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Browning Strike Force HD Pro Review

Last Updated: 16.06.24

If your spare time often finds you outdoors exploring nature or engaging in various activities such as hiking, hunting, or bird-watching, this trail game camera might be of interest. Thanks to the latest technology achievements, you can now easily record and take photos of the wildlife you’re interested in. 

One’s outdoor experience is significantly improved due to all the gadgets and devices available for sale these days. You can now commit your experience and memories to an SD card and replay or go through them again whenever you feel the need to do so. 

In case you want to preserve the moments you get to live when in the middle of nature, images of the wildlife or other people engaging in various outdoor activities, the Strike Force HD PRO Trail Camera from Browning Trail Cameras is an option you might want to take into account before hitting the order button. 

To help you make a more informed decision, we have highlighted below some of its specs and how you can benefit from them. 


Main advantage

Taking clear photos of moving subjects or recording them in the wild calls for certain camera features and this model was designed specifically for such needs. What makes this product a reliable one in terms of performance is the combination of noteworthy characteristics featured. 

If you decide to purchase this camera, you will get a unit you can use to record HD 1600 x 900p video with sound and take 20MP stills. To make sure that you can employ the unit in various conditions and enjoy satisfying results, the camera comes with a passive infrared motion sensor that has an 80′ detection range as well as a 0.22-sec trigger speed. 

All that makes it possible for you to capture clear images even when the subject is moving. To further enhance your experience and provide you with versatility, the infrared LED flash featured ensures an impressive 120′ range. 

Moreover, you can choose between the various IR settings, so you can employ the camera even when the dark settles in. In case you want to leave the camera out there to take pictures over a certain time interval, the Timelapse Plus mode will do so at pre-set intervals while still capturing motion-triggered pictures. 


Main disadvantage

The camera requires AA batteries to work and they are not included in the pack, so you will have to buy them separately. That translates into a higher final price as well as regular battery replacement if you intend to use the camera frequently. 

However, this is what you get with other products as well. The only downside, besides the extra expense, is that if you want to install the camera to take pictures at pre-set intervals for a long time, you will have to check the unit regularly and make sure the batteries work. 


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Main features explained


In case you often dedicate your free time to observing the wildlife in your area or capturing images of various animal species you want to learn more about, this trail game camera might be right up your alley. 

The unit is user-friendly and packed with specs that will help you preserve important moments and do so in high audio and image quality. Here are the main features that render it worthy of consideration. 


The first thing to consider when buying a game trail camera is the quality of the videos and images captured. After all, taking pictures of the subject of interest or recording wildlife must be done clearly, so you can view them and see the details you’re interested in easily. The way a unit performs is the decisive factor.

With this model, though, you don’t have to worry about not getting clear images. The unit was designed to record HD 1600 x 900p video with audio and take 20MP stills. When compared with the Advantage cameras from the same manufacturer, this particular model might not ensure the same video quality, but it’s still satisfying and even the night videos are clear and fluid. 

Moreover, thanks to the passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor featured and 0.22-sec trigger speed delivered, the camera will take motion-triggered pictures. 

The infrared LED flash featured ensures a noteworthy 120′ range and, thanks to the various IR settings available, you can employ the unit for nighttime use as well. For example, if you choose the “Long Range” and “Fast Motion” IR settings, you will get pretty good night time pictures. 

You will have to experiment a bit with the different settings available to see which one suits your needs and preferences best, though. If you want to install the camera in a place of interest and leave it there to take pictures on its own, the Timelapse Plus shooting mode proves to be of great help. 

By making use of the camera’s various functions, you can set it to take pictures at pre-set intervals over a specific time interval while still capturing motion-triggered pictures. The 1.5″ color viewing screen will enable you to review images and video onboard. 


Ease of operation and SD card 

To help you enjoy the above-mentioned benefits and results comfortably, the product was built to ensure easy operation as well. The overall performance of a camera might be shadowed by a less intuitive menu and complicated setup. That’s not the case with the Browning Strike Force HD Pro. 

Everything about the way this item was designed makes the entire operation process an easy activity. The internal setup takes a minute, two at the most; so, you will get it running in no time. The internal viewing screen is not very large since this is a compact camera, but the words on the screen are large enough to make reading comfortable even for users with poor eyesight. 

This internal viewer and the menu allow you to playback videos and review pictures with great ease whereas the live-view element will further simplify the entire process and help you get that trail cam shot. The buttons features are as intuitive as possible, so even beginners or users with less experience will be able to use it comfortably. 

As far as storage is concerned, you can use SD cards of up to 512 Gigabytes, which means that you will get enough storage to cover your needs for a long time. The camera is paired with a SanDisk Ultra 32GB 80MB/s SD card, an addition that adds to the value offered by this product.

Such a card ensures read speeds of up to 80 MB/s, which means that they are twice as fast as an ordinary SDHC card. It’s this very feature that makes it possible for you to take pictures or transfer your files quickly. Not to mention that they are made to withstand even harsh weather conditions and ensure durability. 


Design and durability 

Trail cameras are exposed to changing weather conditions more than other types of cameras and their durability gains even greater importance. Even though the camera is small and easy to transport or add to your outdoor gear, it is bound to last as it features a solid and durable case. This proves to be of paramount importance, given the nature of outdoor use. 

The materials used promise to stand the test of time and the item has a metal back bracket that you can easily adjust. The thoughtful design allows for easy SD card loading/unloading, so you can change it whenever necessary rapidly and easily. You might need something sturdy to unlatch the battery eject button, though. 

Thanks to the camo design, the unit will easily blend it and remain undetected by the wildlife you want to record. This makes it even greater for those moments when you want to install it to take pictures at pre-set intervals. 



Besides the camera and the SD card mentioned above, the pack includes a J-TECH OUTDOORS Card Reader that can accommodate both microSD and SD cards and fit all standard lightning charge ports. 

If you have an Android device featuring Micro USB or USB-C port slots, you can easily use the reader. Just plug it into the phone and then go to the “My Files” app. You should find a file there with all the information saved to the memory card, your images and videos included. If you use an iOS device, you will need a specific app to get access to the card. 

Furthermore, you can easily see the pictures you’ve taken or the videos you’ve recorded by simply plugging it into any PC with a USB slot. Of course, you can take a quick view right after taking the pictures by using the internal viewer. 

The AA batteries required for the camera to work are not included in the pack, so you will have to buy them separately. You do get the 32GB memory card and the card reader, which makes this bundle an affordable option. The market also offers a pack version including the same camera yet a 16GB memory card, in case your budget is limited or you don’t need large data storage. 


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