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Stealth Cam g42ng Review

Last Updated: 16.06.24

If you often dedicate your free time to hunting and other such outdoor activities and your gear could use a new trail and wildlife camera to up your experience, this review might be of help. Nature can provide us with unique and fascinating moments, and being able to capture them on camera has become possible thanks to the many technological breakthroughs we’ve witnessed.

Finding the right camera for your specific requirements might not be that easy, though, especially if you’re a beginner. Not to mention that there are so many products available these days that the entire shopping process can get confusing and discouraging. 

Out of the many models you can currently buy, the Stealth Cam g42ng stands out in terms of performance and pricing. We have highlighted its specs below to help you make a more informed decision. 


Main advantage

When it comes to trail cameras, various features call for attention and they range from the detection zone ensured to the trigger speed, image quality, and ease of use provided. This unit from Stealth ticks these boxes nicely. The variety of features it boasts contributes to the remarkable results you get to enjoy when employing it.

What a good trail camera is expected to do is taking quality images and recording quality videos. To deliver such benefits, this camera makes use of a combination of specs including the advanced 10.0-megapixel technology. 

The unit takes clear pictures and can also capture 5-180-second videos with sound. To make sure that what you get is clear, though, the item uses the retina low-light-sensitivity and the Matrix Blur Reduction technology. These characteristics will get you detailed pictures even if they are taken at night. Moving subjects can thus be caught on camera in crisp details. 

What’s more, the no-glow 42 black IR emitters ensure a 100-foot visibility range at night without spooking the game. All that is further packed with different settings you can choose for a personalized experience as well as a durable build and easy-to-use design. 


Main disadvantage

Although the unit performs quite nicely in terms of trigger speed and image quality, one downside we could think of is the quality of the nighttime shots. While they are decent, they are not on par with daytime pictures. The shots taken during the day are impressive as far as clarity and details are concerned. Still, this is a common drawback among such products.

Also, the recovery time is not the best you can get. At 6.5 seconds, the camera is below average. Otherwise, the unit falls in the affordable range and compares favorably with other products in this line. 

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Main features explained


Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned hunter or nature-explorer, employing a quality trail camera contributes a lot to your overall outdoor experience and understanding of wildlife. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable camera that will help you capture images and videos of the game you’re interested in, this product might be cut out for you. 

Image quality and trigger speed

The first thing that requires attention as far as trail cameras are concerned is the image quality delivered. The purpose of these products is to capture images of wildlife. The pictures the camera takes should be clear enough for you to observe the details you’re interested in or that you miss when viewing an animal moving. 

Here is where the Stealth Cam g42ng promises to do its job nicely. The 10MP technology featured will enable the unit to take clear shots that you can study later. Moreover, you can choose between different resolution options and shoot in 2, 4, or 8MP quality, which adds to the flexibility offered by this camera. 

In case you don’t want to limit the use of this camera to photos, learn that the product ensures nice video quality. It can capture 5 to 180-second HD videos with sound and offers you the possibility to choose between two video resolution options including the 720 x 480 and 1280 x 720 options. 

To render quality images and videos, the product is packed with a variety of specs that are worth mentioning. The item boasts the retina low-light-sensitivity technology that ensures detailed and uniformly lit images as well as the matrix blur reduction feature for clear images of moving animals. 

Since this is a camera that takes pictures when motion is detected, the trigger time offered is of paramount importance. The Stealth Cam g42ng does not disappoint. At 0.5 seconds, the trigger speed delivered places this camera on the same level with more expensive units. It also renders the unit ideal for those of you interested in getting clear images of fast-moving animals. 

Speedy recovery times would have been nice as well, though. Here is where the unit loses a few points as it has a 6.5-second recovery time, which falls below average. 


Detection range and geo-tagging 

Besides image quality and trigger time, the detection range ensured by a camera is also worth taking into account. Trail cameras are designed to be used in open areas where animals live and, thus, they need to detect motion even when it takes place far from the unit. Think of your particular interests and needs before deciding on a model. 

This unit from Stealth gains more points thanks to the detection range offered. The Multi-Detection feature ensures accurate and wide coverage while the no-glow 42 black IR emitters provide a 100-foot visibility range at night. 

What’s more, the unit allows you to choose between different detection zone types. You can opt for the narrow, medium, or wide-angle zone depending on your needs. To provide you even with greater details about the shots that have been taken, the camera comes with geo-tagging features. 

Such benefits will give you details about the subject’s location as well as temperature, date, and moon-phase information. If you’re into studying certain animal species, this type of details can become really helpful; therefore, the geotagging feature takes the value of this cam a step further. 


Easy operation and durable build

To help you enjoy all of the features and benefits mentioned above, this camera from Stealth was built with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly design thus makes it ideal not only for advanced hunters and outdoor explorers but also for beginners. The setup process is nothing complicated and requires little time. 

You can easily go through the various settings available and customize your experience according to your needs. The menu is intuitive and won’t trigger any difficulty even if this is your first trail camera. Installing it in the area of interest is also an effortless task. To cover various scenarios, the camera has a strap as well as a built-in bracket with a phyton lock. 

What’s more, thanks to the secure lock password protection offered, you don’t have to worry that somebody might access your files in case you lose the camera. Also, the color choice will make it easy for the unit to blend in many outdoor environments and remain stealthy. 

The materials used for the construction of the unit promise to withstand various weather conditions. Durability is highly important since such units are sometimes left out in the open for an extended time. 

The weather may change significantly during this time interval and, without a durable case to protect the internal parts, a trail camera won’t last. This unit was built for outdoor use and promises to keep up with changing weather and elements. 

The product is sturdy, which might make it a bit difficult for users to open and close it at first. After several uses, that should no longer be a problem, though. 


Battery life and other considerations 

Battery life is crucial, especially if you plan on using the camera for extended outdoor sessions. This unit requires 8 AA batteries to work. It is recommended to use only high-quality lithium and alkaline batteries to prevent fast battery draining. The settings you choose will impact the battery life of your camera. For example, using the HD option will drain the batteries more. 

However, the camera has an external jack for a 12-volt battery and it was designed to ensure enhanced energy-efficiency and provide up to 6 months of continuous use; therefore, you can employ it even for longer outdoor sessions as long as you use quality batteries. 

The camera does not support micro SD cards, yet it can be used with a 32GB SD card. The pack does not include the card or batteries, so you will have to buy them separately. Still, some retailers might offer bundles including these accessories and it might be more convenient to purchase such a pack than getting all the required items separately. 

It is also worth mentioning that the camera offers various operational modes that allow users to choose between the time-lapse mode, manual shot mode, HD video mode with audio, and burst mode. The burst mode can take up to 9 photos per triggering, which sets this unit apart from many models in this line.


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