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Spypoint Solar Trail Camera Review

Last Updated: 16.06.24

The latest technological breakthroughs have impacted our lives significantly and have done so in innumerable ways. We have witnessed the launch of many devices, gadgets, and pieces of equipment that have been specifically designed to take hunting and other similar activities closer to successful results. 

The gear and products you use when engaging in various outdoor activities are thus essential when it comes to how you end them. Nature explorers and observers, hunters, and naturalists can now benefit from various works of technology to carry out their activities and achieve the desired results with greater ease. 

Trail cameras are part of the devices contemporary hunters and nature lovers benefit from. Whether you’re new to this field or you’ve already gained some experience, and you’re on the lookout for a new trail camera, this review might be of help. 

The Spypoint Solar Trail Camera is a benchmark in this field thanks to the features it comes packed with. Check out the specs showcased below for a more informed decision. 


Main advantage

It would be difficult to believe that a relatively small and compact unit like this one can actually deliver such remarkable performance. Any shred of doubt vanishes when you get your hands on this model, though. 

Built with high-quality materials, this trail camera is committed to ensuring the fastest trigger speeds you can get from such a product without compromising on image quality. Fast might actually be a poor word to describe the way this camera trail works. Near-instant might be more appropriate since it promises to deliver a 0.07-second trigger speed. 

With such speed, you will get no noticeable lag between the moment when movement is detected and the image is captured. Just think of what this means when you want to capture wildlife. Not to mention that the trigger speed is measured in the hundredths of a second. 

Plus, the recovery speed is on par with the trigger speed to complete the superior performance promised. Besides the remarkable speed, the trail camera has a solar panel with a built-in rechargeable battery attached. This not only makes batteries obsolete but also translates into potentially unlimited battery life. 

Of course, you can operate the camera with six AA batteries to prevent any power-off moment. Additionally, the unit features undetectable invisible LEDs, a solid build, and various shooting settings for a personalized experience. 


Main disadvantage

Such specs come at a price, though, and the camera might be a bit pricey, especially if you are on a limited budget. Even so, it is not significantly pricier than other models in this line of products, models that lack some of the specs found on this Spypoint Solar Trail Camera. 

However, the camera is bound to offer superior performance and ensure incredibly extended battery life thanks to its solar panel with a built-in rechargeable battery. 

The camera is compact and can easily be used in any environment. The downside is that it does not have a built-in python lock bracket. Still, it does feature 1/4″ x 20 threaded insert on its bottom for a tripod. 

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Main features explained


Choosing the right trail camera for your needs depends on your particular goals and interests. If what you want is a durable, fast, and easy-to-use unit, this model from Spypoint might be right up your alley. 

Superior trigger and recovery speeds

Trail cameras are mainly used to capture images of the wildlife in a particular area and do so based on the motion detected. The trigger speed offered by a camera thus plays a huge role.  One of the things that make this product stand out is its trigger speed. At 0.07 seconds, you could easily call the trigger time almost instantaneous. 

Lag is a word that does not fit in the description of this product. The trigger time is measured in the hundredths of a second, which takes the entire performance and experience one big step further. 

The noteworthy specs of this camera don’t end up here, though. The recovery speed is as important as the trigger speed when it comes to the final results ensured. The latter would be relevant without a matching recovery speed. The unit takes only a half of a second to reset, which shadows the trigger speeds of many other products in this category. 

Given the speedy picture and video trigger and recovery times, each detection may result in several detections and, thus, pictures of the same subject. Thanks to the programmable detection delay, you can prevent that, though. The unit allows you to make various interval adjustments.


Unlimited battery life 

The battery life of a trail camera is a concern among outdoor enthusiasts interested in purchasing such a product. If you want to use a trail camera as a home security system, changing batteries might not be that much of a problem. 

If you’re a hunter or naturalist, though, doing so frequently might interfere not only with your comfort but also with what your camera captures. A few hours of no power might mean that you miss important moments in the life of the animals you’re interested in observing.

With this unit, you get to enjoy potentially unlimited battery life and that’s because the item boasts a solar panel with a built-in rechargeable battery. The possibility of enjoying such a benefit leaves many users in awe once again. In case you place the camera in a hard-to-access area, you will get to save effort and time.

Furthermore, the solar panel can charge the internal battery with ambient and even indoor light, so you don’t have to place the unit in direct sunlight. This also means that you can put it in shady spots, thick timber, and other such places. 

The product can also be powered by six AA batteries that would last you up to three years in photo mode. These batteries are used to power the unit at night when the battery charge is reduced because of light absence. The camera was built to use power frugally; therefore, the AAs won’t be used that much. 

The solar panel is fixed, so you cannot detach it, but there is no reason to do that. What’s also great is that the internal menu shows the charging percentage and how it changes based on the way the camera is positioned. 


Ease of operation and image quality

Enjoying the benefits we’ve mentioned above is effortless as the Spypoint Solar Trail Camera was designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind. The menu is intuitive and makes it easy for users of all levels to employ this unit. You can choose between the various settings available on the 2″ internal viewer and do so fluidly thanks to the menu design.

You can easily scroll through the videos and pictures the camera has taken quickly and effortlessly. Plus, the big font renders this model ideal even for people with less-than-perfect eyesight. 

The entire design promises to help you use the camera according to your needs with as little effort as possible. In case you want it for security, you will find the start/stop time option quite useful. 

The personalized experience is also ensured by various controls available. For example, you can choose the detection time and distance to match your needs precisely. If you intend to use the camera in a game feeder or trail, you can reduce the detection distance even to only five feet from the unit. 

For use in a more open area, you can increase the detection distance up to 80 feet. Still, the light might not be that concentrated at such distances at night and this may result in ghost-like images. 


Image quality and build

The trigger and recovery speed, ease of use, and case design might become somewhat irrelevant if the image quality is not on the same level. The purpose of a trail camera is to capture images and videos and do so clearly. 

The camera ensures 12MP photo resolution as well as noteworthy focal depth and contrast sharpness. This results in excellent daytime photos. The unit promises to get you bright colors and clear images whether you place it in thick timber or bright sunlight. The nighttime pictures might not have the same crispness and quality, yet they still are decent.

The 1280 x 720 video resolution ensured gets the job done pretty well. The quality of both daytime and nighttime videos compares favorably with most trail cameras available for sale these days. Night videos might be a bit darker, yet that happens with many if not all trail cameras.

The camera features a sturdy build and its design makes it easy to place it in various environments without being detected. It has a cover on its back that you will have to unscrew to access the battery compartment. Doing so is nothing difficult and you can easily insert or remove the batteries. Due to the way the product was built, the batteries are held firmly in place.


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