this model was designed to efficiently be used by both. Since you can adjust the windage and elevation, you can customize this whisker biscuit to fit your style and preferences. In case our first recommendation is currently unavailable, we also suggest keeping the Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit in mind.



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10 Best Whisker Biscuits (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the best whisker biscuit arrow rest is not the easiest of tasks due to the abundance of products in this line. After reading a lot of information on this topic, as well as many customer reviews and specialists’ opinions, we managed to compile a list with some of the top-rated products in this line. 



1. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Medium


In case you are looking for a compound bow whisker biscuit, you should definitely keep this model in mind. It is reliable, safe, and very easy to set up. It has a ring of bristles that generate low noise when the bowstring is drawn and released. It is the ideal choice for hunting. 

The Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest by Trophy Ridge is designed with custom rubber boots for accurate bow hunting. It has a silent arrow loading feature and prevents metal-on-metal contacts that might cause friction. Moreover, this model features a reversible mount design making it perfect for both right and left-handed archers. 

Furthermore, this whisker biscuit arrow rest has reference marks that are laser-engraved which act as a fail-proof feature that enhances the precision of shots at targets. The item has a high-quality aluminum and nylon bushing construction that offers durability. The rest is also adjustable with superior windage and elevation adjustments.


This model provides quick and silent arrow loading for compound bows, making it an ideal option for bowhunters. 

Thanks to the vane slice-through bristles of this whisker biscuit, all the arrows you shoot will have a consistent trajectory, as well as velocity.

Both right and left-handed users can use this whisker biscuit due to its reversible mount design.

The item features a high-quality encased aluminum and nylon bushing construction which offers high durability. You will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come with no issues.

Since the rest is adjustable, it offers advanced elevation and windage corrections.


Even though the bristles are soft, they can still alter the course and speed of an arrow that has helical fletching.

The solid shell of this arrow rest does not come with dazzling features, but it is more durable than other products in this line.

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2. Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit – Right Hand


Another whisker biscuit rest that deserves a place on our list is this model that comes in an attractive black color looking like a premium product on your bow. This item comes with consistent and accurate sight with advanced elevation adjustments and tool-less micro windage. 

Moreover, the Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit also comes with laser-engraved reference technology that increases shooting accuracy. The nylon brushing prevents dust from binding and it helps to avoid any kind of inconvenience. The aluminum encased biscuit and the solid shell increase the strength of this product and offer durability. 

What is more, the custom rubber boots make the arrow loading effortless and quiet. Since it comes with so many premium features, and it is so convenient, this model certainly makes hunting easy as well as hassle-free. According to many whisker biscuit reviews, this model is highly appreciated by archers of all levels of skills. 


This whisker biscuit is a very convenient model due to several premium features such as the advanced elevation adjustments and tool-less micro windage. 

With this model, accuracy is increased thanks to the useful laser-engraved reference marks that make things even easier for the user.

Thanks to the high-quality nylon bushings, binding over time from dirt and dust is prevented, allowing you to enjoy this archery accessory for a long time to come.

The strength and durability of this model are also ensured by the aluminum encasing of the biscuit.

Moreover, due to the custom rubber boots, the arrow loading is very silent, making it an ideal choice for hunters who do not want to startle their prey with noisy gadgets.


The fact that this product does not come with any mounting instructions might be an inconvenience, especially for beginner archers who will have to do some extra online research.

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3. Trophy Ridge Power Shot Whisker Biscuit


When talking about whisker biscuit rests, this model is another popular choice. It is a time-tested and dependable product that is engineered with premium quality for a very long period of usage. Bowhunters have been using and trusting this product for almost two decades now, due to the reliability it offers. 

The Power Shot Whisker Biscuit comes in a camo design, but it is also available in black. What is great about this model is that it can be used by both right and left-handed archers, and it is suitable for users of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Using this model, it is easy to make corrections due to advanced elevation and windage adjustments. 

Also, the user can easily note reference marks for quick and simple sighting when it really matters. Compared to previous versions of this model, this one comes with a design that is 150% stronger, making it extremely durable.


This model is extremely popular with bowhunters and archers of all skill levels due to the premium features. Also, the reversible camo design can be used by both left and right-handed users.

Thanks to the Ballistix CoPolymer System, vibration is reduced while strength is maintained. 

What is more, due to the advanced elevation and windage adjustments, the user is enabled to make corrections easily, as well as convenient reference marks. 

The custom rubber boots prevent metal-on-metal contact, which enables silent arrow loading. For this reason, this model is the perfect choice for hunting and not being noticed by animals. 

The design of this whisker biscuit fully captures the arrow and never allows it to fall out, which is perfect, especially when the light conditions are less than ideal.


Depending on the arrow type, it is possible that this whisker biscuit might tear up the fletchings.

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4. Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit


The next product on our list is a fully-captured arrow rest that is suitable for both right and left-handed users. Moreover, this model was specifically designed for hunting. The strength of this whisker biscuit is rated as 150% due to its composite-encased construction. 

The versatile design on the arrow rest was built to hold the arrow shaft firmly and the release to be made with the highest accuracy possible. Furthermore, the Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit is extremely easy to set up. The custom rubber boots that this model comes with allow arrows to be loaded silently, meaning that it reduces the metal-on-metal contact. 

They also reduce any friction that might occur from interferences of the arrow shaft on the bow’s frame. This whisker biscuit only weighs 4.8 ounces and it does not exert any tension on the bow’s overall weight, so you won’t even know you are carrying this accessory.


This fundamental fail-safe whisker biscuit is very popular with bowhunters of all skill levels, regardless if they are left or right-handed. The reversible small mount design makes this possible.

Due to the superior windage adjustment, as well as the convenient reference marks, the user can easily make the necessary corrections.

Since the arrow rest has a composite-encased construction, its strength is increased by 150% compared to previous similar models. 

This product is equipped with custom rubber boots which enable the user to load the arrows silently and also prevent metal-on-metal contact.

You will not have to worry about hitting your target because the whisker biscuit does not interfere with the arrow’s trajectory during release.


Depending on your skill level, this whisker biscuit may alter the direction and speed of the arrows. Basically, the item is as accurate as the user is.

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5. Trophy Ridge Replacement Whisker Biscuits


No matter how well-made and durable your arrow rest is, it cannot last forever. If you get to the point where you cannot use your old one anymore, we recommend looking at this whisker biscuit replacement. You do not have to change the entire combo when this solution is at hand. 

The Trophy Ridge Replacement Whisker Biscuits enable you to replace your old biscuit with new and customized colored ones. This model has been very popular with archers and bowhunters for a very long time now due to its premium features, high-quality materials, and because it makes things so much easier in the field. 

This biscuit is also suitable for users of all skill levels, and it is also available in several colors, so you can customize your archery equipment. You will also appreciate the fact that the biscuit is extremely easy and quick to replace.


This item is ideal if you want to replace only the biscuit and not the entire rest. You will be able to save some money this way and use a biscuit of very high-quality.

You get to choose between several colors so you will be able to customize your arrow rest and make your bowhunting equipment look amazing.

This model comes with all the premium features and good-quality materials its manufacturer has to offer for all the products in this line. 

You do not have to be an experienced bowhunter or archer in order to use this biscuit, as it was designed to be used by archers of all skill levels. 

There is nothing complicated when it comes to mounting this biscuit on your rest. In fact, it is a very quick and easy process.


This item is a bit more expensive compared to other products in this line, but the quality makes up for it. 

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6. Trophy Ridge Original Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit


If you are looking for an arrow rest that can fully capture your arrows and that never lets them fall out, you might be interested in this model. It is not a cheap whisker biscuit but its superior design and quality make up for every cent. Moreover, the arrow rests from this company have been used by archers for more than two decades. 

The Trophy Ridge Original Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit enables quick arrow loading. The vanes can slide through the soft bristles without altering the trajectory and velocity of the arrow during release. This model also permits easy corrections thanks to the windage and elevation adjustments. 

It is also very convenient because you can easily make note reference marks for fast sight acquisition. The medium mount design of this whisker biscuit can be used by right-handed users. Compared to previous models, the design of this rest has a 150% increase in strength, making it a very durable product.


The dependable, time-tested whisker biscuit is a very popular choice with archers and bowhunters of all skill levels, due to its high-quality features and design.

The model is available in three sizes: large, medium, and small. This means that whatever type of arrows you are using, you can find the right whisker biscuit for your needs. 

The rest is able to fully capture your arrow and it does not allow it to fall out. It is a great choice even for when the light conditions are not the best. 

The soft bristles allow the vanes to slide through, and the velocity and trajectory of the arrow are not altered during release. 

What is more, thanks to the elevation and windage adjustments, the user can easily make the necessary corrections before releasing the arrow.


This model was designed to be used only for right-handed archers. If you are left-handed, you should look for a different product.

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7. Trophy Ridge Master Hunter Kit


The product comes as a kit that is equipped with everything you might need to supply your bow and start your hunting adventure. The set comes with a Volt five-pin sight, a six-inch static stabilizer, as well as a Kill Shot whisker biscuit. It is available in black, which means that you can add it to any bow and look elegant. 

The Trophy Ridge Master Hunter Kit comes with a whisker biscuit rest that seems to really care about your arrow. The static stabilizer offers the user the ultimate customization and the wrist sling maintains your bow safe. These are the tools that a bowhunter can really trust and rely on. 

Furthermore, the kit can be installed for both orientations, which means that it can be used by both right and left-handed archers. Moreover, this affordable whisker biscuit and accessories are great if you are on a budget and want to make a good investment.


This set comes with a volt five-pin with ultra-bright, horizontal .019 fiber optic pins and a six-inch static stabilizer that features two customizable weights. 

Furthermore, the whisker biscuit has elevation and windage adjustments that allow the archer to easily make the required corrections. 

The kit also contains a high-quality wrist sling as well as a mounting bar. Basically, it is everything you need to install your arrow rest and start hunting.

The black design makes this model ideal for any type and style of bows.

It does not matter if you are a left or right-handed archer, as this arrow rest kit can be installed and used for both.


Since the sight is made of plastic, this piece is not as strong as the rest of the arrow rest. It might eventually break.

The bristles are a bit too stiff, so some of the arrow’s fletching might tear off.

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8. Archery Biscuit Whisker for Compound Equipment


A good bow whisker biscuit can really improve your archery experience. This one-piece arrow rest brush is definitely worth your attention. These full-containment brushes can hold an arrow safely and securely and at any angle. The center hole can accommodate all common hunting arrow styles and sizes. 

Therefore, the Archery Biscuit Whisker for Compound Equipment is a great choice for target hunting. Furthermore, the ultra-tough design was developed to withstand any kind of weather. Since it has a universal design, this convenient replaceable archery arrow brush can be used by both right and left-handed archers. 

What is more, it is extremely easy and quick to install or dismantle the brush. Even though it is a high-density brush, it is very light and compact, so it is very easy to carry as well as to store. The material used for this product is high-quality plastic, so you can be sure it will last you for some time.


This product is a biscuit compound scrub whisker bow accessory that will help you in the field during your bowhunting adventures.

This archery arrow rest brush is a high-density brush but it is also lightweight as well as compact, making it extremely easy to carry and store. 

Furthermore, the center hole can hold the most common arrow styles as well as sizes, making this piece of equipment a great choice for target hunting.

Besides being very easy and fast to install, this ultra-tough whisker biscuit brush can be used for all types of weather.


The manufacturer warns that the color might be a bit different in reality than what you can see in the picture, so you should consider that if you want to order the product.

Also, there might be a slight measuring deviation caused by the manual measurement. However, the variation should be insignificant.

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9. G-Archery Whisker Biscuit for Compound Bow


The style of this arrow rest generates less damage to arrows and especially the fletching compared to other types of whisker biscuits. This model also has a lot of advanced and helpful features. For example, windage and elevation adjustments allow easy and quick corrections when necessary. 

The G-Archery Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting has a composite-encased biscuit, so you can rest assured that it will last you a long time. Furthermore, the custom rubber boots allow silent arrow loading, making it perfect for hunting. This model is also right and left-hand bow compatible. 

The reference marks for windage adjustments are also extremely helpful. The plastic brush, together with the aluminum alloy makes this biscuit very light, yet extremely sturdy. With this model, you will certainly be able to direct your arrows more accurately. It is also easy to install and adjust.


The windage and elevation adjustments available on this whisker biscuit allow easy corrections for the archers. 

The custom rubber boots enable the archer to quietly load each arrow, without disturbing the prey.

This composite-encased biscuit is extremely sturdy, and it also comes with reference marks for windage adjustment.

What is more, you do not have to worry if you are a left-handed archer, as this model is compatible with both left and right orientations.

With this whisker biscuit, you will surely be able to direct your arrows more precisely and to hit your target each time you release the arrow.


The whiskers of this arrow rest do not seem to be very well-aligned. They might look flimsy. However, the rest of the product seems to be sturdy.

Unless you align and make the necessary corrections, the trajectory of your arrows might be altered.

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10. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Black Medium


Every serious bowhunter deserves a reliable archery whisker biscuit and this model could be it. It is a great choice for those who need a quiet arrow rest. Because of this, the whisker biscuit is a great choice for those who like hunting. The composite-encased biscuit is 150% stronger than previous models. 

The Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot comes with reference marks as well as custom rubber boots that are responsible for the quiet loading of the arrows. What is more, this arrow rest comes with a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount, as well as a set of screws for secure mounting. 

The adjustments or corrections are very easy to make thanks to the advanced elevation and windage adjustment.  With the proper adjustment, both left and right-handed archers can use this arrow rest. Using this whisker biscuit, your performance in the field will surely increase.


Those who are familiar with this brand will notice that all the premium features have been passed to this model as well, making it a very popular choice in the world of archery.

Moreover, this whisker biscuit arrow rest was designed to be used with both left and right-hand bows, so every archer can enjoy the model.

Durability is ensured by the composite-encased biscuit which makes it extremely strong, compared to many other products in this line.

This model comes with everything you need to mount the arrow rest on your bow.


This rest touches the arrow more than many other products in this line, which may be a turn off for people who are looking for a good whisker biscuit.

You have to be an experienced archer to overcome this whisker biscuit’s risk of interference, as it can impact the direction of the arrow’s flight.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A whisker biscuit is actually a patented arrow rest that has synthetic bristles and a hole in the middle, to encircle and hold the arrow shaft completely, in perfect alignment. Also, it allows feathers or vanes to pass through easily, so there is no fletch clearance issue. Therefore, using the right arrow rest is crucial in your bowhunting activity.




Before you decide on the whisker biscuit you like, you need to consider what you are going to use it for. If you need it for hunting, a drop-away arrow rest and capture rest are the best choices. Generally, during game hunts, the hunters do not shoot from straight level positions. They actually take aim from quite inconveniencing positions. 

In order to avoid startling their targets, they sometimes take sharp downward angles or other strange positions. Since the drop away arrow rest does not interfere with straight flying, these are more appropriate for this type of activity. 

If you plan on going target shooting, the best choice is a rest that allows accurate and precise shots. In competitions, for instance, an arrow rest that permits the adjustability of prongs that fit the diameter of arrows is the best choice for this category. 

Shoot-through arrow rests allow archers in the field to aim precisely with center shots. Beginner archers can improve their skills with lightweight arrow rests as well.


Center shot alignment

A full-capture arrow rest might interfere with the course of arrows. It is essential to consider the center point alignment during archery competitions or bow hunting. You ought to ensure the center point alignment for the arrow’s nock point to maintain a straight line with the arrow rest. 

This alignment permits arrows to fly straight along the path of the bowstring, without interference. When considering the center point alignment, you also need to make a plunger adjustment as well, as it complements the arrow’s flight in straight trajectories.



Hunters need all parts of the arrow to operate smoothly and quietly. Noisy arrow rests can alarm animals when the shooters release their bolts. Certain models come with noise dampeners, so, if you are looking for hunting equipment, you should search for such a model.



A bow’s draw weight is an essential factor for archery and bowhunting. You should consider that lightweight whisker biscuits are very easy to adjust in the middle of a hunt. Also, they ensure minimum contact with the vanes of the arrow when the bowstring is released.




A properly-tuned bow and rest must be very easy to use. Whisker biscuits that are user-friendly do not exert unnecessary tension and pressure on the arrow shaft. In order to become user-friendly, all the features of the rest should be pleasant for the shooting experience.



When describing arrow rests, speed, durability, ease of use, interference, and accuracy are a few terminologies used by archers. These are archery terms that signify performance levels of arrow rest products. 

When looking for this piece of equipment, you should discuss these performance levels with the seller. 




Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What does a whisker biscuit do?

A whisker biscuit’s role is to easily tune and hold an arrow securely on the bow and be ready for any hunting situation. Moreover, it offers super-accurate shots. The whisker biscuit is a type of arrow rest that has synthetic bristles, as well as a hole in its center in order to encircle but also hold the shaft of the arrow in precise alignment. 

Furthermore, it allows the arrow’s vanes or feathers to easily pass through without interference. A good whisker biscuit provides straight and accurate shots for archers and bowhunters, and it is also a great accessory for beginners.


Q: What is the difference between whisker biscuits?

In the world of archery and bowhunting, there is a hotly-contested debate when it comes to the differences between whisker biscuits. There are two main styles of arrow rests. While one of them prides itself on foolproof simplicity, the other on speed and accuracy. Whisker biscuits are easy to use, and they eliminate the possibility of the arrow falling off while drawing. 

Since there are no moving parts, there are little chances of mechanical failures in the field. When it comes to drop-away arrow rests, they cause very low friction with the arrow which leads to higher arrow velocity. Also, they allow better groupings and overall precision.



Q: What size whisker biscuit do I need?

When you are looking for a whisker biscuit, you should always consider your arrow’s size. The smallest one has an 0.30-inch inside diameter and it is suitable for A/C/C carbon arrows, 17XX or smaller aluminum-shaft arrows, carbon or Axis arrows, as well as Outserts. 

A medium whisker biscuit has a 0.320-inch inside diameter and it is an appropriate choice for 19XX or smaller aluminum shafts, and internal-component carbon arrows. The large models have an inside diameter of 0.395 inches and can be used for 23XX or smaller aluminum arrows. 

Whisker biscuits for bow fishing have a 0.360-inch inside diameter and are suitable for unfletched fishing arrows.


Q: Do whisker biscuits affect accuracy?

In the archery world, there is a lot of debate on which is best: a whisker biscuit or a drop-away arrow. The truth is that in terms of accuracy, each type is as accurate as the archer is with the bow. The main difference between the two is mostly personal preference. 

If you want reliability in the field, you can go for a whisker biscuit. You will notice that it is very accurate and can perform effectively as a part of your compound bow system. If you want accuracy and arrow speed, you should go for a drop-away rest.


Q: Is a whisker biscuit worth the money?

Ever since they were introduced in 2003, these accessories changed the world of archery and bowhunting with this revolutionary style of arrow rest. They became popular almost instantly since they simplify the draw and shot. They also help eliminate common mistakes from the excitement of drawing on a live target. 

What is more, they secure the arrow in position, even if the light conditions are poor. No matter how good you are with the bow, whisker biscuits can help you a lot and simplify things so that you can enjoy shooting your arrow. If you agree, then yes, whisker biscuits are worth the money.




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